Braves 11, Mets 5

ESPN – Mets vs. Braves – Box Score – April 05, 2008

Obviously, the Mets should give up on the season.

The Braves took a 1-0 lead in the first, loading the bases before McCann’s sac fly. The Mets tied it up in the second, but the Braves made it 3-1 in the third on RBI singles by Francoeur and Diaz, and 4-1 in the fourth on an RBI single by Teixeira.

Hudson was pitching well, but he gives up balls in play and sometimes those fall in holes. The Mets led off the fifth with two singles, a groundout, and then a hit batsman to load the bases. Then on a flare to center Kotsay trapped it (Andruw would have gotten it) but one of the umpires called it an out, and meanwhile the runner at second had passed the runner at third. The umpires huddled and figured out that the best thing for the Mets would be to call it a run scored (the runner at third had never even touched the plate) and the bases still loaded with one out. The Mets got one more run on a groundout before Hudson got out of it.

Kotsay singled in Gotay (who if KJ can’t go should be playing instead of Prado; Prado is hitting but his defense has been beneath contempt, and he had two egregious misplays to cost GIDPs today but somehow managed to escape without being charged with an error [this just in, the unearned run rule is stupid]) to make it 5-3. Moylan got through one of Prado’s misplays unscathed in the seventh, and in the bottom of the inning KJ had a pinch-hit, 3-2 grand slam off of Jorge Sosa to make it 9-3.

Royce Ring gave up consecutive doubles in the eighth, and the Mets cut it to 9-5, but Francoeur’s two-out double in the bottom of the inning but the Braves back up by six. Soriano pitched the ninth with no problems, and frankly I had no problem using him there — and certainly would have wanted him in there up four, “save situation” or not. I don’t trust anyone else in this pen.

Hudson struck out four and didn’t walk any in six innings. He threw a few more pitches than he’d probably like, but a lot of that is Prado’s fault… All the position players but Escobar had at least one hit, and all of them but Diaz scored. Chipper and Francoeur were both 3-5, and Teixeira was 2-3 with two walks.

Smoltz versus Santana tomorrow. Prado delenda est.

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  1. Reposting from the last thread, curious as to what everyone thinks:

    With a four-run lead I would have probably brought Soriano in, too (not six,though).

    I am not so sure about this “he was already warmed up, so we had to use him” philosophy. We know that Soriano threw at least 17 more live game pitches than he would have if he sat down after Francoeur’s double. That is meaningful, isn’t it?

    I mean, we would be more likely to bring a reliever back the next day if he only threw 17 pitches in the previous game as opposed to 34, no matter what he did in warming up. The rest of not coming into the game is worth something, right?

  2. So the consensus is that b/c it’s the Mets and b/c our bullpen sucks, the Soriano move was ok…I can accept that, just don’t want to make it a trend. We’ll need these guys in September (hopefully).

  3. always feels good to beat them. i think cox had it right to send smoltz to start against the rockies. ground ball outs are a big deal in that altitude. besides he’s mentally tough.

    I think Glavine will struggle in Colorado.

    Could be wrong. But probably right.

  4. on the year, we have outscored our opponents 37-27 which is an average of 2 runs per game, yet, we find ourselves 2-3. i guess that’s just baseball.

  5. Dan,

    Braves 15
    Rockies 11

    Chuck James 4 IP 7ER 4BB 3 K
    Mark Redman 3.3 IP 9ER 2 BB 0K

  6. Dan, that game will create a vortex of suck that will somehow halt global warming.

  7. Good try, Chief, but expecting the pen to give up only 4 runs in 5 innings at Coors is a wee bit optimistic, don’t you think? Resop could surrender that many in 2/3 of an inning alone.

  8. Stat question for everyone:

    I play for a team here in Japan and we are in a number of leagues. Yesterday we found ourselves shorthanded and managed to talk the opposing team into letting us play with 8 guys. Oddly enough, the final was 7-0, which would’ve been the same recorded score for a forfeit. There was a question as to what to do about the stats from the game. My take is that all the stats should count, except that the pitcher shouldn’t be charged with any earned runs. There were a few extra base hits simply because we were playing with two outfielders.

    Any thoughts?

  9. I was at the game today – in fact, I can be seen just a couple rows from Kelly Johnson’s slam (gray Auburn hoodie, yellow hat), back row of the section and towards the line of it.

    Great game – ate Skip and Pete’s, actually had a chance to get Pete’s autograph and talk to him for a minute or two (no picture – sad) – He’s a great guy!

  10. No matter the season, no matter the circumstances, no matter the standings it just feels damn good to beat the Mets.

  11. please no. I know Bobby would never do it, but I’d rather let Gotay play second than have him platoon with “the Matador.”

  12. I agree with those of you who feel Gotay should play over Prado. His defense is sorely lacking! If he turns the DP Huddy gives up at least one fewer run and might could have pitched another inning since he through an extra 1o+ pitches due to Prado’s poor defense.

  13. Don’t get too excited about facing Redman. Next thing we know, the guy will be tossing a shutout against us.

    I have no problem using Soriano today. He hasn’t pitched much lately anyway. In a game against the Mets, better to let the closer closes out the game.

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