51 thoughts on “There is no way I am staying up for this game thread: Aug. 5 Braves at Giants”

  1. I saw Mike Hampton at Peachtree Tavern in Buckhead Friday night, by the way…I’m pretty sure I could’ve taken him. (g) But seriously, the guy doesn’t look like a professional athlete, that’s right—he hasn’t been for years, just getting the paycheck of one.

  2. I’ve met Mike Hampton, and he may be short, but the dude looks like a professional athlete. He’s pretty jacked too. I don’t know how big you are bamachum, but you’d have to be pretty strong to take him.

    Oh, and could you describe to me what a professional athlete looks like?

  3. Calm down, I’m just kidding around taking a shot at Hampton for being hurt all the time. (Thats what the “g” (grin) stands for after the first sentence. While I am much bigger than Hampton, yes—i’m sure he could take me in a fight. Why? because he is a professional athlete and I’m an out of shape college student. Relax.

    Oh, and I’m 6’0″, so its not thatoften that you see “professional athletes” that are shorter than I am.

    Didn’t mean to piss in your cornflakes…it was meant to be a general statement, not a personal attack of Mike Hampton.

  4. ESPN.com says that Hampton is 5’10”, 195 lbs. I’m 5’10”, 187, so, yeah, that seems about right. He might be a little shorter than that, but 5’10”, 195 is not bad when you’ve got probably 4-5% body fat like he has. Plus, even at 36, the dude’s probably got a nasty bench. And if he’s throwing a baseball 90 mph, how fast will a fist from the same arm go?

    Man, this kinda makes me wanna wrestle him. Of course, when he beats my tail, I’ll have to say I lost to a guy who had almost every part of his body fail on him at one part in a span of three years. Pass…

  5. sorry for the double post, but i wasnt finished:

    i didnt know caray had this accomplishment under his belt. check out slide 4. i guess i was too young to remember that happening. man, i sure will miss my favorite announcer. skip reminds me of sitting in the living room with my father sorting baseball cards and watching braves baseball. as a kid, you normally dont know much about the media announcing side of the game, but i knew at a young age that skip was something special.


  6. It’s ok, man. My corn flakes are piss-free. I just don’t get how the average person thinks that unless a guy has 34-inch biceps or stands 6’5″, he doesn’t “look” like a professional athlete. Shoot, if I saw Greg Maddux out on the street, I’d probably wonder why he’s not doing my taxes.

    And like I said, I’m 5’10” and I can think of a ton of guys that are shorter than me in the big leagues. That just goes to show how great of athletes these guys are and how much I’m… not.

  7. Ha! That picture of him boxing Ali is hilarious.

    Ya know, he kinda reminds me, in his younger years, of that guy from Enemy of the State. Ya know, mob guy that wanted the tape from Will Smith?

  8. Again, it was a joke…thus the (g) at the end of the sentence. Mike Hampton would destroy me, but more-than-likely pull a hamstring in the process.

  9. CF Grady Sizemore
    LF Josh Hamilton
    RF Jason Bay
    3B Chipper Jones
    SS Alex Rodriguez
    2B Chase Utley
    1B Mark Teixeira
    C Brian McCann

    UTIL Yunel Escobar
    Other P/H:
    Veteran clutchy guy
    Adam Dunn
    Ken Griffey, Jr.
    Anyone other than Corky Miller


    Greg Maddux mk. 1995
    Pedro Martinez mk. 1999
    Roger Clemens mk. 1990
    Warren Spahn mk. 1953
    Bob Gibson mk. 1968

    2 other really good pitchers

  10. I just saw this now, and I thought it was good.

    Christina Kahrl’s thoughts on Skip:

    “It would be trite to just talk about lost opportunities in this space….

    No, instead I’m struck by the sense of loss I think we’ve all suffered as fans, because first losing Skip Caray in the booth was really the sort of thing that marked another decline in terms of what you’ll end up hearing on your evening broadcasts, and then losing him forever marked a more general loss. I’m struck by what is, for me, a relevant coincidence, in that we also just lost Alexander Solzhenitsyn, and there was a time when you’d find me reading one of the monstrously big chunks of The Red Wheel while listening to the other, as the always-handy Braves broadcasts made up an important part of the background noise any baseball fan should keep one ear cocked to, whatever else they’re up to. Skip’s dry wit and reliable sense of balance (especially in his later years) made him an interesting contrast to his ebullient father as an announcer, the sort of thing that made him a treat over time, instead of a personality that filled the room. I can’t really speak to how shabbily he was treated over the last several years by TBS, beyond “very,” and certainly having him replaced by his much more chipmunkish, appropriately-monikered son seems a sign of the general decline and fall of the age of truly distinctive team voices. Skip Caray was an example of the kind of talent in a broadcast booth that we took for granted at the time, a mistake that seems all the more pointed as we risk winding up with a few too many know-nothing generalists who, by their purported virtues of inoffensiveness and unrepentant homerdom wind up being every bit as offensive as the original, equally forgettable Fillmore.”

