What the heck was this movie about anyway Game Thread: Padres at Braves, May 8

This video, by the way, was played by MTV approximately 7.2 million times during my teenage years. I was scarred for life.

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  1. I cant believe that Pena was the one who drew the shortest straw and he’s going on the DL. Why couldnt Miller have been the one…

  2. Its a remake of “Out of The Past” with

    Jeff Bridges = Robert Mitchum
    Rachael Ward = Jane Greer
    James Woods = Kirk Douglas

    James Woods hires ex-football player Jeff Bridges to find his girlfriend in Mexico.

  3. I always like to think of every Jeff Bridges movie as either a prequel or a sequel to “The Big Lebowski.” So like, “Against all Odds” is a prequel, then the Dude moves to LA and becomes a freeloader, and the he becomes an arms dealer in “Ironman.”

  4. Just checking in on Boyer’s arm. It fall off last night?

    Plus, in the 7th, I was thinking how cool it would be to have SD give us some Grybos, and boom! We get 3 of them.

  5. anybody watching CNN? Hezbollah has declared war on Lebanon, and CNN reporters are live in Beirut embedded with Lebanese forces.

    Wild stuff..

  6. My thinking was that the Lebanese government ruled that the Hezbollah telecommunications system or somesuch was illegal, tried to shut it down, and this is Hezbollah’s retaliation.

  7. Fredo is starting for them today? Man, things are bleak in Padreland. Good day for Diaz to get going.

    I guess he’s got a shiny ERA, but it looks like they are 0-7 in games that he’s appeared in.

  8. Not surprising but it’s been awhile, a Corky Miller sighting! And hey look, the new guy finally showed up! Lineups:



    That Padre lineup is positively craptacular.

  9. anyone surprised with us having 6 straight RH hitters, if Pena was playing it would be 7. I really hope Tex gets started RH today

  10. Ya know, even with Miller instead of Pena, we still have a pretty good bench.

  11. Evidence that if you want you son to be a major leaguer you should teach him to squat, today’s starting catchers who have been collecting major league paychecks all season:

    Corky Miller, 1-9
    Colt Morton, 0-12

  12. Nick,
    We should all get used to it. The two Gotham teams have aging, regressing, defensively awful 1Bs—and both teams aren’t afraid to spend.

  13. And Tex is like the perfect Boras client. “I love Atlanta, I’ve got family in Baltimore, I’ve got family in New York…”


  14. I’m not saying it’s not likely, ububba. I’m just saying it would not make me happy. I do think, though, that if the Yankees want him, which they almost certainly will, that will reduce the likelihood that he will go to the Mets considerably, because there’s no way that the Yankees are gonna let the Mets outbid them for a guy they really want, and there’s no way that anybody other than a lifelong Mets fan (assuming those actually exist) would take a lesser deal to play with the Mets over the Yankees.

  15. Yeah, I’ll say it. Andruw would have had that, and it most certainly wouldn’t have gotten by him.

  16. You have really got to be kidding me!!! Apparently errors don’t exist anymore.

  17. regarding that “double” in Kotsay’s direction… I think the official scorer at Turner Field is being WAY too nice to the home team what with all the Pradoed balls and all

  18. These are major leaguers folks. Enjoy the show. It’s tough to get one into the dugout these days.

  19. The Mets “outbid” the Yankees for Carlos Beltran, but I was never convinced that the Yanks wanted to pony up for him.

    The Mets have money. They have their own network now. They’re drawing well. If Boras turns it into a bidding war between the Mets & Yanks, it’s hard to get in the way of that.

    Of course, the Mets as they are currently constituted may not resemble the Mets that open their new stadium next year, manager included.

  20. Skip’s at it again:

    “What an awful throw by Giles. He threw an ‘infield fly’ into the cut-off man.”

  21. So is it your opinion, ububba, that if he doesn’t go to either the Mets or Yankees, he’ll stay with us?

  22. skip sounds extra rough today. it will be a sad day for the franchise when skip passes.

  23. Nick,
    My opinion is and always has been that, unless ownership does a dramatic & unforseen about-face, he is gone after this year, gone to New York.

    I don’t believe we have any chance of signing him, so I don’t spend much time worrying about it. He’s g-o-n-e.

    In life & sports, I’ve found that if you don’t get your hopes up too far, you’ll rarely be disappointed.

