Nats 2, Braves 1 (15 innings)

Washington Nationals vs. Atlanta Braves – Box Score – October 04, 2009 – ESPN

If at all possible, you want to end the season on a six-game home losing streak. And if you can lose the last two in extras after blowing leads by repeatedly not driving runners home, all the better.

The Braves’ only run, as they left fifteen men on base, was a solo homer by McLouth in the sixth. However, Tim Hudson gave up a run in the next inning to tie it up. The game went on and on and on and seven different relievers got used. Eventually, Bobby had seen enough and went to Acosta, but even he couldn’t give up the go-ahead run. Finally, Logan did it with a two-out single in the fifteenth. The Braves got a two-out double from Prado with Infante at first in the bottom of the inning, but the leftfielder cut it off before Infante could score, and then Conrad struck out on a very questionable checked swing call. Not that it matters.

Anyway, what do you expect in a game where Clint Sammons gets six at-bats? Bobby used a really patchwork lineup, but there’s no reason to push Chipper or McCann in a meaningless game.

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  1. On Baseball Prospectus’ “Kiss It Goodbye” series, Buster Olney says that we’re expected to be very aggressive in going after a right handed hitter for one of the infield or outfield corners.

  2. Thanks for a great season, Mac. I don’t post as much as others, but I often read the recaps and usually scan the comments and always appreciate the opportunity to have a Braves community whenever I want it. It was a successful season, relatively. Next year the expectations will be high.

  3. Wow, what a season. Mac thanks for being a first class host. To my fellow Braves fans thanks for everything. Looking forward to the off season rumor, speculation, crazy lies, outrageous trade proposals and ‘analysis’ by Coach.

  4. Johnny said a mouthful.

    I have not posted much over the last few days because of the general malaise and the poor performance. But Mac soldiers on.

  5. good year. looking forward to a lesser exciting offseason than this one. hopefully, hudson solidified his position on the braves roster today, for next year. now, let’s see…who wants lowe?

  6. Yes, thanks to Mac & all posters for the analysis & all the necessary therapy this year. That connection to BravesLand is always appreciated.

    Speaking of therapy, I’m going to blow off a very bad sports weekend with an evening of Lucinda Williams. I need it.

  7. I was at the game today. The highlight for me was getting Sid Bream to sign my 91 WS Game 5 ticket stub. New “Best seats I’ve ever had” went with my oldest son and a friend with his oldest son… he works for a law firm who are in a season ticket pool… sat in 107, row 13… and of course my wife had taken the good camera with her so I couldn’t get any shots. The other lowlight of the game was that I had taken both of the kids to the bathroom just in time to miss McLouth’s HR (we got back in time to see him touch home plate).

  8. Several major steps forward this season. I like our chances next year, even if we trade a pitcher. I’m assuming that will be Vasquez, as that will allow us to resign Hudson (we decline the option, but negotiate a new, incentive-heavy deal).

    The big off-season questions are where will Chipper play, and what to do with KJ. I assume Chipper moves to first and KJ to third. Heyward in Right, Schaefer in Center, Church/Diaz in Left, McLouth as supersub. Infante is the utility guy. That’s a strong team, without adding a single free agent.

  9. I post pretty rarely myself. But I check in everyday and always appreciate the recaps. They’re especially valuable since I can’t see the games regularly anymore.

    Thanks Mac!

  10. Thanks for the season of insightful and hilarious recaps, Mac.
    The good news is the Braves have improved their 2010 draft position with the recent losses.

  11. Mac, thanks for another season of Braves baseball. Living in KS I am truly grateful for this site and all the posters especially the stat heads. You are a great bunch of people and make my days much more interesting!

  12. I’m going on record–again–by saying I hope we let Hudson go and keep Vazquez for his contract year. I want to spend the money on bats. This team needs to add at least two very good ones to have a shot next year, and I’d be fine with a Vazquez-Jurrjens-Hanson-Lowe-Kawakami rotation, or even one that gave Medlen a fresh chance at the 5th spot. I just don’t want any more multi-year contracts being inked on pitchers in their mid-30s.

