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  1. From last thread:

    “Sorry, probably last post of the night, but I just realized I think I’ve been reading this website for 5 years. Could that be right Mac? When did you get to where it was bravesjournal.us and not a division of another site or something?”

  2. I’ll repost too, with an addition:

    I don’t know when I bought the bravesjournal.us domain. I started in April of 1998, but it was at least a couple of years after that. It was on Compuserve’s ourworld site, when I was using Compuserve, until April 2002 when I went to Blogger/Blogspot. I was on Blogger for awhile, moved it to Movable Type and its own server October of that year. I moved to Bravesbeat/Braves.net for a long time, of course.

  3. I know I started after it was Bravesbeat/Braves.net. The reason 5 years is so cool is because I’m only 20, and 5 years of doing something is a feat for me with a rapidly changing life and all.

  4. Guys, I think the biggest news of the night is this payroll floor. I see two very real possibilities: 1) We re-sign Andruw (as much as he frustrates me, I want this to happen); and 2) We trade for an expensive starter in July and are able to afford him for the next few years (I’m looking at you, Dontrelle).

    I know I’m probably just getting my hopes up, but such possibilities excite me.

  5. I just saw an ironic picture of Adam LaRoche and Ryan Langerhans alongside a dead deer out in the woods on some Facebook picture with a buddy of Adam’s. Dead deer… Adam LaRoche… Ryan Langerhans… Wow.

  6. Stu,

    As much as I would love to get Dontrelle in July, I just dont see the Marlins trading in the division, especially him. That being said, come December, we should go after him with all we’ve got. I think we’ll have to look outside the Division for SP help come July….

  7. Beautiful song, Mac. I used to enjoy listening to that song after taking exams in engineering. Then I realized that I was listening to the song way too much and changed my major. I don’t wish to listen to this too much as a Braves fan, though, but once in a while is fine with me. Anyway, thanks Mac.

  8. Smitty all reports are saying that the payroll will not decrease, no word on if they’ll increase it for us

  9. Why would a player retire when he has over 30 million on the table still? And how would you force him to?

  10. Rob Cope;
    I would never have believed you were that young! You are eloquent beyond your years. Please use this power only for good!

    Stu and Lance;
    Thank you for keeping SP in the discussion. 25-15. Wow! If 40 games is a watermark, as Bobby contends, then we have to be delighted. There are gaps that will need to be addressed. It’s not exactly: Smoltzie and Huddy and pray that it’s muddy- but we could really use a strong 3rd starter to compete in the postseason.

    I’d like to know if KJ needs a rest. I’m delighted ny his progress and chalk last night up to growing pains. It may be that we can’t spare him from the line-up, though. If so, we need BETTER backup for both he and Renteria.

    Go Braves!

  11. I thought I heard somewhere that the Braves were interested in AJ Burnett. (?)

  12. Don’t know if you saw already that Gonzalez is on the DL with arm spasms and McBride recalled from AAA.

  13. Kevin,

    You bring up a good point, we need a good back up for both of those guys. The question then becomes, are Orr and Woodward good enough?,and if not, are the Prado’s and Escobar’s of our minor leagues better options? If they arent, then we would have to trade for something. But, are we better off holding our trade chips for a SP?

    Jake, the Hapton thing was a joke, I know it will never happen, but he is a huge boil on the ass that is our payroll….

  14. If we can a decent SP for Escobar/something useless, I say we do it. But I don’t seen a big deal (ie, one involved Salty) coming before the offseason.

    Rough loss last night. Given KJ’s struggles at the plate, I think sitting him down for a night (not tonight; gotta get back on the horse) would be a good idea. And now that Chipper is back in the lineup, we can afford to give Woodward a start.

  15. Being in the same division didn’t stop the Marlins from dealing Delgado to the Mets a couple years ago, Lance.

    And I’d be perfectly willing to give up Salty to get a pitcher the caliber of Dontrelle, mraver. We’re talking about a move that would give us a very good shot at another WS, and it’s not like we’d really be mortgaging the future to do it, given Dontrelle’s age.

