Mets 6, Braves 3

ESPN – Braves vs. Mets – Box Score – April 27, 2008

Over the last few years, the Braves seem to have a lot of these Sundays where they don’t show up. This was one of them. John Smoltz wasn’t right, and this time wasn’t able to pitch through it, giving up four runs in just four innings. It was so bad that he gave up a homer to Carlos Delgado’s corpse.

Meanwhile, the Braves couldn’t get anything going. Finally in the sixth they got three runs, with Teixeira (heating up with Chipper on the shelf) in the middle of it with a double. But Ohman came in and couldn’t pitch around his horribleness, allowing a run in the bottom of the inning and another, on another homer by the corpse, in the seventh, to put it away. Resop actually was unscathed in the eighth, but who cares?

I could write more, but I’m in a hurry and I don’t see why I should put in any more effort than the team.

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  1. Sigh… There’s really not much to say. It seems as though the bad luck that usually distributes itself over a season has poured down relentlessly in April.

    No team can win with the number of injuries to key players that the Braves have had.

  2. When your “ace” is going up against a battery of Nelson Figueroa and Raul Casanova, that’s a game you should win.

  3. By David O’Brien

    April 27, 2008 4:29 PM | Link to this

    THIS JUST IN: Smoltz’s shoulder was worse today than it’s been all season, and he plans to have it checked out in a couple of days.

    He wouldn’t call it pain, but said it was “discomfort.” Either way, it was hurting him and he couldn’t make adjustments today the way he has previously. Said that was all he had, four innings, and that he was surprised he even made it that far.

    He said if they decide in a couple of days that rest would help him, then he’s going to rest.

    (Braves had best hope that’s all it is.)

    If I had to guess, I’d say this is probably not a surgery-type injury, but rather just the wear and tear he’s going to deal with all year, going on and off DL probably, or at least missing a start here and there and going only 5-6 innings most days. But I’m just guessing.

    Could be worse than that, but I think if if it was something bad, he’d concede it was pain and not mere “discomfort.” Then again, he sounded very frustrated and, yes, concerned.

  4. braves14, I’m not sure how many other readers I speak for when I say this, but please nix the whole “First” thing. There is another website I peruse (a political one), and once that caught on there it grew like kudzu and now it’s really hard to get it to stop. I’m sure you can think of something intelligent to post other than that.

    On a side note, is it just me or does Joe Simpson seem like he’s acting annoyed at even having to share the broadcasting booth with Chip or that red-haired guy nicknamed “Moog” or something like that?

  5. Not good times.
    We’ve been losing games to people a Good Team should beat.
    The Great Gammons’ piece on ESPN yesterday talks about how with the crackdown on PEDs and amphetamines that the long season could be tougher this year on older teams, so I went looking at minor league stats and who was coming on and would be first in line for moves up, etc. Small sample sizes apply, natch:

    Gorkys Hernandez is doing well at Myrtle Beach so far, .309/.378/.568 in 81 ABs.

    Tommy Hanson is destroying, 29 IP, 0.31 ERA, 0.59 WHIP, 2 runs (1 unearned), 38 Ks, 8 BB. Another 2-4 weeks of that and he should see Mississippi. (Last year: 154 Ks to 58 BBs in 133 innings between Rome and MB)

    Jason Perry, a 27 year old OF we got from Oakland last August, is killing at Mississippi in limited action (.333/.448/.905). He’s .287/.370/.507 in 6 minor league seasons, most of the last two years in AAA. We don’t need him, but he’s solid and we have him and doing so well that I think he bears mentioning. Kills LHP. Don’t know if he can play CF. But has played some 1B, could come into play if Tex goes down (though would think we’d replace Chipper with Yipper and move Chip to 1B).

    Todd Redmond’s giving up hits, but walking nobody, and solid K rate (22 in 29 IP, to 3 BBs). But 3 HRs.

    JoJo Reyes is looking good in Richmond, 24 Ks in 21 IP, 6 BB, 11 hits, 1 ER.
    And I didn’t know til now, but seems Damian Moss is back in the organization, had 3 starts in Richmond so far, plus couple of relief performances. Nothing standout, just surprised to see his name.

  6. Brad, you’re getting upset over nothing. Relax. This is not a website full of idiots; I doubt there will be like 20 people going for the first post.

  7. The plus side of these injuries is we’ve found out Lillibridge can’t hit major league pitching so we can feel free to package him for a trade later this summer.

