292 thoughts on “Limerick game thread: Mets at Braves, May 20 (Game One)”

  1. There once was a team whose home looked scary,
    At times all their fans could do was chant ‘Larry’.
    One year they saw the NL prize within their grasp
    Then they choked and lost; all laughed at their memorable collapse.


  2. There once was a time I remember
    Twin billings were a shine and a glimmer
    But now it’s bitch
    To go see the first pitch
    Cuz you know you have to leave and re-enter.

  3. They used to be on tv each day
    we could all watch the Braves and not pay
    and now Richmond they’re leaving
    I think I’m still grieving
    At least were not going 0-fer-May

  4. NL East crown is there to be had
    But we cannot beat teams that are bad
    Then Smoltz hurts his shoulder
    Cox bunts everyone over
    When Frenchy and Teix hit we’ll be glad

  5. There once was a pitcher named Roger
    He once was a Met and a Dodger
    He became a coach
    Who’s dumb as a roach
    And made each hurler a DL lodger.

  6. Lose by one run and win by a bunch
    That’s the way each Brave fan loses lunch
    Our shortstop is fine
    And third baseman divine
    But our first baseman needs such a punch

  7. Though past seasons have been full of strife,
    I’m a Braves fan and will be for life.
    So let’s root for Chipper,
    Hope he hits a round-tripper,
    And beats the Mets like he once beat his opponents, the Cleveland Indians in the 1995 World Series.

  8. The host started off with a limrick
    Others tried to make thier lyrics click
    To each his own
    But some entries have blown
    While many are just plain sick

  9. I’m going to be bold and go ahead and end the poetry by saying this….

    Game time in 9 minutes and it’s almost time to beat the hell out of the Metros!

  10. I think until about 3 minutes ago, Johan Santana had a higher slugging pct. than Castillo.

  11. Yes, entering the game Castillo was slugging .307 and Santana .389. Actually, Santana is outslugging Delgado (.368), Schneider (.380) and Pagan (.374) too.

  12. From everything I’ve read and seen, Santana has 10 times the athleticism of Castillo and Delgado, who, frankly, probably use a walker to get around outside of the stadium.

  13. I cannot believe Glavine got out of that without any more runs scoring.

    Also, nice limericks, everyone. Well, for the most part.

  14. Castillo and Delgado, who, frankly, probably use a walker to get around outside of the stadium.

    Both of them looked really old trying to chase down that popup. Kind of embarrassing.

  15. Did anyone out there like my limerick?

    I was so proud.

    Oh well. I just wanted to express my disgust over these day/night “double headers”

  16. “The Braves being very aggressive early in the count against John Maine.”

    Translation – “Once again, the Braves swinging at everything that comes within ten feet of the plate.”

  17. Routine grounder to short, for some reason Yunel broke for third and was thrown out easily. Dumb play.

  18. Parish – there wasn’t much to it, it was grounded right to Jose Reyes and Yunel took off.

  19. I am the only person in the world who thinks that’s a good play. The way I see it, the difference in run expectation between one out, runner at second, and one out, runner at first isn’t that great. And the run expectation of none out, runners first and third is very high indeed. How often do they have to screw it up (remember, there’s no force) to make it a good play?

  20. Tex!

    They aren’t going to screw that up too often. That’s an easy short throw and they had him by a step or two.

  21. Depends on the hit and the baserunner, Jeff Francoeur.

    Sometimes they screw up. Sometimes the shortstop doesn’t even look the runner back and throws straight to first — especially with a fast lefthanded hitter. Sometimes the runner can get into a rundown. Lots of things can happen.

  22. Nice AB by McCann. I am definitely glad he did not take the walk with Frenchy waiting.

  23. On a close play lost of things might happen, but that was easy.

    Nice play by Kelly.

  24. I think the chance of McCann getting an extra base hit to score a run on a 3-2 count is higher than the chance Francoeur singles off the righty.

    At least right now.

  25. Reyes actually did nearly the same thing as Escobar Sunday against the Yankees. Except the announcers went on for 30 minutes about how smart Jeter was in playing it that way–really, Reyes just had too big a lead.

  26. I would prefer to get Francoeur out of the way so we can rally next inning. You know, like the pitcher’s spot.

  27. Wally which station was that Subway game televised on?

    If was Fox I’m surprised Tim McCarver only talked for 30 minutes about a single play.

    If it was ESPN Joe Morgan’s voice for half an hour makes me want to shoot someone.

  28. The Santana line…ha ha!

    Mac I guess that’s how you measure Mets’ bats but let’s get some positivity around Frenchy here.

  29. Francoeur can be bad and stay where he is and play everyday, like in 2006 when he put up an OBP under .300 and played all 162 games. Kelly Johnson goes a month-and-a-half with an OBP around .333 and five homeruns and he’s dropped to the seven-hole and loses playing time to Omar Infante.