  16. I have no problem with that Stu, I’d do it in a heartbeat. I think the difference is, Delgado was not the face of that team. He was a FA they brought in, and they made a good deal for him. I think Marlins fans would backlash with Dontrelle being dealt to Atlanta, or any other NL East team. If the Marlins will do it, do what you gotta do. It would be like us trading Chipper to the Mets or Phillies, no matter what we got in return, I think we would all be a little sick to our stomach….

  17. Lance,
    I think Florida’s owners can deal with upsetting the 1,200 Marlins fans that are still around, but I would imagine that the deal would have to be real sweet for them.

    As far as back upd for SS and 2B- why not bring up Prado? I know they aren’t wanting to bring Escobar up too soo for fear of ruining his trade value.

  18. I think Marlins fans would backlash with Dontrelle being dealt to Atlanta, or any other NL East team.

    See, there’s your problem. You’re operating under the faulty assumption that the Marlins have fans.

  19. I don’t think KJ should be benched today. He’s got to jump back on the horse. I am looking forward to following the game via the internet today at the office.

  20. Yeah, I’m really not sure why we haven’t jettisoned Orr and brought up Prado, either. I’m not in favor of dumping all the veteran bench players and going entirely young, but you don’t need two veteran utility infielders. Woodward has proven himself to be better than Orr over the first month and a half of the season, plus he’s originally a shortstop and Prado’s a second baseman anyway, so it makes sense from that standpoint, too. I guess there were reasons to not dump Orr coming out of spring training, but those reasons are few and far between now. Surely either Prado or Woodward is fast enough to be Bobby’s designated pinch runner. Or hell, it can be Harris on days when Diaz is starting.

  21. KJ’s getting his day off. Man, this is an odd lineup:

    M. Diaz lf
    E. Renteria ss
    C. Jones 3b
    A. Jones cf
    J. Francoeur rf
    C. Woodward 2b
    J. Saltalamacchia c
    S. Thorman 1b
    C. James p


    F. Lopez 2b
    R. Belliard ss
    R. Zimmerman 3b
    R. Church lf
    A. Kearns rf
    T. Batista 1b
    J. Flores c
    N. Logan cf
    M. Chico p

  22. Beedee, Latnam,

    I stand corrected…..I’ll leave with my tail between my legs!

  23. The budget floor is a good thing to hear, but I’ll remain skeptical about any kind of increase until it happens. In reality, even though the budget has been 80 mil for a few years now, the increase in player costs has made it tougher to manage. My guess is that they’ll increase it to 85 or so just for market correction.

  24. Yeah, no Craig Wilson…and Thorman batting 2 spots behind Woodward. Thanks for the confidence boost, Skip!

  25. I wonder why Wilson isn’t playing. And we’re definitely not used to seeing Diaz in the leadoff spot, but he’s been hitting lately so maybe he can get it done.

  26. I agree Stu, i’m wondering if it sets up another trade with Salty involved. I think Thorman can handle full time 1b. It’s not going to be a platoon so it’s not like Salty will have 50/50 PT.

  27. From the AJC

    By DAVID O’BRIEN dobrien@ajc.com

    Washington _ First baseman Craig Wilson was released this morning by the Braves, who decided they couldn’t wait any longer for the slumping veteran to come around.

    Manager Bobby Cox said rookie first baseman Scott Thorman will get the bulk of the playing time, but top catching prospect Jarrod Saltalamacchia and utility man Chris Woodward would also play some at first base.

    Thorman, hitting .271 with five homers and 21 RBIs, had been playing in a platoon arrangement with Wilson, a right-handed hitter. Wilson hit .172 with one home run, two RBIs and 25 strikeouts in 58 at-bats, including 1-for-14 with seven strikeouts with runners in scoring position.

    The Braves signed Wilson, 30, to a $2 million free-agent contract in January. They are responsible for his entire salary.

    Cox summoned Wilson to the manager’s room at Ritz-Carlton at 7:15 a.m. today and told him he’d been released. He wanted to make sure he got him before Wilson, an early riser, left for RFK Stadium.