    Oh, also:

    The Astros designated RHP Chad Paronto for assignment. [8/2]

  11. Man, ever since bamachum said “piss on your corn flakes,” I can’t get that Dane Cook bit about the kid that smelled like urine out of my head. “Bring on the piss!” keeps running through my head. And that’s a weird thing to be going through your head.

  12. @ Rob, #8

    Well, I’m sure if Hampton were to fight with you, he’d pull a biceps just by raising his arm to hit you, I think you’re safe if you’re just a few yards (inches, whatever, I’m not familiar with US units) away from him.

  13. @14–sad to say, but Paronto would have been better than some of the dog chow pitching out of the pen (e.g., Ring, esp. post-ASG)

  14. Infante at cleanup? Francoeur batting sixth?

    Yeah I don’t think I’ll be watching this one.

  15. Because someone has to…

    Infante has an .824 OPS. He’s not completely useless, you know. He’s also not a cleanup hitter unless your whole season’s gone down the crapper like ours has, but he’s a good guy to have as a play-anywhere backup. He’s one of the few keepers on this team. (And just as I say that, he strikes out.)

  16. I don’t comment often but I do read the site quite a bit. I’ve noticed that Jake hasn’t been around. What happened to our inside source?

  17. KJ batting below Prado? Batting order is overrated but still.

    Chucky starts tomorrow. That’s a bit of a surprise after his last outing.

  18. Infante has an .824 OPS.

    Yes, but it’s fair to point out that that’s in like 150 at-bats this season. Infante also has a career .302 OBP in over 1,750 career at-bats…and that’s lower than Francoeur’s career OBP.

    I’m not complaining about Infante at all this season. He has been good. He’s just not a cleanup hitter. I don’t see how that statement would or could be controversial here.

  19. Infante should be hitting in every spot in the lineup. Anything else would be ludicrous.

  20. another good night from our standouts in rome. with myrtle beach’s prospects and rome’s prospects, it’s going to be an interesting few years of development in the braves organization.

  21. @30–definitely a good night for Freeman and Hayward (btw, a nice guy–he graphed a ball for my kid at a game last week)

    good to see one hit and 7 K’s for Rohrbough since he’d been pitching in bad luck

    KKKKody Johnson though with 2 more strikeouts

  22. Who is this guy pitching for the Braves? I think he was on the team with Justice and Grissom.

    Who ever he is, can he play left?

  23. Put me down on the Mike Hampton in right field camp as well. Andruw is now up to 3 on the year !!

  24. Gosh, it is so weird seeing (at least on Gameday) Hampton pitching, and actually pitching well.

  25. He’s just a guy, I’m afraid. I’m now back to thinking that the draft pick may have been preferable.

  26. Yeah, I make decisions based on two week track records too. On a related note, hey guys, gas is so cheap now!! It’s fallen 30 cents in two weeks!! I’m gonna go buy an SUV!!

    In all seriousness, Hampton is at 73 pitches through 6. If he keeps this pace, he could throw a complete game and not go over 110 pitches. Mike freakin’ Hampton! I’m liking this a lot.

  27. Man, that new reliever for the Giants rockin’ the stirrups. Real stirrups, not the socks that look like stirrups. Thats pretty sweet.

  28. So does anyone think Hampton hangs around Atlanta next year out of a sense of duty for being injured the last 3 years?

  29. I doubt it. He’ll go where it’s the best fit, and I wouldn’t be surprised if it was Atlanta. I can see other teams being reluctant to offer him a decent deal, and Atlanta being willing to. I would hate for him to come up big next year, and Atlanta didn’t even offer him a contract.

  30. lunatic, in a perfect world, that’s what would happen, but even if he was willing to sign for the minimum, which he won’t be, I don’t think the Braves would give him any amount of guaranteed money will all the crap he’s put them through. It’s a two month audition for all other teams, and I think he knows that.

  31. Joined the game in the 7th–nice to see Mike Hampton have a great start.

    Ohman and Boyer looked great in the 8th…

    Lets get some runs–oh, and I am glad that I didn’t have cornflakes this morning for my breakfast…

  32. OK, converse experience from last night. Got in from a show (this time Kanye West at MSG) just in time to see the Braves threaten a rally.

    Last night Frenchy killed it. Tonight they crank out a big 9th—with Frenchy ending it—but they win this time.

    Yippee. Yahoo.

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