Game Thread & Order: Mets at Braves, July 28

The Atlanta Braves are divided into two separate yet unequal groups: the hitters, who have been very good, and the pitchers, who have been very bad. These are their stories.

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  1. I’m looking forward to it. This weekend should pretty much decide whether the Braves are contenders or pretenders. A series win or better yet a sweep of the hated Mets would send the Braves on their way into the upper tier of wild card teams. Hopefully JS has another quality trade (not Betemit for some crappy middle reliever) in him too. OTOH, lose the first 2 games and you can stick a fork in the Braves. They’ll be done. Then the only question would be whether Giles, Smoltz, Sosa, etc. would clear waivers for possible August trades.

  2. This matchup always excites me.

    As long as the Braves don’t lose 3, I don’t think this weekend will offer any kind of definitive statement.

  3. If they lose 2 or 3 vs the Mets, that would make a 2-4 or 1-5 homestand. That seems pretty definitive to me that the team is not a serious contender.

  4. Either way, this makes for an exciting weekend of baseball. These first 2 games will determine what else we do or don’t do before monday’s deadline.

    P.S. Stu, it’s nice to see you’re growing up in your views of Glavine…JK!!!

  5. I feel pretty good about the middle game. The Braves need this one of that last game, and I’d prefer this one because of Pedro hasn’t pitched in a while and is just off the DL today.

  6. I dont care, we need all 3 from this series. If we can cut this to 9 or 9.5 there is still time…I want a sweep

  7. I don’t think this team is a serious contender anyway. Even if we luck into the postseason, we’re going absolutely nowhere. This is why I wish we’d stop trading for band-aids.

  8. Wickman might not be a band-aid if the Braves get him next year.

    I find it hard to believe anyone thinks the Maximilano Ramirez for Bob Wickman trade was bad. It was one of Schuerholz’s best recent moves.

  9. Old Atlanta teammate Tom Glavine, now with the playoff-bound Mets, has been lobbying to get Maddux in New York, and maybe Maddux has changed his mind about pitching there if he could be in a pennant race with his good friend.

    Smitty:….no. That was in direct reference to the 2 old braves players that are washed up and was once a part of a great team that is just a shell of its former self.—-the players and the team.

  10. Braves 2B Marcus Giles, as quoted in the New York Post…

    “I absolutely think the Mets are still looking over their shoulders at us. They know what our track record is. And if we do what we have to do this weekend, they’ll be looking even harder over their shoulders. They know where we are…

    “Before we think about kissing our sister with the wild card, we have a division to think about.”…

    What the hell? I always thought the insest thing was just poking fun at the south…… now Dont get all pissy, just having some fun

  11. from a mets fan point of view , i do look at how the braves are doing more then any other team in the nl, but honestly im not worried about your team beating us out for the division title. But I dont look forward to playing you in the playoffs-get me? confident, yet cautious.

  12. NY just a question for you. IF, if, we sweep you this weekend will you still be around? I know last time we won the series you vanished for a couple of weeks. I’m just wondering what to expect.

  13. I Posted this on the previous thread not realizing this one had opened up.

    Is there any way we could get any of the good arms in the Twins pen?

    Juan Rincon- 50.2IP,46k,16BB,1.95ERA 1HR allowed

    Dennys Reyes- 27IP,23k,6BB,1.33ERA 3HR allowed (and he’s fat)

  14. Right now, we’re not competing with the Mets in the race; we’re competing with the Reds, etc. Losing 2/3 won’t bury us, but I expect to win 2/3.

  15. csg:

    If the mets lose i will leave your site untill next series. No i did not vanish when the mets lost that (1) SERIES BY 1 GAME. Go back and check the old posts and you will see i took the heat for losing. I was not home for one game and everyone was all over me. Get over it. Take comfert were you can in the one series you won from the mets this year.

    We will win this series so i have nothing to worry about. And you will end up having many more conversations with me.Or just ignoring me and calling me a troll-what ever you chose.

  16. This is from my last post but I think it makes alot of since.

    Oakland has alot of good pitchers. They desperately need offense.

    ATL- Justin Duchscherer

    OAK- Marcus Giles(I know he isn’t hitting well but he is hitting better than Mark Ellis.)
    Maybe a prospect like Eric Campbell who is hitting well.

