– MLB – Box Score – Braves at Marlins

Well, one down, only eight or ten to go. The Braves still suck, but possibly suck slightly less with Reitsma going on the DL (Phil Stockman will take his place) with a mystery injury. I was rooting for “inability to pitch”. I was about to start the “When will Reitsma go?” contest.

The game? Why bother? Smoltz gave up a solo homer in the first but kept it close from there. Unfortunately, the Braves were leaving runners left and right while this was going on, and then the Marlins got two more in the fifth. I don’t blame Smoltz. You try pitching down one run every time out. Remlinger allowed an extra run in the eighth just to make it more impossible.

The Braves did get three straight singles leading off the sixth (from Andruw, McCann, and Francoeur) but LaRoche inevitably hit into a double play. I say inevitable, I expected a triple play. The Braves left nine men on base, the Marlins left four. McCann was 3-3 with a walk, and is hitting .368.

This season has gone so far south that it’s actually kind of funny. We Have Become The Royals, everyone. It’s the curse of Dayton Moore.