22 thoughts on “I haven’t posted this one in awhile game thread: Sept. 6, Nats at Braves”

  1. This UGA-Central Michigan game feels like last year’s Hawaii game.

    A spread offense doesn’t work so well against a team with so much defensive speed. That notion of “space” gets closed in a hurry. Plus, if you hit these guys, they get butterfingers.

    No injuries today, please.

  2. I still can’t get over this.

    Willie Harris homerun total, year-by-year:

    2001: 0
    2002: 2
    2003: 0
    2004: 2
    2005: 1
    2006: 0
    2007: 2
    2008: 12

    How the hell does Willie Harris have 12 homeruns this year?

  3. If ever there’s a headline to remind you how injury prone someone is,

    “Sheets seeks career high 13th win”

  4. So Washington drives length of the field and scores the (seemingly) game tying touchdown with two seconds left. They get somewhat excited by this turn of events. The officials take it upon themselves to throw a unsportsmanlike penality on the Huskies for having the nerve to celebrate a last second, game tying touchdown. So the extra point is now a 35 yard kick – which gets blocked. Final – BYU 28, Washington 27, Ty Willingham soon to be unemployed.

    Why do officials seem to think we watch the games to see them?

  5. If Washington had taunted the BYU guys, I can see a penalty, but they didn’t do that.

    Today, I’ve seen 2 very-late-4th quarter calls that (arguably) cost teams games.

  6. And the tragic number is down to three.

    My LTU Bulldogs managed two first-and-goals at Kansas, but couldn’t score either time (INT in end zone, missed FG). 29-0 Kansas, to the surprise of no one.

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