39 thoughts on “Hopeless Game Thread: Cubs at Braves, Sept. 10”

  1. Well, I have hope for an 81-81 record at least, I don’t care about the playoffs right now. Is there anything wrong with that? ;P

  2. The Braves have disappointed all year long, Sam. Don’t hope for .500, they’ll only let you down… Personally, the only thing I’m hoping for is the end of the season (which as far as I know the Braves can’t extend infinitely–when they do I’ll know that Purgatory exists).

  3. Even though the Braves are awful this year, I’m not looking forward to the end of the season. The winter, to me, is not a fun time. I don’t like not having games to keep up with, even if I don’t like the results.

    A friend of mine once said that his favorite season is baseball season (It was really funny, too, because everyone in the group looked at him funny because they were expecting a traditional winter/spring/summer/winter answer). I have to agree with that. So, no matter how awful the Braves are, I’d rather be watching a team play poor baseball, than watch no baseball at all.

  4. @2

    Sure, Jeff, that’s the way to go. Always looking at the negative. Well, how about thinking positive for once, hm? Even if the Braves don’t finish at .500, I’ll say “Oh well, I was wrong,” and not be the worse for wear.

    Why do you want to be proven right about the negative? Because you have facts behind you? Would it make you look smart? I agree that the trend this season is that the Braves don’t have a winning streak of more than three games. Doesn’t mean it can’t happen, does it? Only way it can’t happen is if they have a losing streak or winnning streak of one or two games at game 162.

  5. I think the problem is that, for better or worse, this team is not something about which fans can just say “Oh well, I was wrong” and not be the worse for wear. It goes a little more deeply than that. It’s the nature of the beast.

  6. Jeff M. is the resident pessimist, Sam. Everything is doom and gloom and the Braves will never compete again, even in 2007 and 2008. They should just firesell now and prepare to try to take the division back from the almighty Mets in 2014. That is how he rubs me.

    As to what was originally written, there are over twenty games left. There is still time for the Braves to get hope up and crush it one last time. A ten game winning streak followed quickly by a six game losing streak should do just nicely.

  7. I said it before, and I’ll say it again. You don’t need hope, just a desire for revenge against everyone we’ll encounter. The Cubs for beating us in 2003. The Astros for Ausmus and Burke. The Mets for too many reasons to count. The Nationals for being the Expos. The Phillies and Marlins for thinking they’re better than us (even if they are). The Rockies for existing and wasting our time.

    1914 Update:
    Boston Braves 72-54 (–)
    NY Giants 69-56 (2.5)
    Chicago Cubs 69-61 (5)
    St. Louis Cardinals 68-62 (6)
    Pittsburgh Pirates 59-66 (12.5)
    Philadelphia Phillies 58-68 (14)
    Brooklyn Robins 57-70 (15.5)
    Cincinnati Reds 56-71 (16.5)

    Today’s Games:
    Phillies 000 000 000 – 0 4 2 LP- Marshall
    Boston 000 000 03x – 3 6 1 WP- Rudolph

    Phillies 002 000 000 – 2 6 2 LP- Baumgartner
    Boston 010 004 11x- 7 13 1 WP- James

    One of those doubleheaders I mentioned yesterday, and the Braves send the fans home happy. The Giants split a doubleheader against Brooklyn to fall another game back.

  8. @4

    Actually, I don’t like to be proved right… I prefer the surprise positive. The Braves have been a joy for many years. And I’m not one that has been watching them only in the glory years since the run began. I watched them all through the eighties (really enjoyed the 82 season). This year, not so much. I have maintained that we have some good things going our way (McCann is certainly one, and the relative youth of our offense in general is a large second). I am bothered, as some other contrarians here are, by the lack of pitching both in Atlanta and in the farm system. And maybe that’s the heart of my pessimism now. Good pitching wins games and makes every game a possible winner. Right now, again, that quality is missing. How many of you feel save with a 3 run lead in the 7th (by the 9th when Wickman comes in, yes–which is nice as well). My desire for a fire sale (and really it’s more about maximizing our value positions (CF, 1B, 2B) is linked to my desire to see the Braves field better pitchers next year (not for a run in 2014 or whenever, nice snark, by the way). Beyond those positions, I certainly don’t advocate trading much. I’ve never said trade McCann, for instance, although I would imagine his value to be quite high. I haven’t advocated trading Francouer either (what his value is right now I don’t know). I’m hopeful that a switch will light up at somepoint and that we’ll see a truly terrific right fielder there (he certainly has talent). I haven’t advocated getting rid of either Chipper or Renteria either. Pitching wise, I once mentioned a trade of Smoltz but that one would hurt. The rest, well, what would anyone else take (James, Davies–that would definitely go against my desire for more pitching). So am I a pessimist? This season, yes. Am I getting joy from it? Not really. But I do enjoy the exercise of thinking through the problems to get back to “a happy place.” I’m also absolutely conscious of the fact that my exercises have no impact on the Braves themselves.

  9. I’m glad to see Andruw taking a day off, but I hope it’s just that. He’s not hurt, is he? (Or, anymore hurt than he usually is, because I know he usually plays beaten up.)

  10. There’s a good article on AtlantaBraves.com about Eddie Perez and his future in coaching. He apparently had a pretty hands-on coaching job as a player-coach at Mississippi, and there may be a spot for him to coach in Atlanta next year. With Fredi Gonzalez probably gone, I think Atlanta may make him a third base coach. The article says that TP is a managerial candidate, but I don’t know about that. Here’s the link: Notes: Perez returns in coaching role

  11. Wow, nobody’s here. Have I mentioned recently that I love Brian McCann? The guy is awesome. Actually, I had a hunch he and LaRoche would do something there. I wasn’t sure what, but they proved me right.

  12. Ten strikeouts for Lance Cormier? Where was this kind of pitching from Cormier- hell, from anyone- the first five months of this season?

  13. I love McCann as well!!! haha

    and yes… it’s been really dead today!

    Lance is doing a great job today!

  14. 7 innings, gave up one run. Who was that guy and what did he do with the real Lance Cormier?

    I’ll take it though. Even if it is just against the Cubs (now watch the bullpen blow it…)

  15. Hasn’t Yates been used an awful lot lately? I mean, I know Ray and Paronto were overused and lost it, but it just seems like every time I check the games he’s pitching.

  16. Yea, the Mets are being pounded. We won’t be eliminated from the division race today. (Then again, there’s always tomorrow…)

  17. Absolutely agree with you “Rissa”, bad baseball is better than no baseball. Love MLB.TV!!! Mac, keep the YOU TUBES coming. I like your taste in music!

  18. “Did all the Cubs take a tab of LSD before the game or what?”

    I know they’re in a tailspin, but ten strikeouts for Lance Cormier and only one run off of Cormier in seven innings couple with Yates striking out the side in the eighth looks beyond bad.

  19. Beating the Cubs doesn’t get monotonous, really it doesn’t. The Braves shouldn’t worry about boring their fans if they keep doing this.

  20. Mac did you know that because of their experience in Shea The Beatles didn’t want to play live concerts afterwards.

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