  24. Hey another first pitch out. That’s 3 out of 4. It’s ok, it’s not like Fredo has control issues.

  25. It would be surprising if we ponied up the dough for Teix. The worst-case here is, of course, if he ends up with the Mets.

    My hope is that we go out and get some starting pitching and try to get Todd Helton or something to play 1B.

  26. blister, just our luck. Hope Carlyle and Bennett are good today and our offense can take a pitch or two.

    Did Ledezma throw 96-97 last year also? I dont remember him throwing that hard

  27. I’m pretty sure he threw that hard, just nowhere near the strike zone most of the time.

  28. Man I wish it weren’t Frenchy up right here. If he swings at the first pitch he should be benched. The guy walked the bases loaded.

  29. How fortunate are we that Francouer rejected that contract offer? Maybe we can keep him around to model the stuff in the merch. catalog.

  30. The worst thing about Frenchy’s last AB was that it was entirely predictable.

  31. He’ll still get overpaid thru arb because of his RBI numbers and overrated defense.

  32. I know it’s the JV out there, with no Kelly or McCann, but it’s sad that Buddy Carlyle’s been more successful at the plate than anyone other than Tex and Yunel.

  33. Even with those two out of the lineup, I could not have foreseen that Fredo would be holding us to 1 run through 4 (and counting) innings. He was so, so terrible in his brief stint with us.

  34. Also, remember how Tex was supposed to be good at defense? At this rate, he won’t be any better defensively than the New York 1B he’ll be signed to replace.

  35. Carlyle did NOT go to Alabama.
    Let’s not break the bank for Tex…just my opinion.

  36. Escobar throws hard. Maybe he could give us an inning or two. Who wants to bet this game goes extra innings?

  37. Carlyle looked like someone in the EPL…our pitchers are dropping lies flies…

  38. Carlyle fielded a dribbler and as he came up, his head hit the runner. He got the out, but was woozy and barely walked off the field.

  39. Sorry Bama fans. I was thinking of that other scrub that we had last year. They start to blend together.

  40. No Stockman must be kept under wraps no matter what. They’d sooner call up Buddy Hernandez.

  41. I believe we will score at least 5 runs this game. Unfortunately, I do not believe we will hold them at 4.

  42. Ture enough–but at least we have a fighting chance to make it another one run loss…

  43. OUr season:

    Win five in a row.

    Lose four in a row.

    That is still winning a lot of games though.

  44. This game feels like one of those Sunday afternoon games where the Braves can look and play dead….

  45. yes it does Stephen. I think in general, day games, especially at home, are awful for us.

  46. Everybody knows that daygamesafternightgames don’t count in the standings. That’s why everybody fields there bench players in those games.

  47. if gameday is right, Frenchy just struck out swinging on a ball that should’ve probably hit him

  48. If you can’t beat the Padres “B” lineup plus Ledezma and a guy who hasn’t pitched in two years, there’s problems, 5 wins in a row or not.

  49. ..and let’s rally in a hurry. Rain’s moving in probably within the next hour or two..

  50. Francoeur has lost it. Give him a day or two off. He looks lost.

    Yeah, but he’s got that incredibly important games played streak going.

  51. How do you get “Clay” Meredith from Cla?

    I hate that name.

  52. You know what’s weird? Mark Kotsay has hit in 9 straight games and is sort of looking like a useful player.

    I… like you, Mark Kotsay.

    There, I said it. I can’t take it back.

  53. Much like Andruw Jones did, if I remember correctly. Just don’t get why we don’t ever sit the Golden Boy.

  54. Surprisingly alert play in a boring game – both runners move up!

  55. AAR,

    You can’t like Kotsay! A nine game hitting streak is over rated, look at his OOPRSTUVW rating: .99425. That is not going to cut it!

  56. I would like to complain, however, about Abe not getting to third base there, because of the aforementioned inability-to-score-from-second-on-a-single situation.

  57. C’mon boys, 2 more runs & we can rid ourselves of Phil Collins—best motivation I can muster at the moment, I’m afraid.

  58. I hate it when guys don’t tag there – if Yunel tags, he still scores if the ball isn’t caught.

  59. could Yunel have tagged on that play? the ball was caught at the wall and he’s still on 2nd? he could’ve scored if the ball wasnt caught anyways

  60. @166

    Escobar played it right. There is more value in being scoring if the ball drops than there is in assuring yourself of getting to 3rd base.

    Go Francouer! Get that OBP up son!

