Atlanta Braves vs. San Francisco Giants – Box Score – May 25, 2009 – ESPN

Blah. Vazquez had one of those games where he looks really good the first few innings, then falls apart. He allowed only two singles (one, a remarkable Prado where a high popup fell on the pitchers’ mound for a “hit”) through four, then couldn’t get out of the sixth. In the fifth, the Giants got three runs. The Braves came back with two in the top of the sixth, and had the bases loaded with one out. But Hernandez grounded out, Diaz forced at home, and Schafer struck out, one of the four times he would today. And the Giants got the lead back to three with two runs in the bottom of the inning.

Still, the game was uncomfortably close, and Bobby didn’t want to risk anyone having a heart attack from the tension or anything, so he brought in Buddy Carlyle to start the seventh. Lord, is he awful. Carlyle gave up a one-out double. He got the second out, and then Bobby had him intentionally walk a lefthanded hitter to pitch to another lefthanded hitter. Sure enough, the second hitter hit a three-run homer to put the game out of reach.

Really, everybody on this team except McCann (3-3 with a walk) should be ashamed of himself. But mostly Carlyle, Francoeur, and Schafer. None of them should be in the major leagues.