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  1. The Braves may also promote a position player to take Glavine’s roster spot for at least a few days. The most likely candidate is outfielder Brandon Jones, who has hit .263 with two homers in 54 games for Richmond.


  2. DOB: And OF Brandon Jones called up to take Glavine’s roster spot, probably be here tonight.

    Hey! A reason to watch!

  3. Bennett today, Morton almost certain for Monday, Glavine on DL and Brandon Jones called up.

    What an awful rotation (Hudson-Bennett-Reyes-Campillo-Morton) right now. What if Jurrjens need to go on the DL?

  4. I figured as much, and was attempting to make a Francoeur sucks joke. Because he does.

  5. Oh cool…hopefully I get to see this Jones kid since it is the ESPN Wednesday night game.

    As a kid, my 1st memory of the Braves was this line-up:

    Claudell Washington
    Rafael Ramirez
    Dale Murphy
    Bob Horner
    Terry Harper
    Ken Oberkfell
    Bruce Benedict
    Glenn Hubbard

    and of course the late Rick Mahler.

    So to the poster who is glad the Braves aren’t on TBS anymore…it still could be much worse.

  6. Gary Bennett needs to get his money back and go to Smoltz’s psychologist. It worked pretty well for him.

  7. so yesterday we added Glavine to the DL, today its possible Jurrjens goes on the DL, and Borchard of all people needs TJ surgery. Who goes tonight?

    could you imagine how bad this team would be without Chipper and an overacheiving Ohman, Bennett, and Boyer?

  8. Mraver, terrific link, thanks so much. At least we’ll have something good to root for throughout the summer.

    God, Chipper Jones is good. Of course, if he wins the batting title, Mac will stop being able to talk about him having no Black Ink — and there will be literally no way whatsoever to keep him out of the Hall of Fame.

  9. Yes, we have many holes on this team, but to some extent we haven’t had much luck t his year, and I’m not just talking about with injuries.

    First of all, as we all know the Braves have the third best Pyth. Theo. record in the NL behind PHI and CHC.

    Essentially, it boils down to his: record in 1-run games:

    ATL: 3-17
    PHI: 13-12
    CHC: 10-8
    ARI: 7-9
    STL: 14-10
    FLA: 11-8

    Also, the road records:

    ATL: 7-22
    PHI: 18-14
    CHC: 14-16
    ARI: 14-18
    STL: 18-14
    FLA: 14-15

    We also have a league-worst 1-6 record in extra-innng games.

    Its simply frustrating also because we are 2nd, 3rd, and 5th in AVG, OBP, and SLG, respectively. We also have basically the best team ERA in the NL (tied with CHC at 119+)

    One thing we cannot control, relative to luck is the injuries, as its something every team must deal with….However, some things we can change and they’ve been stated over and over here and they include but are not limited to:

    *Doing something about Jeff either a) platoon him only vs. LHP b) send him to the minors c) bench him to get his act together. He isn’t going anywhere (marketing/casual fan bias) but something must be done.

    *Bobby’s mis-handling of the pitchers, primarily Boyer and Acosta. It also seems to the naked eye that Boyer and Acosta seem to breeze through innings when we are leading by 3-5 runs, however when the game is close (perhaps as a result of overuse) they struggle.

    When you look at the skewed numbers against our favor, are we truly that unlucky or do wer really suck that bad?

    I blame trading deadline deals that don’t bring home a championship that season.

  10. Tony @ #15 those were the days weren’t they, the clear fence in fulton county stadium. watching the games on TBS with the 5 people in the stadium.

    Did Pascual find the stadium yet?

  11. That ’82 team (that Tony mentions) wasn’t great, but they were exciting & they did win a division. Going into the NLCS that year, I remember thinking, “We can beat the Cardinals, but we’re going to have all kinds of trouble with Milwaukee.”

