Where Do We Go From Here: Who’s the next manager?

This is probably premature; I was meaning to write this post after the season, but looked up and had it already, and I didn’t really have anything else good for today. Here it is. Tell me who I forgot.

It’s not every day you have to replace a man who’s managed the team for twenty years, the dominant figure in the history of the Atlanta Braves. There are a number of possible candidates. They may go completely outside the organization, as they did when hiring a pitching coach, but the names that come to mind are those who already have a connection.


Terry Pendleton
Hitting Coach, Atlanta Braves
The connection: Braves player, 1991-1994, 1996 (MVP, 1991); hitting coach, 2002-present
Managerial experience: None

TP is probably the favorite; he’s been the rumored front-runner since taking the hitting coach job, and has been a candidate for several managing positions. The lack of managerial experience in the minor leagues is a concern.

Eddie Perez
Bullpen Coach, Atlanta Braves
The connection: Braves player, 1995-2001, 2004-2005; bullpen coach, 2007-present
Managerial experience: None, but has served as a GM in Venezuelan winter baseball

Always considered a smart player, as most defensively-oriented catchers are. A bit of a cutup; how that type of personality translates to being a manager is unpredictable. Consider, for example, Casey Stengel.

Brian Snitker
Third base coach, Atlanta Braves
The connection: Braves minor leaguer, 1977-1980; bullpen coach, 1985, 1988-1990; third base coach, 2007-present; affiliated with organization for more than thirty years
Managerial experience: 17 seasons in Braves organization at various levels

A dark horse candidate, a Braves lifer who’s filled a lot of roles but isn’t taken seriously. The rise of the bench coach in major league baseball has taken a toll on third base coaches, who used to be the manager in waiting a lot of the time.

Chino Cadahia
Bench coach, Atlanta Braves
The connection: Minor league manager, instructor, and coordinator, 1996-2006; bench coach, 2007-present
Managerial experience: 10 seasons in low minors and rookie ball with Rangers organization, one partial season of rookie ball with the Braves

This bench coach is not generally considered a manager in waiting, but I’m not sure why not. He’s been around the game for a long time and at 53 is not too old. He’s been a candidate for other jobs.


Ozzie Guillen
Manager, Chicago White Sox
The connection: Braves player, 1998-1999.
Managerial experience: White Sox manager, 2004-present; World Champion, 2005, AL Manager of the Year, 2005

Name doesn’t come up that much, but he’s an obvious candidate; an experienced and successful manager who has problems with his own front office and a connection to the Braves. Likes “small ball” which would make some people happy. Venezuelan.

Fredi Gonzalez
The connection: Braves third base coach, 2003-2006
Managerial experience: Marlins manager, 2007-2010; minor league manager with independent team, 1991-1992, Marlins organization 1993-1998, Richmond Braves 2002

Probably the favorite among outside candidates. Gets a lot of respect for supposedly winning with less with the Marlins, just like Joe Girardi before him, even though his records aren’t any better than, or worse than, Girardi’s or Jack McKeon’s. The Marlins have talent, it’s just not famous talent. Has the same tendencies towards bizarre bench and bullpen use as Bobby at his worst, and more often.

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  1. Repeat of question from late earlier thread: What makes Guillen a real candidate? He’s too incendiary for Atlanta.

  2. Answer a question with a question –

    He’s too incendiary for Atlanta.

    Why do you believe this?

  3. @3 – Read the sports press. Guillen’s personality is roughly 180 degrees from Bobby’s player first, no ripples outside of the locker room or front office approach. Not that the new manager has to be just like Bobby’s personality, but Guillen is hot tempered and loose-lipped. I say there is an approaching zero chance that he’d even be interviewed and precisely zero chance that he’d be hired as manager.

  4. @73 in the last thread (P. W. Hjort), how do you interpret this, from the CBA that applies through next season (Section XIX C(2))?

