373 thoughts on “Les Nessman Memorial Game Thread: Aug. 4, Braves at Reds”

  1. So who thinks James can set the major league record for homeruns given up in one game tonight?

  2. I think he certainly can. I pray that he won’t.

    Actually, what’s the record? If it’s some insane number, Bobby probably wouldn’t leave Chuck in there long enough to set it.

  3. In keeping with our other thread today, has anyone asked Francoeur if he’d like to try pitching? We sure need another starter. Chuck Amok isn’t inspiring me.

    1914 Update:

    NY Giants 54-37 (–)
    Chicago Cubs 52-44 (4.5)
    St. Louis Cardinals 51-47 (6.5)
    Boston Braves 47-45 (7.5)
    Cincinnati Reds 46-50 (10.5)
    Philadelphia Phillies 44-49 (11)
    Brooklyn Robins 40-50 (13.5)
    Pittsburgh Pirates 40-52 (14.5)

    Today’s game:
    Pirates 000 000 000 – 0 2 0 LP- Harmon
    Boston 010 000 00x – 1 8 1 WP- Rudolph
    Time of today’s game: One hour and 28 minutes. Inning we’ll be in at that point tonight: Bottom of the 4th.

  4. I want to see some homer runs!

    Andruw hits 3, Frenchy 1, and the rest hit 3.

    7 home runs Braves win 12-10.

    Baez and Wickman the hold and save.

  5. Bizzaro Richmond: Lance Cormier threw a complete game shutout for Richmond last night. The night before Jonathan Schuerholz was 2 for 4 with a homer and a double. Richmond actually won both games.

  6. According to this, the record is seven, set in 1886. The AL record, which I guess is the modern record, has been set several times at 6, most recently by RA Dickey this year.

  7. I just heard a commercial on WALA Fox-10 for redneck furniture….

    “According to this, the record is seven, set in 1886. The AL record, which I guess is the modern record, has been set several times at 6, most recently by RA Dickey this year.”

    I thought Josh Beckett or [Name Redacted] had the record, oh well…

    What has happened to Beckett?

  8. lineup has no laroche:


    no homeruns for the reds tonight chucky.

    does anyone else think the braves pitchers just look too nice? maybe the secret is all in the mean, frownie face. i never liked facing pitchers who looked pissed off, because it always kept me thinking “i am about to get nailed.” roger needs to have an “Angry Clinic” next year.

  9. “Actually, what’s the record? If it’s some insane number, Bobby probably wouldn’t leave Chuck in there long enough to set it.”

    Tony Larussa would, ain’t that right Jason Marquis?

  10. Anyone have any leads on what’s happening with the whole Andruw claimed on waivers story? Just wondering if the team is getting their annual ‘ditch my favorite’ player campaign off to an early start this year

  11. Mac,

    I loved the “WKRP” references from ububba and yourself. Maybe they can find some way to tape on the batters boxes and have the batters open the door before they get in.

  12. Yeah, it’s quite possible nothing will happen, but it’s also possible something will. We’ll know this weekend.

    People are speculating that it’s Houston. There was talk Boston was going to get Andruw and flip him to Houston for Oswalt. There’s no way Oswalt could be in the deal now (he’d have to pass through waivers), but the Astros do have some good young pitching prospects like Jason Hirsh, who I don’t think is on the 40-man yet. Too bad Matt Albers was called up, he would have been a good one to target also.

  13. I would trade Andruw for 10 1st-2nd round Draft picks, 2 pitching propects, 1 reliver, and a good defensive CF plus 5 million in cash.

    Since that ain’t ever gonna happen, no trade…..

  14. Every one gets put on waivers, some get claimed nothign ever happens.

    Yeah I know, but the 10/5 rights kicking in makes this at least mildly interesting. Boston is fading right now and may very well make another run at Andruw.

  15. What has happened to Beckett I ask?

    Not much. Better league, less pitcher friendly home park. He’ll have to adjust. His rate stats are ok, he just can’t keep the ball in the park.

  16. You can’t trade draft picks

    If they did put Oswalt on waivers for the Andruw trade, I think we would get the first shot at him

  17. “HoRam has a Texas Pete comercial! OH my God! I hope it gets on You Tube”

    Thank you. I’ve mentioned it here one or two times and no one said anything. I thought I was the only one who was seeing it.

    That commercial is the worst involving a Braves’ player I’ve ever seen. How can Ramirez stand there with a straight face next to that dancing bottle of hot sauce?

  18. OK, I am way more interested than I probably should be, since 4Seam’s right that it’s probably not going to happen. Still, I took a look at Houston’s 40-man roster, and Hirsh is unfortunately on it. Here’s the link:


    I compared that list against John Sickels’s preseason Top 10 for the Astros, and here are the guys that are not on the 40-man:

    #2, Troy Patton, LHP.
    #3, Hunter Pence, OF.
    #6, Brian Bogusevic, LHP
    #7, Eli Iorg, OF

    Patton and Pence are both good, but young. Personally, I’d like someone a little closer to the bigs. After seeing this, if the Stros are the team that claimed Andruw, I have even more doubt anything will happen.