  17. Mark Ellis- .220 5HR 23RBIs 29 Runs 3 SB

    Marcus Giles- .249 7 HR 34 RBIs 59 Runs 8 SB

  18. NY – what are you trying to say here, “Take comfert were you can in the one series you won from the mets this year.” That’s good…When does your school start back!

  19. How many times can NYmets say same thing over and over again. If all you got is ” we’re gonna win” “we’re better”, wait until you got something to add to the conversation. If he wants to talk s#%t he should wait until during the game or after, if the the outcome calls for such a thing. Until then I’m here to have discussions about the Braves.

  20. jenny,

    Who’s to say if we got in the playoffs that we’d go nowhere? In case you haven’t noticed the NL is really quite putrid this year. The Florida Marlins have the best winning pct. in the league since mid May. ‘Nuff said. We have the second highest RS/RA ratio in the NL (behind only the Mets), so this notion that we wouldn’t have a chance in the postseason is illogical.

    I’d rather get swept in the first round every single year than miss out on the postseason altogether. The line of thinking that says otherwise makes no sense to me, and sounds vaguely like Met & Phillie fans logic during our run.

  21. 1914 Update:

    NY Giants 51-33 (–)
    Chicago Cubs 51-38 (2.5 GB)
    St. Louis Cardinals 50-42 (5)
    Boston Braves 41-45 (11)
    Cincinnati Reds 41-48 (12.5)
    Philadelphia Phillies 39-47 (13)
    Pittsburgh Pirates 38-47 (13.5)
    Brooklyn Robins 36-47 (14.5)

    Rainy days and Tuesdays always get me down, and today was both in 1914. The whole NL got the day off. Again.

    The A’s finally had their winning streak broken at 12, by losing 4-3 at Detroit. They still have a 6.5 game lead, and are still the AL’s team to beat. Over in the Federal League, the Whales have opened a 3.5 game lead over Baltimore and Indianapolis.

  22. Dans, he’s/she’s not capable of doing that. They lose and he goes away, they win and he stays here to piss everyone off. I guess it’s a lose-lose situation. Well I guess us winning and him going away is a plus!

  23. I’d consider a trade of Giles for Duchscherer, but I wouldn’t include more players with him (i.e. Campbell) just to get a reliever. I know he’s a solid arm, but that seems like too much for me.

  24. Giles can and should be traded away for any bullpen help, this year and next. His salary is too large and we have a great replacement for him. It doesn’t make sense to trade away a cheaper/better piece (Betemit) of our team though. Giles for Duchs, I’m all for it!

  25. If we get our butt’s this weekend, then we deserve to hear some trash talk and boasting by mets fans. Right now we all know the standings and not a single pitch has been thrown in this series. If you need to talk up a team that is 12 up, then I think mets fans are still worried about finishing.

  26. I don’t know if we could get JD with only Marcus…it doesn’t have to Campbell but someone that is a good hitter.

  27. MIN needs some power. Maybe if we could supply them some we could get Reyes/Rincon.

  28. I’ll never abide a jerk-off sports fan, front-runner or not.

    For all my years in NYC, we’ve stomped the Mets’ guts out & I never said a word—unless provoked. Then, and only then, I would offer far more than any Met fan could handle, a regular verbal tar-and-feathering.

    When you win, act like you expect to win & don’t rub it into the vanquished; when you lose, tip your cap, take your medicine & figure a way to get better. Speaking from vast experience, I can tell you that Mets fans generally do neither.

  29. I love Greg Maddux for what he did for the Braves in the ’90s, but if the Mets want him they can have him and his 4.83 era and .286 BAA. Now that umpires don’t call strikes 3 inches off the plate anymore, Greg is just another aging veteran pitcher. If the Mets get him instead of Zito/Schmidt/Willis, that is fine with me because it will mean they aren’t winning the World Series. Yay!

  30. NY,

    You are not a troll b/c you are a mets fan. You are a troll b/c on your friday night you are watching the braves/mets game while talking on a BRAVES message board. Do you really have that few amount of friends?

    Just go to a mets bar or call a 1-900 number and maybe for a dollar an minute they will talk to you about whatever you want, including your wonderful mets. If your lucky you might even get a phone girlfriend out of it, i’m sure you’ve had some of those before.

    Seriously, i’m not being mean i’m just being honest. I’m so sick of Mets fans coming on braves message boards and talking stuff.

    Think about this, your friday night consists of watching the braves/mets game on your new 15 inch tv while you are talking on a braves message board telling everyone how great you are and how they suck. Hmm, one word LOSER!

