Nats 8, Braves 5 (10 Innings, we suck)

ESPN – Nationals vs. Braves – Box Score – September 06, 2008

I just don’t know. Recapping these games is a real chore, and I’ve been backsliding, but what’s the point?

Hampton gave up four solo homers in the first four innings, two of them to Crazy Elijah Dukes. But the Braves kept it close, and it was 4-3 in the fourth after a solo homer from Escobar. It was 5-3 after an RBI single in the seventh. KJ came up with the bases loaded and two out in the ninth, and hit a double, which could have won the game, but it bounced over the fence, preventing Li’lbridge from scoring from first. Chipper was walked intentionally, and McCann couldn’t quite beat out an infield single to win it.

Bobby brought in Gonzalez to pitch the tenth, which made a lot of sense. Unfortunately, Ryan Langerhans hit a pinch-hit homer to give the Nats the lead, which didn’t. Really, Langerhans? This is some sort of joke, right? The Nats got two more runs just to make it clear.

Francoeur didn’t start, but had two hits off the bench. He’s finally found his role!

25 thoughts on “Nats 8, Braves 5 (10 Innings, we suck)”

  1. Only three more weeks of this, Mac. You’ve almost made it. Hell, you’ve already done more and mailed it in less than most of the Braves. Be proud of that.

  2. Arkansas comes back to take the lead at UL-Monroe 28-27. I hope Petrino knows that the Hogs’ current “don’t show up until the second half” plan won’t work in the SEC.

  3. He doesn’t have that many good players this year. And they can still blow it if the ULM kicker can’t come through.

    Dodged a bullet there, didn’t they?

  4. Petrino hasn’t actually lost yet. (I certainly won’t debate that he’s a loser though.)

    Another random observation: It seems kinda strange that Arkansas State is now the kind of team that can hang up 83 points on someone (Texas Southern).

  5. Jeffy getting a few hits is pretty scary. I sure hope he’s not fooling anybody who’s opinion matters.

  6. update….

    csg Says:
    September 6th, 2008 at 11:03 am
    gambling predictions

    take the dogs today….

    Southern Miss +18.5….W

    East Carolina +10….W

    Tulane +28….W

    Miami +23….Push

    3-0-1 for the day, did you listen?

  7. I normally root for SEC teams, but I would not mind seeing Arkansas suffer this season. Petrino is indeed a big loser and he will be out of Arkansas at the first real opportunity. Arkansas has a proud tradition and they really owed it themselves to find a better coach…

  8. I didn’t think Nutt deserved to be fired. He is insane, but he’s not a bad coach. Look what he’s doing already in Oxford with a team that was dreadful last year.

  9. If a ref doesn’t make one of the worst interference calls I’ve ever seen, Ole Miss wins today—minimal contact on a throw that was uncatchable. (I kinda like Wake Forest, though.)

    And you’ve gotta love Urban Meyer throwing bombs & kicking a field goal in the last minute of a 23-3 game. In the rankings beauty pageant, he’s Mr. Congeniality.

  10. Did that happen? I missed the end of that game because the Alabama game had started, but Ole Miss had previously gotten a similar break. The officials seemingly have interpreted “uncatchable” as “severely overthrown”, and if the ball is thrown short, or far to the side, or is blocked or intercepted by another defender before ever getting to the receiver, they throw the flag.

  11. Yup. After the Dawgs pulled their starters, I was flipping over to the Ole Miss game. I missed any breaks Mississippi might’ve gotten before that.

    It was third and long from just inside midfield, Ole Miss had the Wake QB under pressure & he lofted a ball down the sidelines. Ball overthrown, tiny incidental contact & the receiver never breaks stride.

    Penalty flag, 15 yards, first down. Wake ends up kicking a winning 45-yard field goal.

    Weird Bama game tonight, too. JPW came down a lot from last week, but Ingram’s a keeper.

  12. Yeah, Ole Miss had a similar situation on their last drive, third and long from around the 20, their QB was chased out the pocket and threw a wounded duck when he was hit. The receiver was hit, but the ball never got near to him. Even the commentary drone said it was uncatchable.

    Last week, Clemson got one of their only breaks on a pass interference call on the corner when the safety knocked the ball out of the air before it got to the receiver. I’ve seen that several times. If the ball never gets to the receiver, it is uncatchable. QED.

  13. Makeup call, I guess, like it’s the NBA.

    Next week will be a full-on USC junkout—UGA/USC @ 3:30, OSU/USC @ 8:00. I might as well just handcuff myself to the couch.

  14. Sounds almost reasonable.

    That point spread got a little boost today and someone’s precious out-of-conference schedule (UVA, OSU, ND) is looking shakier by the week.

  15. And if you haven’t seen it yet, you gotta check out Knowshon Moreno leaping over that safety today. Jumped right over him like a superhero.

  16. So, it sounds like the M-Braves swept their series and MB is up 2-1.

    Good pitching and some hope not too far away.

  17. Kris Medlen has to be our most intriguing pitching prospect. I am not sure the Braves know what they want to do with him. Not bad for a 10th round pick…

  18. Myrtle Beach won 3-1.

    Tyler Flowers sounds like he killed the ball in that series – 3 doubles and a home run and hit .529.

  19. Heyward and Freemen have had great years, but Tyler Flowers has been no less impressive–especially considering the park. Given the Braves needs and strengths (McCann at catcher), I wonder if he could play LF.

    Anyway, its nice to see the farm teams winning in the playoffs….

  20. ok…

    Medlin–is a very intriguing guy, but he’s more like our version of joba chamberlin and might be better suited for the ‘pen anyway. but i like 12 SOs on the big stage. the kid’s got some tenacity.

    Hanson–has better stuff than Medlin and is just as tenacious.

    Locke and Robrough(sp?)–both have talent and stuff but have had mediocre years (injuries and the like). perhaps AA might help them both b/c of the park.

    Flowers–seems like he needs to seriously think about moving to 3B (campbell has had a good year but nowhere in the same league as Flowers) or he’ll be trade bait.

    Heyward–future of the franchise. will be an between McGriff (better than) and Pujols (not as good) with better defense and speed than both.

    Freeman–reminds me ALOT of Wally Joyner. But that’s just me.

    Tehan–the guy who COULD be our future Ace. but that’s 5-7 years from happening. guy’s just 17.

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