  8. Well, maybe he’ll learn to. He’s young yet. But it’s not promising. I actually sent an email to some prospects gurus to ask if something was wrong with Lillibridge, because I can’t believe that was a top prospect.

  9. too bad other teams are noticing the same thing that we are. Is he really the next best SS that we have in our system??

  10. It may be a bit hasty to judge Lillibridge (2 games). Generally, when a player is struggling at a certain level is not a good time to promote them.

    Lillibridge will regain value. Then, we can trade him.

  11. I have a 13 year old that looks older than Lillibridge.

    Looking at the positive side of the injuries and so many short outings this season, it’s a testament to how good this team could be by the fact they are only 1 game under .500. Furthermore, it shows how weak the Mets and Phillies really are. Not only that, we could have ended up with Barry Zito (0-6) instead of Hudson. That would suck royally.

    It may only take 90 wins to get the Division title this year.

  12. I believe Andruw Jones has broken his April record for strikeouts with 29 in 82 ABs so far and is on pace for close to 200. He’s averaging more than 1 strikeout per game and has more than twice as many K’s as hits. Oh, and 25% of his RBI total this season has come against the Braves.

  13. Way to go!!! After the first game, I was thinking about a sweep but ended up we are having more health concerns….ON OUR TWO ACES. This is unbelievable.

    Is it just me? But I have been noticing that the team has been extremely unlucky in the past few seasons in terms of health…especially on the pitching front. I know we had the privilege of a very healthy Maddux and Glavine for an extended period of time, but the injury rate in the past few seasons has been ridiculous…while some of the injuries are age issue, but we can’t seem to get through a season without a pitcher requiring Tommy John. I don’t know, maybe it’s just pure luck…you can tell I am getting very frustrated. If there is anything wrong with Huddy, I will start calling for the head of Roger.

  14. I was worried when they called up Lillibridge. The guy is struggling right now in AAA, and so what happens to him? He gets promoted to the next level. Honestly, what do you expect to happen? If this were to have happened to Yunel or Kelly or whoever, and we called them up and they continued to struggle, we would be saying, “Man, this guy freaking blows.” But obviously that’s not the case. I think that’s what’s going on Lillibridge. Of course he can play. We spent all offseason talking about how great he was and how he was a steal in the LaRoche deal. He has two bad games in high-pressure situations while he’s already slumping, and we wanna trade him. I think we should exercise some patience with a young player.

    In other news, I’m now officially really concerned about our team. I still think this is the best team in the NL East, but the injuries are bad right now. Chipper, Yunel, Smoltz, Gonzalez, Soriano, Hampton, Glavine. Man, when does it end? I’m not looking for a head to hunt because all of these guys have had injury problems (except for Glavine), so I’m not ready to say it’s Roger’s or Jeff freaking Porter’s fault, but I’m still worried.

  15. I think it was summed up nicely in the game thread. Someone said this team stinks. Ububba responded, absolutely correct, “This team is injured.” That’s the case. We can play with anybody if we can at least get 4 of those guys on the field.

  16. That’s fine and everything but this is an old team, someone is always going to be hurt. Counting on a bunch of late 30s and 40 year olds for big contributions and then being shocked when they get hurt is pretty silly. The Yesco thing was bad luck, that’s about it.

    OT, I’m not saying there is a lot of talent coming out of USC or anything but they had seven players taken in the first two rounds of the draft. Sadly they were beaten out by a team from the SEC that had eight. No…check that…the whole SEC conference had eight taken in the first two rounds.

  17. Gonzalez ain’t old. Soriano ain’t old. Moylan ain’t cold. Escobar ain’t cold. Hudson ain’t that old. We’re not an old team; we just have a couple old players.

  18. Triple post! The average age of the Braves is 28.4 years old. That makes us good for 3rd in the National League, and 11th in the MLB. We’re not old. We’re top-heavy and bottom-heavy when it comes to age.

  19. John Sickels will have a writeup on Tommy Hanson on Thursday. Looking forward to see what the guy has to say!

    Mac, I look forward to hear what the prospect gurus have to say about little Lillibridge, but I know he has been struggling since the spring training. He also had a slow start last year with the M-Braves.

  20. Oops, I just realized I addressed my #9 comment to the wrong person. Oh well, disregard it.

  21. No, I know, I hate it just as much as you do. I was just reminding everyone of the date. Sorry for the confusion Mac, won’t happen again.

