Braves 5, Natspos 3. Wait, that can’t be right… – MLB – Box Score – Nationals at Braves

Apparently, if you finish the game with more runs than your opponent, you are rewarded with a “win”.  What is this “win” of which you speak?

The Braves went down early 1-0, Horacio allowing a single, a walk, and a two-out double.  But Francoeur made a strong throw, he actually hit the cutoff man, and the second runner held up so that’s all they got.

In the second, the Braves got some two-out lightning of their own.  Marcus singled in Langerhans, then Pena scored all the way from first when Soriano let the ball get under his glove.  (I know he’s really a second baseman, but shouldn’t that make him better on ground balls, not worse?)

LaRoche hit a solo homer in the third — which is nice, but all he does is hit homers, just like the guy who hits after him — to make it 3-1, then in the fourth Pena followed Langerhans’ leadoff triple with a single to make it 4-1.  That man Soriano hit another homer to make it 4-3, but Andruw gave them some insurance with a solo homer in the bottom of the eighth.

Horacio wasn’t quite as sharp as in his last outing, but gave them eight innings and struck out five against but one walk.  He threw 117 pitches, 66 of them for strikes.  Ray pitched the ninth and struck out two for his third save.

The Braves will attempt to win a series tomorrow, but let’s not get greedy.  I think I’ll ask Danny to write the game thread again.

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  1. Yes, as I’ve already written Danny should write every game thread from now until the Braves lose again.

  2. I posted this in the game thread, but I’m gonna repost. Kaitlin, your arrival as a regular poster on this site corresponds exactly with our win, so you’re going to have to keep posting. You made two good points, too, that Alex R.’s positive attitude seems to have rubbed off on the guys on the field, and the single best nickname suggestion I’ve heard all year.

    So from now on I will refer to our first baseman exclusively as Pokey LaRoche. Hopefully it will catch on to the extent that Don Sutton will develop an exclusive home run call for him: “And Pokey pokes one.”

  3. I don’t expect Bobby to do this, but Pena seems to have earned the backup catching job over Pratt. I know it’s a small sample size, but he’s hitting the ball well and is calling a good game. If we don’t give him a shot, maybe he’ll have some trade value as a backup catcher with another team. He seems to be much improved over last year.

  4. I’ve been in Pena’s camp for awhile (though I guess I left it when he was called up and his numbers looked so lousy from the no-switch-hitting experiment) so I’m glad he’s doing well. Maybe he can’t throw, but Pratt hasn’t been doing that great either. When McCann comes back the best idea might be to put Pratt on the DL.

  5. Well, I try. And amidst all the times when we’ve had shoddy defense and incosistent pitching and hitting, I keep faith. I’ve seen the Braves play better, and I know they can. They just have to start winning the games they shouln’t lose and gain their confidence back.

    It also doesn’t hurt to have a bit of fun, either. Ol’ Pokey hit a homer tonight for the christening of his new name.

  6. I didn’t catch tonight’s game…but I’m elated, surprised, relieved, shocked, happy that we won.

    It really goes to show that we’ve fallen on some hard times. A home series against the NatsPos in’d usually expect a Braves sweep..or atleast 2 out of 3.
    But when I read the comments on the game felt like we won the pennant. Shows you how we’ve been struggling lately.
    Well, a win is great..lets get one more tomorrow..

  7. Missed the game tonight, but was sincerely relieved at the result. So, let’s take a deep breath, root for Smoltz and climb that .500 mountain again.

    I hate ever having to root for that mouthbreather Derek Lowe, but you better believe I’m doing it now. Neither he nor Pedro are particularly sharp tonight. Through 2 IP, both guys have thrown over 40 pitches (Lowe 42; Pedro 44).

  8. I’ll root for Lowe over Pedro anyday… I’ll only root for Pedro if he’s facing…wait for it…Roger Clemens. *shudders*

  9. Not that I’m rooting for enemy injuries or anything, but Cliff Floyd left the game with an ankle injury & Carlos Beltran looked like he hurt his knee again (making a great flat-out catch in CF). He stayed in the game, but he doesn’t look so good.

    Pedro was wild with his fastball, but he’s commanding that curve now. This 2-2 game, however, will probably be decided by the middle relievers.

  10. I’ve had the same thought about Pena. That low line drive swing is working for him this year, and he looks confident now. I’m pretty sure Pratt is safe for the time being, but you can only survive on sac flies for so long. Cox is already carrying one desiccating bench player — carrying two, when it appears a better option exists, might tax his love of veterans too much.

