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  1. Hanson’s debut should be a good beginning for Braves’ fans. Sure, he will have to take his knocks at some point, but it has been a long time since the Braves have brought up a pitcher with both his ability and potential. Lets hope for the best–and that includes some runs today!!

  2. AJC reporting that Glavine might be filing a grievance with MLB on how he was released.

    Seriously, this is getting absolutely ridiculous. Glavine, suck it up, man…Schuerholz sucked it up and apologized. Let’s move on.

  3. Glavine is acting like a bitch.
    Dont let the door hit your a#$ on the way out tommy.

  4. Branch Rickey was right – better a year too early than a year too late.

    The more Smoltz and Glavine whine, the bigger fan I become of Frank Wren who, in my opinion, is facing a choice – clean house or clean your office.

    Even Schuerholz is on the Apology Tour.

    I simply cannot wait for Arthur Blanc to buy this team.

  5. Just heard Keith Law on 680. He says JS’s public apology to Glavine was “throwing Wren under the bus,” and wouldn’t be surprised if internal changes come soon. What a great way to preserve your legacy: fire the man you hired to replace you even though you are still in charge.

  6. Didn’t Law also think that the Pirates got the best of the McLouth trade?

  7. Let me clarify. Law didn’t say anything about Wren being fired. That’s me making a leap. He said that things must be uncomfortable for Wren, and that the Braves are getting a reputation for poor handling of players.

  8. Law may have a point about the Braves’ reputation; after all, it is certainly the case that organization has experienced a number of public relations disasters in the last year….

  9. I don’t necessarily agree with Law on the McLouth deal, but he’s got an argument. Morton’s a cheap MLB-ready starter with almost no service time. He likes Gorkys Hernandez a lot. Who knows on Locke, but he’s not just a fringe prospect. McLouth has and All-Star selection and a Gold Glove, and he deserved neither. I still think it’s a good deal for the Braves and the Pirates (aren’t most trades good for both teams?), but I don’t think Law’s opinion is ludicrous.

  10. Atlanta massacre game thread: June 7, Brewers at horrible team

    Ah come on, they’re only 26-28. They can do way worse than this (see: 2006 & 2008.)

  11. day game and a lefty today, so mccann will be sitting. it would be nice to see anderson and francoeur sitting with diaz and norton getting starts, but that’s probably asking too much from bobby. my guess is prado will be starting for kj, diaz for anderson, and norton at first, leaving our worst player on the team still playing. man, what’s it going to take?

  12. Most of the experts liked the McLouth trade for the Braves a lot. I see why Law didn’t, but from an organizational standpoint there’s nothing to not like about it. Every player was dealt from a position of depth. Gorkys is blocked by Schafer and the contingency plan should he never pan out was acquired in the deal, McLouth. Morton fits into a group with Parr, Reyes, Medlen, Hanson, Campillo, etc.. AAA quality starters, MLB quality bullpen arms (with the exception of Medlen and Hanson, whom are probably MLB quality starters) with little service time riding the bus between Gwinnett and Atlanta all season. And Locke was an expendable piece. Rohrbough, the other lefty, is a year or 2 ahead of him developmentally, we’re taking a pitcher with our #7 pick in the draft, and our Rome staff is stacked. Pitching prospects in the low minors are not in short order.

  13. The Brewers’ starting pitcher today is 3-7 with a 6.75 ERA and a 1.83 WHIP.

    Surely they’ll score today….

  14. It’ll be something like.

    Even though that’s a very sub-optimal line-up.

  15. imo, that lineup is ok except norton should replace john francoeur with diaz sliding to left.

  16. Since no one I’ve talked to at Ticketmaster has even the slightest resemblance of a clue, maybe you guys can help me with a question. Does anyone know what GENAD4 means when it’s listed as the section? I’m assuming it means ‘general admission.’ Does that mean that we’re not allowed to sit anywhere? Hopefully someone can enlighten me.

  17. do they have a row#? how much was the ticket?

    Im assuming its going to be an upper pavilion ticket

  18. JC–Points taken, but there is no guarantee that any of the players the Braves traded will even be major league regulars. Not only that, Locke and Morton were probably blocked in Atlanta…

  19. “(aren’t most trades good for both teams?)”

    exactly! Thats what most fans get caught up in. Trades arent suppose to be who wins and who doesnt, its suppose to help both of them. The Pirates thought they were better with McCutcheon, Locke, Gorkys, and Morton. We thought we were better with McLouth. Looks good for both teams right now

  20. Figures that it would take an outfielder’s Prado for us to score.

  21. I expect better from Diaz. But I can’t help but wonder how much better his numbers are when Francoeur isn’t behind him in the order.

  22. Man, Hanson looks tall on the mount…well, he is tall…




  23. I like Hanson walking off the field while Ross chased down the ball and threw out Gamel.

  24. Let’s see what happens the second time through the lineup. I’m enjoying this, but I’m realistic.

  25. I did a list of 36 pitchers that I find very entertaining to watch. Tommy Hanson would rank somewhere between 1-8 from what I’ve seen in this start.