    “(2) Notwithstanding Section C(1) above, a Player who is injured
    and not able to play may be assigned to a Minor League club:
    “(a) During the period immediately following the close of the
    championship season and before the filing of Major League
    Reserve Lists under Major League Rule 2(a), if:
    “(i) the Player’s Major League Uniform Player’s Contract
    does not cover the next succeeding season; and
    “(ii) the Player, if he otherwise would have been eligible for
    salary arbitration as a ‘Super Two’ Player (see Article
    VI(F)(1)), may elect free agency under the procedures con-
    tained in Article XX(D) in lieu of accepting the assignment;
    provided, however, that a Player who accepts the assignment
    shall not have a right, by virtue of such acceptance, to elect
    free agency following the next succeeding championship sea-
    son. ”

    I take that to mean Medlen could be sent down to start next season, if necessary. He meets the criterion of (i), and he isn’t going to be Super Two. How do you read it?

    You can download the Basic Agreement here, if you need context: http://mlbplayers.mlb.com/pa/pdf/cba_english.pdf

  5. Could you imagine if Snitker got the job? I would probably spend all day on Bravesjournal laughing at the comments.

    I like Ozzie as a baseball manager, wasnt’ he well-liked when he was with the Braves? I mean he would never shut-up, but he was popular.

  6. I recall Ozzie being liked as a player, although he was only with the Braves a short while. But a manager who calls out his players unrepentently in the press and who spouts off racially motivated remarks isn’t going to go far with the Braves organization.

  7. You guys don’t talk to nearly enough White Sox fans. They are sick of his BS and, at the very least, wouldn’t care if he left.

    Guillen’s ridiculous antics may seem cute to us, but you would not find him nearly so charming if he was your manager, I assure you. I know you guys don’t think clubhouse issues matter, and it’s definitely debatable with players. But when your manager is one giant clubhouse issue, it’s a big freaking problem. Us hiring Ozzie Guillen would be like the Phillies hiring Larry Bowa after Terry Francona left. Except that the laid-back style actually has worked for us, so it’s even more non-sensical.

  8. @9 With all that being said, the White Sox players seem to play for him. As far as talking to White Sox fan, I only know of one…and he is busy vacationing. In other words they don’t quit on him. I think that speaks volumes. As far as what he says off the field, I have commented on that before, and I will just say we can do without that. Like him or not, if Ozzie left the White Sox, he will not have a hard time finding another job.

  9. If the choices were between Ozzie’s attention whoring and Fredi “Bobby Jr. Without the Track Record and Ted Turner’s Money” Gonzalez and his bullpen management..

    I’ll go with Ozzie. “Organizational appearance” isn’t as important as being a good manager, imo.

  10. I wish Davey Johnson were younger, although I would hire him anyway. Braves connection, did nothing but win as a manager, easy going guy. I can’t believe no one brought him back after the Dodgers gig.

  11. Davey bugs the hell out of the bosses, always has.

    One thing about a manager is that he has to be in charge. And if you give the job to Chino or Snitker — and probably even Eddie — that will be problematical. Can one of those guys really seem to be in charge ahead of Hudson or McCann, much less Chipper if he doesn’t retire?

  12. That’s kind of my point with Guillen. Can he really seem to be in charge when he’s acting like a five-year-old?

  13. I agree Spike. The problem with Johnson has always been with upper management. The Mets didn’t like his laid back style, Schott didn’t like him living with his fiance, Angelos was a dunce and the Dodgers were impatient. Davey Johnson was a winner. However, Johnson is the same age as Cox, so too bad.


    That’s the least of my worries with Ozzie, you will know he is in charge. Don’t you watch the Club on MLB Network lol…

  14. I don’t know. But another thing is that many successful managers have taken the pressure off of their players by bringing attention to themselves. Casey Stengel was a master of this. Like Guillen, a lot of his players didn’t like him, but he was always the center of attention — allowing the players to do their jobs in peace. Bobby has taken a different tack, and it works for him, but I don’t know if it would work for someone else.

