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  1. The opening line for Georgia / Kentucky is 27 points.

    Twenty. Seven. Points. Four touchdowns and Blair Walsh kicking extra points.

    For those who missed it, the ended the UK / Arkansas game in the third quarter because it was raining and the score was 49-7. Our AD came on the radio and said they asked for the game to be stopped because our guys were hungry. (I’m not kidding.)

  2. All of a sudden, Lincecum is the best pitcher the Giants have.

    Jose Feliciano sounds more and more like Mr. Haney (Green Acres) every year.

    Still out but, I hear, stillnotadouche.

    So tell me why couldn’t have used Gregor Blanco this year?

    There’s a good article in SI this week about the emerging recognition that speed is regaining it’s value in baseball now that the PED’s have been scrubbed.

  3. #3
    Marshall Morgan, kicking PATs for UGA, has been worse.

    The guy has 2 50-yard FGs, but he can’t kick an extra point.

    And, this weekend only, go-o-o-o Gators.

  4. Fun piece on ESPN.com about Sid’s Slide. This memory from Andy Van Slyke:

    Still, as Francisco Cabrera stepped to the plate, Van Slyke knew Pittsburgh was just one pitch away from getting out of the inning. One more out and the Pirates would go to the World Series. So Van Slyke wanted to make sure. He told Barry Bonds, the Pirates’ left fielder, to move in.

    “I got his attention,” Van Slyke said. “But he flipped me the bird. He put his hand up and said, ‘I’ll play where I want to play.'”

    Never heard that one before but, if true, can you imagine what might have happened if Bonds had been standing two strides closer to home plate?

  5. I’ll bet he said that. Andy Van Slyke has had a lot of years to get his story straight, and a serious axe to grind against Bonds, as well as being a fist class douche.

  6. @4 Lincecum has all the makings of a great closer.

    @6. I heard that story many years ago…but it was a version without the middle finger part.

  7. Van Slyke is a Bonds level douche without Bonds level talent. The Pirates decided on Van Slyke rather than Bonds, and the results speak for themselves. The name “Lind” never seems to come up in his recollections, or his own lifetime .190/.255/.320 posteason numbers, or that the Pirates never managed a winning season after Bonds left, with Van Slyke posting an OPS+ of 97.

  8. Free-floating douche atoms often need additional atoms in order to form an observable douche molecule. The B2 douche atom can form strong covalent bonds with any number of others.

  9. @20 Once again, agreed.

    And screw Van Slyke. I have no doubt that he was more of a douche than Bonds.

  10. @22 – I think, technically, the B2 is a molecule that forms a compound when it combines with the JK molecule or the AVs molecule. Get several douche molecules together and you create the San Franciso Giants.

  11. Teheran. Julio lights up everybody in Spring Training, does a creditable impression of The Second Coming of Pedro Martinez, and is visiting Dr. Andrews by mid-July for consultations.


  12. Googled Juan Jaime because I have never heard of him. First result is a Taco and Tequila joint called Juan Jaime’s out in Arizona.

  13. Replacement ump got in 3B’s way and I thought he would call the infield fly rule as a make up call for mistake on prior play. He remembered that there was only one baserunner.

  14. Chipper just retweeted that McCann is having surgery today. I’m kind of glad he opted to get it taken care of and didn’t risk just resting it and potentially having to have surgery mid-season. Hopefully this means he’ll bounce back in a big way this year once he returns!

  15. That’s one of those only-because-it’s-ARod stories. That stuff goes on all the time. Have you ever watched David Ross in the on-deck circle when there’s a pretty girl to talk to?

  16. I agree with you Rissa. I am rehabbing a slight tear in my rotator and it sucks. Rest did crap and PT is slow as hell and in the end I may still need surgery.
    Cut it, sew it, rebuild it. Dont waste time like they did with Hanson.

  17. I seem to remember a year when Smoltz opted to rehab rather than have surgery and didn’t even make it out of Spring Training. Missed the whole year.

    Is that correct or too many Kentucky Fried Brownies?