  22. I, too, am looking forward to the Tommy Hanson writeup by Sickels. He was ranked lower on most prospect lists than I thought he would be with his stats last year. I hope he has better stuff than Davies.

  23. Mac, remember there were guys who said your Murphy write-ups were a “waste of server space”?

    This numbering thing is truly the ultimate waste of server space.

  24. I think they’re a waste of electrons.

    I am watching (on DVR) something that VH1 Classic calls “Classic 120 Minutes”. Now, I may be wrong, but I am fairly certain that Adam Ant and Erasure were not regular parts of the original 120 Minutes’ rotation.

  25. I seem to recall that Adam Ant had become a full-on pop-star by the time “120 Minutes” got rolling. Erasure was never huge in the States, so they could’ve been on the show, but I don’t much remember their videos at all.

    So much talent! How did they ever lose?

  26. Well, just “A Little Respect”, which was a pretty big hit here. Peculiar video.

    Oh, then they come back with the Gin Blossoms, who must have been too late for “120 Minutes”.

  27. We’ll be fine. Give it a month or two before we panic. The division is wide open and we have as good a chance as any other team to win it.

    Anyone else watch “The Riches”? Great show about Irish travelers starring Eddie Izzard and Minnie Driver.

  28. Sad to say, there are many television shows that I don’t watch & that’s one of ’em. I’m not snooty about TV—I just tend to watch shows about history, sports, music, politics, etc.

    However, I did see Eddie Izzard in a sushi restaurant a couple weeks ago.

  29. We’ve been catching up on it and just loving it. Great characters and tight writing. Plus the casting is fantastic. Reminds me a lot of the early seasons of the Soprano’s, as far as quality and originality goes.

  30. OK, Jesse Ventura on the Tim McCarver Show is one of the most unintentionally funny things I’ve ever seen.

    /On CBS now.

  31. I kind of wish the Braves would just shut Rafael Soriano down for a couple of weeks. It seems like he’s been throwing a lot since he’s been on the DL with little positive results.

  32. The problem isn’t age, per se. It’s the age of the starting pitching, something some folks here have tried to discuss – especially at the time of the Glavine signing – and what others, among them (sadly) the team’s management, have downplayed. It’s a reality, and now, with Smoltz hurting again, something approaching a major problem. Not only will the Braves struggle to stay competitive if he goes on the DL; the theme of ‘wearing out the bullpen’ will continue unabated into the summer.

  33. Brett Myers has given up 10 homers in 37 innings. That’s way too many even for Philadelphia.

  34. Look, with Glavine, Smoltz, Chipper & Tex all on the roster, we’re trying to catch lightning in a bottle for one year. It’ll probably be the only year you see all 4 guys wearing an Atlanta uni.

    The best-case scenario is high; the worst case involves injuries, and we’re certainly getting more than anyone could’ve expected.

    Them’s the breaks, but we’re not buried. We’re not especially good right now, but we’re nothing approaching dead.

  35. I really wonder if there will be a point this season when the whole team is healthy…not necessary completely healthy, but good enough that they are not on the DL…

  36. The Braves won the first 2 games of the last nationals series with the blues. Who would have thought Jair would be the reliable starter. When we need a win at least we have the dutch 22 year old.

  37. I’m not trying to sound racist at all (what a great way to start a sentence!), but it seems like Latin American players aren’t always real open, talkative people to the media. And if they are, there’s a lot of Manny Ramirez-types. With that said, I really like Jair as a person. If you read his quotes, he seems like a genuinely nice and humble guy. And with more and more young players acting like more Lastings Milledge, Delmon Young, Manny Ramirez, et al., it’s good to see just a nice guy who’s a good teammate.

  38. I’m not trying to sound racist at all

    …and yet, regrettably, you’ve succeeded. What do Lastings Milledge and Delmon young have to do with “Latin American players”? And what exactly is a “Manny Ramirez” type? I know you meant no ill will by it, but man oh man, that’s some intriguing logic there.

  39. Jason Perry, a 27 year old OF we got from Oakland last August, is killing at Mississippi in limited action (.333/.448/.905).

    Was this the PTBNL in the Langerhans deal? Has the mystery been solved???