  61. I’d say that run was a gift (and it kinda was), but in fairness, we did have two hard-hit balls to the OF go for outs.

    So I guess it evens out. :-)

  62. Can someone please tell me how our official scorer got the job? A wild pitch? Seriously? The guy throws a good sinker, his bread-and-butter pitch, and the catcher just whiffs at it and doesn’t get a passed ball? Yikes. Maybe he’s just really bad at figuring out which runs are earned and which are not so he tries not to rule anything that will force him to half to deal with it.

  63. @ 187

    It’s a percentage thing. If you play to tag 100% of the time you’ll score fewer runs than you will if you go half way 100% of the time. A run in the bag is more valuable than an increased potential to score a run on another subsequent event.

  64. MSAE: In that situation, though, he goes halfway, and when the outfielder stops he needs to go back and tag. Either it’s a homer, and it doesn’t matter what he does, or it’s a double off the wall, and he’ll score anyway, or it’s an out, and he’ll get to third.

  65. Okay, I really don’t like going to the ‘pen here. Tie game in the 8th and all of your long guys already used? This has serious potential to end poorly….

  66. Agreed. It’s Jim Edmonds, for crying out loud. Bennett can get him and stay in the game for a while…

  67. Ok. It’s hard to know exactly what is going on listening to the radio. From my persective, it’s better to coach the players to play it the same way all the time which will result in more runs over the long term than to count on them to make the right decision in the heat of the moment.

  68. Skip commented on the broadcast last night that he thinks it’s a rule for the Braves to use at least 5 pitchers every game. They’re exceeding their quota today.

  69. He’s got Giles leading off the ninth, though. And Gonzalez in there somewhere, too. Maybe he’ll leave Ring in.

  70. @200

    It could have also been an error in which case he most likely would not have scored if he had gone back to tag. :)

  71. Also, Jeff Bennett has pitched very well this year. I don’t like the way that Bobby keeps using one pitcher after another in these games. We’ve had 120 pitching changes in 33 games so far — that means that we’ve averaged 3.6 relievers a game.

    That’s not sustainable.

  72. And now Acosta’s in. If we don’t score soon, he’ll go three innings again, to my utter dismay.

  73. Seven pitchers spent already, and this game could easily go to extra innings.

  74. Mac,

    In the post game wrap I want credit for the wild pitch- run scored. Let’s call it an RBI for Smitty! ha ha ha

    Good thing we are going to get a righty righty matchup!

  75. Good thing we are going to get a righty righty matchup!

    Maybe, but a good thing we’re getting Ohman out.

  76. If we don’t win in the inning, I’m going to have to go out, and the recap may be late. If the game doesn’t go 15, which it probably won’t, since Resop is lurking.

  77. Here is the recap’s last paragraph.

    So in the ninth of a 4-4 game eith one out, Larry Wayne Jones, who was hittles to this point, hit a massive walk-off jack and all the ladies cried “CHIIIIIIIIIIIIPPPPPPPPEEEERRRR!!!

  78. Likely poised for either another one-run loss or an end to the Phil Collins curse.

  79. Okay, Jeffrey. This is not difficult. They are going to bring the infield in. What you need to do is hit the ball hard. It almost doesn’t matter where. If it’s a fly ball, Escobar will score. If it’s a ground ball, it will probably find a hole. Capische?

  80. 251: Smitty, was jsut coming over to write the same thing. Why in the world would they leave Thatcher out there with the game on the line against a guy who’s hitting lefties .452 this year, .342 for his career?

    Come on, Diamondbacks!

  81. Alright, this team needed a comeback win, especially a ONE RUN win.

  82. I’m adopting a new personal save rule. Anytime a player pitches in the ninth inning regardless of score it’s a save!

  83. WTF?! ESPN must be screwed up right now cause according to the GameTracker we just won a one run game in the 9th inning . . .

  84. I’m starting to miss Phil Connors already.

    Huh? Phil COLLINS? Ummm….Nope, don’t miss him a’tall.

  85. OK, we’re still due 8 more one-run wins. But I’ll take it.

    Wow, did the Pads ever give that one to us.

  86. @3, that’s awesome. I agree completely.

    While I was working, um, WE COULDN’T SCORE ANY RUNS OFF FREDO???

  87. Personal save rule? I like it.

    Kinda like when the Lakers scored and Magic was in the building he got an assist.

  88. Oh, we scratched out an unearned run. yea

    Nice sweep. Six and counting.

    No, Wryn, No.

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