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  1. I went ahead and made a THIRD bravesjournal league on yahoo. Right now I just set a 4×4 and a live draft in a month, but I figure once people are in the league we can discuss the best method.

    ID: 140411
    Pass: coxrox

  2. AAR,

    That’s news. (Myron Cope & Bill Buckley on the same day, talk about high- & low-brow…)

    If anyone ever wanted to know what a real Pittsburgh accent was, I’d tell them to check out Myron Cope.

  3. AAR, according to DOB, Bobby wasn’t too happy about Fields either. From his blog…

    DOB – Bobby had some strong words for UGA closer Josh Fields, or rather for him not signing with Braves after they drafted him in the second round (Boras is his agent; ‘nuff said)

    “Why didn’t he sign,” Cox said. “He’s a senior.”

    (great college players usually come out after their junior year, or go the JUCO route and come out sooner)

    Cox loves his talent: “He only throws 97 [mph] with a good breaking ball,” he said sarcastically, meaning, the kid has a ton of talent.

    And then this zinger: “It comes down, sometimes, to you want to play or you don’t want to play.

    “It’s too bad.”

  4. Gotta say I’m not feeling Bobby on that one. Maybe Fields is enjoying the college experience and wants to get his degree. There’s more to life than a signing bonus and a summer in Rome, GA.

  5. maybe its both…

    Dont put yourself in the draft if your not ready to sign with someone. – or – Put yourself in the draft and if you dont like where your drafted, then play one more year and get your value higher.

  6. Yeah, that’s what J.D. Drew did and he was crucified in Philadelphia. You can’t fault the shrewd financial move, but you’re messing with teams’ few high-round draft picks by doing that. Why can’t it be like in the NFL where those people tell you where you’ll go, instead of having to enter the draft to find out yourself?

    Orrrrrr… you make it clear that if you’re not taken in a certain situation (first 3 rounds or this team or that team), you won’t sign. That worked out for us when Van Poppel said he wouldn’t sign with Atlanta, and then we took Chipper instead.

  7. Fields was a contract issue, and he was projected as a first rounder whose stock dropped cos of a bad junior year.
    This is all about the money. If he has a good senior year, he gets back in the first round and first round money. Can’t blame him for that really.

  8. I dont think he had to

    Why can baseball players enter the draft, get an agent to represent them, decide to go back to college, and then stay eligible?? If football players talk to agents then the NCAA is all over them. Just a thought

  9. Yeah, it seems that both sides are to blame, the players and Major League Baseball. On one hand, the players are declaring for the draft, testing the waters with access to an agent and the whole nine yards, and then if they don’t like the result, they scamper off. Major League Baseball is actually letting them do that, which is really hurting certain teams. I suppose there could also be blame placed on teams (like us?) who aren’t savvy enough to find out if players aren’t wanting to play for them.

  10. csg and Rob,

    Yeah, it is odd that that’s the case. One would think the Braves would know what the deal is before they drafted someone, though. I mean, why draft someone you know you can’t sign? Unless the agent/management communication pipeline was totally screwed up. Which is probably the case considering the apparent “history” between Boras and JS.

    And yeah, Frank, Rome ain’t so bad. My Dad lives there and it is a surprisingly fun town to visit.

  11. Also worth keeping in mind is that we get a make-up pick this year as a result of Fields spurning us. The pick is a few spots higher, too, because there are fewer sandwich picks this year.

  12. No disrespect meant to the Romans — my only complaint about the place, given that I travel all over the northern half of the state for work, is that it’s not very accessible.

  13. With Fields, I am with Bobby on this one. He’s a second rounder, than ain’t exactly peanuts. It’s not like he was a 10+ rounder where he isn’t going to get much of a signing bonus. He had leverage by “threatening” to come back for his senior year, so he probably could have gotten most than most second rounders. How much money does he stand to make next year anyway. He’s not going to be a top 10 pick, or at least last I checked, people weren’t drafting closers that high. His leverage is also shot because he can’t go back to school for another year. A team could “lowball” him and there’s not much he can do about it except for sit out the year. I bet Boras isn’t going to give him the difference if he gets hurt this year, but call me crazy. I hope for his sake that he doesn’t end up like Matt Harrington, but it wouldn’t surprise me.

  14. Casey Weathers went eighth overall last year, so it’s possible that Fields could substantially improve his draft slot. (Weathers was both a closer and a senior, although his case is a bit different than Fields’.)

  15. Fields was coming back from injury and had a bad junior year or else he would have been a first rounder. Players don’t have to declare for the MLB draft. They become elligible upon high school graduation or after two years of JUCO or three years at a major university. Its different from football and the Braves could have always offered more money.

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