  30. I don’t much care about KJ’s K there; he worked the count and that last pitch was pretty iffy.

  31. JB, it was the ESPN game of the week thingie. Joe Morgan would have commented on it, but he was too busy talking about how David Wright’s body left 3rd base early on a sac. fly, but his feet were still on the bag.

    I understand that there’s probably a certain nostalgia, or a certain comfort in having a guy like Joe Morgan work for ESPN, but for the life of me, I’ve never watched a game where he did anything but mumble. He’s like the Jabba the Hutt of baseball comentation (word?). Mumble mumble grumble grumble.

  32. Chipper, B-Mac, KJ, and Blanco really made this guy work. I love to see those deep pitch count ABs.

    How can Francoeur not learn from this?

  33. If you had to guess who would homer this game, I would say Glavine is as good a bet as Castillo.

  34. Can’t stand him, Wally K.

    I can’t remember the name of the other irritating ESPN announcer right now. Bald guy with some white hair and glasses.

    I sound like an idiot but he drive me up the wall too.

    and yes Joe Morgan can def. be a Jabba

  35. Francoeur will be the Braves’ .725 OPS right fielder for many years to come. Deal with it.

  36. It’s funny how you can actually see Francoeur thinking up there. He knows he should be patient so he decides to take the first pitch. Fastball right down the middle. So he decides “forget that, I can’t let another one of those pass, I’m swinging!” Strike two on a ball in the lefty batter’s box, strike three at a ball cap bill high.

    I still think most of the time he decides whether or not to swing before the pitcher even begins his windup.

  37. That was a great at-bat. A great at-bat, even if he probably got his hit off ball 4. Anything inside or close, Yunel took his hack and fouled it off; anything outside, he straight took.

    The steal attempt was terrible, though. Terrible.

  38. I don’t like the out, but it took a perfect throw to get him. I like the agressive baserunning.

  39. Escobar giveth & taketh away.

    Speaking of Frenchy…
    I heard a radio interview the other day with former Met OF Ron Swoboda. He was asked why his power numbers diminished each year after his rookie season.

    He replied that, after he was in the big leagues a couple years, he began to “over-analyze” each pitcher & each situation.

    He was basically getting himself out—just guessing wrong, really—and Mets coach Joe Pignatano finally told him, “Ron, don’t think out there—you’re hurting the team.”

  40. “The two-out RBIs make Francoeur probably the most valuable hitter on the Braves’ team this season.”

    -Chip Caray, 2006

  41. Frenchy’s problem over thinking? Nope, its swinging at too many bad pitches, failing to work the count and hitting behind in the count too often. He is extremely pitchable.

    At least that’s the way I see it, especially of late.

  42. Is anyone having trouble with MLB.TV? I lost the Sports South version and am now listening the the Mets.

    At least it takes care of Chip Carey…


    JF: Hi, I’m Jeff, and I’m an overthinker.


    Hey, where is everyone? Oh, here’s a note. (READS NOTE, SLOWLY) “Dear Jeff. Have been sent to Richmond. Sorry, you’re all alone for now. Thinking of you, Chuck.”

  44. #128 – my mlb.tv has switched several times between the Braves feed and the Mets feed. I don’t know why. Due to the Chip Carey factor, I take my headphones off when the Braves feed is on.

  45. Chuck James and Jeff Francoeur are similar in that they have a very limited number of things they do well — in Chuck’s case, a changeup, in Jeff’s case, a rifle — and neither seems able to learn how to do anything else well.

  46. Um, somehow Glavine looks good all of a sudden. Anybody have ideas what happened?

  47. I always thought Ryan Church was a solid player. I figured Frank Robinson just didn’t like him.

  48. Did yall see the thing on FJM where Dusty tried to bunt with Adam Dunn in the 9th inning, right before he hit a walkoff?

  49. #146 – for good reason. Another great at bat.

    Look out – another episode of bunt follies is on the way!

  50. I’ve been concerned about the whole ‘if you can’t hit for power, you won’t be able to draw walks in the majors’ idea about Blanco, but so far that just seems to be false.

  51. Mac, not to be totally off topic, but do you ever read sadlyno.com? I think you might like it. Onward to baseball…

  52. FWIW, I think the Dunn thing was about bunting for a hit, not a sacrafice. Don’t they put a big shift on for him? I’ve actually never understood why big guys like that didn’t get good at putting mediocre bunts down the third-base line for easy singles. Or at least to get the defense out of the shift.

  53. Yeah, no worries. I was just thinking you have a very similar vein of humor running through you.

    Baseball topic:
    Dunn is a player I would love to have, any day of the week.

