273 thoughts on “Game Thread: August 28, Braves at Marlins”

  1. (from last thread)

    Mac, if Dane Cook impregnates Jessica Alba, she can expect a Sigourney Weaver, “Alien” type of experience/birth.

  2. Oh, and since someone as untalented and as unfunny as Cook has somehow wormed his way into Alba’s bedroom, I vote we send in either Tom Brady or George Clooney (like they are lothario superheros) to fly in & mess it up for Cook.

    No woman generally says not to Clooney or Brady–if either goes in, Cook is toast.

  3. getting back to the postseason (or pretending that we somehow make it into the postseason)… Surely, surely, Bobby is not thinking of carrying Woodward, Orr, and Thorman on the bench (two girls and a former sitcome monster), . . . surely? (I know how much he values “veteran experience”) — but that would be a nightmare.

  4. Save Jessica Alba!

    On the Hooters Girls Swimsuit Calendar special, one beauty was asked, “What kind of line works on you?”

    “I’m Tom Brady,” she replied. “That worked.”

  5. What song is that? Either I don’t know it or I just can’t hear on my little laptop speakers.

  6. Can we just stomp on the Marlins & kick them while they’re down? They didn’t seem like they wanted to be on the field last night. Let’s not give them a reason.

    Heading to The Bronx tonight for a little Dice-K vs Pettitte. After last night’s ass-whoopin’, we’ll see how restless the natives are tonight. Hope it doesn’t rain.

    And Mac,
    May I compliment you on the video, IMO, the very best Dire Straits song from their very best album—“Making Movies.”

    Reminds me of my senior year in HS, so it’ll always be near & dear to me.

  7. I’m not sure if anyone has heard of is a fan of Monte Montgomery, but he does an awsome version of this song during some of his live shows.

  8. In regards to everyone’s favorite Brave to hate, his new name in our household is now Chris Poopoo Platter. You can thank my wife for that.

  9. Is Chris Woodward related to Woody Woodward? There must be something about Woodwards–they suck at baseball.

  10. AAR,

    That was awesome–and that may have been the most offensive thing you’ve ever said on here. Surprised and well, impressed!


    I would rather have Woody. Any day.

  11. Alex, I figured that if I was quoting Wayne’s World I could get away with it. Generally I try not to ruffle feathers.

    But Tony La Russa’s a sonuvabitch, and I don’t particularly mind pointing it out or agreeing vigorously with anyone else who does so.

  12. Well, AAR, if there’s one thing I have done pretty frequently on Braves Journal, it’s voicing my complete digust and displeasure with the loathesome human being that Tony LaRussa is–as I once said, the “hateable face” of Tony LaRussa.

  13. La Russa and his wife run a pretty big animal rescue. He has a soft spot in my heart for that.

  14. To me, LaRussa’s just a jerk. Just a run-at-the-mill jerk. He doesn’t get me too worked up.

    And as ububba said earlier, Woodward isn’t really a big problem for our team right now. Complaining about Woodward is like complaining about the fine china breaking as the Titanic was sinking.

  15. Yeah, LaRussa’s a tool, but thanks to him, with a little help from Alex R., I have my team name for next year’s fantasy baseball league in place.


    Fine china was at least somewhat useful when the Titanic wasn’t sinking, though.

  16. Complaining about the fine china breaking on the Titanic is more useful than Woodward has been to the Braves.

  17. @25 I would think it would, I mean Thorman could be there saying ” Man, I really suck…I’m the worst player on this team” and then he looks down the bench and see’s Woodward and thinks ” Oh, yeah, well, at least I’m not THE worst”

  18. I will be at the Auburn/Kansas State game. Mac (I’m 99% sure) will be at Bama/Western Carolina. Anyone else at games this weekend and want to provide postgame reports?

  19. Mac is there any word on Dave O’brien responding to the questions you sent him ?

  20. Its amazing that every team has that guy who sucks at the end of their bench….only we have like two (Woodward/Orr) and one who’s trying to become one (Thorman). So were basically handicapped!

  21. At least Thorman tries. The other two look absolutely ridiculous with their arrogant demeanors. It’s as if they suck and dont realize it.

  22. Harris, Johnson, C. Jones, Teixeira, McCann, Francoeur, A. Jones, Escobar, Smoltz.

    Marlins killer Matt Diaz is left absent. Is this is a mistake?

  23. wryn,
    i’ll likely be at jordan-hare, other wise it’s off to nashville for the vandy game, but i’m sure stu has that nailed down. any chance on a last minute team preview?

  24. good God – did he strike out the side with 12 pitches? someone tell our guys his ERA is 6.85.