  15. @11 – I have nothing against Ozzie. If he’s canned, I certainly expect and hope that he finds a job, but not with the Braves.

    PS – Mac, I agree with your observation about some managers taking the spotlight, but not with Ozzie. He makes his players the object of his rants too often to take the spotlight off of them. I don’t follow the Sox closely enough to know for sure whether the rants are well-founded, but it’s still not a style that will work with the Braves FO. And I, for one, don’t want to see if it will work with the FO or the players.

  16. I know many White Sox fans. Occasionally they cringe at something he says or does, but generally they are happy with Ozzie’s managing. He handles his pitchers very well (his bullpens do not seem overworked) and, if he brings White Sox pitching coach Don Cooper along with him, it would be a huge bonus. Despite his professed love of “small ball,” his teams have hit a lot of homeruns over the years accounting for a relatively large portion of their scoring (this is based on observation; stat people can tell us if that’s true). I think he’d be a good choice, even though he doesn’t seem to fit the Braves’ image.

  17. Chipper retires at the end of season and takes over for Bobby next. A rumor I just made up. Some ancient precedents Frank Robinson, Pete Rose who got to be player managers first I guess. Whole career with Bobby so is untainted by any un-Bobby-ness. BUT. Never managed or coached before and it’s unclear if he is smart.

  18. Also Don Baylor (hitting coach, Rockies), Chris Chambliss (Triple-A manager of the Charlotte Knights, which is the team Roy Hobbes played for I think)

    Jonathan Schuerholz (studying for a business degree at Auburn).

  19. Chambliss would be a good choice I think. Not sure why I think that, but there you have it.

  20. Chambliss would be a good pick, but I think he’s officially “The black guy we have to interview to keep Bud off our back” and if he was actually hired to be a manager they’d have to find a new BGWHTITKBOOB.

    Wow, that acronym looks dirty. There are two different euphemisms for “breast” in there. Completely unintentional.

  21. just out of curiosity….
    if chipper retires, i think adrian beltre would be a good addition if the price is right.
    obviously not as good as he’s playing now, but safeco field is death to right handed batters.
    andruw jonesian at third base but below average plate discipline

  22. @25 Chambliss won Minor League Manager of the year in 1990. That’s probably not why you think it though. I’d like it because watching him shamble out of the dugout on bad knees would give me a Proustian rush back to childhood.

  23. @26 It is a little funny that the acronym for a kind of racist practice is also a tad bit misogynistic. If you could work FAG in there it would win the triple crown.

  24. @21. Way too soon for Chipper to think about managing. I have never heard anyone say he was smart enough to do so. Normally, when a player plays, you will hear people comment on how good a manager they would make such as someone like Mike Sciosia, but I have never heard that comment made about Chippah.

    I like Ozzie and I guarantee you if Ozzie was the Braves manager, Yunel would be playing pretty damn well at short for the Braves right now. I like Don Cooper too.

  25. @24

    So what kind of guy do the Braves need? Another button down good ol’ boy to keep the FO happy and preserve some arbitrary “image” that the organization has?

  26. I think hitting coach would be the more likely job for Chipper. He seems to do that for other guys as a player already.

  27. Why? Because I would put skill as a manager over the organization’s image?

    Although I don’t know why you’re so defensive over a question.

  28. @30 Ya. I’ve never heard anyone accuse Chipper of being smart or “understanding the game” or “thinking like a manager”. I feel like, without backing it up with research, that there was a time in baseball history when star players kind of got rewarded with manager’s jobs at the end of their careers. Didn’t Ted Williams try it? and Babe Ruth was famously annoyed that he didn’t get it as a parting gift from the Yankees. Chances are Chipper doesn’t even want to do it.

  29. @35 – No, because I’ve read enough of your posts to notice that they reveal absolutely no understanding or appreciation of how to work with or manage people. But perhaps your posts are an inaccurate gauge intended only to irk.

    ps – In response to your edit – evidence enough that you don’t have any idea how loaded sarcastic questions tend to irk people.

