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Colter Bean, whom (I just realized) went to high school with my brother, and likely played football with him seeing how he (Bean) is listed at 6-6 255, walked two and then allowed a two-out hit in the ninth. It’s a bit unrealistic; if Colter Bean is on the mound in the ninth inning of a 4-0 game during the regular season, something has gone horribly wrong.

Teixeira hit a homer… I am terribly afraid that Joe Borchard will stay hot and weasel his way onto the team by hitting a steady diet of fastballs. He’s 4-9, with all the hits being doubles. Borchard is, as I’ve stated, the worst player in the major leagues, an outfielder who hits like a utility infielder.

UPDATE: A source writes that Bean “was way too big of a pu$$y to play football.”