I am the greatest game thread: April 28, Braves at Cardinals

Hello, I am Tony LaRussa, and I am the greatest overmanager in baseball history! I would send a runner on an 0-2 pitch with nobody out and Mark McGwire at the plate! I’ll bring in a lefty to face a lefthanded hitting pitcher with a righthanded hitter on deck! You know that one day someone’s going to start a game with a lefty pitcher in left field and a righty on the mound and change them depending upon the hitter, and you know it’s going to be me! I’m also an attorney, and I would be on the short list for the Supreme Court except that I’m too big of a genius! Also, this is a wig!

81 thoughts on “I am the greatest game thread: April 28, Braves at Cardinals”

  1. From last thread:
    Interesting article from Talking Chop (I saw it yesterday), but showing that Sheffield, Renteria, A. Jones, Giles, and Fick regressed after leaving Atlanta doesn’t prove a whole lot. Age, weight, lack of performance enhancers, and changing leagues also may have been contributing factors. Not that I completely disregard the article, I just don’t think there’s a stat that can fully capture his influence (good or bad).

    I’m still of a similar mind with those who think the impact of a hitting coach is overrated. TP is not my favorite and probably needs to go at least by the end of this year, but sending him packing now will most likely have a very limited (or negative) long-term impact.

  2. from last thread – “Not only is McCann’s defense horrible, it’s getting worse.

    Move him to 1B now.”

    while this may help us this season, what do we do with our top prospect and McCann next season. Once you change his position you dont really want to move him back there again do you?

  3. Remember the days when we would get grand slams out of the Matt Francos of the world? Ah, yes.

  4. His overall value at the dish makes it stupid to move McCann.

    Outside of Bobby playing Hinske more, I think the most realistic hope is for Freeman to push the issue.

  5. My thought is move Pendleton to 3rd base coach, fire Snitker, and find somebody new to be hitting coach preferably somebody who was a power hitter with a good OBP as a player. While the recent team hitting slump probably has nothing to do with Pendleton, a change couldn’t hurt. Sometimes you’ve heard the same things from one person so many times that you tune him out and you need to hear it from a fresh voice. Also Hinske should always start either in LF or at 1B vs RHP as long as he keeps killing them. But really this is all on the struggling hitters. Once they get back to hitting more like their career averages, this should be a solid offensive club. We’ll just have to hope the team doesn’t get buried in the standings before that happens. There’s still plenty of games left right now, so I’m not in panic mode.

  6. @4: I love “Granite State Of Mind”. It’s enjoyable for those of us who live in or near NH, but also if you’ve never been to NH.

    “What’s up, guy?”
    Stopping By Woods on a Snowy Evening

    Good stuff.

  7. @75 from the previous –

    Can I interest you in a tiger-repellant rock?

  8. i know this might sound crazy, but can we swap lowe for vazquez? that would be awesome!

  9. Noticed something interesting about the schedule so far and please forgive how non-saber this is but here is the NL sorted by Runs Allowed so far:

    1 SF 56
    2 STL 66
    3 NYM 69
    4 SD 73
    5 COL 78
    6 PHI 84
    7t ATL 85
    7t HOU 85
    9 CHC 86
    10 FLA 97
    11 WAS 105
    12t MIL 111
    12t AZ 111
    14t CIN 118
    14t LAD 118
    16 PIT 150

    So with Houston up next, our first 8 opponents appear to be the best at limiting runs so far (of course facing out offense has helped put them there I know). But it is a little encouraging that we’ve yet to play any of the bottom half of the NL’s pitching staffs based on those raw #s.

  10. The only reason they’re in the bottom half is that they haven’t had the privilege of facing us, yet.

  11. #12 – good point, we can help out any pitching staff….wonder how bad our #’s would look outside of opening day

  12. Things That Aren’t True, Part XLVII, New York Mets Edition:

    Bernazard, who infamously lost his job last year after reportedly tearing off his shirt and challenging players at Double-A Binghamton to a fight — among other examples of his misconduct — told Ken Rosenthal of Fox Sports Tuesday that he took the fall for a lost summer.

    “This is the thing: I was blamed for everything that happened to the Mets last year,” [former Met front office executive Tony] Bernazard told Rosenthal in a Q&A posted on FoxSports.com.

    As for his conduct, Bernazard blames the media and the Mets for blowing it all out of proportion. “I’m telling you, I didn’t do anything wrong,” he said.

    Ububba, how much would you disagree with that particular statement?

  13. 12 and 14 – I tried to make that point (guess I failed to) though playing us makes up about 15% of the games played for the teams we have played so while it has an impact, it’s not very large.

  14. AAR, that whole Rosenthal article is a riot. “I took off my shirt because it was hot”. is just priceless.

  15. @21

    IMO, Heyward’s mechanics are fine. What we are seeing right now is just part of the learning curve. He was a little over aggressive when he first came up. He was striking out on a lot of breaking stuff outside the zone. He over-corrected and is now being a bit too patient. I predict we’ll see him start hitting again very soon.