    GO Braves!!!

  31. Smoltz HOF, no doubt. Smoltz will have over 200 wins and 154 svs. Come on, thats easy.

  32. If Smoltz finishes with 200+ wins to go with the 154 saves, then I definitely think he’ll get in.

  33. I can’t put together a decent trade with the Twins for Rincon/Reyes. Any thoughts that make sense?

  34. The Pirates outside of gonzalez have some decient relief pitchers that wouldn’t cost as much. Torress and Hernandez are older but have decient eras and good past records. They also have Matt Capps, who is only 22 and would cost more but would be available for a decient position player.

    I don’t think teams like the twins are going to trade relief when they are still in contention. And we can’t afford to give up betemit. I really could see us parting with langerhans or thorman for relief b/c we have johnson coming back next year. We also have diaz out there.

    Any thoughts?

  35. the mets are a second place team, to the yankees and the whole city. Second also to the Braves, so get use to it

  36. Well I would still take a healthy KJ over Langerhans.(OFFENSE)

    I mentioned this a couple of days ago.

    ATL-Mike Gonzalez
    SD-Joe Randa
    PITT-Prospects from both teams

    San Diego would get a decent 3B, we would get Gonzo, and Pitt could get more decent prospects.

  37. Curt Schilling press agent Curt Schilling reports he’ll do all he can to ensure Curt Schilling’s eventual enshrinement.

  38. Jay,

    Local pittsburgh papers mentioned that it’s likely not going to happen. Gonzalez is young and still has a couple years til free agency. Thats why i mentioned the other relievers. They really do have a good handful of decient relievers.

    If the yanks and padres are asking so much for proctor and linebrick i’m sure gonzalez would require more to get as he is cheaper and prob. more talented as a lefty.

  39. Well, we’d be getting a good young reliever, and we wouldn’t be gving up Wilson.. so, that’s 2 big plusses…

    I guess it’d depend on which prospects we’d be giving up…but it sounds pretty good..

  40. Well I think that the Yanks and Pads are being greedy. We have seen pretty good releivers going for less. So if the prospects from us are good than the deal could happen. I wouldn’t expect the Pads to give up too much in the deal because they would only get Randa but they do need a 3B.

  41. Tonight’s lineup

    J.Reyes SS
    P.Lo Duca C
    C.Beltran CF
    D.Wright 3B
    X.Nady RF
    J.Franco 1B
    C.Floyd LF
    J.Valentin 2B
    P.Martinez P

    M.Giles 2B
    E.Renteria SS
    C.Jones 3B
    A.Jones CF
    B.McCann C
    J.Francoeur RF
    A.LaRoche 1B
    R.Langerhans LF
    H.Ramirez P

  42. Has the Scott Sheilds to the Braves died or something? They could use some offense aswell.

  43. I’ll be going to the great city of Atlanta for the first time tomorrow. Although it is only for 3 hours.

  44. Well I am going to Tampa and there is a lay over in Atlanta. I would like to make it to the game but I would miss my plane.

  45. Sportscenter is doing a story on fat pitchers, I bet they don’t mention the Braves.

  46. Wow you guys are funny. :) I cant wait until the mets beat on you this series.


    “When you win, act like you expect to win & don’t rub it into the vanquished; when you lose, tip your cap, take your medicine & figure a way to get better. Speaking from vast experience..bla bla bla.”

    Tell me earlier this year when the season just started that you and all the braves fans here were not rubbing in the 14 straight division titles, that you have not beat the mets every year, that you dont rub it in about us not making the playoffs the last few years…your a punk who starts fights that he cant Finish. Your “vast experience” must be in making an ass of your self……………… Vast experience. Are you fu_king kidding me.


    Dude relax. Its a game. IM just doing my part to hype up the game, IM excited what can I say. And as far as” waiting for the game to talk trash” Why dont you look up your other braves fans posts. Were just having some fun. The mets are just as relevant in this braves blog as the braves and mets are playing tonight, am I right? Again relax my friend its all good.


    Its not that IM a loser because I come here to chat. In some ways its more fun to watch the mets/braves games with a bunch of braves fans. There is no one to trash talk with when im with all mets fans. No rivalry, not even close to the amount of satisfaction when the mets win. Its cool to do once in a while. And yes its Friday and I am staying home with my girlfriend in my apartment watching the braves/mets game on a 65 inch Sony TV thank you very much. If that makes me a loser then so be it. And no im not lying, I really have a 65 inch TV that I make ridiculous payments on because my credit is only so,so and the interest rate is really bad. but its great for sports so it makes it worth wild.