    I’ll never forget that first game that got rained out in the 5th inning with Niekro leading 1-0. I was in a history class at UGA that afternoon & the prof let us out about 10 minutes early. “Alright,” he said. “I know everybody wants to watch the Braves—go.”

    Things could be worse—we could be the Mets. But that’s about all I got today.

    Thanks for that Chipper link.

    If we don’t compete from here on out—yes, right now with all the injuries & underwhelming efforts, it appears we may be starting to circle the drain—I, at the very least, want to have Chipper to root for.

    The .400 thing, I can’t get serious about it for at least 2 more months. But I would love to see him win the batting title & unquestionably reserve his spot in Cooperstown.

  12. Things could be worse—we could be the Mets. But that’s about all I got today.

    That’s really all you need, though.

  13. Now that the Braves have two people named Jones on the team again, everything should be fine.

  14. Neyer’s latest blog entry: “It’s all over for Atlanta”

    Here’s the final paragraph in the entry:

    The Braves are finished. Tim Hudson’s a good pitcher but he can’t pitch any better than he’s pitched. Chipper Jones is a great hitter, but can’t hit as well as he’s been hitting. Even as the Braves’ luck evens out, as it almost has to, it’s hard to see them doing any better than they’re already doing.

    Apparently, he doesn’t realize that Jones/Morton are about to go Bruan/Valenzuela on the National League.

  15. Stu,
    In these parts, yes.

    And while I’m at it, the Yankees aren’t exactly doing a Murderers Row impression these days either.

  16. Who is Neyer to decide who is finished and who isn’t?

    Were the Phillies finished seven out with 17 to play last season?

  17. AAR,
    How many times have you seen me criticize Neyer’s treatment of the Braves on this site? I may be second only to, ironically enough, Marc Schneider. I’m not taking him too seriously, but no one had posted anything in a while and I thought I might try firing up the troops.

  18. Is it me or have we completely imploded the last three Junes?

    At some point that is manager in my book. Maybe his ‘get your work in, go home spring training’ attitude is what flames all these guys out.

    Again, I dont recall the injuries with camp leo.

  19. This team needs a good ol’ fashion brawl of some sort, with a rival team or each other, but something has to get the blood boiling for these guys. I think we may have too many aw shucks type personalities on the roster. Maybe Zambrano can bean Chipper and get something started.

  20. WOuldnt be the first time Zambrano beaned chipper. Hit him the last game of 05 season on hand and chipper was screwed against houston series.

    Course, we still havent retailitated for some unknown reason. I know the reason….sally

  21. I doubt anyone in Braves management gives a flip about this forum but this is my solemn pledge: If Jeff Francouer hits 3rd in any game again this season I will withdraw all support from this team until next year. I will get refunds on all tickets I have purchased; I will not buy any Braves merchandise; and I will not watch or listen to any Braves games. Excepting that I will still go to the games on July 28th and 29th because they are part of a planned family vacation and I will not let the Braves idiocy ruin my vacation. I will also refuse to fly Delta or any of it’s affiliated carriers for the remainder of the year. Furthermore, I will pull for the Phillies until the end of the season if it comes to this. This is going to hurt me alot more than it’s going to hurt you but I feel that desperate times call for desperate measures. I also ask that in the even that Francouer does start any game hitting 3rd for the rest of this season that I have my IP banned from this forum until the Braves are mathematically eliminated from contention.


    George Ward III

  22. Four of the last five Junes, Rip. And the other one we barely were over .500 IIRC.

  23. Addendum: I reserve the right to cancel the above proclamation if Francouer is traded or Cox is relieved of his managerial duties.

  24. Is it me or have we completely imploded the last three Junes?

    That’s usually when the pitching runs out, as it has this year. And interleague, the AL is pretty good. At least no Boston this year.

    Things could be worse—we could be the Mets. But that’s about all I got today.

    That’s the only thing that makes this bearable.

  25. If there’s no recap tonight it is probably because my cable went out and probably not because I’ve reached the breaking point. Though that’s not far off.