  16. #20 — You hate my face? You should see my ass! It looks like a 3-D image of the surface of Mars! I should know, because I’ve been there! To Mars, I mean!

  17. bobby sitting heyward and mccann against lefty…
    1. Escobar 6, 2. Prado, 3. Jones, 3B, 4. Glaus 1B, 5. Diaz LF, 6. Cabrera RF, 7. Ross C, 8. McClouth CF, 9. Kawakami

  18. AAR,
    I think Bernazard made his own bed. I mean, they’ve just finished a 9-1 homestand & it seems he’s trying to take credit.

    From what I remember, Bernazard really had pissed off everybody in the organization. Omar, apparently, was his last defender.

    The grain of truth in Bernazard’s statement is related to the fact that the Mets’ real brass (the Wilpons) have incredibly thin skin and are always terribly worried about how they are portrayed in the media—print & radio. When the Binghamton report came out, that was the last straw.

    FWIW, the Mets really do tend to take a beating on the radio here. The ESPN station, which I never listen to, has a show that’s anchored by Michael Kaye, who happens to be the Yankees TV announcer, and he apparently rakes the Mets over the coals all the time.

    For the most part, WFAN is full of Met-fan announcers, which at times can be worse. (“Oh, the pain!”) WFAN’s main guy, Mike Francesa, likes to tweak them, too, but his take is usually kinda funny. His stock statement after each Met PR disaster: “Only the Mets could do this…”

  19. Somebody please cool off Kelly Johnson. Homer to lead off the 10th (lefty on lefty crime, off of Franklin Morales) and now he has 8 this freaking month. My goodness.

  20. Five guys under the Mendoza line, and Glaus is right on it. Whatever Kawakami did to piss Bobby off, this is disproportionate retaliation.

    To quote Bob Uecker, “Welcome back to Major League Baseball. Sort of.”

  21. in one inning we have 2 errors and a wild pitch that scores a run. this team needs to do some yoga.

  22. 8 straight losses now and Wainright tomorrow I cant wait to see what this years June is like

  23. Troy Glaus’s bat may be cashed, but that dude does know the strike zone. Maybe if he does get benched he can be our pinch walker extraordinaire.

  24. Peachtree just had a great stat: 6 NL pitching staffs have as many hits on the season as Braves leadoff hitters.

  25. We’re as bad as the Pirates and Royals right now. This is awful.

    Why didn’t Yunel go for the lead runner or a double play on that?

    I’m thoroughly disgusted.

  26. That’s the Cardinals’ fourth intentional walk of the game, in 4 1/3 innings. Honestly, can you remember seeing a team get 4 IBBs in one game? Bonus points if Bonds wasn’t on it.

    … and it backfires, naturally.

  27. This reminds me of how I used to feel watching and listening to Braves teams of the 70’s and 80’s.

  28. @39–exactly what I was thinking–somewhat ironic, too, b/c I think the Wainwright trade was one of the key factors in the braves decline over the past 5 years

    I was thinking of heading down for a game this weekend but I’m not sure I can take 9 innings of this slop in person.

  29. GBraves were no hit tonight–offensive ineptitude runs in the organization

    edit–Clevlen drew a walk and another runner reached on an error

  30. Hey, look! We can pitch to good hitters and get outs! I figured Bobby was just going to walk him to make sure they didn’t hit a grand slam.

  31. I was just wondering if anybody thought we would win again this year? We could just mail it in now, I suppose.

  32. who would be the top player in next years draft? cant Bryce Harper just hold off for another season

  33. I wonder if you consider at any point Jermaine Dye, Gary Sheffield, Carlos Delgado, etc

  34. @69 Wow, that will make a bad defensive team even worse. Would love to see that!!! Would be fun to watch the team kicking the ball around instead of catching it, ha.

  35. Yay, Escobar almost gets to .200!!

    Honestly, is there anything else positive to say about this game?

  36. 66,
    Would not want Bryce Harper. If the Braves have a really high pick in the 2011 draft, right now I’d say the guy that makes the most sense is Matt Purke. He’ll be a draft eligible sophomore out of TCU in 2011 and Roy Clark really wanted him in 2009, but Liberty Media said “no” when he asked them for the money.

    And now we have Mike Minor.

  37. That throw right there was why you send the runner in most cases. I get not doing it when you’re down 6 in the 8th, but in general, you should send the runner in that situation. It’s rare that the LF makes the perfect throw and the catcher handles it correctly.

  38. out of 30 – braves

    24th in runs
    29th in hits
    21st in 2B
    25th in 3B
    27th in HR
    25th in RBI
    29th in BAA
    29th in SLG
    28th in OPS
    26th in SB
    29th in FLY BALLS
    54 AB per HR
    27th in XBH

    and that was before this performance. Weve now been shut out 5 times in 21 games. So would 38 shutouts in a season be a record?

  39. Ross really has no value to our team and could be starting somewhere else. Cant he be moved for some decent addition? Wonder when Wren fires or cuts someone to just make a point?

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