  19. Dan,

    I love how they show HoRam striking out some guy and then some girl comming up and asking for his autograph. I guess Smoltz was busy preaching or something.

  20. The way Rathburn talks about Francoeur and McCann being such “great buddies” you would think they were boyfriends

  21. I’d love to take a shot at locking up Oswalt for an extension, but I don’t think he could get through waivers. Maybe in the offseason, though.

  22. Smoltz was doing the Home Depot commercial.

    I kind of like his preaching, makes want to go outside and throw a slider.

    Gant talking about strikingout.

    Nice break Thor.

  23. 4Seam, I can’t tell if you’re being public-spirited or simply masochistic by listening to Gant. But thanks anyway.

    Chuck saw more pitches than Francoeur, a trend I expect to see continue.

  24. If they could combine Francouer’s raw talent with Langerhans’ plate approach they would really have something.

  25. Great Davey. If there isn’t something about the 2-out RBI graphic in there I’ll be dissappointed.

  26. Well, Langy is four years older than Frenchy…so Robert, that may happen four years later…

  27. Here are some drink ideas:
    -Every time Chipper hurts his foot
    -Every time Bobby gets tossed
    -Every time Pratt misses a ball
    -Every time TBS shows the Francoeur 2 out RBI sats

  28. Haha Smitty…I had 3 of those 4 already. We think alike sir…

    I’ll drop it on you when I’m done. I’m going to put alot of thought into this..

  29. Some people were apparently reporting that Oswalt was a free agent, but he came up in May of his rookie year. The Astros were maximizing how much they could get out of him.

    I will reiterate the Hudson comp.

    Similar Pitchers through Age 27
    Compare Stats

    1. Tim Hudson (960)
    2. Mike Mussina (946)
    3. John Candelaria (939)
    4. Jack McDowell (937)
    5. Kevin Appier (935)
    6. Doug Drabek (934)
    7. Lefty Williams (933)
    8. Matt Morris (930)
    9. Kevin Millwood (928)
    10. Bob Welch (926)

    Note that Oswalt is now 28. Note that Hudson was 29 last year.

  30. Take a drink every time:

    McCann gets a single off the wall
    Andruw swings at a 55-foot pitch
    Pete Orr sees the field
    A reliever who could eat half the regulars is on the mound

  31. Can someone tell me how Encarnacion got on base? Gameday is calling it catcher interference on McCann.

  32. The Reds have almost as many home grown players as the Braves. I have seen most of these guys at AA games here in Chattanooga

  33. Take a drink everytime Giles dives and comes up empty.
    Take a drink everytime you see Diaz arch his back.
    Take a drink everytime you see Pete Orr swing at a pitch right down the middle of the plate and foul it off his foot because of his excessively downward swing.

  34. Mac,

    I was all set to respectfully disagree about the Hudson/Oswalt comparison. But you know what? I took a look at the numbers, and it’s pretty scary how similar they are. For me, Hudson’s problem has been the declining K ratios which I remember being worried about when we acquired him from the A’s. And, sure enough, Oswalt’s done the same thing the last few years. Check out his K/9s:

    2001: 9.15 Ks/9
    2002: 8.03
    2003: 7.63
    2004: 7.82
    2005: 6.85

    And so far this year, 6.14. Yikes!

  35. Rathbun’s the dumb guy who laughs at stupid things. Torborg’s the dumb guy who tells stories about Walter Alston, Don Drysdale, and all the times we kicked his ass when he managed the Mets and Marlins.

  36. There are two other Dans? (#78, #83)

    No just kidding, it’s me again. Look how much fun that could be though.

  37. When will the Braves learn? They don’t have Furcal anymore, stop with the steal crap. I’m sick of it.

  38. Gant was praising Edwin Encarnacion for his great hands. Too bad Encarnacion makes Chipper look like Brooks Robinson.

    15 errors this season

  39. “No just kidding, it’s me again. Look how much fun that could be though.”

    You know that Mac can probably see IP addresses, right?

  40. Fives are going wild (McCann’s fifth error, Marcus’ fifth caught stealing)…My prediction: Thorman hits number five and Chucky wins number five!!!!!

  41. Torborg to Dan on winning a inflatable cooler:

    “You know when I was managing the Marlins, Brad Penny was once in the whirlpool taking a soak with an inflatable MIller Light cooler. He asked if I wanted to tell him a story about catching Don Drydale. I did, so as I began talking the GM came in and told me I was fired. It was all a set up by Penny and the GM to get me to stay in one place so they could fire me. IT is good though because I like Rathburn”

  42. Edwin Encarnacion’s hands must be too soft!


  43. That’s it for me boys. Keep hope alive. Go the-half-of-the-league-not-between-us-and-the-DBacks!

  44. Gant’s has to commiserate…remember, he started off as an inept second baseman too.

  45. That would be a warning track flyout at Turner Field…

    …weak pop up to first base again!!!