  25. Ouch. That hurt. I think the boys are going to hammer VandenHurk the second time through the lineup.

  26. Willie is succumbing to the god of regression to the mean. I fear it will only get worse.

  27. Yeah, take Diaz out of the lineup for that.


  28. The Diaz thing is getting ridiculous. If Bobby doesn’t give a crap about putting the best lineup out there every day why not throw everyone in a hat and pick 8 random guys every day (wait, you think…..nevermind). Willie is the perfect guy at the end of the game to pinch run. That’s what he needs to be doing on a consistent basis, not starting and batting leadoff.

  29. god cant we catch a break??

    I can easily see us not score once again here…

    it wont happen but pinch hit for Harris please.

    I’ll echo: must. score. runs

  30. I’ve accepted that Bobby has some need to platoon, but Esco is such a better option at lead off right now. Switch their order if you have Diaz chained to the bench.

  31. You have to try pretty hard to not score a run there.

    I’m watching on Gameday, but I have to assume Florida was playing the infield back, sacrificing a run for an out right?

  32. What the hell, man. The clutch has dried up on this club the last few weeks. If it’s not pitching, it’s hitting. I still think they’re going to pull this one out.

  33. “I saw that coming like a stampede of elephants.”

    Seriously, how obvious was it? Ball goes over fence, costs Andruw Jones the chance to score, and the pitcher, Willie Harris and Johnson were due up.

    Out of those three, only Johnson inspires any confidence. But he was due up after the pitcher and sure-out Willie Harris, so it’s not like he could just hit the ball deep somewhere for a sac. fly.

    So frickin’ predictable.

  34. our lineup throughout the year just manages to have one or two spots with absolutely ZERO production.

    now the tragic thing of course is… it doesn’t have to be that way.

    Andruw didnt have to hit cleanup for so long.
    Salty should have played more when Brian was hurting and right now it SHOULD be absolutely obvious to everyone that Diaz NEEDS to play instead of Harris.

    Just tragic.

  35. Sit Diaz. Send down Devine. Bring up Pete Orr. Keep Woodward on the roster.

    How long before they bring back 60 year old Raffy Belliard and bat him cleanup?

  36. Has anyone seen that Braves’ commercial for the upcoming series? It goes something like:

    “MVP Ryan Howard, speedy Jimmy Rollins and the Phillies come to Atlanta to take on slugger Mark Teixeira, dynamic outfielder Willie Harris and the Braves…..”

  37. Skip: “Fredi Gonzalez comes out to the mound to talk to Vanden Hurk…and now Doug Eddings has decided to insert himself into the precedings…because he realized the game is on TV.”

  38. I can’t even comprehend possibly losing to the Marlins with Smoltz on the mound. This is the team that put up 13 last night right?

  39. Why would you ever thrown Andruw or Francouer a fastball over the plate? anything crooked and off the plate is a guaranteed whiff

  40. Well, folks…nothing like running out your ace on 3 days rest and the bats fall flat.

    Freakin’ pathetic. I’d rather get killed in a series sweep by a decent team than not to show up AGAIN vs a crappy team.

    But I guess the Braves are a crappy team. Only difference from last year is Hudson is decent.

    Thank GOD football season is upon us.

  41. This team angers me. The Marlins are reeling badly and we are about to lose a start from Smoltz against a dead “fish” of a team.

    We don’t deserve to be in the playoffs if we lose this game.

  42. #91 – I said that in the Reds series. Can I use it again against the Marlins, or do you only get to say “We don’t deserve to be in the playoffs if we lose this game” a limited number of times.

    If so, I’ve used up that quota long ago.

  43. Alex R.,

    I don’t mean to be contrary, but the only thing stinking of dead fish right now are the Braves.

  44. Smoltz only had 79 pitches. They must have decided ahead of time to limit the pitch count since he’s going on short rest.

  45. From now on it should be nothing but the video for “The Crying Game” by Boy George, every night.

  46. Is there anyone else that you’d want up there in a crucial sitation than Chipper Jones?

  47. True fact: sidearmers can pitch every single night with no negative consequences to health or effectiveness.

  48. I’m actually impressed Bobby left him in there. Obviously he clearly should be in there since he’s the Braves’ best reliever and its a high leverage situation (1-3 hitters in a tie game in the 8th inning), but I figured Bobby was sure to screw that up.

  49. with Thorman hitting you know he wont get anything but curves, should Escobar have tried to steal one there?

  50. I agree that Moylan has been our best reliever by far and that he needs to be in there in that kind of situation. How much can he pitch, though? He’s already surpassed his previous high for innings pitched in a season which was logged last year. I suppose since he spent a few years in the wilderness where he wasn’t pitching that maybe his arm hasn’t had the wear and tear of someone who had been pitching professionally for 10+ years. That could also work against him. I just hope he doesn’t get burned out.