  11. Well, the Phillies are up 6-0 and the Mets are still tied with the Dodgers. Here’s hoping the Mets lose.

  12. Pedro got KO’d. He never had command of his fastball tonight. I haven’t seen him this wild in a long time.

    Whatever…it’s 7-2 LA in the 6th & I’m sure D. Lowe won’t be in much longer either.

  13. Eric Gagne looked unhittable in the 9th tonight. He was dropping sick off-speed hooks on David Wright and spotting the fastball wherever he wanted.

    Delgado, strikeout swinging; Wright strikeout swinging; Chavez pop up on the first pitch. Good night & good luck…

    5 games out.

  14. “Apparently, if you finish the game with more runs than your opponent, you are rewarded with a “win”.”

    LOL, Mac. Your comment reminds me of Lee Elia’s in 1983, as part of his historic blowup of Cubbie fans, “The name of the game is hit the ball, catch the ball, and get the f*^kin’ job done.”

    If you haven’t heard Lee Elia’s classic post-game press conference please, right now, visit:

    This classic baseball moment is pure audio. It’s hard to think of a better way to spend three minutes, well besides that… I’ve never heard more f-bombs in my entire life. The funny thing is, Elia does have a point about the sect of spoiled, suburban Chicago (many rich) Cub fans who have nothing better to do than live through this troubled team and moan when they fail. It’s hard to blame the fans or Elia, what a mess.

  15. Yeah, that tirade is pretty classic, but Elia was right about one thing: The “talent was there” because those Cubbies were amazing the very next year (without him). I really recall that season pretty well because the Braves teased all year long and finished 80-82, while the Cubs on WGN seemed to be the hot show all summer long. Nothing against the Padres, but it was really disappointing not to have a Tigers-Cubs WS that year. They were easily the most interesting teams.

    Late Night Viewing Session Recommendation: A documentary DVD about Gram Parsons called “Fallen Angel.” If anyone likes alt-country or old country or just great country (no, I don’t mean Toby Keith), this doc tells the story about a great songwriter and performer (born in Waycross, Ga., BTW), who died in 1973 at 26.

    It’s pretty heartbreaking, actually. But it’s very honest & there’s so much good music (The Byrds, Flying Burrito Brothers, The Stones, solo Parsons) that it’s really very engaging.

  16. Gram Parsons was a very interesting musician. He pretty much took over The Birds creatively after David Crosby left in the late 60s. Apparently Johhny Knoxville plays him in a film called Gram Theft Parsons or something to that effect. Someone recommended it, but Knoxville as Parsons sounds scary. I heard about the documentary you cited ububba, which sounds like the more worthwhile view, in the same conversation.

  17. Gram was also the centerpiece of the Burrito Bros. as well. The rock’n’roll mythology is that he arranged “Wild Horses” for the Rolling Stones, who introduced him to heroin in return. There are a couple of excellent solo albums as well, GP and Grievous Angel (conveniently paackaged on one cd). Emmylou Harris was a big GP follower back in the day, as well as the Stones. For me the “Gilded Palace of Sin” Burrito Brothers stuff is the highlight – ymmv.

  18. I couldn’t watch the game last night (damn Comcast!), but I caught the SportsCenter recap this morning. Isn’t anyone going to comment on the new handlebars mustache strategy in clubhouse? Myself, I’m a big fan, but I’m interested to know whether Andruw is participating (or able to participate).

  19. I came across this quote from JS in yesterday’s Braves Report on the AJC website. It sounds exactly like a comment Smitty made on the thread about the draft (except it is JS talking about Roy Clark, and not Smitty talking about JS).

    Was Schuerholz happy with the Braves’ selections in the early rounds?

    “I’m as happy as Roy Clark,” Schuerholz said, referring to the Braves’ scouting director. “Those guys do a great job every year, and they feel real good about this year. They had a lot of picks early this year, and they feel real good about how they did. If they feel good, so do I.”

    So I guess they didn’t miss Moore too much (although if he had anything to do with the Royals drafting, I’d be upset).

  20. By the way, the two middle paragraphs were from the AJC. I don’t know how to make them block quotes.

  21. First post here.

    Despite my feelings of impending doom, it seems that the team is still hanging around. And with the various ways the Braves have managed to sneak in the back door since ’91, I’m willing to hold out some hope that Bobby and the team can do it again.

    Anyway, I enjoy the site Mac, keep up the good work.

  22. So this Grimsley thing . . . how do yall think that’s gonna go over? Grimsley’s played for a lot of teams. This could get nasty. Personally, I’m glad he got busted and named names and I hope this leads to HGH testing. It’s pretty ridiculous that they don’t test for it now.
    How would you feel if a favorite player turned out to have used HGH? Even someone you didn’t see coming at all? I don’t know, I’m bored at work and just throwing things out there since no one else wants to talk about the Braves’ facial hair.

