Boxscore: Atlanta vs. Pittsburgh – February 27, 2009 | News

Kenshin Kawakami made his debut, pitched a couple of innings, gave up one hit, struck out one. Braves pitchers struck out ten, led by Carlyle with three. Chipper, Francoeur, and McCann played with various backups, plus putative CF Janderson. Chipper homered. Francoeur was 0-1 but walked twice, and would have had a hit on a flare behind the second baseman except that a sinkhole opened up and swallowed him to his chest on his way to first base. (Only one part of the above statement — either the walks or the sinkhole — is true. I leave it to you to decide what is more likely.) The Braves walked five times in the first four innings, unusual for a spring game. Somebody won and it was the Braves but it really doesn’t matter at all on any level in any possible universe, as is plainly observable from how someone named “Gunderson” pitched the ninth. You betcha.