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  1. Mac, you know I love the Newsradio. It is the hallmark of adequacy if I do say so myself.

    AAR, in regard to the Hudson pitch speed discussion from the last thread, you forced me to go digging in the Gameday archives. I went and looked at Hudson’s fastball speeds from the first three innings of his last three starts.

    Mean 88.81
    Median 89
    Mode 89
    Min 85
    Max 91

    Mean 90.58
    Median 91
    Mode 90
    Min 85
    Max 92

    Mean 88.53
    Median 89
    Mode 89
    Min 84
    Max 91

    So, I was wrong to say he was hitting 93, but yesterday’s start was actually worse than his 4/16 “low velocity” start against the Marlins. I am worried.

  2. Newsradio with Phil Hartman, solid show. Phil Hartman was brilliant.

    Poor Dale Murphy stuck with the Jets, ugh. The man deserves better.

  3. Re DFA’ing Schreiber–it’s especially odd given the stats for Jairo Cuevas. He has a 7.5 era and 2.25 whip this year. Last year he had less than 2k per BB and gave up better than 5 bb per 9 innings pitched. Hard to see what the Braves see in him over Schreiber.

  4. Dale Murphy’s son is a Jet. No family deserves to be associated with the Braves of the eighties and the Jets.

    Even if he were, it wouldn’t be an issue. When you’re a Jet you’re a Jet all the way.

  5. Yesterday, before Beltran hit that double, I told my mellow Met-fan pal, “Y’know, he can turn around the negativity in this place with one swing.”

    Bam. Two -run double off the wall.

    He said, “Wow, can you do that again?”

    Me: “No, I think I’ll shut up now.”

    Re: Mets radio announcers.
    I agree, they do a great job.

    I’ve always loved Howie Rose, in any sport he’s called (very good hockey announcer, too). He’s no longer a WFAN studio guy, but he was always the most knowledgable, least condescending host. He was a Met fan since he was a kid growing up in Queens. It’s his dream job.

    Gary Cohen’s a pro. Has a real honesty streak in him (a rarity when you consider the Yankees’ rubber-stamp radio crew). He can’t stand players who loaf & he’ll call ’em out on the air—guys on both teams. Doesn’t always hide his disgust for all things Pinstripe.

    The new guy Wayne Hagin is competent, kinda boring, but certainly not obnoxious.

    Of course, I was a huge Bob Murphy fan. Before his twilight years on-air, you could always count on tuning him in and within a minute or two, you’d have the complete pictutre of the game—score, inning, situation, etc. No frills, not too many pointless personal stories, just the ballgame & baseball. I miss that.

  6. Nah, I just tuned in. I haven’t seen the game. But the way you guys are talking, I thought it’d be 6-0.

  7. Smoltz isn’t throwing strikes and he’s velocity is down somewhat. Just not looking comfortable. Oh yeah, and the lineup is rather weak.

  8. Rob,
    It’s probably Howie Rose doing color right now.

    Also, Smoltz has been struggling mightily. He looks very uncomfortable. He’s getting hit & he’s taken more than a couple of those walks around the mound. There have been a couple of mound visits.

  9. well its 4-0 and I say we have no chance of coming back with this lineup. Actually, I dont even think we’ll score today

  10. Smoltz will do damage control for another 2 innings but it the Braves don’t get some runs, he’s done.

  11. ububba,

    It’s the guy that apparently was a former pitcher. I swear his speech seems slurred but he always sounds like this.

  12. Rob,
    Are you talking about the Mets’ TV guys or the radio guys?

    If it’s TV, the former pitcher would be Ron Darling.

    None of the radio guys are former players.

  13. Did you guys hear Joe Simpson right before the break right now? He said ball game and Jon said yep. He thought the commercial had already started.

  14. Simpson is blathering on about Smoltz taking one to save the pen. That’s bass ackwards–if Cox considers the game a lost cause at some point the scrubs in the pen (this means Reslop) should take one for Smoltz. True in general, but even more so with an off day tomorrow.

  15. this is a pleasant surprise, keep it up. It would be a great time for Lillibridge to contribute

  16. I’m starting to wonder if it’s even possible for the Braves to hit a home run in shea.

  17. That play by Church was unfair. Beltran did not have it, he was going to miss it even before the slide, so if Church doesn’t run all the way over we score another.


  18. I thought Ascanio was a guy with a bright future. We’re just not getting the breaks out in right center today.

  19. Everyone that flamed me last week when I suggested that we needed to trade for another SP that is known as an innings eater, you were wrong.

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