  23. What was wrong with the site this morning? The text was totally different and when I clicked on comments I was sent to a Network Solutions site. Now it works fine.

    After learning of the Grimsley bust, maybe that 4 game sweep by the D-backs wasn’t just the Braves playing bad.

  24. Joey T,
    We started to get WGN in Columbus, Ga., around 1980, but we got cable around 1972 or 73. I wanted to get it (the old WTCG, the TBS precursor) for the NWA wrestling with Gordon Solie. I ended up getting the Braves, the Hawks, the Flames & lotsa great old movies. I loved that station, especially Bill Tush’s overnight fake news shows called “Early in the Morning.” Believe me, by 1984, I knew a lotta Braves fans in Columbus & Athens who were really taken with that Cubs team. (I liked ’em because they had Gary Matthews in LF, one of my Brave faves.)

    I say test ’em all, bust ’em all & let the chips fall where they may. If it’s our guy who goes down, I’m fine with it. When MLB bloodtests for HGH, I’ll begin to lose some suspicion. And that still doesn’t account for masking agents, but that’s another story.

    Spike/Senor Duke,
    Like you guys, I can’t say enough good things about Gram Parsons’ music—really too many highlights to get into here. And in the documentary, most of those tidbits you mentioned are covered fairly well, including the bizarre circumstances surrounding his death, bodysnatching, semi-cremation at Joshua Tree, etc.

    But I did forget to add that, in the doc, there are lots of interviews with everyone who was making music with him (Keith Richards, Emmylou Harris & Chris Hillman are featured prominently), but also with those who admired him, like Steve Earle, Peter Buck & Dwight Yoakim. And his family story is really wacky & ultimately very sad. Tennessee Williams could’ve have written it. Anyway, if you like that stuff at all, check out “Fallen Angel.”

  25. Ububba,

    I assume by “strange circumstances surrounding his death”, you mean the “ice cube” firts aid. One of the craziest rock star deaths ever.

    May I recommend the documentary “Heartworn Highways” for the rock-country fans. I think its availiable through Netflix, it used to very hard to find.

  26. doubledawg,

    GP’s girlfriend (not wife) was there during his last hotel-room party & she’s interviewed for the doc, but she refuses to dish those kinds of deep details. And 30+ years later, she’s still pretty broken up about it.

    I’ve read that the ice-cube trick is actually counterproductive, but at that point you’re in “Pulp Fiction” land anyway, about to cross the River Styx. Best not to play with that kind of fire.

  27. In other weird injury news, Seattle’s top pick, Brandon Morrow, apparently may need TJ surgery because he hurt his elbow yesterday when he picked up the phone to hear that he’d been drafted.

    That is the weirdest thing I ever heard. That can’t really be what happened.

  28. S’alright Jenny, you brightened my work day. Consider it a service for which I thank you.

  29. More like the Seattle Post-Stupider for running the article and either not clearly labeling as satire or buying it.

  30. guys (and gals) – the seattle thing is funny if you are a seattle fan, because their pitching prospects have a history of getting hurt from roger salkeld, up through ryan anderson (now in culinary school), travis blackley, and clint nageotte.

  31. I’m totally going to pick up the Gram Parsons documentary tonight at the video store. Thanks to ububba and spike for giving me reasons to finally get off my butt and go rent the thing.

  32. does anyone else get this annoying overlay text about getting a personal avatar that messes up the posts? or is that just me? perhaps a firefox bug?

  33. For those of you who like the GP/ alt. country (boy I hate that term – it’s either country or not, and that includes that crap on the radio) try to check out some of the Louvin Brothers/Jimmie Rodgers/Carter Family source material. It’s an acquired taste to be sure, but quite rewarding.

    I am stuck in the backwoods of Maine for 2 weeks, so i have blissfully missed some of this mess, but I too am dismayed. And the sad part is that with just average production from our relief and OF corners, we’d be cruising.

  34. This is from Mac…

    “Hey, I can’t get in; will you post that this has to serve as the game thread, and that if I can’t get in at the end of the game that I’ll recap on Google Groups?”

    So there it is.

    And Soriano strikes again…

  35. Well, being a really bad pitcher who can’t even get your ERA below 5.00 pitching in RFK half the time will make you a bit bitter.

    Still, Ortiz hits people all the time. It almost certainly nothing malicious, and just the unfortunate result of being a bad pitcher.

