Game Thread Memorial: Braves at Natspos, Aug. 15

Cormier? Again? Really?

UPDATE: Recap in the morning. Not a happy one, I expect.

ANOTHER UPDATE:  Oh, I guess I’ll recap tonight.  Briefly, because there’s nothing to talk about except bitter failure.

219 thoughts on “Game Thread Memorial: Braves at Natspos, Aug. 15”

  1. Tonight is going to be a high scoring game….Not because of great offense..but because of horrible pitching.

  2. Comcast will start carrying MASN on 9/1.

    *checks calendar*

    Yeah, OK, I can’t watch tonight.

  3. What’s MASN Jenny? Comcast is buying out Time Warner in my area, so I wanna know what I could get be getting, I guess…

  4. Poll of the day:

    Who will pitch better?

    A.Lance Cormier
    B.Pedro Astacio

    I am going to go with the bullpens because they will probally pitch more innings.

  5. My Brian McCann T-shirt came in the mail today and I was glad it came, but when I tried it on I found that it was at least 2 sizes too big. *sighs* I can make it smaller, by cutting the shirt up the sides and tieing it back together somehow, but I don’t know how to do that and I REALLY don’t want to mess up the shirt permenately. So, I don’t know, maybe I’ll just leave it big and pray it shrinks.

    Jay, I vote bullpen as well.

  6. Okay, Smitty, I’m sorry, but I can’t let this go. Have you ever actually spent any time in Nashville? Because if you have, and if you still think Memphis is a better place to be…you may be in need of serious medication.

  7. Wow, those guys are hardcore. I’m glad they can separate off-the-field and on-the-field relationships so easily. If someone punches me on the field, he’s my enemy off the field too. Mora sounds like a f***ing hard%%% doesn’t he?

  8. Is it gonna rain?

    I still have a chance to leave work in the next hour and catch the game. :-)

  9. I think jennings kicked his ass, until D-Hall yanked jennings’ helmet off. I guess that is called a veteran’s move.

  10. I will play fantasy football.

    I have spent a lot of time in Nashville. I have family there. It is a great town. I just like Memphis better. I woudl rather live in Nashville, but if I am going to hang out for a few days, I am going to Memphis

  11. Ok,

    I counted five good hits and 1 slap for Jennings and 4 good hits, a takedown,1 hit without a helmet, and a helmet thrown in the face for D-Hall.

    The Winner is *drumrolls* DeAngelo Hall. :)

  12. just, but Hall was losing until he grabbed jennings’ face-mask (a 15 yeard penalty), and pulled him down. That should teach a clean fighting utah to to go against a hokie thug :)

  13. MASN=Mid-Atlantic Sports Network, currently not carried by Comcast in this area because of some hissy fit with Peter Angelos. Their coverage rights for the Orioles are getting dropped soon, so in retaliation, they won’t carry MASN, which will pick up said coverage, in the cable lineup, screwing everybody over. On some days, they deign to carry MASN feeds on Ch. 23 (O’s) or Ch. 20 (Nats), but on most days, it’s either on Comcast SportsNet or it’s nowhere, if you don’t have satellite. So I live 30 minutes away from RFK and I can’t watch their games. AWESOME.

    I think the 9/1 date is a result of a court order forcing them to carry MASN, but I’m not sure.

  14. 1914 Update:

    NY Giants 58-43 (–)
    Boston Braves 54-46 (3.5 GB)
    Chicago Cubs 54-50 (5.5)
    St. Louis Cardinals 56-52 (5.5)
    Philadelphia Phillies 48-55 (11)
    Brooklyn Robins 47-54 (11)
    Pittsburgh Pirates 47-55 (11.5)
    Cincinnati Reds 47-56 (12)

    Today’s Game: Lost the linescore, but the Braves completed the sweep of the Giants 2-0. Gee, marching into an enemy stadium and sweeping a big series. I miss those days.

    Instead, we lug around a bunch of off-brand Pitcher Helper (helps you make a mediocre team!) while looking up at six other teams to make the playoffs, and JS writes his sequel “Built to Suck.”