    To the rest of you who try to insult me, the game is on and i don’t feel like defending myself anymore so ill check in latter

  47. Sometimes when I refresh or post, the thread comes up right where it left off but lately I have to scroll down from the top each time. I know its not a big deal but I’m lazy.

  48. REYES, HR !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    AND IT BEGINS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  49. { Foghorn Leghorn voice }

    Nice kid, I say, nice kid, even though he’s ’bout as sharp as a billiard ball.

  50. He is only hitting .315 come on, that is stupid. If anyone thinks that is going to happen I feel sorry for you. Maybe a gold glove.

  51. GONNA GO WATCH THE GAME , i WILL CHECK IN A COUPLE INNINGS, your boy franco is up, they are cheering for him to beat the braves!

  52. I was going to post this before the rude begining.
    Can we limit the number of words per post for the troll. Its hard to read though that much stuff. I’d rather endure pithy one liners.

    If I become a pest tonight please forgive me, I’v got the house to myself tonight( no wife or kids) so it’s just me and the Braves and lets not forget that the beer is going down rael good.

  53. Julio Franco will outlast the cockroaches. HoRam may not outlast the first inning.

  54. I’m sure they aren’t cheering for him to beat the Braves, you see we have a little thing called respect for our former players. Something that a New York team knows nothing about.

  55. The Mets look terrifying. I hope the Reds are losing (if they’re even playing today.)

  56. Ugly start to the game. I’m a little disgusted at Joe Simpson. Do we have to hear even Braves announcers slurp David Wright? There is this guy called Pujols who has better numbers than Wright despite missing a couple of weeks with a back injury for a team that hasn’t been double digits ahead in its division all summer…. I do agree strongly with his point about the Braves needing to deal for starting pitching more than relievers. Time to bring out the heavy lumber we showed at the start of the road trip and get back in this game!

  57. This is starting to get fun to watch, the bad news we have to take the field with Horam.

  58. Hi all-

    I hope we kick Pedro’s punk a– up & down the field. I also hope Horam can settle down and be the good Horam now.

  59. The way LaRoche has been hitting lately and the way McCann has hit all year, I wouldn’t think they’d make the two outs through the first seven in the Braves’ batting order.

  60. Dan,
    Don’t forget about Frenchy, he has been hitting pretty good as of late also.

  61. And HoRam coughs up the lead, as expected. And WTF is up with “our” announcers tonight. I don’t mind praising the other team’s good players, but this is way too much.

  62. Unbelievable. That is so f***ing unacceptable Ramirez. You got to get the pitcher out.

  63. Villereal isn’t that bad, compared to our other releif guys he is amazing. Plus it seems like Bobby uses him for long releif.

  64. UM, WTF does anyone else get the feeling that the “BRAVES” broadcasters are pulling for the Mets.

  65. Four runs off Pedro is the first and Ramirez can’t hold it through two? I can’t get that out of my head.

  66. A “good” long relief pitcher would usually get a more glamorous role in the bullpen or put in the rotation. For a long reliever, Villareal is OK. Faint praise, but I think it’s accurate.

  67. Jay, we laugh so we don’t cry. Now if we had tried the hit-and-run, we’d have still gotten a double play because Edgar couldn’t have hit the ball.

    HoRam can’t keep allowing 2 runs an inning all night, can he?

  68. Well we would kind of have to convert the hit and run…which the more I think about, I don’t think we have the whole season.

  69. “HoRam can’t keep allowing 2 runs an inning all night, can he?”

    Not if he gives up five and gets taken out in the third.

  70. “Braves lost Jorge Sosa for the homestand.”

    Let’s try to make sure he doesn’t find us again.

    Leadoff hit to right. The Bad HoRam is consistent, you gotta give him that.

  71. That would be logical.

    Marte’s been promoted to the Indians, and Oscar is in fact throwing up in the bullpen.

  72. Apparently they’re competing with Smitty for that job at ESPN. Smitty’s obviously more qualified, but these guys are more determined to suck up. Straightforwardness is not always a virtue, sadly.

  73. “If Sosa goes on the DL does that mean Kevin Barry would come up again?”

    I’d rather it be Phil Stockman.