  26. That was one gorgeous swing … nice and easy, exactly how you capitalize off an awful pitch, instead of flailing and overswinging like a certain right fielder who shall remain nameless.

  27. And there’s something else we can blame on Yunel. (And another something else…)

  28. ar, now I see where the problem is…his control gets bad when there are runnners on base.

  29. He was missing spots a bit in the first inning too, though no one capitalized on it. Probably just nerves flaring up again when the first baserunner got on.

  30. Yunel needs to go back in the doghouse. To this point, he hasn’t taken a pitch. Plus, his hair… Enough said.

  31. I’d prefer a release or trade. Sending Francoeur to AAA just means he’ll be back after a hot week or two and the cycle will start all over again.

  32. know anything about this fella

    Braves sign Jon Huber
    By Mike Axisa [June 7 at 1:48pm CST]
    According to a release by the Lancaster Barn Stormers, the Braves have signed righthanded reliever Jon Huber to a minor league deal. Huber had been pitching for Lancaster in the independent Atlantic League this season, where he had a 3.63 ERA and a 10.08 K/9 in 22.1 innings. He has a 2.57 ERA in 28 big league innings, all coming with the Mariners back in 2006 and 2007. The Braves assigned him to Triple-A Gwinnett.

  33. What makes you think Francoeur is even capable of getting hot against AAA pitching?

  34. Was anyone else amazed that Chipper hit that one out, the way he had to reach for it!

  35. I am very surprised how far that one went. it didn’t look like he swung hard at all

  36. Man, Jeff is really bad…….when will it end? It’s just gotten beyond ridiculous.

  37. Anyway, why do they call Brian Jordan a “Braves legend” in that commercial…

  38. What makes you think Francoeur is even capable of getting hot against AAA pitching?

    Well, he did hit AA pitching for three days or whatever last year.

  39. Hope this doesn’t affect Hanson’s confidence … but this is a good education for him nonetheless about how to attack (or not attack) power-laden lineups. He’ll learn from this and do better against the Red Sox, Yankees, Phillies, et. al. that loom.

  40. Well this has been a really rude greeting for Hanson.

    5 HRs all year at AAA and 3 already today.

  41. Who would have guessed Hanson would have been worse than Medlen.

    It sucks to be a Braves fan.

  42. For once I wish the Braves had brought Jeff Bennett into the game…

  43. my anger is more directed towards Ross…i am so sick of seeing fastballs on 0-2 and 1-2 counts, especially considering how tommy had been leaving them up all day and how no one has touched either of his breaking pitches

  44. Personally, I’d like to see both of them in the rotation, but that’s just me.

  45. Yes – I really want Medlen back to starting though I think it is more appropriate in Gwinnett right now.

  46. I think the kid will settle down. Its always frustrating, whenever there is alot of Hype, if tihs was a Joba Chamberlin start, they would be talking about dominating stuff, and how he can overpower people, unfortunatley for Hanson, they will tear it apart, and Glavine supporters will be saying, see I can give you 5 innings all the same…

    Ultimatley, Medlen/Hanson will be a good back end for the rest of this year

  47. Actually, if it was Joba starting, there’d be hoards of idiots demanding he go to the bullpen, where he can be far less useful to the team. Hanson being in Atlanta is a virtue. He’ll be fine.

  48. Listen to the rousing ovation Frenchy gets when he does anything right. It’s the manifestation of what a friend of mine refers to as the “Retarded Cousin theory” (although he’s from Boston, so it comes out “retahded”) — in that when a player receives a crowd reaction like that, it’s akin to how friends and family react with hyper applause when the mentally challenged person in their midst manages to get through an athletic task, no matter how slowly or ineffectively.

  49. sdp, I think I have spent too much time reading DOB’s following. People there say things like that & actually mean it.

  50. From way back – thanks for the help on the trivia question. I am thinking Marquis was with the Cubs last year.

  51. The kid has the stuff, and will certainly be a good one for us, maybe even this year.

    Its just frustrating, I wish one time, a highly touted guy could come up, and be as advertised. But its ok, all part of the learning process.

    Because, it doesnt really matter until our RF is removed.

  52. My observation on Hanson, and I missed runs 3-5 allowed:

    I thought he looked pretty good. Cameron and Braun hit some real mistake pitches out. Heat over the heart of the plate.

    As someone noted, he was getting called and swinging strikes on the curve and slider, but got hurt throwing the fast ball up and right down Broadway. He may not have used his breaking stuff enough ahead in the count. Slider and curve looked nasty. I did not notice a changeup enough to comment. FB was up to 97 and had movement.

    Also, I think Cox was calling at least some of the pitches from the dugout. So, it may be his fault Hanson was throwing heat so much ahead in the count. Of course, Hanson failed to locate the two pitches I saw him get burned on.

