Omar Moreno vs. Danny Bautista. Also, game thread: Reds at Braves

Omar Moreno Statistics and History –

Seasons with Braves: 1986
Notable stats: .276 OBP; 17 SB/16 CS
Notable accomplishment: With 1980 Pirates, set all-time record for outs made in a season.


Danny Bautista Statistics and History –

Seasons with Braves: 1996-1998
Notable stats: .280 OBP, 70 OPS+
Notable accomplishment: Won World Series ring with Diamondbacks in 2001, hit .583 in the Series.

77 thoughts on “Omar Moreno vs. Danny Bautista. Also, game thread: Reds at Braves”

  1. I don’t think he got that ring with the d-backs in 2004… (good change there Mac… 2001 sounds more right).

  2. I voted Omar Moreno because the worst memory I have of Bautista wasn’t really his fault entirely (Cox playing him instead of Michael Tucker in Game 6 of the 1998 NLCS), plus he gets small sympathy pangs because I remember watching in horror as he had his face destroyed by that pitch a couple years earlier.

    I’m not old enough to have seen Omar Moreno play (or at least to remember it), but his numbers and overall accomplishments appear to be worse than Bautista.

  3. Continuing on what to do with pitchers,

    Hudson should have been activated as a 2-3 inning reliever after about 2 minor league rehab starts. Then, his first few outings you run him out about every 2nd or 3rd day in the Acosta role about 2 times. Then, as he showed he could do that you either (1) moved him toward starting or (2) kept him as a long man but projected later in the game. Like, Lowe comes out after 6, Hudson finishes. The rest iof the pen gets a night off.

    Not only do we probably pick up 2 other games as wins, the “fumes” quotient in the pen is much better looking forward.

  4. Moreno is definitely the worst Brave of the modern era, even worse than Frenchy. Luis frickin’ Gomez at least played a little D.

  5. Omar the Outmaker in an easy one. I remember thinking in ’86 have we really sunk this low? Yeah, we had.

  6. No football picks? Can we at least get a Western Kentucky 3, Tennessee 2 pick for Lane Kiffen’s first game?

  7. We getting some picks tomorrow, Mac?

    Going to Mets/Cubs tonight. Why? Why not?

    Plus, we always seem to win when I see one of the locals play.

    Go Braves.

  8. How do you feel about Georgia’s chances ububba? Credit to them for scheduling a nice opening game. I’m stuck with tickets to San Jose State and all the wildfire air I can breathe. Pass.

  9. I chose Danny Bautista solely because I was in the left field stands when he dropped that fly ball which heavily contributed to our ousting from the playoffs by San Diego in 1998. I just can’t shake that memory.

  10. Same offense we saw last night. Ninety feet at a time, station to station.

    Why does it keep happening? Well here ya go…..

    We have 49 stolen bases which is ranked 28th out of all 30 teams.

    Our Braves began the night with a league-leading 43 one-run decisions (they’re 23-20).

    Add it all up and it makes perfect sense.

  11. My my, I can’t watch another second of this. Sorry guys I’m headed for Blockbuster.

  12. @41 Why? Bobby’s supporter will always find reasons to support him…like saying he is a HOF manager or saying manager doesn’t make much difference to the outcome of a game…and they also say those two things at the same time.

  13. FIRE COX wtf are you waiting for Wren??? Jesus I’m gonna start to think you’re the bigger moron than Cox is for keeping him around

  14. i have refrained from jumping on him too much because he does do such a good job with the players but he is toast.
    His decisions are beyond stupid at this point. There were so many reasons that bunt was a bad idea it is unreal he could not see it.
    He really does have to retire.

  15. @44 Jon, I hope you realize firing Bobby, if that will happen at all, will not be a decision Wren can make by himself.

  16. Nice Chipper… way to be about as hapless of a hitter as you could possibly be. You look like a clueless american league pither up there in the box

  17. does a 3 game losing streak accomplish anything? yes, it does. It gets me ready for UA football

    Lowe giving up BP right now

  18. I’m still convinced one of the main reasons this team can’t score is because Chipper has gone from an NL batting champ to being an afterthought in one season. There’s a reason he draws so many walks, it’s because he realizes he’s lost any and all power a 3 hole player should have. HOWEVER, he still has the talent to be a quality 6th batter in a MLB lineup. But I think he’s lost his abilty to be that three hole guy he’s always been. The longer ATL keeps him there, the longer this offense is going to struggle to put runs consistently on the board

  19. I don’t really agree with Jon… but it is true that when a player is done, sometimes he starts walking a lot more while everything else disappears. See, for example, the Virus.

  20. Mac…

    I’m not saying that Chipper is to be blammed for the season woes at the plate. I just think that this team has leaned on chipper to produce for so many years that now that his production and power has decreased dramatically the lineup and management should reflect this. Yet, Cox and upper management still put Chipper in the position to carry the team offensively. It’s not chipper’s fault he’s getting old and his skills are deminishing I just wish they used him more appropriately than they do.

  21. He just isn’t that prototypical three hole player anymore, and some of his AB’s this year have hurt the team. But hey… it’s Cox who makes the lineup. So maybe I’ll just blame him more haha

  22. I’m late arriving … any reason there’s no ACHE tonight? Not that I’m missing him. Also I’m too lazy to look it up but it seems like two weeks since Logan pitched–maybe McDowell should introduce Logan to Cox.

  23. Chipper has gone from a 174 to 125 OPS+. Obviously, it’s not his fault the team isn’t making the playoffs. But the fact that he has suffered from a relatively steep drop-off this season has made the necessity of making up for last year’s outfield abyss all the more difficult. With the same production out of Chipper next year, the Braves should be decent with McLouth and Prado instilled in there everyday. I’d still like a real LF, though.

  24. I think its fair to say that McCann has struggled just as much as Chipper at the plate. Both are underperforming in the middle of the lineup and we needed more from them.

    btw, our team leader in HR bunting with two outs in the bottom of the 8th with two outs. Pretty much sums it up, these guys dont know how to win

  25. in scrolling the thread, I’m surprised Lowe’s Yunel didn’t generate more comment–it and the early 5-2-3 DP were key plays in the offensive suckitude

  26. Frank, it wasnt Lowe’s fault. They called for a bunt and Prado pulled the bat back on a strike. Lowe was left out there to dry. Another reason why the bunt was a horrible call

  27. thanks–missed that part on the radio–still a key play but Prado’s mistake rather than Lowe’s

  28. Im blaming whoever called for the bunt. First two guys get on and we havent scored. Quit playing for a single run and giving away outs, its ridiculous

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