  30. I think it is between TP and Freddi. TP has been a leader on the team and has given a lot to the orgainization. Guys like Chipper and McCann would have no issue falling in behind him (though, I am sure they would with most anyone.)

    I am not sure if TP would be better than Freddi, but I wouldn’t mind finding out.

    However, there is an old saying “The toughest job in sports in replacing a legend.”

    If whomever doesn’t do something with in three years, they will be gone.

  31. @37

    Maybe not.

    Hey, do you think you could teach me how to dodge questions and avoid explaining myself?

  32. @41 – I agree, but give the edge to Gonzales because of his managing experience. There was a sense at the time — stated aloud — that he went to Florida to get his last credentials so he could take over for Cox.

    @ 42 – You can go read my prior posts for reasons. Cool this whole “blog” thing.

  33. Is Terry a good hitting coach? A different question than if he’d be a good manager obviously. I’m surprised he isn’t catching more hell for the Braves not driving in runs.

  34. That’s a good list Mac and I think you’ve hit on all the most likely candidates, but boy I really wish we’d go somewhere other than that list. I really can’t get behind any of those guys.

  35. Mac might know. Are there metrics for measuring the impact of specific coaching (pitching/hitting) on a player? Would have to be seeing the difference after a change of teams, but I don’t know how you’d isolate it as a factor after accounting for everything else.

  36. This is off topic, but I’ll be in Colorado during the Braves v. Rockies series. Gonna try and sneak up to Denver and catch the afternoon game wednesday 8/25. Anyone ever been there, have any idea where the away team fans normally sit? I don’t plan on buying tix until day of, I imagine that’s fine since the rockies are going no where.

  37. Isn’t Girardi in the last year of his Yankees contract?

    What about the guy in the Braves’ minor leagues who pulled the whole grenade thing with the rosin bag?

  38. I’ve never heard of such a thing, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist.

    I believe it is Girardi’s last year. Rumor is that if he leaves New York it will be for the Cubs.

  39. I say we bring in Merv Rettenmund.

    If we’re talking about former players, would Smoltzie be an option? He seems like he would be enthusiastic enough to do it, and he might be itching to get back into the game. Or do you think hes getting the hang of the announcing thing and would rather stay there?

  40. Tony, I don’t think that’s the reason. There have been some comments I’ve had to approve on this post, and they kick the other comments down when they’re inserted.

  41. I just don’t see that Bobby’s managing style has ever been a problem for this team. Quite the contrary, in fact. Why is it necessary to do a 180-degree turn when the style you’re working with is already working? On the contrary to helping, it could ruin the clubhouse. When it needed to be shaken up anyway, that’s a necessary risk. But when it’s not really necessary and you’re just doing it because you feel like it, that is not a necessary risk. In my opinion, Ozzie Guillen is a clown whose antics cost his team just as many games as his supposedly superior managing wins them. It’s not worth doing, it’s not worth the headache, and there’s no chance we’d do it, anyway.

  42. @51 Peanut has kind of intimated that Smoltz is prickly about criticism. He’s not really media-friendly which is maybe less of a deal in Atlanta.

  43. TP as manager and Baylor as Hitting Coach with the understanding that if Terry can’t hack it, he’s next in line?

  44. Maybe Smoltz could manage from the booth?

    I think this is going to be what happens. Smoltz signs on as dual manager/announcer. Maddux comes in to be the pitching coach, while Glavine takes over as the hitting coach (“Okay guys. This is what a good pitch looks like”).

    Or they could just use a bunch of tapes of Francoeur as examples of how not to hit and forego the hitting coach all together.

  45. still no glaus…and WOW on the kk decision.