  26. I think it was much better from me when I actually couldn’t watch them live.

  27. Dan, I think Neyer is as equipped to say that the Braves are finished as everyone else on this board is: not at all. The doom and gloom crowd on this board know no more or less than Neyer does. I’m frustrated, but I couldn’t love the Braves as much as I do if I didn’t have hope even during a crappy time like this.

  28. Neyer saying that the Braves are done is one of the rites of summer, right up there with Derek Jeter making the All-Star Team for no readily apparent reason and Mets fans wanting their manager fired.

  29. #40……………exactly who do you think could do a better job of managing this gaggle of rejects, retards and ragarms? if we finish at .500 Bobby should be thje manager of the year. easy

  30. DOB says Ridgeway was also called up, with Anderson being sent down. He is also saying Morton will start Saturday when I assume Ridgeway will be sent back down.

    I’ve been bummed all year that I can’t watch the Braves on TBS, but now that they are on tonight I don’t think I have the stomach to watch. Sad.

  31. Didn’t Hudson hit Soriano with his first pitch last year? Do you think we’ll see anything like that from Bennett tonight, because of Lilly throwing at McCann.

  32. Ridgeway? Why do we need another LOOGY? I’d much rather have Anderson (sent inexplicably down for B. Jones) than Ridgeway on the team.

    But maybe Bobby is concerned about having Jeff Bennett, Jorge Camillo, and Charlie Morton all making starts in the next 5 days. Which I guess isn’t unreasonable.

  33. i think the rules say SOMEBODY has to pitch or you lose 9-0. that looks bad, so thats the only reason Bobby makes these guys show up. and this way we get to see whose arm falls off next.

  34. Why is Morton on Saturday and not Sunday?

    Will Ridgeway get the chances that Phil “Joey Devine” Stockman hasn’t?

  35. Morton pitched Sunday in AAA IIRC. Might be a bit harsh on him to let him make his MLB debut on national television on irregular rest!

  36. 10 game road trip and entering the interleague portion of the schedule where the Braves were killed the last 2 years… Neyer is right: they’re done.

  37. With Brandon Jones on the team, will having the “,C” on his back add extra weight to his jersey and throw off Chipper’s swing?

    That’s the burning question tonight for me.

  38. last time I checked Norton was one of the bright spots yesterday, we should be complaining that Jeff is still in the middle of the order

  39. I don’t understand the reasoning of calling him up if he’s not going to play.

  40. Interesting that the starting outfield is hitting 6-7-8. I wonder how often that happens in this day and age. I’m sure it’s not nearly as uncommon as I think, however.

  41. Dempster maybe hasn’t pitched well against the Braves, but other than Chipper hardly any of the current Braves have seen or done much against him — Chipper’s the only one with more than 7 PA.

  42. Hey everyone…it’s been a few weeks but I have to admit, the Braves have been a rather depressing team to watch (except when we play the Mets).

    That being said, the news that “kids” like Brandon Jones and Charlie Morton are coming up actually have me excited. I am sure the issue has been discussed in here the last few weeks, but if we are about 9-10 back of the Phils by the All Star break, we need to probably become sellers and that includes trading Teixeira, I hate to say.

  43. Anybody else see something wrong with leaving Blanco up here (.167 AVG, .486 OPS in 30 ABs this month) and sending Anderson back down to Richmond? Maybe Cox is secretly trying to help the Cubs take over for best team ERA after this series…….

  44. That’s what you get for walking in front of people during the inning. Just wait your selfish ass at the top of the aisle until a break.

  45. Rob Neyer = @sshole….simple as that

    Can he be one of those names that is not mentioned on here….like a certain closer with a last name consisting of four words with the letters, “O K L B”

  46. I guess something about Josh Anderson’s .318, 2/2 SB, and 1.000 FPCT performance convinced Bobby to send him down and bring up Brandon Jones who’s mashing .264 in Richmond…

  47. is that guy one of the Germans that bombed Pearl Harbor? his name looks like my opinion of indoor stadiums.

