Okay, this is sort of a recap, but it isn’t a good recap

Boxscore: Atlanta vs. Pittsburgh – February 27, 2009 | MLB.com: News

Kenshin Kawakami made his debut, pitched a couple of innings, gave up one hit, struck out one. Braves pitchers struck out ten, led by Carlyle with three. Chipper, Francoeur, and McCann played with various backups, plus putative CF Janderson. Chipper homered. Francoeur was 0-1 but walked twice, and would have had a hit on a flare behind the second baseman except that a sinkhole opened up and swallowed him to his chest on his way to first base. (Only one part of the above statement — either the walks or the sinkhole — is true. I leave it to you to decide what is more likely.) The Braves walked five times in the first four innings, unusual for a spring game. Somebody won and it was the Braves but it really doesn’t matter at all on any level in any possible universe, as is plainly observable from how someone named “Gunderson” pitched the ninth. You betcha.

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  1. I’m actually starting to feel concerned about Andruw. Losing it this totally this quickly isn’t natural. Has he has a real physical, not just a baseball physical?

  2. From the previous…

    DOB said kawakami looked very good

    I’ll be more impressed the day he says somebody doesn’t, these days.

  3. I heard Frenchy took 5 straight pitches. Maybe he’s on this same Mucinex D that Im on or something. Probably something stronger.

    #10 – fair enough, I cant watch though and just have to take his word for it.

  4. “I’ll be more impressed the day he says somebody doesn’t, these days.”

    Agreed. If all I read was his column, I’d be in a perpetual state of shock, confused every year we didn’t win the pennant.

  5. “I heard Frenchy took 5 straight pitches.”

    Oh no; I feel an AJC article on this coming on; it’s been 2 days since someone has fawned over him in print.

  6. “Somebody” named Gunderson?

    How about THE Kevin Gunderson, hero of the 2006 College World Series, and Atlanta’s 5th Round Draft choice the same year.

    Should be a Pearl for Phillip Wellman this year.

  7. So what’s the rumor I hear about a Mr. Cinque Whole being named the Braves’ new hitting instructor?

  8. Well Peanut has me convinced. Francoeur has turned it around completely. He has fully silenced his critics – or maybe not.

  9. Hank,

    They still get to dictate terms to Lincecum. They could pay him ~$440,000, the minimum, if they liked; giving him $650k is just trying to make nice with him. A good idea, but not a huge deal.

  10. Well done Mac!!

    For some reason MLB.TV did not show the game–I wanted to see KK–but if I had seen Frenchy take 2 walks–now that is what I would have remembered….

  11. On MLB TV:

    Why Hazel Mae? I mean, she’s not terrible, but nothing unique or spectacular, either.

    Is there a baseball connection I’m unaware of?

  12. Re@32 Thanks, hankonly, for bringing Hazel Mae into the discussion. She has a strong RedSox connection, having been an anchor for NESN. Yep, that’s her real name

    Hazel’s pretty, on some days really hot (late 30’s Filipino woman, looks younger). When the MLB Network came on, I asked the same question as above.

    But during the spring training camp tours the network is doing (30 Teams in 30 Days), Hazel provides a great change of pace from the continuous good old boy patter. She’s comfortable on camera and seems to relax the ballplayers. She drags more out of them without getting the usual cliches. Managed to find something interesting to ask an Oriole!

    If she manages to get BMac on for an interview, I may buy the MLB package.

  13. #33–I like to see players given every chance to prove they belong in the big leagues, but Brooks Conrad is ancient for a rookie….

  14. I calculated MLE’s for Kenshin Kawakami, using algorithms I found on the Seamheads blog. I use Turner Field year-by-year park effects and NL and Japanese Central League year-by-year runs per game and league ERA, for his entire career 1998-2008, to construct a sort of alternate history: what would his numbers have looked like if he were in a Braves uniform the whole time?

    Answer: quite good.

  15. aar,

    Just yesterday The Hardball Times ran estimates. Their guy has decided that Japanese starters numbers are off by 20%, relievers by 10% and that most estimating systems are there fore off. His conclusion on Kawakami had him around a 4.5 era pithcer (average MLB starter. If he gives us 3 years of that on his contract and gets us into the Japanese market, he is well worth it, though.

  16. @37-

    You can listen to some broadcasts via MLB audio:


    I think it’s free for everybody right now, but to get games during the season (and you’ll get all games, both home and away broadcasts, whichever you prefer, during the season), it’ll cost you like $15.

    Anyway, I’m listening to the game today against the Blue Jays right now. :-)

  17. @33: Did you see that play he made up the middle on Thursday? Of course Kruk and Phillips hadn’t announced he had replaced Kelly, but I knew there was no way KJ made that play…

    Plus his name is Brooks and you can’t argue with that name for a slick fielding infielder with some power.

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