New York Mets vs. Atlanta Braves – Box Score – July 19, 2009 – ESPN

Wow, the Mets kind of suck. Which just makes yesterday harder to swallow. Their only RBI was from Jeffy, which should give you some idea. Their starting pitcher pitched a shutout first inning, then hurt his leg trying to run out a groundout in the second, which is the sort of thing that happens to the Mets and is a big reason why they kind of suck.

Javier Vazquez, as usual, was outstanding, going seven innings and giving up but one run. As not usual, he got some run support, mostly courtesy of Yunel Escobar, who had three hits and therefore is available to talk to reporters. Yunel gave the Braves a lead with a solo shot in the second inning. After the Braves continued to show what they really think of Francoeur by pitching around Wright — with two out and first base occupied — in the third inning, Jeffy hit a single to score a run. It wasn’t a good single, but then Jeffy isn’t a good player, so the Mets have to take what they can get.

To show that he is not a good player, as if there was any need for further evidence, Francoeur misplayed a ball hit by ACHE down the right field line. It was ruled a double and an error, which is probably the right call, though it could have been a triple and it’s not like Anderson has a lot of chances for those. Yunel gave the Braves the lead again with a broken-bat single over short. In the fifth, the Mets showed that they were not only bad but also stupid, not taking the out when Vazquez bunted after a Church walk. The throw actually got Church, but the shortstop dropped the ball and all hands were safe. By the end of the inning, it was 7-1.

McLouth walked to load the bases. Prado singled, scoring Church from third, and Vazquez scored on a Chipper sac fly. McCann’s lined single to center was hit wrong to score anyone, loading the bases. ACHE popped up for the second out. But Yunel came through again with a double (it might have been a triple if McCann hadn’t been on) to score two runs, and Kotchman drove in McCann for the last run but Yunel was thrown out at the plate.

Vazquez went seven, allowing six hits (the only one for extra bases a double leading off the game) and one walk while striking out five. Bobby brought in Gonzalez to pitch the eighth, which is, I guess, a good call, getting him some work in a low-pressure situation. However, he inexplicably brought in Soriano to pitch the ninth. He comes in in non-save situations a lot, usually when the Braves get late runs, but this time it made no sense. I hope it doesn’t backfire, but it’s not like the Giants are coming to town with a guy who threw a no-hitter last time out pitching the opener so runs might be at a premium or anything.

I promise that I will do my best tomorrow to get through the day without making any more Francoeur wisecracks. I’m not optimistic that I actually will, but I’ll give it a try.