165 thoughts on “Great scheduling game thread: Aug. 21, Marlins at Braves”

  1. Got JC’d.

    Mere Bulles, the Brentwood restaurant? That’s pretty close to my house, but we could meet somewhere closer to downtown Nashville, where the tournament will be happening. (Brentwood’s half an hour away.) Either way, I’d love to meet up.

  2. I used to love Elvis Costello…then he went and stole my (never gonna happen in real life, but I used to daydream about it sometimes) gal. Bastard.

  3. Diana. Hot chick into Charlie Christian and King Cole trio music? Never happen again in my lifetime

  4. Did you read where he was asking for an impact prospect for Sheffield and is said to be doing the same for Wagner? Mystifying.

  5. Eighth start of the season for Sanchez, three against the Braves.

    Odd line-up. I’m hoping it doesn’t get rained out.

    Here was the lineup last time we faced Anibal:

    Infante 3B
    Esco SS
    Garret LF
    Kotch 1B
    Captain America RF
    KJ 2B
    Ross C
    Schafer CF

    Craptastic. Somehow that lineup was enough to win. Ross and Kotch were the hitting stars. I prefer today’s lineup.

  6. What if they hadn’t signed Sheffield on the cheap, and made a pretty good trade for Pagan? I mean, nobody could be expected to survive all the injuries, but their farm system is so bad that if they hadn’t gotten their two best hitters — a 40-year-old jerk and a born fourth outfielder — for free, they would be heading Nationalsward.

    Half their lineup is basically free talent — Sheffield, Pagan, Santos, and Tatis.

  7. I am a Diaz fan, but why would you put him in right and Gorecki in left. I know we saw one instance of bad accuracy from Gorecki, but he hs played right and sometimes center in the minors and seems to have a much more powerful arm than Diaz.

  8. The Mets and Francoeur were absolutely made for each other. Someone on here (ububba?) frequents Citi Field – I was wondering how the Mets fans treat Francoeur. This is assuming that Mets fans even care enough to admit that they are Mets fans at this point.

  9. I’m greatly enjoying watching the Mets fans over at Primer talk themselves into bringing back Francoeur next season. Whatever the Jedi mind-control trick is that Francoeur knows seems be working in New York just fine.

    Watching the Mets pay $6 million for Francoeur’s .290 OBP next season will brighten everyone’s day.

  10. I think if the Marlins actually had any fans they would be the Braves biggest rival. I still can’t be bothered to care about the Mets since the Braves handle them almost every time they meet. The Marlins have been a perennial thorn in Atlanta’s side.

  11. Kyle,
    I wouldn’t say I frequent Citi Field—been there for 4 Braves games so far this year, going again in September. But I live in Queens, work on Long Island & I’m around Mets fans constantly.

    Mets fans like Francoeur. They like comparing his numbers to Ryan Church’s. (Of course, I point to the Braves’ W/L record since the deal.) But he’s obviously been way better for them than he’d been with us in ’08 & ’09. He’s got an .800 OPS because he’s found some of his power stroke. Good for him.

    Maybe, quite ironically, he’s found less pressure in NYC than he had in ATL. Or maybe it’s just another small-sample size that’ll bite the Mets in the ass as soon as they actually sign him.

    Personally, I’m rooting for a big, big September.

  12. I’m greatly enjoying watching the Mets fans over at Primer talk themselves into bringing back Francoeur next season.

    I don’t think they are trying to talk themselves into it – they are pretty sharp for the most part – they just know it is going to happen and are in the “acceptance” stage.

  13. Stu – I think the Mere Bulles I knew was in Printer’s Alley.

    It is (was) a long, thin, old brick structure with bar in front, jazz/blues band in the middle and restaraunt tables in the back.

    Very good food, wine and vibe.

  14. why doesnt Bobby let Infante play LF? Seems like we are better with KJ and Infante over Gorecki and Infante

  15. That FLA lineup looks pretty rough; Vazquez is getting the second string with Helms and Gload out there.

  16. I wonder if Prado and Sanchez knew each other growing up. They’re from the same city, they’re about four months apart in age. Maracay’s pretty big, but you’d think they would have played one another.

  17. Chip’s stupidity is… Chipesque. Okay, that’s not exactly a word, but it’s like a word.

  18. @49 Who else?! The Red Sox.

    @50 I think we just have a new idea on the new poll!

    Awesome Javy. I wish we can dump Lowe back to the Dodgers this offseason and sign Javy to a two-year extension.

  19. The Marlins have four hits, but only two were hit hard at all, Ramirez in the first and Coghlan just now, and those guys hit the ball pretty well.

  20. Seriously, does Joe Simpson have no memory of what’s happened more than a few days ago? He actually got the question right (Groat) a month ago, and then changed his mind to Larkin.

  21. is anyone else annoyed with how often chip refers to joe as “partner?”

    Joe works with chip for roughly 40 games a year and boog for 100…but even still, i just think its odd when one man often refers to another as “partner.”