  51. If I was Cox and had an extra outfielder I’d put Mahay in left and bring in Oscar or someone to face Willingham.

  52. figures, Jason Wood couldnt catch up to the fastball so we throw him a hanging slider

    its the beginning of the end folks

  53. Tyler doing his Wickman impression in FLA, I would hate to see a different pitcher after two straight hits here

  54. I dread seeing Ramirez and Uggla. I feel even worse when Yates is on the mound. Game’s probably over.

  55. Bobby is probably thinking, “Yates is so awesome, I love the guy! I’ll trot him out there for another stellar inning of relief!”

  56. What was he even complaining about? Gameday shows no called strikes that AB.

  57. He was called out on a pitch earlier. It looked good to me though. Plus it was two hours ago.

  58. If not for the current state of affairs, I’d love to see Orr’s arm in the outfield.

  59. … and the rest of the story of woe–the first pitch will be hit to Orr … Orr will turn it into a three base error … Yates second pitch of the inning will go to the backstop … game over

  60. here it comes

    Fla had lost 12 of 13 coming into this game and we had Smoltz on the mound, figures

  61. Braves have struck out 19 times tonight–apparently for only the third time in team history….

  62. Its pretty amazing how many ways Orr can impact a game…one of the few times I have seen Andrus pissed…

  63. I don’t think it will matter at this point but did we double switch with Orr and Villareal?

  64. re double switch–it’s a moot point

    re 19 k’s on the night–some real high powered offense eh? yes they scored 13 last night, but several came courtesy of the Marlins Orr-like defense

  65. Yes it was a double switch. Made sense since the pitcher’s spot would be due up first next inning. That is, if there was going to be a next inning.

  66. A long fly ball fell over Andruw’s glove in deep left field that Pete Orr watched.

    To be fair, Andruw was calling the ball all the way.

  67. this team doesn’t deserve to play in the postseason…until now i’ve never seen a team that is negative clutch.

  68. Mets are 18-9 in one run games and we are now 15-21, not to mention 4-9 in extra innings. We got no clutch in us.

  69. according to the AJC’s box score, they did double switch

    probably would have been just as well off putting Orr on the mound and Villareal in left

  70. You guys are dumb as shit, don’t blame Pete Orr. Andruw was calling for that ball the whole time! If you want to blame someone blame Francoeur for getting thrown out. That was just dumb, he clearly went around.

  71. 241–I think the Braves should hope for the Mets to beat the Phils–winning the division is unrealistic but maybe, just maybe there’s a chance to edge out the Phils and Pads for the WC. Games like tonight make it a moot point of course.

  72. Well Orr should have got the hell out of the way then Artist instead of standing there with his finger up his ass.

  73. Mac–this is one for your Misery Loss Index. At least the Braves keep finding new ways to lose….

  74. 2.0 behind the Phillies in the wildcard now. Probably 5.0 behind the Padres for first in the wildcard before the night is over.

    It’s over.

  75. Mailman, you are so wrong it’s not even funny. He was running full speed for the ball and Andruw called him off as he was approaching it, nothing you can do. Quit being so dumb and watch the damn game.

  76. Dan, how can you say we will probably be 5.0 behind the Padres when they are already losing????

  77. If Andruw was calling for it WHY did Orr keep going for the ball????? Orr and Woodward need to get bus tickets to “nowhere” (or “anywhere”)— and take Lurch Thorman with them

  78. Do you guys realize that he was playing out of position? Do you realize that if Diaz was out there it would have never happened? Therefore if Frenchy didn’t get thrown out we would still be playing? How is this Orr’s fault? Think about how we got in this situation.

  79. “Dan, how can you say we will probably be 5.0 behind the Padres when they are already losing????”

    Admittedly I don’t know what the score is. I just figured they’d probably be winning with the way the Braves’ luck is going.

  80. Recap is up. Orr stood there like an idiot, and it was a routine fly ball, even for Diaz. Hell, it would have been routine for Klesko, or Luzinski.

  81. I hate to be such an asshole but if you look at the whole situation it is hardly Orr’s fault.

  82. Stood there like an idiot as Andruw was yelling for the ball…whatever.

  83. artist,
    why do you have to come in here and start calling people names? say what you want about players or teams, but show some class to your fellow posters.

  84. beedee, show some class as a person and don’t say you hate someone you don’t even know. I think it’s pathetic that someone would use the word “hate” in a situation like that. Don’t talk about class when you show so little.

  85. Perhaps you should get a grip, your the one saying you “hate” an mlb player. Pathetic!

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