  36. well he’s a bad pitcher that we can’t touch tonight.
    andruw–2 at bats, 2 swings, 2 outs

  37. Of course, the Braves are specialized in developing Cy Young pitchers…for the opponents.

  38. Do y’all realize in this stretch, we play 17 days in a row? Does that seem a bit ridiculous?
    Also, 33 games with one off day, if I’m looking at the schedule right.

  39. Yes, it is ridiculous, but it seems like baseball schedule has always been ridiculous for as long as I can remember…

  40. Maybe it’s more like Adam’s Army Reserve–they do all their damage one weekend a month and for emergencies (the post-season).

  41. Listening to the game on the radio and surfing, and I just stumbled across this piece (via Boing Boing) on MBL trying to prevent cable subscribers from being able to watch the games on their laptop via a service offered by Sling Media.


    Interestingly, Liberty Media is one of the investors in Sling Media.

  42. Wait, urlhix, so could I subscribe to an overseas MLB Extra Innings equivalent and see games that are blacked out on Fox Saturdays?

    See, this is the problem with MLB trying to prevent people from watching games. If content is out there, it will eventually find a way to the consumer.

  43. I’m not sure JoeyT. Don’t really know that much about the technology. The example in the article provided was of a SF cable subscriber being able to watch the game on their laptop if they were, say, in Chicago in business. I don’t see how your example should be any different. You have paid for the content, you should be able to watch it across your various media devices. That’s the standard anti-drm argument anyway.

  44. ………………………………………………………………………….

  45. that should be “able to watch the Giants game … if they were in Chicago on business. Sorry, it’s been a very long day.

    /misses comments preview.

  46. I really think we have to find a way to work Betemit and Diaz into the lineuip already. A shut out by Ramon Ortiz has to be the last straw. There are too many automatic outs and too few reliable hitters.

    It’s so frustrating.

  47. I think the most frustrating part is that the team most consistent hitters (Chipper and Marcus) have been widely inconsistent so far this season. Adding them to Andruw, Adam, and Frenchy, the whole offense is inconsistent.

    Good job Adam.

  48. God, even Langerhans can’t take some pitches? I cannot believe we are making this awful pitcher look good.

    We have to have to have to give Betemit and Diaz some starts soon.

  49. As I stated last night, until McCann is ready, someone explain why Brayan Pena, who can hit some at least, isn’t in there?

  50. Holy crap.

    Hey…I will take it…an Orr homer.

    At least someone realized they were facing RAMON FREAKING ORTIZ!!!!

  51. I didn’t think it was a great idea to pinch hit for Smoltz only down 2 but I have to say, this move worked out really well for Bobby.

  52. That’s a sign that Bobby is building McBride into a bigger role, which is what I like to see.

  53. Put a lazy groundball between Chipper and Edgar will always resulted in an infield single.

  54. My’s gone goofy again. Does anyone know of a link to a station that’s carrying the game?

  55. Well, I don’t know if using any pitcher against Royce Clayton is a sign of much.

  56. Against McBride, the two right handers and the switch hitter get on. The one lefty gets out.

  57. Well, there was that lazy groundball by Clayton between Chipper and Edgar. Nevertheless, McBride’s control isn’t there tonight.

  58. With Yates, are we trying to strike out Byrd or walk him?

    No radio out there?

    I had up & running at the office, but I forgot to log out, so now that I’m home, I can’t get on. The site puts a 2-hour block on anyone logging on again.

  59. Story of the season, get behind, fight back, give up more runs to put it away. This sucks.

  60. Unbelievable. How can we end up losing a game started by John Smoltz against ramon Ortiz.

    We should have won this game 9-3.

    We have to consider lineup changes. This really brings me down.

  61. A two hour block? What is it with MLB and trying to keep people from watching games whenever possible? They’re so paranoid about IP they won’t even let people be on at work, go home, and turn the game on.

    Just retarded.

  62. LaRoche should go back to pitching. That way it’ll combine the two worst parts of the team to just one.

  63. OK, Yates experience failed. Stockman and Startup standing in line for the continuing tryout…

    …and I don’t quite understand the purpose of throwing eight straight fastballs to Ward.

  64. We would have better off with Mcbride facing Byrd but oh who cares…we need some fracking relievers.

    Where is JS?

    Where is JS?

    Is he writing his next book to tell us all hjow brilliant he is?

  65. He is waiting for Dayton to take over the Royals so that he can trade of Elmer Dessens.

  66. wW are pathetic. Nothing from the Jones boys either.

    I know I am being negative but it’s so hard not to be when a John Smoltz game against Ramon Freaking Ortiz results in a soon to be LOSS.

  67. Yeah, JoeyT, I thought the same thing. Why are they trying to keep eyeballs away from their product?

    A lot of the time, most days, in fact, I have the game on the tv in the house and I’m listening to the game on the radio wherever I’m working outside. I have a feeling MLB would like me to pay twice for that privelege, if they could.