  15. Today’s lineups.

    M.Giles 2B
    M.Diaz LF
    C.Jones 3B
    A.Jones CF
    B.McCann C
    J.Francoeur RF
    A.LaRoche 1B
    T.Pena SS
    L.Cormier P

    A.Soriano LF
    F.Lopez SS
    R.Zimmerman 3B
    N.Johnson 1B
    A.Kearns RF
    A.Escobar CF
    B.Schneider C
    B.Castro 2B
    P.Astacio P

  16. Jay, as awful as Giles has sometimes been leading off, Tony Belliard Pena Jr. should nver be batting higher than 8th. Ninth, if we have a decent-hitting pitcher starting.

  17. Maybe I should just wear a rally cap when the game starts. Cormier pitching doesn’t give me much hope.

  18. Oh, sorry the only times available after 12pm are 1,2,3,4,and 11.(all et.) But Saturday has all times open.

    I just chose the weekend because I figured everyone would be home.

  19. L’il Tony should never hit higher than eighth. If he’s on the team next year and gets a start with Hampton on the mound, he should hit ninth and that is not hyperbole; Hampton’s career major league hitting numbers are better than Pena’s career minor league numbers.

  20. Andruw scratched; left knee “tendinitis”. Langerhans hits seventh and plays center, everyone else moves up.

    Andruw against Astacio: .290 .313 .839, 5 HR in 39 AB. Sigh.

  21. This is what I chose…Is it good for everyone?

    Draft Type- Live Draft
    Draft Date- August 19, 2006 8:00 PM ET
    Seconds Per Pick -120

  22. I’m still in high school unfortunately… lol …this is my last year though! Thank goodness! I’m not sure where I’m going after that. I’ll probably go on to our local junior college but I don’t really want to. Then I’ll probably go to Mississippi State.

  23. Miranda, I’m 23, is that too old for you ??? I can give you my Myspace page. Just kidding. Anyway, we made it through the first inning without being down 4-0 with one of our spot starters. That’s a miracle in itself.

  24. Well Jay… Saturday before 6pm
    Sunday between 1 and 5pm
    If it’ a weekday…anytime I guess.

    The classes at my University resume on the 28th of august, so I’m pretty free till then

  25. I had to delete and start over..HAHAHA. I messed up.

    I’m open any day and any time. Whatever is good for everyone else is fine for me.

  26. Smitty, I gotta be honest, there’s nothing in this world that is better than a woman that likes baseball, and a woman that is posting on a Braves message board, I mean, seriously, does it get any better than that ??? I also happen to subscribe to the Wooderson philosophy with regards to women, “you know what they say about high school girls, I get older, they stay the same age.”

  27. jj3bagger: …haha… I was concerned there for a moment!

    4 Seam: my pics I posted yesterday …they’re in the baseball album the one that says MS Braves Clips is just videos and that clip is of Salty… I haven’t uploaded any others

    here’s the link again if anyone needs it…
    password is braves

  28. Miranda, where did Dave OBrien say that Thorman was sent down, I can’t find that anywhere

  29. Smitty, you can’t go wrong with Jenny, her knowledge of the Braves and IP addresses to login to MLB.TV games are undeniable

  30. Ok,

    Some go to, go to fantasy football and join a public league.

    My league is Jay’s Hokies.

    Just make sure I did it right.

  31. Miranda, I read that today but I didn’t read his follow up comments (which are usually pretty good), so I missed the info when I read it the first time. Thanks for the link. I checked out the Miss Braves pics too and I gotta say that seeing Chipper in a M Braves uni was weird. Brought back memories of Chipper’s old Durham Bulls days.

  32. Yea… Chipper looked totally different with that hat/helmet on.

    I scroll through the blog and search for his bold name… read what he has to say and that’s about it.

  33. Yeah just go ahead and do that….I am really starting to think i’m making this far more difficult than it should be. LOL

  34. I spoke too soon about the spot starter giving up four. It only took him until the 3rd, that usually happens in the first

  35. I am sick of Torborg acting like Cormier is some staff ace who is just unlucky. What about his last two starts?

    “Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” -Albert Einstein

    I know Ramirez, Davies and Hampton are out, but NO MORE CORMIER….EVER!