    1. Infante 2B, 2. Heyward RF, 3. Jones 3B, 4. McCann C, 5. Hinske 1B, 6.Ankiel CF, 7. Gnzalez SS, 8. Cabrera LF 9. Jurrjens

  46. Ok Mac, thanks.

    I think Giraldi would be perfect as the Cubs manager. I just see him more as a Cub than a damn Yankee…

  47. @41 – Just looked back, only 14 of the Braves 46 managers have lasted more than 3 years, and only 4 more than 7 years. Cox’s tenure really does stand out even more than I recognized.

  48. @58 Or we get all Roman and the team is managed by the Triumvirate of Maddux, Glavine, and Smoltz. Good for intrigue and blame-laying off. Probably always be one guy who would say I voted against that bunt.

  49. @65
    man, that sucks. there were many on this site who warned what would happen if we let kris build up the innings. they were right. well, hopefully minor is the balls.

  50. And while I’m on here being contrarian, I really don’t get all the whining over KK. The guy sucks. Who gives a crap about him? They could have treated him a little better, I’m sure, but he’s now going down to Gwinnett, where he’ll get a chance to pitch, which eliminates that problem, as far as I’m concerned. It should have happened in the first place, anyway. Anyone who thinks it’s unfair to Kawakami to have to pitch in Gwinnett needs to get a grip.

    Secondly, Minor is the better option here. He’s left-handed, and we’re more likely to get a better start out of him. So why wouldn’t we do it this way?

    We unceremoniously dumped both John Smoltz and Tom Glavine last year, for God’s sake! Who the hell is Kenshin Kawakami, and why should we care? The way people on here have been talking about him, you’d think he’d be our second-best starter if he came back, and that he saved everyone on the team’s life or something. The guy is a mediocre-to-crappy pitcher. This is what happens to mediocre-to-crappy pitchers. All the freaking time. We’ve done it to other mediocre-to-crappy pitchers multiple times this year, even. It’s not that big a deal. Why everyone is turning it into a Lifetime Movie of the Week when it’s happening to Kawakami is puzzling to me, to say the least.

  51. Dumping him is fine. Burying him — and pitching Chavez in his place! — is another thing. Either use him or decide he’s a sunk cost, this limbo thing was gauche.

  52. @65–source?

    @66–he’s pitched 3 more innings than last season so the overuse claim is hard to buy into

  53. I’ve always wondered about waiver claims like Dunn. Does the claiming team have any intention of trying to trade for him, or was it just a block? If it was a block, does Washington let him go and have the other team pick up the salary? It’s not like they’re making the playoffs.

  54. @73, FOUR starts to get stretched out.

    No, FOUR starts to see if Minor sticks in the bigs.

    I hope the stretched out line is just O’Brien’s commentary and not an actual quote from the team.

  55. What Mac said at 69.

    Also…Mikie Minor! Who ya with, Braves fans? (The correct answer is: “VU!”)

  56. Kirk Gibson is the Interim Manager wih the Diamondbacks.

    It might be interesting to see how that plays out

  57. @77, Maybe they’ll put KK on the crack, then rat him out to MLB so they get 60 days of salary relief.

  58. @74 – The teams who were really interested in Dunn were the Giants and some AL teams. The Giants can’t really block anyone other than the Pads and AL teams. I’d guess that the Giants put in a claim hoping to continue negotiations. We’ll know for sure in 48 hours.

  59. @72

    Not technically, but that’s kind of how it was perceived, at least right afterwards. Smoltz started running his mouth a few days later and changed the perception of that a bit.


    I’m not saying I wouldn’t have handled it differently. If we weren’t going to pitch him, he should’ve been given the choice of accepting a Triple-A assignment or being released. But it’s not like the worst thing that’s ever happened to anyone, and it shouldn’t have caused people to question the humanity of our freaking front office and manager. The crappy long reliever/sixth starter gets buried like this all the time, really. It’s certainly not the first time it’s happened, and won’t be the last. Why everyone chose this time to have a tearful moment is what is confusing me.