  40. Rob.. Jair is not a Latin American player.. he is from Curaçao, which is not a Latin Country….
    I am a Latin american exbaseball player, who doesnt talk to the media, because.. like many others… dont speako ingles…

    sorry.. just saying

  41. I’m sort of down on Lillibridge, and not just because of the last couple of games (though that didn’t help). His top prospect status derives from his performance in ’06, but he’s had increasing trouble adjusting to more advanced levels, and he’s really not all that young — he’ll be 25 before the end of the season. He was outhit at Richmond last season by Prado at the same age, and while I am Martin Prado’s Only Advocate In All The World (TM), he’s nobody’s idea of a future star.

    He’ll have a career, I’m sure, but he’s not exactly pushing people out of the way right now. The Royals seem like a good spot for him — maybe Dayton Moore will give us some value for him.

  42. OT, I’m not saying there is a lot of talent coming out of USC or anything but they had seven players taken in the first two rounds of the draft. Sadly they were beaten out by a team from the SEC that had eight. No…check that…the whole SEC conference had eight taken in the first two rounds.

    Vanderbilt had as many players drafted as did Florida (2), South Carolina (1), Alabama (0, LOL), Mississippi State (0), and Ole Miss (0), combined.

    Obviously, this was not a normal draft year for the SEC. Lots of young teams, for example.

  43. What (supposedly) separate Lillibridge from someone like Prado are, first (and most notably), defense, and second, the always-overvalued speed.

    I think I’m with those who are not all that high on him. The age thing is a real red flag for me.

  44. After yesterday, for the first time, the doom and gloom thing started on me. The Smoltz injury situation is a big problem. The Hudson “whatever” is a big problem.

    However, looking back, this team has obtained an OPS more than 100 points greater than its collective opponents have been able to get against us. There is no reasonable way we shouldn’t be 15 – 10. Also, KJ and Tex have both been significantly hit unlucky at first take (total balls in play, not “typed” like JC does in predicted OPS). The only “hit lucky” guy so far is Chipper, and from what I have seen thus far, it isn’t luck.

    Actually, the OPS allowed and obtained to date, translates to about a 95 win club. Same with the +26 run differential. If these injuries subside, I think we are that good (minus the 5 games or so we are under that now). 90 will win this division and put you in anybody’s league in the NL except maybe the D’Backs. Also, I really don’t see any world beaters in the AL right now. Maybe Boston or Cleveland, but everybody else’s problems look pretty bad.

    I wonder what the Astros would want for Oswalt. He is somewhat comparable to Bedard and Haren, but higher paid in comparison to quality (he is really not a salary bargain, unlike the other two). However, somehow this team needs a # 1 starter so Hudson can be a 2, Smoltz can give us what he has, and the rest can sort themselves out.

    We have lots of Minor League pitching, but most of the starters look like solid shots at 2 or 3 status, but not 1. JJJ is looking like a solid 2 in 2 to 3 years.

  45. Robert,
    So much talent! How did they ever lose?

    Good question. It says a lot that when they did lose it was a ‘time capsule’ type of win for the other side (I’m looking at you Stanford and UCLA).

    Obviously, this was not a normal draft year for the SEC. Lots of young teams, for example.

    Yes, that’s obviously it. Good one.

    Gonzalez ain’t old. Soriano ain’t old. Moylan ain’t cold. Escobar ain’t cold. Hudson ain’t that old. We’re not an old team; we just have a couple old players.

    We overly rely on old players. We needed reasonabley healthy years out of Smoltz, Glav, and Chip. At their age and/or injury histories, it was unreasonable to expect it to happen. The bullpen arms going down are just an annoyance, it’s not the reason this team is going nowhere.

  46. Well Alex, since I didnt get to play in america because stupids general managers , I think i’m going to say in Japan,.. oh, and I love japanese chicks!!!.. They are really hot and like to do nasty things to little Roberto.

    and by the way.. love blog, always read it but rarely understand anything (maybe thas why I never get to play, maybe my stupid manager was saying “roberto you need to bunt more”, but I keep swinging for the fences… stupid me)

  47. This morning on 790 The Zone in Atlanta Smoltz said he would NOT make his next start. He sounded very down, and was talking about missing a lot of starts this year. The term he used about pitching this year was that he was on “Extra Credit.” He might not make it to 100 innings this year.

  48. Half-Crazy Thought: Is the bullpen an option for Smoltz if we institute last year’s “Joba Rules”?

    Would he be able to pitch an inning, if nec., approx. every other day?