  54. I’ve moved to Ohio recently, and I’m stunned by the general attitude Reds fans have towards Adam Dunn. They all seem to think he’s a marginal bum; I was at a bar this weekend where one of them was crowing to an Indians fan about how of all people, the Indians had gotten owned by Adam Dunn, the human fan. He definitely seemed to think that it was the final humiliation that the Indians had been beaten by Adam Dunn.

  55. Joe just told me it would be a good time for Glavine to have a quick 1-2-3 inning. No word yet on when would be good time to have a long, crappy inning where he gives up a bunch of runs.

  56. Reds fans have a blind spot when it comes to Dunn, no question. I think every team’s fans has a blind spot when it comes to someone who, despite all appearances to the contrary, was not merely good but was in fact great.

    Might be Darrell Evans for us.

  57. A K and a popout–looks like Jeff is 2/3 of the way to the “Frenchy trifecta.” Still has 2-3 PAs to get the double play.

    Nice to run up Maine’s pitch count and get into their pen in the first game of the DH. Too bad Sosa’s not around any longer.

  58. Time to put a crooked number on the board – if Frenchy doesn’t sabotage things.

  59. Yep, Darrell Evans, but with more HRs, and way more Ks.

    This inning is off to a good start. Crooked-number time?

  60. Excellent. Five innings from the Mets’ pen in game 1 with Claudio Vargas going in game 2? Now let’s just get some runs to ice this one. :-)

  61. I was thinking Andruw but Belliard seemed more fun. The thing with Andruw is that people are just too close to the crap-side of his Braves career. I think 5 years from now, the complete view of his career will help us to remember how good he is.

  62. As long as McCann doesn’t hit into a dp or clear the bases, the scene will be set for Jeff to get the last bit of the trifecta.

  63. This may be Willie Randolph’s Waterloo….walking Francouer, who moist assuredly would have swung at the first pitch 3 feet off the plate, to face the hot hitting Kelly Johnson.

  64. intentionally walked–I bet the Mets fans are screaminb bloody murder about Randolph

  65. Not that Alou was going to get him there, but that was a really bad throw.

    We love sac flies today…

  66. With the way Glavine is pitching, I think that you save Diaz for late innings if necessary….

  67. I love me some Tommy. If Bobby pinch-hits for him this inning, I will not be pleased.

  68. I’m assuming it’s because Willie wanted to bases loaded for the force out. But yeah Frenchy’s not been the go-to lately.

    It paid off though, cuz KJ got him in.

    Glavine is owning the Metros right now. I love it.

  69. I think I would have, Stu. Schoeneweis has been tough against lefties this year.

  70. @ 126

    That’s the thing I’ve always hated the most about Chip: the joy he takes in being a shill for the team. You can just hear the zeal in his voice while he reads another dumbass ad disguised as a contest while the game goes on in the background.

    Oh by the way http://www.baseball-reference.com/s/stockph01.shtml

    The link is screwed up right now but he’s supposed to be fixing it for me.

  71. I dunno what I’d do here, Stu. He’s pitched six strong. I dunno what his pitch count is, but I dunno if I would want to blow things.

  72. Randolph pisses off Met fans by walking Francoeur.

    Cox pisses off Braves fans by ph for Glavine. Talk about opening the door to second guessing after the way Glavine was dealing today.

  73. I know this can fall apart at any moment, so I’m not doing the funky chicken about it just yet, but the Mets fans have got to hate losing to Glavine like this.

  74. On a TV channel called CSS up here in northeast Florida, it’s scheduled to have the Braves game on right now. But for some reason, a tape-delayed University of Miami baseball game is on. Inexplicable.

  75. Rob,

    I hate it when that happens. I used to have to call the local radio station frequently to tell the the game had started and that they needed to change it over. They also sometimes preempt live Braves baseball to rebroadcast a taped Mark Richt call in show. I’m glad I got the MLB radio thing online now.

  76. Talk about opening the door to second guessing after the way Glavine was dealing today.

    Yeah, well, I first-guessed it. I don’t think we’ll lose this game, but with Glavine having thrown only 82 pitches and this being Game 1 of a double-header, I’d have left him in there and not gone to the ‘pen until it was more obviously necessary. Maybe Glavine told Cox he was done or something.

  77. Glavine’s not a 9 inning guy but I would have hoped for 1 more from him. But you’re right Stu–maybe Glavine told Cox he was gassed.

  78. Just back from the deli owned by a Clemson-grad Braves fun, loaded with Met-fan employees.

    They had the game on the radio. Between the customers & clerks, you’d think they were all on death row.

    They hate losing to the Braves so much, they can’t even talk about it. And they hate Glavine so much, you can see their temples twitching at the mention of his name. And the Delgado strikeout was a moment.