  22. KC, actually, Jim and Don were praising Javy’s change on the radio broadcast just an inning ago, saying he had great arm action and great movement on it tonight.

    I like the two of them. They’re a good team and they do a good job. It’s a damn shame they can’t permanently switch with our awful TV crew.

    (Update: the word “awful” is strong. And I like Joe — despite myself, at this point — perhaps mostly because of all my good associations of his work with the Skip-Don-Pete crew. The thing is, he really, really is wrong about a lot of things. And, as Mac’s said, he and Chip bring out the absolute worst in each other. With a good partner, Joe’d be fine. With Chip, he’s awful.)

  23. Alex, I agree on Jim and Don, they seem to be getting better as it goes. Man the Braves need a hit…

  24. Jim still chaps me a bit. He always tries to stir controversy, make situations more dramatic than they are.

  25. Boog and Joe are not bad. In fact, Sciambi may lead my list of “Overcame Initial Distaste” things. (Well, tied with Scotch, anyway.)

  26. This really a sad show from a team that harbors playoff aspirations. Except Vazquez, of course.

  27. Wow, no hit through five. I guess I didn’t miss anything. Anybody but Florida and I’d be surprised. With the Fish I just expect the worst.

  28. That was an everyday player hitting? I thought that was Javy. Damn, we don’t have any real outfielders in the minors?

    Sad that the pitcher had to get the 1st hit….

  29. A single probably isn’t enough, Javy, you need to hit one out to get a run.

    Oh, for crying out loud.

  30. yes I was thinking no runs might win this.

    Seriously Bobby, why isnt KJ facing this righty? We know you love matchups. He’s never hit Sanchez really well, but Gorecki hasnt either

  31. csg – I cannot say that I have your confidence. In fact, I see not reason to have your confidence.

    This is the Marlins, man!

  32. Truly, the don’t need the embarrassment of getting in the playoffs if this is all they’ve got.

  33. Wow an actual pitching visit from the pitching coach? I didn’t think the Braves did that anymore.

  34. He let him pitch to Ramirez again? Only the best player not named Pujols in the National League….but who cares.

    I think you are right CSG….when none of the players on offense show up and you have a suspect outfield at best, why bother?

  35. We got three more shots at ’em, but I’ve kinda already given up here.

    Now, I am just hoping we can win the next two.

  36. …and I’m off to dinner. Obviously that torturous three game road trip took a lot out of the squad.

  37. A note to the Rome Braves management–just because the game is rained out it doesn’t mean the fans have to be kicked out in the rain and thunderstorm.

    As for the mother ship–it seems like the offense started the game in hibernation mode.

  38. Hey, I thought Jake Stevens had given up on baseball. He is now pitching for the Frederick Keys against the Pelicans.

    Personally, I am glad the guy hasn’t given up.

  39. 3rd straight series opener the Braves have come out flat.

    Giants lead the Rockies 3 – 0, but it’s way early and in Denver.

  40. Im just glad Joe just explained how you cant sweep when you dont win the first one. Conrad probably wouldve been a better choice to call up. Infante should play LF

  41. the Marlins broadcasters are bragging that their tarp crew in Miami is better than the one at Turner


  42. Yeah, and you know we would have come back, right?

    Oh, and Bobby — if this game does resume, I don’t care about matchups — put Logan in there, not Atrosta, okay?

  43. What exactly are the rules for calling the game complete? Since they’ve batted some in the top of the 9th, does that mean we are entitled to batting in the bottom of the ninth, or can they just call it for Florida?

  44. Well geez, if you have an open-air stadium in the middle of gd hurricane alley, you’d better be good, amirite?

  45. They do have to wait a certain amount of time, or until they’re sure that the weather won’t clear before the curfew. Close game, playoff implications on both sides, only one inning left — they’ll wait a long time.

  46. from the way this thing is tracking, it’s going to be at least an hour.

  47. I think those rules were standardized when the league offices were folded into the Commissioner’s. Or maybe not, but they aren’t going to wait until 2 AM to re-start.

  48. JPW leads a drive, it gets inside the ten, but it stalls after a couple of runs and an incompletion. Gosh, where have I seen that before?

    UPDATED: But with Shockley throwing two picks, Wilson probably has a better chance at the backup job.

  49. Giants over Rockies 6 – 1 top of the 7th, Mets beat Phillies 4-2???. Would be nice if Braves could pull this one out.

  50. @133, yes, they can call the game and if they do, the final score will be the score through 8 complete innings . . . in other words, Braves lose.

  51. Still quite an ugly radar plot, and the thunder is really cracking here about a mile from the stadium

  52. Watching the End of the game with Pink Floyd’s “Shine On You Crazy Diamond” in the background. Mmm.. pretty surreal!

  53. Is this game on PTV? well, apparently my provider decided the game was over and switched back to c-span 2.

  54. Roachy, you’ve been nothing but good since your return, but what the hell was that.

    Well worth the wait indeed.

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