  74. Boy if Ramirez was pitching good, I’d be feeling great personally and about this game right now.

    Come on Andruw.

  75. I think this game is very important even though Horam doesn’t agree with my opinion

  76. Is there anymore Frenchy 2-out magic left in this bag? I’m afraid to look. *holds it out*

  77. He got beat by a couple of feet…maybe if he hustled he would have gotten a infeild hit.

  78. But Andruw was only about a step or two from the bag and he was moving slower than a jog. Why is he so dang fast in centerfield and so slow on the basepads? He never tries to beat anything out.

  79. “Reyes is up and it seems like he has in every inning, and he has except for the third.”

  80. “No reason to explain the Mets’ 16 and 41 record.”

    A typo I assume. I wish though that were true.

  81. Good HoRam in the pen. As in OUT of the starting rotation, Hate King. Is that like the King of Pain?

  82. HoRam just can’t handle the pressure…too bad the bad HoRam shows up tonight…absolutely terrible, you can see him nibbling out there.

  83. And he would be able to make spot starts…I guess, but then we run into the problem of who will replace in the rotation?

  84. I have to go to the store(2 blocks) to get beer. What are the chances the score is the same when I get back? currently 5-4

  85. Look at the bright side, we’ve scored four runs against Pedro. HoRam melting down is not nearly as surprising as Pedro giving up runs.

  86. I predict that the bullpen will do the unthinkable tonight:

    Hold the Mets scoreless the rest of the way.

    (Typed during the Nady AB)

  87. RobBroad4th, all of Pedro, El Duque, and Tommy have been terrible or hurt since June, so it’s not surprising that we are scoring runs. I was just hoping our pitching will hold up…I guess not tonight…

  88. If I can remember correctly any time Horam has been used out of the pen has been a disaster.

  89. I didn’t say it was unheard of kc, but scoring on Pedro is always unusual with our club.

  90. You are correct Hate King. His mind is too fragile to be a relieve pitcher…hack, he can’t even handle a regular season big game…

  91. Taking Paronto out here is not smart. Orr is just as sure an out of Paronto and Villarreal sucks.

  92. Definitely wide. A few inside calls that went in favor of the pitcher were borderline at best.

  93. Surprised? Of course not, JS better find a taker for Pete Orr next season…on the other hand, it’s kind of hard to bat against major league pitchers when he only gets like 4 at-bats a week…

  94. Orr is the only one with speed on the team. I like him pinch running, but he’s a feeble batter.

  95. When the Braves got Villarreal in the offseason, everyone, including all the papers, said he was a flamethrower who reached 100 sometimes. I see nothing close to 100 MPH from Villarreal.

  96. Wow. Villarreal shut me up. As of right now, he deserves the win if the Braves win. But then again, he’ll be out there next inning as well.

  97. My earlier question about who’s better, Bad HoRam or Villareal, has been answered.

  98. Betimet…get your glove.

    God it kills me to see my favorite player continue to get hurt.

  99. I know lightening may strike me down, but we should have tried to trade Chipper durring the streak.

  100. Dans, please don’t say anything like that…I would prefer not to yell explictives today.

  101. and I was just reading the DOB article about Linebrink. There has to be some farm guys we can deal to get another arm?

  102. I love how nobody’s disappointed to see Betemit in for Chipper. How many back up guys are good enough to fill someone like Chipper’s shoes and well?

  103. I hate when the opposing batter shows bunt and misses or pulls back because it’s a ball. 90% of the time that bunt for a single doesn’t work (that goes especially for Furcal.)

  104. I know but every kid has a childhood hero and he is mine so I kinda take anything bad said at Chipper personal.

  105. Don’t get me wrong, kc, I love Chipper. I’m just saying that other teams don’t have someone of Betemit’s caliber to fill in when they need him like they need him now.

  106. when does davies come back? I’d rather see us get a starter before a reliever, but there really isn’t a starter market this year before the deadline. hopefully davies or thomson can get back soon and be effective.

  107. How many pitches has Pedro thrown over the past two or three innings?

    And did Chip’s voice break?

  108. Man, this is getting frustrating. We get four off of Pedro early, but now it seems he’s settled in….

  109. I figured it out. Maybe TBS is starting the transition from a Braves station to a MLB station.

  110. the two mets kids getting hr’s . I love seeing those two play.

    Franco has been so key for us this season. Crazy to think he is almost 48!