  68. JoeyT,

    Yeah, I found out about the 2-hour block the hard way. There’s no explanation on the site about it & it’s actually impossible to log out from another PC.

    So…it seems I gotta root for extras before it comes back on again.

  69. It’s OK Alex, I’m not in the best of moods either. We should’ve won this game. Right now, I’m fairly disgusted.

    But I’m praying that something good happens and we have some more 9th-inning magic.

  70. kc,

    I’ve been wondering what kind of wheeling and dealing will go on with KC (heh) once Dayton is settled. I don’t follow them so I don’t know what they have or need.

  71. urlhix, they don’t have much talent over there in Kansas City…unless you count Reggie Sanders and Mike “I can’t stay healthy” Sweeney.

  72. Crap, Frenchy, we really needed a hit. God, we needed anything!Except an out.

  73. (Holding face in hands).

    Dammit, Frenchy.

    This loss is possibly one of the most depressing of the year and it didn’t even involve Reitsma.

  74. Just a quick question: Did Frenchy get a hit at all tonight?


  75. My power has been out all night but comes on just in time reveal that we’re gonna lose a game in which John Smoltz was pitching against Ramon “I Suck” Ortiz.

    I don’t even care what happened.

    Friggin’ pathetic.

  76. getting the side struck out looking in the 9th is fucking unacceptable. yes, i cursed. sue me.

  77. Thanks kc, I wasn’t counting either of those guys, lol. I knew they were stinking it up but I wasn’t sure if there might be a jem or two over there. Because what we have right now ain’t working, hasn’t been working, and everyone knew it wouldn’t work before we tried it.

  78. Lineup changes.
    New relivers.
    New batting order.

    Hell…even if some of the new moves don’t all work, something has to be done here. This is our season on the line and I don’t care that it’s June. Things have to be done already. Why do Bobby and JS sit there when there are changes we have to make?

    I apologize once again for my negativity. I am truly sorry. i am just so frustrated because I love this team.

  79. The only thing right now that makes me feel we may win again. McCann is slated to start playing tomorrow. Lord knows we need him.

  80. Maybe AJC should pronounce the Braves dead like the Houston newspaper did to the Astros last season.

  81. Crap, well, I guess it’s better than if started playing tomorrow and aggravated his ankle. I just want him healthy so he can start playing for us again.

  82. The sad thing is that the ownership situation in Houston last year wasn’t in flux and that may be the thing that has held back any movement by management. If you are selling a business the last thing you do is add more labor costs. Not that that should stop the AJC calling the Braves dead.

  83. The worst part about all of this is Smoltz had Nick Johnson 0-2 with 2 out. Goes to 3-2 and he works a double. Then the ball that Andruw almost gloves. We get things our way on either of those and we get out of the inning w/o 3 runs scoring.

    Smoltz needs to go back to power pitching.

  84. Am I too late to join the pitty party?

    Wow we suck right now. We need a glimmer of hope from somewhere. This is getting ridiculous.


    Pendleton and Bobby should tell Frenchy that if he swings at any more first pitches he will be benched. It’s the only way to teach this kid some discipline at the plate….

  86. Landogarner, how long it took before Andruw stopped swinging at those outside sliders? Some kids just takes more time to develop patience, especially a young football player like Frenchy.

  87. kc, true but Andruw was hitting close to 30 homers and 100 ribbies even when he was striking out left and right. Frenchy has been cutting down on his strikeouts but he hasn’t been hitting the ball well AT ALL. And that is worrisome.

  88. Well, I hate to have to keep rooting so hard for the Mets’ opponents, but it’s 5-5 in the 2nd inning. Furcal has already hit 2 HRs off Glavine.

  89. Did you know: Tom Seaver was never drafted by the Mets! Check it (from wikipedia):

    In 1966 he signed a contract with the Atlanta Braves, who had drafted him; but the contract was voided because of the rules of the NCAA and by Baseball Commissioner William Eckert, and the Mets were awarded his signing rights in a lottery drawing among those teams willing to match the Braves’ terms.

    What a gyp.

  90. It all started when Diaz was RED hot and killing the ball and then he was sitting cause Langerhauns hadnt played the last 3 or 4 games .. Diaz lost it .. like Bobby has about a lineup change or something ..batting order … i just sink my head when I hear Giles leading off … change it up ..what could it hurt …

  91. Ok, don’t get too excited but I was standing above the pen tonight and REISTMAS GONNA THROW THE CHANGEUP MORE!@#@#!@ We will be so set in the pen! holla!

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