35 thoughts on “Distressed Game Thread: Braves at Phillies, Sept. 2 (Game 2)”

  1. Fellas,
    Didn’t you get the memo about hope and this years Braves? Don’t fall for this team–they are a complete tease. Resolve yourself to utter hopelessness. The best you can hope for has already happened–we can’t be swept. Be happy. Go off and watch a college football game or something…

  2. Calantadero (Spanish for Bullpen)

    Pitching way down South where the thick green kudzu grow,
    We made a weekend trip to play the poor poor Bravos!
    Well you can pitch six innings, but don’t try to pitch nine
    And when the bullpen calls, our hitters feelin’ fine! I say
    One hit- Calantadero!
    Two hits- Que lastima!
    Three hits- Arriba!
    Hey Hey Calantadero!
    Paronto, Yates, and McBride hang a bunch of freaky pitches
    Baez and Villareal are our sons of b****es!
    We take one at a time, take ’em all at once
    Our batting averages get a major buzz!
    Four hits- Calantadero!
    Five hits- Ay caramba!
    Six hits- Arriba!
    Hey Hey Calantadero!
    – Bridge –
    Seven hits- Calantadero!
    Eight hits- Que lastima!
    Nine hits- Ay yi yi yi yi
    Hey Hey Calantadero!

  3. Lineup Part Deux:

    2B Orr “Not 2B”
    Renteria SS
    CJones 3B
    AJones CF
    McCann C
    Francoeur RF
    LaRoche 1B
    Langerhans LF
    Davies P

    Rollins SS
    Victorino CF
    Utley 2B
    Howard 1B
    Burrell LF
    Conine RF
    Lieberthal C
    Hernandez 3B
    Mathieson P

  4. Yes, that seems an odd call, but it may indicate that he is going to play 3 of 4 (two today and the nightcap tomorrow). And considering the possibility of seeing Pratt twice in two days, I’m thankful.

  5. I was expecting to be able to go to the their concert 1 sep. I didn’t. That’s very disappointing. In stead drown my cares in mv with you and the Braves. here

  6. Good to see Chipper hitting a long one. Now, if Davies can refrain from giving it all back, this could be a fun game.

  7. Okay, not a good start by Davies.

    Why do I feel like I’m talking to myself? :-)

    Actually, I’m out of here. Hopefully the Braves can rally and surprise me, abut I doubt it. Twice in a row would be asking a little much…

  8. @-@
    Of course, you’re not alone.

    I always think Kyle Davies has a control problem, you know.
    Bobby should change the pitcher as soon as possible.

  9. Kenny Ray post All Star break: 7.20 ERA, .341 BAA. And going up. The guy is a walking corpse. STOP USING HIM, BOBBY! HE’S DONE!

  10. allowed 17 hits, 14 runs for the 5 IP. dishonorable. but I’d like to watch the game until the end.

  11. Brian Jordan in center, Brayan Pena at third, Tony Pena at short, Martin Prado at second and Todd Pratt catching. That’s interesting.

  12. Jeremy’s right–Ray’s toast. I think it is part a return to form (he’s been out of MLB for several seasons before this one so his stuff can’t be too good) and part a result of overuse during the first half.

    Devine’s a bright spot tonight, especially in the 2nd game. It’s too early to tell, but maybe last year didn’t ruin him.

    Now 16-3–maybe LaRoche will get to pitch. If his papa taught him anything, he’d do a better job than Lerew.

    Isn’t it about time (actually past time) for Skip to give listeners permission to go walk the dog?

  13. Oh, wow. Davies – awful. Ray – awful. Lerew – awful.

    On the upside, we scored a few while we had the “real” lineup in, and Devine looked good. :-p

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