27 thoughts on “Random thought game thread: Sept. 22, Braves at Phillies”

  1. From DOB, for what it’s worth?

    “The Phillies have a lineup lined with power and plenty of speed. The Braves haven’t had much of either this season, and their modest power went to league-worst power after Teixeira was traded AND CHIPPER STOPPED HITTING HOMERS.”

  2. From Mark Schlabach:

    Vanderbilt is 4-0 and ranked in the Top 25 for the first time in 24 seasons. The Commodores won at Ole Miss 23-17 on Saturday and seem to be well on their way toward ending a 25-year drought without a bowl game. To accomplish that feat, Vanderbilt will have to beat the teams it’s supposed to beat: Mississippi State, Duke and, ahem, Tennessee.

    LOL. While that’s probably taking it a bit far, I do love seeing that in print.

  3. They’ve put up the third-biggest clunker of a season thus far, but I have trouble buying into the argument that we “should” beat them. They’ve still got a lot of talent, and who knows what either team will look like by November?

  4. Vandy looked pretty good, but Ole Miss hyperventilated that game away.

    Snead is talented, but he’s like Philip Rivers on Red Bull & vodka.

    OT (you know, baseball): does anyone else think it makes sense (or makes a difference) to move KJ to a corner outfield spot and move Infante / Prado to 2nd?

  5. Hard to imagine Prado looking worse than Pete Incaviglia or Skates out in left field.

    From the last thread: why is Tyler Flowers untouchable? He’s blocked at C, so he’s realistically a 1B prospect. He could be a great player, but why untouchable? If he’s more valuable to another team — and he’s gonna zoom up prospect lists this offseason — why not try to sell high?

  6. Sickels mentioned last week that Flowers might be a B+ next season. So, yeah, Tyler’s sock is soaring, it would appear. And I agree with you, AAR, that he should not be deemed untouchable.

  7. One comment that I haven’t seen mentioned much. I’m not sure if I’m proud of Braves fans for the recent turnout or not. There were complaints during the last few years of our run that Braves’ fans were spoiled and wouldn’t even support them enthusiastically when they went to the playoffs. The fans for the Mets series seemed to treat it like a playoff series and Francouer’s triple like the game 7 game winner. This kind of enthusiasm for a terrible team would suggest patience for Wren and I would imagine is the major reason why Cox and all his coaches will still be around next year.

  8. #12

    That’s good to hear. The Friday night game against the Nats a couple weeks ago couldn’t have had a more different feel, so when I heard yesterday was a sellout I sort of assumed it was a Mets crowd. Glad to know that wasn’t the case.

  9. Before I forget …

    Let’s raise a glass to Buddy Carlyle. An excellent performance in an underappreciated role in a forgettable season.

    Is he a starter next year?

  10. #14

    I don’t know, but if I knew in March that we’d be toasting the mopup guy in September, I’d have gotten a lot more done in the intervening months….

  11. I’m not in favor of moving Buddy into the rotation. If he’s doing well in his long relief role, then keep him there. Those don’t grow on trees. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

  12. if this isnt the ultimate F-you mets statement, what is?


    your welcome Philly fans

  13. 2-13 against the Phils this year going into the game. Who can guess who the winning pitchers were? (No cheating, please)

  14. Wow. Jason Marquis just hit a grand slam for the Cubs in Shea. I think that’s what they call being pwned.

  15. Julian Tavarez, ladies and gentlemen. Will soon be gone, but not forgotten… without massive amounts of therapy.

    Answers to the trivia question above- Jair Jurrjens and Tom Glavine.

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