  111. i’m going to miss tbs, I’ve lived everywhere within the U.S. and tbs is responsible for my braves love.

  112. im glad pedro has settled in. I thought we were going to give up the game with him on the mound. I think Chipper is seriously hurt by the way. He is in a lot of pain. I wish him the best of luck , and hope he can still play in this series.

  113. I can’t wait until Reitsma is healthy next year. Maybe he’ll sell me a new car.

  114. Absolutely David Wright is an excellent player. Why don’t the Braves have like this guy!

  115. Well our guy is supposed to be Frenchy. Which I am 100% fine with I just wish he could hit .300.

  116. If Chipper wouldn’t have moved to Left field for damn Vinny Castilla he would be fine. That FU**ING pulled hammy started all of this.

  117. i saw some espn fantasy baseball guy had francouer rated as the number 20 player to hold onto in keeper leagues.

  118. there is still time for a little run though, i cant get ahead of myself, but i can smell a mets win.

  119. Why do you all think ESPN is all about the mets? They hate the mets. Always diss my team. its Always about the red sox and Yankees, they couldn’t care less about the mets. Stop looking for sh!t to nit pick. Your team does not get as much exposure with ESPN because they are not as good. You have a nation station in TBS. showing your games for how long now….how spoiled you have become.

  120. did anyone watch the program on FSN following the game last night? It had the braves’ sports psychologist explaining his work with the players?

  121. national tv station…sorry, I wouldnt want to upset any of you with my grammer. If I have I am deeply sorry for what i have done. :)

  122. Yes, I know it’s painful Davey, but we were in the World Series. And it was a damn good one, too.

    If only there were more clips from ’95 on youtube…. :)

  123. kc
    I’m saying … after due consideration at every point I thinnk David Wright is almost perfect player.

  124. ESPN has announced we’ve been out of contention for the last six years. No matter how many times we prove them wrong, they still bag on us. We’re not being sensitive, it’s pretty indisputable.

  125. Well, we can’t dispute the fact that ESPN likes the Yankees and the Red Sox more than the Mets.

  126. Every single year they pick someone else to win the division and when we win they say ” I will never doubt Bobby or the Braves” then when the next season rolls around they do the same damn thing.

  127. The ump has been terrible tonight. Who is the home plate ump tonight?

    The warning track power is back!!!

  128. I think about 5 had a good shot of going out. 5 deep flyouts is what Yahoo gamechannel is saying.

  129. This may soudn weird, but I have more confidence in our relievers than our starters now.

    If JS was to still make a move, I’m somehow hoping for another starter

  130. i’m with davey. every starter not named smoltz is terrible. i stated this earlier in the thread, problem is there are no decent starters to get via trade.

  131. Well there is a couple…we could get Zito if we have someone like Lastings Milledge.(A’s were ready to make the deal for him but the Mets declined.) Livan Hernandez is out there but he is kind of a risk.

  132. i hate livan. i’ve read beane would do zito for lastings, but the mets won’t do it. i read something the other day that said milledge is the next ruben mateo. very funny.

  133. I never thought highly of Lastings. The comparison of Lastings to Delmon Young is a complete joke.

  134. There are alot of good starters that are just having bad years that are availible for a low price. We would just have be willing to let them get back in a groove and I don’t think were in any kind of place for a project.

  135. Well, Wryn, the Braves were in the last place for a while, so being behind the Marlins is not a big deal anymore…

    …wow, Ray is on fire too!!!

  136. his [lastings] mother named him lastings because she had already given birth to 10 kids and she swore this one would be her last, hence the name lastings. i hope the mets enjoy the next ruben mateo.

  137. Barry Zito
    Cory Lidle
    Jon Lieber
    Rodrigo Lopez
    Kip Wells
    Greg Maddux
    Jake Westbrook
    Mark Redman
    Livan Hernandez
    Joel Pineiro
    Jon Garland
    Jeff Suppan
    Tony Armas
    Jason Marquis
    Jamie Moyer

    Just a few Starters on the block.

  138. OH YEAH !!!!!! One down, two more to go. I still say we take 2 of 3. A sweep would be nice though.

    Cheers, And have a great night!

  139. I wouldn’t mind have Jon Garland but he has a big contract.
    Cory Lidle, Jake Westbrook and Tony Armas would all help us.

  140. Steve Phillips just mentioned the Betimet/Proctor deal again. Not going to happen since Chipper went down again.

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