  36. Cool..I was going to start a Yahoo one for us yesterday.

    I signed up for every fantasy game that yahoo has actually. Gotta do better than last year.

  37. Mac, yeah seriously, this isn’t a rookie that they always struggle with, this is Pedro freaking Astacio. Just simply inexcusible when you’re trying to get back into the “pennant race”

  38. League ID: 468603
    Password: Braves

    Draft is Thursday at 7:30

    Incase you didn’t see it,

    Mac, Stu, Davey, Miranda, Alex, Sam don’t for get to sign up. Everyone is welcome we need 14 more teams

  39. Sorry (as Alex would tell you if he wasn’t at the game) I don’t really like fantasy football. I think fantasy sports should simulate reality and fantasy football doesn’t come close. Football is about 40 percent offense, 40 percent defense, and 20 percent special teams, not 85 percent offense, 10 percent placekicking, and 5 percent defense.

  40. I can’t do it… lol… I would be TERRIBLE anyways! ME and football… doubt it would go very well! I’ll watch it and what not but I’m not familiar enough with the players.

  41. Six inning and no runs, this is absurd. Only three innings left and Pedro Astacio will have a complete game shut-out. Unbelievable.

  42. Dan
    You know Cormier is a ground-baller. Considering his movement, location, and stats, you may well say so. But he is apparently unlucky today though allowed 8 hits. His ER is just 3.

    I hate that error. I just still miss Betemit. It´s too late for regrets.
    We have the bullpens? No. That’s not true. Bear in mind that those are only meant to be a temporary solution. I guess you’ll see after the season…

    I don’t miss Hampton, Davis because I always think injuries affect the morale. When I think of it, they are responsible for it.
    They aren’t on the mound now when the Braves need their helps.

  43. umm…. man that’s a tough question. I’ve met Dierks Bentley about 5 times and each time… he hasn’t changed a bit (that’s over a 3 year span) the more fame… it seems like he’s more down-to-earth each time.

    Macay was really nice… I actually made two pictures with him because the first one didn’t turn out. I had to run him down again and stop him to try it again. He’s was really nice about it. “sure, no problem etc” He was really nice! He’s quiet though!

    Francoeur and McCann… were awesome. Jeff was very talkative! We all knew that though. Brian was quiet but actually wasn’t as quiet as I expected him to be. Brian seemed MUCH taller in person… I expected Jeff to be tall so he wasn’t as much of a shock. He looks taller sitting down though. Brian kept yelling at Jeff telling him to hurry up that he was holding up the line… asking him couldn’t he sign his name any faster…etc. They were so funny! I stood in front of Brian for awhile because the line had gotten backed up again. They were both really nice… great people you could tell. Good raising!

  44. They didn’t really seem like… (I don’t how to put it but they didn’t seem like they had fame) …it was like I had known them my entire life! It was great! I’d love to meet em again!

  45. Alright, I absolutely hate playing in a league that auto picks, but I’ll give it a shot with fellow Braves fans.

    Miranda, I didn’t really mean, who’s the nicest guy you’ve ever met in life in general, I was just curious about the MBraves that have come through. I met John Rocker, Walt Weiss, Gerald Williams, and a few other Braves when I was in HS and they couldn’t have been nicer, even Rocker.

  46. That’s cool that the guys were nice to you, it makes it easy to root for them when you know they’re somewhat decent guys and not jerkoffs like Kenny Lofton, but that’s just me …

    Anyway, I’m in the league and my team name is OtisNixonIsHandsome

  47. Cormier’s ERA is 6.12 before today’s game. He is not just “unlucky.” He sucks. I want him released because otherwise I think somebody might be stupid enough to give him yet another start.

  48. Cormier’s start is another reason why we can’t even win the the WC. To win that, we’d have to have a good run. And you can’t have a run without quality starters. Right now, we have one awesome starter, two that have showed up pretty well the last couple of outings (Hudson and James) and two spots that are rotated between pitchers with 6.00+ eras who can’t pitch beyond the fourth inning. UGGGGHHHH.