  18. Greetings from Amsterdam…

    Imagine my surprise. I leave JFK, SD up 24-0 (I took them in my weekly pool), only to wake up here & see how it all went tits-up.

    Wow, Nunez? What an awful shortstop–smacks of desperation, for sure.

  19. Justhank, I think that may have been 2008.

    April 30, 2008:

    Atlanta pitcher John Smoltz went on the 15-day disabled list Tuesday with an ailing right shoulder, though the Braves were told he can get over the problem without surgery.
    Smoltz was examined in Birmingham, Ala., by Dr. James Andrews, who diagnosed a severely inflamed biceps tendon and inflammation of the rotator cuff in the right shoulder. The 40-year-old pitcher went on the DL retroactive to Monday.

    Andrews injected Smoltz’s shoulder for the inflammation and prescribed rest and rehabilitation until he is pain-free, the team said. The Braves aren’t sure when Smoltz will return.


    June 5, 2008:

    Smoltz’s shoulder began hurting nearly a year ago during a start in Milwaukee. He’s been on the disabled list three times since then and tried all sorts of radical solutions to cope with the pain.

    He came up with a new routine at spring training, spending most of his time on the back fields pitching against minor leaguers. When the discomfort persisted through his first five starts, he decided to return to the closer role he held from 2001 to 2004, believing that fewer innings would help him get through the season.

    But one inning against the Marlins on Monday night convinced him that it was futile to continue.

    “I certainly was prepared for it. I never had two days in a row where I felt good,” Smoltz said. “I realized it the next day. Actually, I realized an hour afterward that the pain was just too great and I couldn’t continue.”

    Initially, the injury was diagnosed as severe inflammation; Smoltz isn’t sure what the real problem is. He’ll put his future in the hands of Dr. James Andrews, the noted sports surgeon who will perform the arthroscopic procedure in Birmingham, Ala.


  20. Well in Rembrandtplein, Smokey’s is a fine place to while away an hour or two…or so I’m told. There is a super late night bar there too – just up from Die Kleine Komedie on the street facing the canal. There’s a good Irish bar on that street too. Just a block off the Rembrandtplein. And the Tsuchinsky theater is the most amazing deco movie house I’ve ever seen. Go in the lobby.

  21. Just got back from Mulligan’s, the Irish pub on River Amstel.

    And Smokey’s is hilarious. You just gotta sacrifice your clothing for the rest of the week because they become, well, smokey.

  22. Watching middle aged tourists excitedly buy pot and then act like they’ve just mainlined smack is endlessly amusing.

  23. Phil Cole on the mound too – shame he’s not pitching to Granderson who would hit one towards Jackson.

  24. DOB tweeting McCanns surgery will put him out probably until May, maybe June. I’m sure signing Ross just became a much bigger priority and maybe we’ll get a taste of Gattis behind the dish after all.

  25. @56: ah, 2008, the year that should have disproved the idea of “too much pitching” in Braves fans forever.

    That was the year everyone kept talking about the Braves having too much pitching, and DOB wrote about during spring training of the Braves trading from their big position of strength…and then 2007 co-aces Smoltz and Hudson both went down, Hampton didn’t make it to first start in April, Glavine went on the DL multiple times and Chuck James collapsed.

    2008 was the year of Campillo, Carlyle and Jo-Jo. Worst season ever.

    In short, the Braves should be weary about trading MLB-ready pitching. You really can never have enough of it.

  26. @69

    Here we go. At first it was only a few months, now it is June. By March it will be August.

    Of course, I guess he jsut got cheaper

  27. Long time lurker here…

    Me and 4 of my buddies will be going to Europe sometime next year and are trying to figure out what cities/countries we should visit. We are all right around 27 years old, not married (yet). Just trying to go on a big trip like this before we are too old or unable to go.

    We plan on spending a couple nights in Amsterdam and Prague, but we’d like to go a few more places as well. Some of the more less touristy spots would be nice. We will be over there about 10 days. Main aim of the trip will not be going for the historical stops (though we will see a few). Any recommendations?

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