“Gosh, Mac,” you say, “How do you keep recapping this depressing team day after day?” Well, first, I sleep on it a lot. You may have noticed that. Also, I invent various, presumably nonlethal, punishments for Chris Woodward. For example:

  • Dressed as Mr. Met, parachuted into Philadelphia.
  • Locked in “World of Coca-Cola”, given nothing but Mr. Pibb for three days.
  • Spend one day marching in front of PETA headquarters with “FREE VICK” sign.
  • Spend remainder of year as Brian McCann’s maid.
  • Liaison between Billy Hunter and Hawks ownership.
  • Write fifteen-page research paper on why bunting while trailing on the road is stupid, submit it to Bobby for grading.
  • Detail interiors of all Andruw’s cars with his tongue.