  46. Well guys, I am going to leave this 2-0 lead in your hands. I am going to see Ricky Bobby. Full report when I return

  47. Looked pretty bad to me, and I say that as someone with absolutely no use for NASCAR.

  48. Smitty you win a Bud Light inflatable bar complete with a week’s supply of Bud light, courtesy of Bud Light!

    stools come seperately.

  49. Brian J. for your excellent vocabulary you have won an inflatable dictionary and thesarus from Funk and Wagnalls!!!

    James has a no hitter through 4.

  50. Here’s bald facts.
    Routine Jeff Francoeur : frequently Stike Out, sometimes Home Run, hardly Hustle Play, and lately Pops out. That’s all.

  51. AJ kneels down on his right knee, and dives, he also slides on his right leg sometimes.

    If you wanna up the ante on the drinks includes those on his knee touching.

  52. First and second and no one was out, come on the Braves need at least one run here.

    Go McCann.

  53. New game.

    Will James give up a hit in the next inning.

    All who win with the correct answer will win the best prize yet….

    The Bud-Light Inflatable Toilet!

    When you are too lazy and crude to get your lazy butt out of the pool and go inside.

  54. Two pitches for Frenchy. Comebacker to the pitcher. Cox and Pendleton are seeing this too, right?

  55. Hey Andy Marte just got his second hit! Driving my wife crazy by watching the indians and braves at the same time.

  56. You’re sure he’s working for the Braves? I thought he just wandered up into the broadcast booth some day and they let him stay.

  57. I wish I had a pool 4 Seam…. Closest I come to a pool is all the sweating I do from the insane temperatures down here.

  58. Maybe you need the bud light inflatable pool to go along with the inflatable toilet…

  59. 4Seam, you idjit. You’re not supposed to talk about that.

    Plate’s starting to jump around a bit for Chuck, though.

  60. How fitting. What other way would Chucky break up his own no hitter than by giving up another homerun this year.

  61. Orr isn’t that bad, guys. He’s hitting something like .300 in PH situations this year. Not too shabby. (But let’s never start him. :-))

  62. When Adam is back, I really wish Bobby will rest Frenchy for two or three days. I think the kid is just tired by playing everyday…

  63. sausage race result
    As of July 25, 2006
    Italian Sausage 18
    Hot Dog 14
    Bratwurst 10
    Polish Sausage 9
    Chorizo –
    i.e. Orr can run hahaha

    BTW, The Braves missed a good chance..Alas!!!!!!!

  64. Replay shows that Frenchy’s dinger was right down the middle. I don’t get it. FSN announcer is perplexed too. Mentions the 10 walks and low OBP. Courmier must be French for moron.

  65. Francouer is probably still in the doghouse. This Reds pitcher is probably in the doghouse on the Reds Journal.

  66. Johnny, ever heard of mistake picthes? Probably wasn’t trying to throw it there.

  67. I don’t understand how you can have a play of the game before the game is over.

  68. Marcus will flyout.
    Renteria will groundout.
    Andruw will strikeout.

    I would love to at least tie it, but I doubt it.

  69. Here’s an ugly stat line
    .291 .487 0.778 .237
    Ken Griffey Jr. Man over at Reds Journal they must be ticked.

  70. this place does a better job of keeping me informed than Yahoo’s gamechannel deal. thanks!

  71. LOL, yeah cause McCann didn’t suck either in that same situation did he 4 seam?

  72. Hey, McCann ain’t known for sucking.

    Bases Loaded nobdy out, and so quickly its 3 out.

    Guardado great pitching, LIE!!!!!

    Rathburn is stupid.

    Eddie Guardado.

    Eddie (bleeping) Guardado.

    Home Depot player of the game.

  73. Any of you good Southern boys and girls still even thinking of the Wild Card, report to your local psych ward.

  74. 5.5 out of the wildcard….again. And Shiell pitching tomorrow.

    Bases loaded, no outs and the Braves can’t get one run to avoid losing. No other team could pull that off.

  75. Exactly what I was thinking Dan..

    I think even the Royals would get a run in that situation. Come on, that is unacceptable.

    I mean, Guardado????

  76. maybe we need an inflatable francoer, at least there is a chance of a bases loaded walk

  77. Dare I say maybe the Braves should have used Pratt instead of McCann in the ninth?

    But hindsight is 20/20. I can’t get over this. I literally feel ill, being eight games under .500 again. It’s always one step foward and another back with this team.

  78. When was the last step forward again? I forget when. This losing 7 of 10 streak has really frizzed my brain.

  79. And no, Dan. Not even a lefty-righty would have worked with that. It’s Todd Pratt we’re talking about here.

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