– MLB – Box Score – Braves at Reds

Miserable Braves Loss Type 231.8(h): “Braves rookie pitcher takes no-hitter to the sixth, then runs out of gas, and reliever lets inherited runs score, and then the Braves load the bases with nobody out in the ninth down one run only to have two players who already hit home runs in the choke like they were trying to swallow fishhooks”.

Okay, it’s pretty unique.

Chad Paronto is in the Doghouse!McCann hit a two-run homer in the fourth, scoring Andruw, and Chuck James had a no-hitter through five. He got the leadoff man in the sixth, but then it was walk, homer, walk, double, Paronto. Paronto, in his wonderful way, allowed a double to the first guy he faced for the Double Grybo, then, Grybo-style, got out of it without any of his own men scoring.

The Braves cut it to 4-3 in the next inning as Marcus doubled home Orr, but with two out Andruw was intentionally walked and McCann grounded out against the LOOGY.

FrancoeurmeterKen Ray then came in and gave the Reds the run back, which really sucked when Francoeur hit a homer leading off the eighth. (21/10, if you’re keeping track.) But after Thorman doubled, Diaz popped out, LaRoche (pinchhitting, because he can’t run) grounded out, and Aybar struck out on a called “strike” six inches inside.

McBride pitched a perfect eighth. Marcus led off with a single. Renteria worked it to 3-2 then doubled off the right field wall; I really don’t know how Marcus didn’t score. Andruw was intentionally walked again (Guardado, a lefty, was on the mound). McCann popped up, and Francoeur hit into a double play. How do you hit into a double play there? I don’t know. I considered putting the roommates in the Doghouse together but they did hit home runs. Marcus had three hits and is all the way up to .263. Unlike Furcal last year, his surge is probably too late.