200 thoughts on “The entire future of the universe rides on this game thread: Mets at Braves, April 6”

  1. 1995 UPDATE

    Game 6 of season, Braves @ Marlins, May 2, 1995.

    Braves 000 021 400–7

    Marlins 000 001 000–1

    WP: G. Maddux (2-0)
    LP: M Gardner (0-2)

    ATL 5-1
    MON 4-2 1.0 GB
    PHI 3 -2 1.5 GB
    NYM 2- 4 3.0 GB
    FLA 1 -5 4.0 GB

  2. Is that right? the sixth game of the season was in May? now that is schedule creep. Fun looking back though, I’m guessing Maddux walked none in that effort

  3. Prediction, the boys tee off on Santana and Smoltz finds that cometitive spirit to battle for 8 innings and wants to come out for the 9th but Bobby talks some sense into him.

    Braves 8
    Mets 2

  4. @krugerindustrialsmoothing

    The 95 season was strike-shortened on the front end, as I recall.

  5. I didn’t know the Braves could reverse entropy, Mac. In this house, like that of the Simpsons, we obey the laws of thermodynamics.

  6. Lineups:
    Reyes ss
    Castillo 2b
    Wright 3b
    Beltran cf
    Delgado 1b
    Church rf
    Pagan lf
    Schneider c
    Santana p

    Johnson 2b
    Escobar ss
    Jones 3b
    Teixeira 1b
    Francoeur rf
    Diaz lf
    McCann c
    Kotsay cf
    Smoltz p

  7. I love it that rather than go with a very intriguing Braves v. Mets, Smoltz v. Santana matchup, they’re going with the infinitely rehashed Red Sox v. Someone game on TBS.

    Gotta love “progress” and “ratings”.


  8. Is anyone else having problems with mlb.tv? When I try to get into a game it says its down for maintenance. Constantly. Very frustrating.

  9. 6 & 7 thanks, figured I was missing something.

    and i can’t get into mlbtv either. nice.

  10. I called for assistance once a week ago and they took my number and said they’d call back.

    I guess the fact that they said that they would call back “later” meant any time in the indefinite future.

  11. holy shit I can’t believe mlb tv is not working this morning. This cannot be happening.

  12. wfan’s website has the audio at least. i also can’t get the screen to load on mlb.tv. arg!

  13. it’s slooooowly loading here now… I think

    No delay Clarke. Two outs but Wright just walked

  14. Sports South is supposed to have the game, but they’re showing something on Cal Ripken right now….

    What’s the deal?

  15. I got to a page that said they are ‘performing maintenance’ – are you serious!?

  16. I just time out. It’s strange cause I was just watching Boston – Toronto without any trouble.

    Damn it

  17. Well SportsSouth in Columbia Sc is playing Cal Ripken Beyond the Glory- this is miserable

  18. Smoltz had Beltran struck out twice…this ump ain’t giving him any calls. He’s clearly getting frustrated

  19. That called strike on Chipper was a worse pitch than about 5 that were called balls on Smoltz. Not that’s sh*tty.

  20. Gerry Davis is a horse’s ass. He is giving Santana the high strike, the low strike, and the corner. Smoltz didn’t get any of the three.

  21. Yeah, Smoltz got squeezed big-time in the first inning. The last 3 pitches to Delgado were the same ones called balls before.

    Looks like we’ve got a genuine pitchers’ duel.

    Hey, a Braves 2B made a routine play!

  22. The Mets lineup right now really reminds me of the Phillies in that they have 3 excellent people (Reyes Wright Beltran v. Rollins Utley Howard) and then a bunch of decent to terrible players (Castillo to Schneider v. Victorino to Feliz).

    The Braves are so winning the East this year.

  23. Soriano needs to take notes on how Smoltz pitches to Wright – he swings at that slider away every time…

  24. He is a free swinger but doing good so far.

    Have to give him credit for that. Like him in the bottom of the order.

  25. thanks for the link Joshtothemax. btw, Kotsay was 1-9 with a double

  26. I also LOVED the squeeze play by Cox – Kelly was just going for a bunt single instead of a sacrifice. I’m liking his creativity so far this year.

  27. Delgado on 1st. Laser hit to deep center. Kotsay to his right, catches it with momentum, then throws an absolute seed on one bounce to Teixeira, who makes an excellent stretch, catching it on one bounce to double off Delgado..