  48. Honestly, the only reason I’m going to pay any attention to the rest of this game is to see how Chipper does and to hope that he can somehow hit .400

  49. Bobby doesn’t make those decisions. I think that they felt that (small-sample stats aside) there’s really not a whole lot to choose from between them in terms of offensive skills, and Bobby is clearly more comfortable with Blanco in center.

    So, who will the Cubs throw at? (Oooh, I just ended a sentence with a preposition! 50 lashes with a thesaurus!) Too bad Francoeur isn’t leading off the inning.

  50. If this gets out of hand could we please see what Francouer looks like on the mound. His only asset is his arm so why not get some use out of it?

  51. I think that sutcliffe just declared this game to be over:

    “Thank goodness the Cubs won’t hit in the 9th, I just need to figure out how we’re going to get 24 outs.”

    So much for games being 9 innings. I mean, the team kinda sucks right now, but 5-0 in the 2nd hardly seems insurmountable.

  52. bitterness sucks. relax, its a ballgame. at least thats the attitude of the millionaire players

  53. here’s a good sign…we’ve hit two balls down the right field line to about the warning track and both hitters hardly leave the batters box, nice hustle ladies

  54. i’ve always thought that Lou was just a hotheaded buffoon but some of the moves he’s made with this team have me rethinking. this Cubs team could be very good for a long time.

  55. I wonder if our guys are seeing how good teams score runs? Walks, singles, and making the pitcher throw a pitch they’re looking for

  56. Did Sciambi say the Braves’ bullpen is “preformance-based”? Is that why Stockman pitches once a week and Acosta every other day?

  57. It’s performance based in that the more you perform, the more you get to perform until you get injured. It’s neat!

  58. We better knock someone on their ass, and it may be just what this team needs to wake up.

  59. I hate this team. ESPN. My first chance to see the team on TV. Now watching HGTV. Can’t stand it.

    Frenchy looks lost. He sucks.

  60. Now the Cubs are intentionally throwing at McCann…maybe we will see a fight. Francouer swinging at the 1st pitch..

    Tex and Francouer look worse than ever….

  61. Is it just me or does Yunel double pump on his throws quite a bit? He did there, for no visible reason, and it cost him.

  62. I’m choosing to believe it’s the team making me sick and not food from the fried seafood buffet I inhaled at a fish camp earlier this evening.

  63. I actually agree with something Joe just said, this team looks lazy and Bobby better light a fire under these guys. If we had Seattle’s manager, Guillen, or even Pinella these guys would hate going into the clubhouse after a game like this.

  64. Mark Reynolds took Billy Wagner deep with two outs in the ninth to erase the Mets’ 3-0 lead. (Clearly, our only joy this evening will come from schadenfreude.)

  65. I guess it could be interpreted as such … because this one time, at band camp, I was watching the Braves play the Red Sox, and the Braves were in the middle of losing 18 of 20, and they decided to blow a lead by using an unfortunate eighth-inning combination of McBride and Paronto, so I took a cowbell and banged it against my head until I passed out.

    At least Norton’s trying. More than I can say for the rest of these guys.

  66. tv sound off………..Robert Earl Keen cranked on the stereo here. on the deck, cold heinekens, watching the lightning show in the distance, cool breeze…………………….braves?

  67. When’s the last time the Braves have been in a bench clearing brawl ?? I can’t recall one off the top of my head.

  68. I actually like Rick Sutcliffe as a baseball analyst.

    Dave OBrien: ” Anthony Lerew warming in the bullpen.” Suprising he made such an obvious error.

  69. 143 — 1984 against San Diego?

    I’m sure there’s been one since, but that’s the one sticking in my head.

  70. guess what we’ll here tomorrow. “Bennett struggled, but we ran into some great pitching. Dempster was hitting all his spots.”