  28. “N8, Pena was activated today, but don’t know if he’ll be around beyond today. They’ll probably need an extra pitcher for the weekend at Boston, given Smoltz’s situation and how poorly Lerew pitched last time out, etc. But for today, Pena’s here and active.

    I’d imagine he’ll return to Richmond soon, with Salty probably staying as the backup catcher and also getting some time at 1B, though Thorman will get the bulk of the 1B duties.

    here’s the story I just filed, the brief version of longer story to come:

    Perhaps Smitty is somewhat right. Salty gets one game behind plate a week and a game or two at 1B?

  29. I’m surprised by the timing of Wilson’s release. Wilson’s been lousy but why today and who’s taking his roster spot?

  30. Salty will probably catch a good amount of the interleague games while McCann and Chipper split the DH responsiblities. He will also get some time at first and as the primary pinch hitter since he is a switch hitter. He may also grab some at bats from left field, but I doubt it.

    I can’t say I’m ecstatic about the Salty promotion, yet, but I am not sad to see Wilson go.

  31. I don’t like Salty sitting on the bench. I don’t like Wilson being released. We’re still paying him and this just proves we couldn’t even get a PTBNL for him. And I also don’t like Redman having anything other than an R on his hat.

  32. Could Wilson have been juicing? I mean, his career has fallen off dramatically in the past year and a half or so, and like I said, this means JS couldn’t get ANYTHING for him. I can’t imagine ONE team wouldn’t take a flyer on a guy who can hit left-handed pitching and play 5 positions unless they knew he wasn’t who he used to be. He’s only 30, anyway.

  33. I don’t like giving up on Wilson so early, either, though admittedly he was stinking up the joint. Still, shouldn’t a guy with his track record be given a longer leash than 58 AB’s?

    Thus begins the Saltalamacchia era at 1B?

  34. Something’s coming from JS. Maybe even something big! He just couldn’t eat 2 million in salary without a plan, right?

    I encourage you to take a quick look at the next two week’s schedule. We’re gonna find out who can play and who can’t. I hope Salty becomes a star!

    And I’m hoping for a big, whopping return of Wickimania!

  35. The last thing I want to see is Redman trying to pitch against Boston this weekend. Bring anyone up, just not Redman.

  36. Everything that happened in that inning was Andruw’s fault. Chipper wouldn’t have hit into a double play except that Andruw made him.


  38. I think Salty will get ABs. I agree with the above thoughts that Salty can catch one game a week and play first for the other 2. Of course, the DH opens some options as well. And we also have a switch-hitting pinch hitter with some pop, as opposed to just 3 guys with none.

    Mark me down as keeping Salty in the major leagues. Time to jump in the deep end of the pool. I believe he’ll get 200+ ABs & the Braves should be a better team with him on the big club.

  39. Hal, break out the dictionary and whomp both our announcers over the head with it.

  40. I agree with ububba, I think Salty will get 1 game a week at 1B and at least 1 a week backing up McCann, day game after a night game, Sundays, etc. I do agree with having somebody who can hit the ball out of the ballpark as a pinch hitter. I think with the big league catching and the experience that Salty will gain with the big league club will help more than another year at AA for sure, and I think more than moving him to Richmond. Also if he shows promise, that only helps his trade value as well. Can he really perform worse than Wilson hitting right handed. Is he going to be much worse than Pena backing up McCann ?? I don’t think so.

  41. I think we’ve found someone with less range than Renteria at shortstop: Ronnie Belliard!

    I’m starting to warm up to the idea of Salty in the bigs. At first I thought he may need some more seasoning, but he will definitely help the club right now. The Braves have to make sure he gets regular at bats, though. Which I think they will.

    If they do keep Salty up and play him at other positions than first this ensures we will see more of Pete Orr since he is an “emergency catcher” among other things.

  42. Ah, Chico. My favorite name to say…to bad he always seems to find his pitching legs everytime he faces the Braves.

    SEE YA!
    good one larry!