  13. It’s been a pleasure following baseball with you folks. I look forward to questioning the management during the offseason and complaining about lack of funds relative to other teams’ lack of lack of funds with you.

    May Escobar get drunk and sign our first lowball offer of a long term deal.

    Keep your eyes on the prize: The 2011 World Series.

  14. Thanks, Mac, for keeping everything rolling. This site has made me a better baseball fan — solid analysis, multiple perspectives, etc. It’s great to have a chance to read about the Braves whenever I’d like.

    Here’s to hoping for a great off-season.

  15. Quite some time ago, when a certain doofus was still on our team, I opined that the Braves, if they could sort out that particular problem, were an 85-win team. Problem sorted, and hey, we even got an extra win out of it. Now we’re in a position where most of the problems we have–too much starting pitching, too many closers, hotshot prospect’s arrival date–are the kinds of problems you like to have heading into an offseason.

    The managerial hire after this season is huge, no doubt, but Frank Wren makes or breaks his stay as GM based on what he does over the next few months.

    Thanks for another good year Mac, I have quite a great deal of admiration for you.

  16. Just another shout-out to Mac, I rarely post, but since TBS stopped showing the Braves his recaps are the next best thing. Thanks for another year Mac.

  17. Adam, we can keep both Hudson and Javy if we are able to dump Lowe, which I am confident Wren will be able to do. However, I will not rule out the chance that Wren will take the easy way out and not picking up Huddy’s option instead, but that would be stupid in my opinion.

  18. Thanks for everything Mac. This has been a rough year for you, but at least the Braves just finished the season with a winning record!

  19. so, if we were to re-sign hudson for 4/40, trade lowe and eat 10 million of his salary, it would really be like we signed hudson for 4/50. i’ll take it.

  20. ryan, I don’t think we need to go four years. I think three will be enough as Huddy really wants to stay. I think 3/30 will do the trick, but that’s just my personal opinion though.

  21. Well they kept it interesting until the last week of the season. Thanks for another great season everyone. It’s nice to have a group to share the highs and the lows.

    And Mac, thanks for keeping us on our toes.

  22. To echo some other posters, I want to thank Mac for a wonderful season of recaps. I look forward to hearing more this offseason.

  23. Can’t keep Hudson, Lowe, and Vazquez. If you want to keep Hudson and Vazquez, you’ve got to find someone to take at least $6MM (preferably $7.5MM) of Lowe’s salary. After the year the Mets have had, I definitely think you could push Lowe to them. There will be teams looking for the pitching “stability” that Lowe can provide and so I think if the Braves can find a suitable partner, he will get moved.

    It’s worth keeping in mind–people are going to come knocking on Frank’s door asking about Jurrjens. He’ll entertain it, but with what Jurrjens has shown, he’ll have to be blown the hell away.

  24. Buster Olney is correct but everybody and their kid sister knows the Braves need a big right handed power bat.

    The obvious no-brainers:

    Atlanta will divest themselves of one starting pitcher whether through trade or otherwise but only ONE. Five will stay.

    McLouth and Diaz are keepers. Schafer and Heyward could contribute but the rest can hit the road. The Braves need an infusion of power, speed and defense in the outfield.

    Resigning LaRoche and either Soriano or Gonzo is critical to the continued success of our Braves. Adding some reliable middle relief can’t hurt either.

    Cox is back for 2010 so Frank Wren will need to really improve upon this 2009 squad, because Bobby will lose ten games all by himself.

    I think Wren can do it. Rebuilding the outfield is a cake walk compared to the starting pitching. The budget will be tight so a big free agent splash is highly unlikely. TRADE is the keyword here.

    Thanks Mac but Dude, I live in the great state of Minnesota. Go Vikings!!! And the Twins are nine innings away from the playoffs at home Tuesday versus the Tigers, winner take all.