    Please let’s hang onto this one.

  79. And the year before that, Heilman had 42 innings as a starter and 66 as a reliever, so he pitched 239 innings in relief 2005-2007.

    Stu, you’re right that Boyer’s ahead of him, but at some point we’ll have Soriano, Gonzalez and Smoltz back to take back a bit of the load. Right now, Heilman’s on pace for another 85 innings.

  80. Oh, I know, AAR. I just like complaining about Bobby’s use of Blaine at every chance I get.

  81. Does anyone still think they’ll move McCann out from behind the plate?

  82. McC did his old roomie a favor–by clearing the bases there’s no chance for a DP

  83. Francoeur isn’t good right now. That won’t stop Lando from making a sarcastic pro-Jeff remark two weeks from now when he drives in a run in an 8-2 loss.

  84. For those able to watch the game, was anyone warming up in the bullpen or are we sticking with Ohman?

  85. Of course, Lando will point out that Adam LaRoche is batting .207 /.299 /.352. Then again, this is like pointing out that “worse” is worse than “bad.”

    It is, but they are both bad.

  86. And it won’t stop you from being a dick Stu but that’s what I like about you :) Dependable.

  87. The Francoeur/LaRoche debate was about who was more valuable to the Braves in 2006, though, not who would end up being better player.

  88. Well that speaks for itself Alex and nobody here ever admitted that LaRoche makes Frenchy look like Tony Gwynn.

  89. Well, I hope you’re not too surprised that Boyer’s pitching. That was the second time that Ohman went 3-0 on the leadoff man in an inning, and recovered to strike him out. He struck out 3 guys in an inning and a third, but of his 19 pitches only 10 were strikes. I’m happy with the end result, but I’d love it if he could throw a strike at the beginning of an at bat, not just at the end.

  90. Meaningless singles with two outs in the eighth down by five runs ARE SO EXCITING !!!! I’m sorry, I got excited just typing that.

  91. Lando, Tony Gwynn Jr. doesn’t make Frenchy look like Tony Gwynn. Al Leiter didn’t make Frenchy look like Tony Gwynn.

    That analogy just won’t hold up.

  92. So what, AAR? We have a 5-run lead. He’s getting guys out. Nobody is even on base. We have a second game tonight.

  93. Also, it’s probably worth pointing out—actually, probably not, but I’ll do it, anyway—that LaRoche has a 109 career OPS+, compared to Francoeur’s 99.

  94. I am not happy with the decision to bring in Boyer. I hope Bobby keeps Acosta out of the ninth.


    New chant for Blaine Boyer’s entry to a game

  96. Going to have to disagree with you there. Huckleberry makes pretty much anyone look like Gwynn.

  97. @264

    But can LaRoche sell jeans? Is he from “Atlanta”? I think not! CASE CLOSED

  98. @268

    Exactly! And don’t forget that Huckleberry looks and plays like Droopy.

  99. What pitchers are going to be left for tonight? We’ll already be into the bullpen when the first pitch is thrown.

    This is maddening. Glavine was cruising.

  100. I have to tell you, guys, I really enjoyed those limericks. I’m also enjoying this lead.

  101. Stu, I’m happy Ohman’s getting guys out today. But I hate hate hate LOOGYs who can’t at least throw strikes. I mean, if you’re brought in to get one guy out and you can’t throw strikes, what the hell are you good for?

    (Yes, that’s residual annoyance pent up from watching Macay McBride.)

  102. Top of the 8th, Braves winning.
    Double-header. Good relievers thinning.
    We don’t want to lose
    more to James Andrews
    Bobby, give Chris Resop some innings!

  103. There’s no way both Boyer and Acosta should have pitched in this game. I know Bobby’s trying to seal the deal but we’re up by 5 runs. Glavine retired like 17 in a row. He was good for another inning.

  104. I hate Acosta so much. I know the game isn’t close, but ugh. I never feel safe when he pitches.

  105. What’s the lowest amount of save or save opps vs. wins in the “save era?” Six saves in 44 games, and 23 wins, seems very odd to me.

  106. fyi – Langerhans doing well at AAA for the Nats:
    .314/.424/.450 in about 150 ABs

  107. AAR,
    I don’t disagree w/ you re: LOOGYs who can’t throw strikes. I thought you were saying that you approved of Cox’s maneuver to take Ohman out in favor of Boyer, though, which would make you insane.

  108. I guess Bobby is just assuming the battery of Corky and Campillo is going to produce a loss and that’s why he used Boyer and Acosta in the first game.

  109. Stu, now I see what happened. Suffice to say I’m annoyed both by Ohman’s inability to throw first-pitch strikes and by Bobby’s criminal overuse of Boyer.

    That doesn’t make me insane, just dyspeptic.

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