  43. okay TBS we get it, Pat Corrales coaches for the Nationals. I’m getting annoyed as Dennis Cook right now with seeing Pat Corrales

  44. Man that’s one dumb lineup. Was Bobby picking names out of a hat or something? How does Woodward hit in front of Salty and Thor? There’s no way you should do that.

  45. There is no reason to bat Woodward anything but 8th, ever. I’m guessing Bobby wanted Woodward to hit 6th since he is a right hander and Thorman is a left hander. He also probably put woodward at 6 over salty because he is a veteran. Salty could also be providing “protection” for Woodward, but Chris needs more protection than he can get.

  46. ububba, that was and continues to be one of my favorite moments in baseball history that only Braves and Mets fans would possibly remember. Watching Dennis Cook freak out after Corrales would always tell the umpires that he was cutting the ball up. Just hilarious.

  47. I have a signed baseball from Dennis Cook. Turk Wendell and a bunch of other scrubs may be on that ball too. I can’t remember. Needless to say, that ball isn’t very valuable to me.

  48. I think the Corrales/Cook thing even went back to Cook’s tenure with Florida.

    It did make for great TV. Cook would be on the mound with his head about to explode, while Corrales would just be smug & pointing in his direction.

  49. Whew.

    Let’s get that run back, boys.

    Still, we might wanna keep Chucky on a short leash now. He’s gutting it out, but he’s up to 92 pitches & I’m not sure how much he’s got left.

  50. I think I will start calling him Jimmy Woodward. That just seems like what his name should be.

  51. This is the part of the game where we will get like two hits from this point on.

  52. This is easily the most frustrating series of the season. Not a good way to kick off the weekend. Whatever, let’s strike back and take this one before we go to Boston.

  53. maybe KJ will get it going. Salty is gonna suffer from Frenchy’s early woes. It’s great to see the batters working the count. was that three pitches for two out?

  54. Just logged in…I was thinking the same thing as Mac that Yates should have been brought in instead of Paronto. But then I remembered the rule that you have to use Paronto first, then Yates, then Soriano/Gonzalez, and then Wick. Sorry Bobby, I forgot about that rule.

  55. I can’t believe we’re about to lose three-out-of-four to these clowns. How the hell is it that we can never beat these guys? Even when they were the Expos and we were in the midst of our division streak, we’d go in there and Vlad Guerrero would hit a walk-off homer causing John Rocker to break a treadmill.

  56. Nick, that’s true, but Vladimir Guerrero is a Hall of Famer. I don’t think you could say that about any of these guys–not even Jason $!%&ing Bergmann.

  57. Yes, but the point is they still weren’t very good, and we were theoretically better than we are now…talentwise, anyway.

  58. What the hell??? I miss 3 of the last 4 games and we might lose a series to these chumps? My Mets loving friend is going to have a field day with this crap…. COME ON!

  59. Guzman..Fick, Langerhans…Batista, Felipe Lopez.. Bergmann, Levale Speigner

    These are the guys that are beating us.

  60. In belated answer to your question, the strike three call was on a pitch that was low and outside.

  61. true or false: if the Nats win this, 1/3 of their season’s victories will be against us

  62. That Nats are a joke. My buddy was at a Nats game and as they walked to the game a vendor yelled, “Get your god d— nats hats.” It kind of eases the pain, but not really.

  63. Hey all, just found this blog. Loving the dialogue, obviously not loving the game. Excited about the weekend series, but Lerew is probably going to get smacked around tommorow night.

  64. Chip is making sense by noting the surfeit of one- and two-pitch at bats late in games.

  65. So, is time to start discussing moving James to the bullpen? He throws too many pitches, and never gets deep into the game. Maybe switch him with Oscar? Don’t know.

  66. you have got to be shittin me. honestly, i am looking forward to playing some “tougher” teams next, it can only get better than this crap.

  67. This is the worst I’ve felt all season. We let Chico and the man smoke us for 3 out of 4 while the Mets rally for 5 in the ninth to win. That is sick.

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