The Official Site of The Atlanta Braves: News: Hudson strong in Braves’ win

I don’t know that I’d call three hits and two walks in four innings “strong”. Adequate, I’d guess. Acceptable. Decent. Middling good. He was charged with two first-inning runs, but both were “unearned”.

Matt Diaz was 3-3, therefore making it more clear than ever that he needs to be platooned. Josh Anderson had two hits and three RBI, and I find myself actually rooting for him to make the team, because at least he isn’t Borchard, who has proven that he can’t hit major league pitching. Thorman had a three-run homer but is still hitting only .158 this spring. Trade rumors fly, but I find it difficult to believe that a guy who is out of options, hitting .158 in spring, and hit .216/.258/.394 last year has much value. DOB wants to know who will back up Teixeira and play first if he gets hurt. I have a feeling that just about anybody can match .216/.258/.394.

Note from the Mets chapter of the Bill James Gold Mine… Tom Glavine was basically a two-pitch pitcher last year, throwing 50 percent fastballs and 44 percent changeups. His bounceback in 2004 was, as I recall, credited to him getting good results from his curveball, but he threw only four percent breaking pitches (curveballs or sliders — I doubt there’s much difference at this stage) last year.