  49. Roberto,

    My bad. I forgot he was from Curaçao. Perhaps the better statement would have been “people born outside of the United States.” I think the biggest reason for it is, as you alluded to, the language barrier.


    Sorry for not clarifying. I wasn’t putting Milledge and Young together with Latin Americas because, obviously, they’re both black. They were just two examples of young players with character issues, though they both have seemed to grow up quite a bit. The “Manny Ramirez” type player is the flashy, arrogant, many times selfish at the expense of the team type of player. We haven’t seen a whole lot on the Braves, and thankfully so, but major league baseball seems to have more today than it did in the past. That Jair Jurrjens is not one of those people is what I’m liking about him.

  50. Robert,

    We were relying on four players who were old to be major contributors, with Hampton being one of those and you could argue the front office wasn’t relying on him at all. I will agree that it was unreasonable to expect ALL of them would stay healthy, but it wasn’t unreasonable to say that in April all of them wouldn’t be injured.

    The majority of the players we’re relying on are not old. Teixera, McCann, Johnson, Escobar, Francouer, Diaz, Jurrjens, James, Hudson, Soriano, and Moylan are not old. The fact that Hudson, Escobar, Hudson, Soriano and Moylan have all been injured is simply bad luck. As I said, I’m really concerned about this team, but it’s not because we had unreasonable expectations. We’ve just been bitten by the injury bug too severely and pretty much all at the same time.

  51. The Braves can still leave April with a winning record. It’s not what I’d hoped to see, but I’d be happy with it now.

    @73 ububba;
    I like your idea, but reports here of Smoltzie’s depression may table the discussion.
    I just hope any remaining starters could keep us in the game to get to him!

  52. No. I know what you’re getting at, but I’m not going to indulge you, because that’s not what I’m saying. But for the issues that Roger Clemens has had, he has been a much better teammate than Manny Ramirez. That is not a racial comparison or anything like it, but to use Roger Clemens as an example of a “selfish at the expense of the team” type player is flawed.

  53. Mac, I’ve been telling people down here in Tampa/St. Pete/Clearwater that the Rays might be legit, but no one seems to believe me. If David Price develops along with everyone else they have, they are a legit team. I tried to go to the game Saturday night, but for the first time since I’ve been here, the game was sold out. I couldn’t believe it.

  54. If this team had stayed healthy all weekend, we would have swpt. It’s hard to voercome injuries at the same time to Escobar, Hudson, Smoltz and Chipper.

    The Mets should be well aware they were able to win with most of our top guys down or way down.

  55. From Bill James Online, the top starting pitching staffs of the 1990s:

    1990s Starting Pitching
    1) 1997 Atlanta Braves

    Greg Maddux (26), John Smoltz (21), Tom Glavine (21), Denny Neagle (21), Kevin Millwood (3). Total, 92.

    2) 1998 Atlanta Braves

    Maddux (25), Glavine (23), Smoltz (16), Neagle (14), Millwood (10). Total, 88.

    3) 1993 Atlanta Braves

    Maddux (25), Glavine (20), Steve Avery (19), Smoltz (16), Pete Smith (4). Total, 84.

    Five and six are the Braves of 1995 and 1996, eighth is the Braves of 1999.

  56. he has been a much better teammate than Manny Ramirez.

    Okay, I’ll let it go too, but do you have any evidence that Manny is disliked by a majority, or even significant minority by his teammates? Everything I’ve read about the guy is that he is a workout monster who is generally well regarded around his team and the league. You may not like him because he doesn’t adhere to some crew cut Johnny U circa 1960 profile, but the guys he actually works with don’t seem to mind him at all.

  57. I really liked our chances coming into this series, but alas it was not to be. I’m trying to not be down on our chances over the full season, but if Smoltz goes down and Hudson develops problems it’s going to be tough.

    While Chipper is vital to our offense, I think Tex can/will pick up some of the slack eventually for times when Chipper needs a day or two off (and I don’t expect Chipper to be down for too long really).

    If Smoltz and Huddy go down we’re either relying on a rookie to be our ace (JJ), or we’re the 07 Mets and relying on Tommy. Neither of those are heartening situations. As others have pointed out, the first month of this season feels far too much like a continuation of the last couple months of last season. We’re a good team that just can’t seem to get it together, and we’re getting hurt… a lot.