    And he’s now getting his Triple-A assignment and will get a chance to pitch again, so as far as I’m concerned, the problem is fixed, and we have the right pitcher replacing Medlen. Done and done. I do not at all feel badly that Kawakami has to pitch in Gwinnett. He’s a AAAA pitcher, after all.

  60. Also lost in this is the fact that they’re right about him needing to be stretched out. Kawakami hasn’t pitched in so long that having him try and start on Monday would probably be a disaster. You want to give up a game just because you need the warm fuzzies?

  61. @82

    Because it was obvious that the Braves weren’t using KK just because he wouldn’t accept his AAA assignment. He hasn’t pitched any worse than Lowe this season, and he pitched even better than Lowe last season.

    And yet they stick him in the pen and absolutely refuse to use him, even to the point of using WORSE pitchers over him.

    Nobody is shedding a tear because the mean ol’ Braves wanted to send KK to AAA. The problem lies in that they were treating him like shit because he didn’t accept the assignment. It was classless and unprofessional, and that’s what everyone is “upset” about. You’re right – they should have given him the option to accept the assignment or be released. Instead, they gave him the option to accept the assignment or rot in the pen for over a month while they continually brought in worse pitchers to essentially rub it in.

    And it’s not like KK was pitching all that poorly for what he was – the #5 guy in the rotation. His record was an extension of the fact that the offense only scored over 4 runs while he was on the mound once. It’s not really fair to expect your number 5 guy to have a winning record when he’s getting that kind of support.

  62. 4 starts at Gwinnett. The pinch is, of course, that there will only be a month of regular season ball left after 4 starts in the minors.

  63. The crappy long reliever/sixth starter gets buried like this all the time, really. It’s certainly not the first time it’s happened

    It really is pretty unusual for a player to be on the active roster that long and play so little. I think you would be hard pressed to find a similar situation. This is a front office that’s very hard to understand what they are thinking.

  64. 6,
    You may have something here. I always thought once a player is placed on the active roster or MLB disabled list he can’t be removed from the active roster or MLB disabled list unless he’s optioned, traded, DFA’d, or granted free agency. I’m not legal savvy enough to interpret that clause in the CBA properly, but you seem to be right.

  65. I was just searching for available players in fantasy and something surprised me. Last 70 AB’s

    Melky – .314avg .388obp 8-2B 2-3B 2-HR

  66. biggest thing – the Braves are controlling Minor’s IP and their is no way they’ll let him go much more over 150-160. I dont see how he could stay in the rotation through the rest of the yr. Gotta feeling KK is just going there until he gets traded. Can a player be put on waivers while in the minors?

  67. @94, yeah. In fact, a player in the minors has to be put through waivers to get off the 40-man.

  68. Philly claiming Dunn really wouldn’t make a whole lot of sense. They already traded for Sweeney as a temporary replacement for Howard, who should be back pretty quickly. And once he is, where do they put Dunn?

  69. Is there really any chance that we didn’t put Kawakami on waivers immediately after the deadline passed, and that he didn’t clear easily?

  70. 98—Well, he’s worth his contract, so I’d be a little surprised if some pitching-needy contender didn’t claim him.

  71. @97 They can actually put Dunn in LF. The bigger problem is that they don’t have any more money to take on salaries.

  72. 102- If that’s true, when why did we add $3 million-plus in salaries this year to acquire Farnsworthless and Ankiel?

  73. Thanks for the corrections.

    I knew we were doomed when Heyward walked; the Braves just spaz out when there’s a runner in scoring position.

  74. Lincecum carved up Hinske but he made some genuinely awful pitches vs Chipper and BMac.

  75. Did Ankiel just fail to get to a ball that had a year of hang time? I believe he did. Was he playing one of the NL’s best doubles hitters shallow with runners on first and second?

  76. Lincecum doesn’t pitch well in the heat and humidity. The bad news is our offense is so inept that he might be able to get by with his D game anyway, though.