  71. 146- Galarraga started one against the Dodgers’ Dreifort (I think) back in 1998.

  72. Two I can recall was when Galarraga charged the mound against Darren Dreifort in 1998, and when Eddie Perez tackled Phillies pitcher Paul Byrd in the batter’s box in 1999.

  73. Brick, I can’t think of one during the Bobby Cox era. There have been your “your hit ours so we’ll hit yours” along the way, but I can’t recall a full out brawl. Maybe somebody can bean Derrek Lee or something and Frenchy can break his hand punching somebody.

  74. No doubt with the way the bullpen has been burned the past two days that Bobby will ask Hudson to throw 130 pitches tomorrow.

  75. If somebody can explain to me why Chipper is still playing, I would really like to know. Anyway, I do recall the Galarraga one now, and vaguely remember the Paul Byrd one.

  76. Yea, I’m with Joe on this one. They just seem dead in the dugout and on the field. I really wish there had been a brawl to fire them up. Plus, it would make it a lot more interesting.

    Couldn’t we have had something like the Rays and Sox brawl?

  77. my guess is that Chipper is playing because he WANTS to. whos going to tell him otherwise?

  78. Stockman still hasn’t given up a run. I thought I’d point that out. It’s something for him to keep in mind for the next week or until the next blowout.

  79. Why wouldn’t somebody want to buy the Cubs ?? It’s a license to print money.

  80. As Skip Caray often said in the Darkest Era, “This game is about as much fun as writing an alimony check.”

    Hey, a homer…

  81. I don’t believe what I just saw!

    Francoeur and Corky providing the offense? Last night it was Infante and Norton…

  82. Only at Wrigley.

    Did they show Cox nodding his head in the dugout saying, “I’m so glad we got rid of that treasure Pena.”?


    Oh yeah, in our faces. A meaningless homerun and a batting average still under .100.

    Corky sucks.

  84. Like I don’t know that. It’s just funny that the two most hated players on Bravesjournal just combined for a double and then two run homer.

  85. is Wrigley where Bob horner had his HR game? or was it Schimdt that did something outrageous there? whatever, but Jeff Blauser hitting 3 in a game was the most amazing Wrigleyfeat.

  86. For those of you who want to point out that Stockman didn’t give up a run – he also only threw 50% of his pitches for strikes. He can’t do that if he wants to stay successful. Of course, that could possibly be attributed to the fact he’s only pitches like 2 times in 2 months.

  87. In the mid-’70s, Schmidt hit 4 in Wrigley in a game that ended 23-22 or something similarly outrageious. Wind blowing out. Tons of HRs that day.

    Blauser hit 3 in Wrigley once (in ’91 or ’92) and he hit 3 at The Vet in Philly one (in ’90).

    In 1986, Horner hit 4 at AFC Stadium vs Montreal, I think. We lost.

  88. Bad day for a call-up for Jones. 0-2 w/ 2 strikeouts. Of course, that’s how our clean-up hitter started the day as well…

  89. we lost??…………..according to the logic here, Horner must’ve sucked too. thx for the info. i dont remember Blauser hitting 3 at the Vet. maybe i was drunk that month.

  90. I think Bobby is enjoying this race between Boyer and Ohman to pitch in the most games this year. I wonder whose elbow will blow first.

  91. barrycuda,
    I’m wrong about Blauser in Philly. It was actually Jeff Treadway.

    OK, I looked ’em up—this game ain’t exactly lighting my fire.

    Mike Schmidt 4 HRs @ Chi, 4/17/76, in an 18-16 win. No. 4 was game winner in the top of the 10th.

    Jeff Treadway, 3 HRs on 5/16/90 in Philly

    Jeff Blauser, 3 HR on 7/12/92 @ Chi

    Bob Horner, 4 HR on 7/6/86 in Atlanta. The game was not televised on WTBS because they were showing The Goodwill Games. Yes, the Braves lost 11-8.

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