  25. Thank you, Mac and everyone for an exciting season. I am looking forward to next year already. Our rotation rocks! But please…do not trade Vazquez!

  26. I echo the sentiments above. Thanks for all you do, Mac. I really appreciate it. And to all the wonderful posters that make this the best Braves blog around. Cheers.

  27. An interesting fact, the Rockies ended the season with 92 wins, which means the Braves could have catch them if we didn’t lose the last six games.

  28. Mac;
    Your best year as a moderater, commentater, and fried potater. Or at least I know you felt fried sometimes this year.
    I’m always going to wonder if the site had some influence, however small, on Jeffy’s departure.
    Pretty silly to imagine that, though, when he did so much to hasten it on his own.

  29. Nelson Cruz just became worth a whole lot more via trade. Because Ron Washington kept him on the bench so much, he’ll fall short of qualifying for arb. The Rangers are going to look to sell high, it seems.

  30. Mac,

    I hope your medical condition improves as much as the Braves did this year. Thanks for an always entertaining read (even though I’m disappointed that Fr4c000r didn’t make the Glossary. I thought that one had a real shot…).

    I do think that there are some teams that would be willing to take on Lowe (albeit we may have to subsidize some part of his salary), since there’s always a place for someone who can give you 200 IP of league average starts. Lowe has 3yr/45m left on his contract, so if Atl kicked in 9 million in a trade, Derek Lowe on a 3yr/36m contract looks quite appealling.

    Then we can give Huddy his 3yr/30m contract and we’d have saved 6 million toward resigning Gonzo/Soriano, or finding a RH power bat.

  31. @38,

    And we could have gotten Nelson Cruz on a waiver wire pick up about 2 years ago.

    Or, Nick Swisher for non descript upper minor league pitching last offseason.

    I see Heyward in right from the start of the year (analyzing that is the BIG offseason question). If they really aren’t sure they want to depend on Heyward being ready to go and generate at least an 800 or so OPS, then maybe the “bat” fits (but only for 1 to 2 years).

    I see Diaz with a touch of Church in left (Church also backing McLouth and Heyward and therefore getting maybe 300 PA’s) and McLouth in center. I don’t see how we accomodate this righthanded bat everybody is talking about.

    If Prado and Diaz play all of the time against lefties, and if Ross plays most of the time against lefties, this team doesn’t really need righthanded hitting. And I would rather have Diaz backed by Church at 7 or so million combined, with each of them having another arb year than pay “Coors Field” Holliday or “I am almost as slow and useless as Garret” Bay 12 or more million for 3 or more years.

  32. Mac – thanks for all your work – I know that this was a particulary trying season because of your health, and hopefully that will do nothing but improve. I wish I had a blog like this for all of my favorite teams. Despite the poor play the last week, I am really looking forward to next season.

  33. did someone really just say that McLouth would be a supersub for next season? behind Diaz/Heyward/and Church? and now we may move KJ to third?

    if we are doing all this lets move Bmac to CF and let Yunel be the opening day starter

  34. Let’s trade for Albert Pujols.

    Thanks for another great year, Mac. Looking forward to your offseason analysis and wit.

  35. Forgot to add my thanks to Mac. THANK YOU!

    Also forgot to comment on something about the tickets to yesterday’s game… I’m sure somebody mentioned it earlier on in the season, but the seats we had were season ticket holder ones, and featured a replica of the Tom Glavine rookie card. Have to assume they wished they hadn’t gone that route after they let him go.

  36. Well, that attempt to add a reference to my “real” ID (CharlesP) which always goes to spam filter when I’m at work now failed. Let’s try again.

    Forgot to add my thanks to Mac. THANK YOU!

    Also forgot to comment on something about the tickets to yesterday’s game… I’m sure somebody mentioned it earlier on in the season, but the seats we had were season ticket holder ones, and featured a replica of the Tom Glavine rookie card. Have to assume they wished they hadn’t gone that route after they let him go.

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