  77. Bobby is still shouting ‘C’mon Rick’ when Ankiel is up. It seems we finally stumped him for a nickname.

  78. Fortunately, the Giants have an almost, dare I say, Braves-esque inability to hit with runners in scoring position.

  79. JJ and McCann need to get on the same page. McCann has gone out to the mound about four times already.

  80. At least we’re running up Lincecum’s pitch count. 59 pitches so far, so probably gone after six, maybe after five.

  81. Anyone know why Minor left today’s game in the second inning? I’m guessing he’s just getting his work in before a call up.

  82. Alvin Dark is at the game say the radio guys – was a Rookie Of The Year for the Boston Braves in ’46. I had no idea

  83. Jurrjens is really hanging his changeup this inning. He just got away with one to Posey.

  84. Bucknor is like the Japanese stock market. You know it’s rigged, but it’s the only game in town.

  85. 155- Surprisingly, no. Whatever phobia the Braves have about hitting with runners on is contagious.

  86. Oh, and @146, Mac, Robinson and Mays both said he wasn’t, at the time. For whatever that’s worth.

  87. JJ is probably done after this inning, assuming he makes it through.

    Bobby’s going to try and leave him in too long because the bullpen worked hard yesterday.

  88. Alvin Dark lives in my town. I went to grade school with his grandkids–he sent us signed cards and stuff through them sometimes.


  89. Via Wikipedia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Alvin_Dark

    Dark quickly became a successful manager, winning a pennant with the Giants in 1962, but losing the 1962 World Series in seven games to the Yankees. In 1964 he became embroiled in controversy when he was quoted in Newsday as complaining about the number of black and Hispanic players on the team and saying, “They are just not able to perform up to the white player when it comes to mental alertness.” He responded that he had been severely misquoted; Willie Mays, whom he had named as team captain, came to his defense and calmed the team, and Jackie Robinson further noted, “I have found Dark to be a gentleman and, above all, unbiased. Our relationship has not only been on the ballfield but off it.” Dark survived the controversy, but was fired after the season when Giants owner Horace Stoneham learned of an extramarital affair.

  90. The ice kept getting thin under JJ’s feet tonight, but he didn’t get too wet.

    Now let’s get him a win.

  91. I’ll make this simple.


  92. Venters looks more badass every time he goes out there. The league isn’t figuring him out; he’s figuring out the league.

  93. i’m telling you guys…omar should start at short next year and bat out of the 2 hole. he’s so freaking good at situational hitting. alex gonzalez could be traded for something pretty valuable considering the ss market is really weak next year.

  94. Omar could very possibly be the second baseman next year with Prado moving to third.

  95. All of these jokes about Lincecum just make me like him more. I like that he gets the munchies before every start and eats a Choco Taco.

  96. Dang Javy Lopez became a pitcher.

    Does anyone else read the game thread and follow on gameday or am I the only dumbass that can’t actually watch the game.

  97. Infante does not have the instincts to play 2B. He’s looked fine at SS, but he just can’t read the ball at second. Doesn’t look comfortable there.

    Gabby Sanchez just singled in two, 4-2 Fish.

  98. 211 — I don’t disagree. But if Chipper retires, and the Braves only sign a LF to play everyday (say Jayson Werth?), then that would be a likely alignment. I think Prado is a good defensive 3b and is not much different than Infante defensively at second.

    My biggest concern would be Prado continuing to hit enough for the position. If he hits like the last 2 years he’d be fine, though.

  99. they said an incredible stat about Venters the other day. #4 hitters in the lineup have nothing off of him. I dont know how to find that though, any help?

  100. In all seriousness, what are the odds the Braves would call up Freeman? How much life does FrankenGlaus have left?

  101. all our moaning and groaning = 2010 braves have the best record in the NL…keep it up everyone

  102. 239 — 3rd best record. The Padres and Giants have the top 2 (the Giants by a half game over the Braves).

  103. if Medlen had TJ surgery tomorrow, would he be able to pitch around the allstar break next season? or would he be out all of 2011?

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