Atlanta Braves vs. Boston Red Sox – Box Score – June 20, 2009 – ESPN

It’s really Derek Lowe’s fault, when you think about it. Why didn’t he will the Braves to score some runs for him? What’s his problem?

Lowe pitched well, but gave up single runs in the fifth, sixth, and seventh (the last a Grybo by Bennett) and the Braves had nothing going offensively against Josh Beckett. Their one real threat came in the eighth inning, when ACHE and Kotchman singled, but Beckett was helped out by the Groundhog, who inevitably hit into a double play. That’s our Jeffy! The Braves had just five hits, all singles, and didn’t walk, while striking out seven and hitting into two double plays; Beckett wound up facing just two more than the minimum and throwing just 94 pitches. Again, it’s all Lowe’s fault, except for the part that’s Bobby’s fault for using Gonzalez and Soriano last night.

Hits were by Escobar, Chipper, McCann, ACHE, and Kotchman; if they’d all come in a row, you would score some runs, but that’s the only way you’d do anything with all singles. Francoeur, in case you hadn’t heard, sucks.