  49. Miranda
    You´re in luck. I’ve never met you, you’re a typical teenager girl. I’m saying you’re cute :)

    Jeff was very talkative! I’ve also never met him. I knew it.
    I guess he’s hot temper. Hahahahaha

  50. Alright… haha… umm… well… I’m pretty quiet and won’t talk to them as much as I wish I would. I know they know us when we come to the games because they’ve seen us so much. They smile and speak and I smile back. HA but Esquivel is one that made a huge impression on me. He was really nice and I miss him. It’s definitely not the same without him on the field. He seemed really nice and had a GREAT personality! Most of the time he was the first to start signing and the last to quit. He was great with the little kids too! He’s probably the only one I’ve really talked to….

    From watching them interact with the kids at camp… they all seemed great!

    Salty seems really nice… great personality. Willing to sign etc… I really like Jarrod.

    Ryan Basner seems to work well with the kids also. He seems fun… again good personality.

    pretty much all of them… they all seem great

    Arteaga & Serrano… always smiling …great attitudes

    Dan Smith, Arthur Santos, Zach Schreiber, Glenn Tucker… they all seem great. Barbaro Canizares also seems really nice!

    Yunel… he’s just quiet since he doesn’t speak a lot of English. I really like Yunel though… he’s very quiet though.

    Ascanio… quiet and doesn’t talk a lot

    Blanco… while he was here I really liked him

    Luis Hernandez… I love Luis… he’s always happy… seems really nice

    Matt Harrison… shy/quiet… probably more so than any other person on the team

    I love Eddie… he’s awesome… VERY nice

  51. Yea… I enjoy getting to know the players… it’s a lot easier to support em when you feel like you know them I guess!

    MS’s whole team pretty much… they seem like a great group of guys!

    I got mad with some people behind me the other night… they had only come to see Chipper and had not been to any other games… they kept doggin’ the rest of the guys and I almost got up and moved

  52. Oscar Villarreal to start Thursday.

    Bobby has officially raised the white flag of this season.

    I’m really upset about this BS tonight. It didn’t even look like the Braves tried.

  53. Miranda
    Don’t get me wrong . You’re so cute.
    In fact I want to know a lot of players more….hahahahaha

  54. I’m watching the game via yahoo, and not once have i clicked onto the score and found the braves at bat. Their innings are over too quick. Jeez, guys, this isn’t Sandy F’in Koufax!

  55. It’s funny to watch him and Blauser… they do a great job with the guys …but every now and then they’ll have two game plans going on! and then they’ll get mad with each other for a little bit

    the other night… bases loaded and Yunel singled to deep right… Eddie made him round the bag and was making Huntsville make a decision… we had gotten two runs in and then we had one rounding third… Eddie wanted that run in but Blauser didn’t send him. Yunel was dead and tagged out because Blauser wasn’t doing what Eddie was. It was funny… they went to opposite ends of the dug out and didn’t talk for about an inning!

  56. Alright fellas, I’m outta here, the fact that Pedro Astacio may pitch a complete game shutout against us may drive me to the bottle tonight. I’ll get my players ranked for the draft on Thursday, even though I probably won’t be able to be there.

    As for Miranda, call me when you turn 18. And remember, 23 is really not old at all, it means I’m more “mature”. haha have a good night !!

  57. If there is a doghouse tonight, who gets it? The whole team? Lance Cormier? Bobby Cox/John Schuerholz or whoever it is that chose him to start knowing he sucks?

  58. Ahhhh, what a game…we got beat by Pedro Astacio…not many teams get the chance to say that.

  59. I knew our season was already over…but this is the kick to our groin while we’re lying on the ground and bleeding.

    I mean…Pedro Astacio. Come on now, let’s atleast have some dignity.

  60. I don’t think we ever actually covered the game in this thread…

    I don’t consider myself a typical teenager at all… by far I’m not and I feel like I should’ve graduated at least a couple years ago.

  61. unless my memory fails me, that was easily our worst offensive performance of the year (or to put it more aptly, are most offensive offensive performance :D )

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