  28. Buttt Smoltz only threw 78 pitches… I thought Skip said he had 100-110 in the tank?

  29. Hope Smoltz’s shoulder isn’t hurting or something. Everyone was talking about 100-110 pitches for him today.

  30. They just said he had his helmet on, expecting to bat, so obviously he doesn’t think anything’s wrong. Sounds like Bobby’s just being cautious with the cranky shoulder.

  31. Nobody said anything about 100 pitches. They were saying around 80 b/c it was the most he threw in spring training.

  32. Looks like Smoltz re-injured his shoulder. He was taken out early and grimacing on the mound. 2 out of 5 starting pitchers down, how great would that be?

  33. I could swear one of the radio fellers said 100+. Ah well.

    I’ve always thought Boyer was worth a shit. Don’t prove me wrong.

  34. it showed smoltz in the dugout with mccann and he was grimacing. it also showed a clip of him rubbing his shoulder on the mound. he’ll be ok, and if he’s not, he’ll pitch through it.

  35. Well, that chamber was empty, so the Braves survive one round of Russian Reliever Roulette. Only three more to go.

  36. Boyer is starting to look good – especially with that fastball staying down in the zone.

  37. That was about as good a performance as we could have expected out of Boyer. He was putting the 95 mph heater right where he wanted it; the third strike to Castillo was beautiful.

  38. I thought Tex had that one. Oh well, our bullpen really needs to hold this out – Smoltz SOOOO deserves the W.

  39. I’m trying to watch my 2 most heated fan rivalries at the same time: Mets-Braves, Rangers-Devils.

    Good guys up 1-0 in each.

  40. I don’t know if Smoltz deserves it, but the team sure does need it. And Ohman terrifies me.

  41. Oh second thought, it’s pretty much just joshtothe”maxx”, which should be easy enough to ignore.

  42. Last year, Renteria dives for that one as it goes into center. By the end of the year, a little more experience has Esco turning two there.

  43. Say what you want about him, but so far he has 5 scoreless appearances – more than I can say for the rest of the pen.

  44. Click. One more inning. Against the heart of the lineup. Please, Soriano, don’t throw the KiteBall like you did so much of last season.

  45. @ 123 : Yep, me too, I’m glad to know the problem is not on my end, but I wouldn’t mind not having 1 out 2 frames skipped all the time.

  46. How many nerve wrenching games do we win? Not many. This will be a welcome change of pace

  47. I envision a crushing defeat. Maybe that’s just the Vanderbilt fan in me seeping over into the Braves fan in me.

  48. Despite the K by Yunel, we have some excellent strike zone judgement at the top of this lineup.

  49. All of a sudden David Wright has turned into Ozzie Smith.
    No matter…nothing like beating the Mets.

  50. On Gameday, they are showing Yunel’s DOUBE driving in Kotsay… grammitacalll errer

  51. Did they let Church steal second and decide to then intentionally walk Pagan, or is Soriano that far off the plate? I feel sick.

  52. I hate to say this, but would Soriano be better off if he had thrown 17 less pitches last night?

  53. and the braves find a way to slay the mets’ new dragon…………good job all around.

  54. And the Braves are about to take a share of first place in the East (assuming Washington doesn’t come back against the Cardinals).

  55. Oh, wow. What a finish. Should NOT have been that interesting at all. If Soriano had just thrown strikes, it would have been over two batters ago….

    Also, I feel it’s worth pointing out that if Sori hadn’t pitched last night and then had this outing, the popular story would be that he wasn’t sharp because it had been so long since he’d thrown.

    Anyhow, great to see Smoltz get the win, great to see the Braves sweep the Mets, and great to see Boyer and Moylan look so good. (I was really hoping they’d leave Boyer out there for another inning, but I didn’t really expect it; Ohman was okay.)

    Biggest positive from this game (aside from maybe Smoltz pitching well) is how well we hit against Santana. For a while there, everyone was smoking the ball right at people. It felt like we should’ve had another 2-3 hits off of him.

    Braves win!!

  56. Jeez man, Ben Sheets is a killer when he’s not injured. Problem is, that’s usually only half of the season.

  57. Great game to watch. Unnecessary suspense in the end but whatever. A very nice win. Great defence finally…

  58. Mac,
    I would take Kotsay over Andruw now. I know Kotsay can hit better than .222 and he has a better and accurate arm than Andruw. Also he doesn’t weigh 240 pounds or make 18 million dollars a year.

  59. Very hypothetical, mraver, since Soriano did pitch last night and then followed with this lackluster outing. I realize that the observation is not double-blind placebo control test conclusive, but that’s all we have to go on as we speculate.

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