    I’d like to think Smoltz really just needs some rest and a nice trip to the chiropractor, but that devil on my shoulder is screaming injury. Hopefully Huddy just needs a day or two off and can pull himself together. The most concerning thing for me about his bad outing wasn’t that he had a rough inning, but that he couldn’t pull it back together for the next inning like Jair did. Are our options really that he’s either hurt, or more psychologically fragile than our rookie?

  58. Mac, I’m assuming those are by Win Shares?

    What I’d be more interested to see would be the top pitching staffs of all time. How many Braves teams from the 1990s would be in the top 10 5-man rotations of all time? Or, if you want to chop off our 5th guy, how many of them would be in the top 10 4-man rotations of all time?

  59. Also, over at the Worldwide Leader, Jayson Stark is debating which deal was worse: Hampton or Zito.

    I’d vote for Zito a million times, of course — when he’s pitched, Hampton’s been okay, while Zito’s pitching like he’s got a hankering for the waiver wire. Stark’s voting for Hampton because “there’s at least some redeeming value in the innings he eats.” I would tend to disagree, but that’s pretty much my feeling on everything Jayson Stark says.

  60. The top pitching staffs of all-time (by win shares, yes) are from the very early days. The post-195o list begins:

    1. 1954 Cleveland Indians Al Lopez 97

    2. 1997 Atlanta Braves Bobby Cox 92

    3. 1956 Cleveland Indians Al Lopez 90

    1970 Chicago Cubs Leo Durocher 90

    5. 1969 New York Mets Gil Hodges 88

    1998 Atlanta Braves Bobby Cox 88

  61. The Braves team is really volatile… Every morning when I wake up (1 am your time) and turn on the computer steering to, I am almost expecting for bad news of any of the core players to go down again. Today was such day with Smoltz however no surprise after seeing him pitch last night. Ugh, who’s turn is it tomorrow morning…?

    Go Braves!

  62. Doublepost! Serioiusly… what is it with our pitchers? Seems to me (ex Hampton) that we have never had so many injuries this early in the season. Could it be that Leo treated them differently? Or is it just a coincidence or perception?

  63. Sorry, triplepost before bedtime…
    You’ve seen this?

    Apr. 28 : Zito (0-6 with a 7.53 ERA) may be headed for the Giants’ bullpen, according to the Mercury News. “We’ve got to do something,” said Bochy. “We can’t keep doing what we’re doing and getting what we’re getting.” There is also a chance the team will just skip hims next start.

  64. Roger Clemens.
    Juicer? I think most of us can be certain at this point.

    Pederast? So it’s been alleged.

    Dumbass. No doubt. Chances are good that nobody knows about Mindy McCready if he doesn’t sue his trainer.

    Bottom Line with Manny Ramirez.
    He’s one of the greatest hitters in his generation and, no matter how many times the Sawx tried to deal him, they couldn’t do it because no team is that stupid. The Sawx aren’t the Sawx without him.

    Only in MetLand…
    Now the Met fans are mad at Delgado because he wouldn’t come out of the dugout to acknowledge them after his 2nd HR on Sunday.

    The Mets win 2 of 3 and they’re still mad at Delgado.

  65. Wow. I just checked out the Mindy McCready thing. I remember her first two singles, but I had totally forgotten about her. According to her Wiki article, she’s struggled. That’s sad to hear. As for Roger: my goodness, dude. She was 15!

  66. 98, noone said Baseball players were geniuses. Roger Dodger is proving that theory.

    Zito’s problems are mental, meaning he can’t stand playing for a losing team and needs to get away. I say we give the giants Bryan Pena, Hampton and Andruw’s leftover Atlanta bats for him. The Giants will pick up half his salary, and Zito can hug his old teammate and get back to pitching like he use to.

  67. You know, I don’t have a lot of rules in life, but “don’t have sex with 15-year olds” is one that I think every single man should follow.

    I’m not gonna stray into politics, but that thing that just happened in that state that Clemens is from, I think they should have followed that rule too.

  68. 103: I thought Zito’s problems are his fastball is in the 80s and that he isn’t able to consistently throw his curveball for strikes.

  69. Allow me to withdraw, “Pederast?” and replace it with “Chris Hansen Interview Candidate?”

    In many of life’s endeavors, I’ve often found that the people acting the most pious, the most patriotic or the most strident tend to be the ones most guilty of inappropriate behavior.

    It’s just amazing how often that happens.

  70. 15 will get you 20, but that’s allright. We’ll be rockin and a rollin on a Livingston Saturday night.

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