Remember to not have any hope game thread: Sept. 13, Braves at Cards

Yeah, the Braves are playing better, but it’s too late.

And seriously people, Matt Whiteside? He was bad for a few low-leverage innings. Sutter destroyed six seasons.

46 thoughts on “Remember to not have any hope game thread: Sept. 13, Braves at Cards”

  1. I want Hudson AND Vazquez. Is there really no way to keep both of them?


    That team would be unstoppable.

  2. Lowe 15
    Vazquez 11.5
    Hudson 12
    Chipper 13
    Mccann 5.67
    Mclouth 5
    Infante 1.85
    Ross 1.6
    Diaz 3
    Escobar 0.5
    Prado 0.5
    Moylan 1
    Medlen 0.5
    Church 3.5
    Hanson 0.5
    Heyward 0.5
    Conrad 0.5
    84.45 mil

    it is possible. that would leave only about 10 million to cover 5 positions (this is just my best guess to the 20 that would have a “for sure” roster spot if huddy and vazquez were both kept). the braves could take a big gamble on freeman at first for 2010 and use the current pitching depth in the organization to fill out the holes, using an “in-house” closer. i think that might be too risky.

  3. Not only should we not have hope, but since most of America will be watching football nobody will be paying attention anyway. Go Falcons?

  4. As Mac points out, Sutter killed us from the time we signed him thru the rest of the decade. This guy is in the HOF and Dale Murphy isn’t, if that’s not a reason to hate him as a Brave fan, I don’t know what is.

  5. UT simply cannot continue with Crompton as their QB. He single-handedly cost them a game they should have won with relative ease.

  6. @2, not with this outfield and a bunch of singles hitters and with McLouth hitting .260 and/or hurt every other day. Until we find some right-handed power, this team will be around .500

  7. Surely we will attempt to trade DLowe? I like the guy, but not at $15 mil.

    That and Chipper’s $13 limit our options pretty severely.

    This wretched economy is going to cause cuts in many markets and I suspect one of them is ours.

    Heyward may have to play just for the sake of the budget.

    An outfield of Heyward, Diaz and McLouth ain’t terrible (defensively or offensively). With a decent season from Chipper and LaRoche, we can lean on our pitching to fight for a WC.

    Still think KJ can be a valuable part of this team, but I don’t think Bobby agrees.

    Are we really going to start next year looking like we are ending this year? Sigh.

  8. Obviously, the Braves need more offense, but some act as if this is the worst team of all time and that it’s impossible for them to add power. The team has improved and there is every chance they will improve more next year. I don’t get this, we’re out of it, so who cares attitude?

    Realistically, the Braves are probably the fifth or sixth best team in the league right now. They can get better.

  9. It isn’t over til the fat lady sings. If the braves could go 15-5 in the next 20 games I think that will put them right there for the NL EAST title. With 3 games against the phillies (they could win the series and own the tie break), 3 against the marlins, and 7 against the nats, I don’t think 15-5 is out of the question

  10. Unless Heyward flops in the AFL and again in ST, I expect to see him in RF to start next year. I also expect to see LaRoche back at 1B. Other than that, I expect the team to basically be the same as now, with the RF platoon becoming the LF platoon, KJ maybe getting traded, and some shuffling in the bullpen.

  11. Because there will be teams lined up to take on Lowe’s ridiculous contract.

    He’s all ours folks for the next three seasons. Might as well get used to it.

  12. @16: I believe the Braves could trade him, but it won’t be a hand-washing trade. They’ll likely have to take on 40-50% of that contract.

  13. I think the Braves could move Lowe if they ate just $2-3 mil per for his contract

    why can we beat up on Oswalt and Carpenter, but Kip Wells and others can shut us down. This is a frustrating team. Get swept at home vs the reds and sweep the Cards away…unreal

  14. Well, sdp, I’d probably go with the 1983 team for that honor, or maybe 1974, if you mean quality throughout the season. But after the trades for McLouth and anti-Francoeur, this team might be better than those ones.

  15. Good grief Javy Vazquez is some kinda good.

    Forgive my ignorance of older Braves’ teams–I don’t really remember anything concrete before 1998.

  16. Like I said before… if this team somehow pulls 15-5 out of their ass to finish the season they will be right there with the phillies for the division

  17. Looking at the boxscore on ESPN, Diaz has reached base 3 times apparently but with only one hit and no walks. Has he been HBP twice or is the boxscore wrong?

  18. So we sweep the Cardinals and get a complete game. This hope stuff is very tempting, Mac. And our remaining schedule does nothing to discourage it.

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