  53. Rally killer. Frank, Bobby … for the love of God, it’s time to give up on him. Please. I’m begging now.

  54. How much longer do we have to suffer through Stenchy’s ABs? We’ve already suffered too long. 8 pitches in 4 ABs today. He’s awful.

  55. I honestly think, this is his last game in Atlanta. I have this gut feeling, i could be completley wrong, and hte feeling in my gut might be nausea, but I have a feeling, they put him at 5 today, to see maybe one more shot at getting it done…He is gone

  56. njbravesgan,

    I won’t believe until I know. There is some strange magnetism there. He should have been switched for ACHE.

  57. On top of everything else, Francoeur is classless, not even possessing the common decency to tell his hitting coach about seeking outside help. (A hitting coach that, despite our discussions of his shortcomings, did far more for this franchise in one season alone than Francoeur can ever conceive of accomplishing in 10 careers.) This on top of his two-year-old tantrum upon being sent to Mississippi last year. Get rid of him. Right freaking now.

  58. I don’t know whether to cry or throw things. I know we take it for granted on this board, but this shit is really happening. How in God’s name are we still trotting that asshole out there in right field every day?

  59. I remember somebody on here talking about Canizares. I think now is a good time to bring him up. IF he shows he can hit ML pitching, an AL team in the chase with DH problems (Boston, Texas, who else) might offer something to get him (like offering to take Francoeur and his salary).

  60. Your right Cliff, Ill believe it when i see it, but I think we are gonna see it. He is terrible. Their over-faith in him has cost us. They could have went out and signed at least a service-able major league outfielder with average numbers at both corner spots and we would be in contention for first place

  61. I agree, I find him to be the most distasteful baseball player–if he can still be called that–I have ever watched. I dread his at bats and shudder when balls are hit to right field.

  62. I like everything Wren did last week, but if he doesn’t get Jeff out of there this week, then Frank is a joke.

  63. The way to deal with Jeffy is to always expect the worst, then you’re never disappointed. I’ll believe he’s going when I see it. Another case of irrational Bobby love.

  64. Its actually sad, I tryed to root for him so much. This year, my patience has worn off.

    I mean, im looking in the rolodex to find Raul Mondesis’ phone number for petes sake!

    Even Kenny Lofton would be an upgrade at 55 years old or however old he is

  65. 136

    Your right, Bobby loves his guys, and refuses to give up on them, which is admirable, and you must respect it, but eventually, it becomes insanity, expecting anything else but terrible baseball.

    I think any time he does anything of value, they say, here he goes, he is turning it around.

  66. Kelly Johnson is just horrendous… as long as frenchy and kj are starting for this team, there is no way the braves even sniff the playoffs

  67. B-Mac and Jeffy. Friends. Former roommates. Came up the same year. Flourished as rookies. Amazing how they were so similar then, but so different now. One is a baseball player; the other’s a diva.

  68. I’ve seen a few comments on here about wanting to bring Canizares up, and I don’t know how he’s doing this year, but I know last year in RIchmond he was decent yet struck out a TON. He’ll hit some homers, but I’m not overly positive he’d do much better than Schafer in Atlanta.

  69. you cant ask a player not to advance if the base is open

    what will it take to let Blanco play LF and Diaz in RF everyday?

    Rissa, at this point we have to I guess. Prado is our everyday 1B at this point, with Diaz backing him up. Id DFA Frenchy and call up Canizares, but Im sure Blanco would be the 1st to get sent down

  70. Canizares has been at AAA a couple of years now. He was hitting .330 last I saw and it’s no fluke.

    The guy can hit, he just cannot defend.

    If there is a market for DH prospects, we should explore it.

  71. RJ,

    Diaz hitting with runners 1st and 2nd is better than Chipper hitting runner first. Not by much, but by a little.

  72. I guess Tommy-boy isn’t the savior. Of course, when it comes to the Braves, Babe Ruth wouldn’t be the savior. What a suck-ass team all around. On some teams, the hot-shot rookie comes up and dominates; the Braves’ hot-shot rookie comes up and sucks. Great player development system. As they say, there is no such thing as a pitching prospect.

    Rooting for the Braves is like rooting for the rain to stop in Seattle . . . futile.

  73. Barbaro struck out 69 times last year. That’s nothing. Schafer struck out 63 times in Atlanta and he was only around for two months.

  74. Every time I see Barbaro mentioned I think of the joys of the winnings from the 2006 Kentucky Derby and then the low of losing it all (and maybe a little more) at the Preakness.

  75. It’s been a while since I’ve gotten my passive periphrastic on but I’m feeling inspired right now:

    Francoeur delenda est.

  76. It’s weird that the only two wins this week were come from behind wins by the offense. This game must make the Brewers sick.

  77. I hate Craig Counsell. I could totally see him blooping one in there with that ridiculous batting stance.

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