Milwaukee Brewers vs. Atlanta Braves – Box Score – June 06, 2009 – ESPN

God, this offense is awful. Shut out, for the second straight game, in a completely different way. This time they had plenty of baserunners, but couldn’t do anything. The Braves are the sort of team that can have Brian McCann hit a fly ball that should have been a routine out, only for the left fielder to completely lose it for a leadoff triple (if you barely misplay a ball, it’s an error; if you completely misjudge it, it’s a hit) and not get any runs out of the situation.

The victim this time was Javier Vazquez, who went six innings and allowed two runs, and gets hung with the loss. He struck out seven, but allowed a solo homer in the fifth and a gapper to score a runner from second in the sixth. O’Flaherty allowed a solo homer (to the same guy, Fielder) in the seventh.

McLouth had a hit and a walk, and should have had another hit but Yunel got deked by the right fielder and was forced at second. Typical. Also typical, Chipper left the game with “dizziness”. I think it was actually déjà vu.