97 thoughts on “Game Thread: Dodgers at Braves, May 29”

  1. INF Martin Prado to Richmond
    LHP Will Startup to Richmond
    INF Mike Rozema to Mississippi from Myrtle Beach

  2. So if we have a one run lead going into the ninth, who pitches? Any guesses?

    Chris Reitsma?
    Kenny Ray?
    Somebody else?
    A combination of pitchers?
    John Thomson?


  3. Furcy getting a good booing. But you can’t blame him for taking the money – especially with a three year contract.

  4. This game will be over in this inning. Do the Mets play today? We got to pray they lose.

    This is embarrassing and I’m not even on the team.

    P.S.: Why are they wearing those uniforms today? It’s not Sunday.

  5. Even though they won, I think they’re still reeling from yesterday. having to mentally play more innings when you had a game won really taxes you. plus we’ve played about 8 straight day games in 90+ degree heat.

  6. Here comes the pitcher. Maybe we can get out of this GIVING UP ONLY FOUR RUNS.

    Rolling one between an infielder’s legs would be the perfect icing on this cake.

  7. LaRoche has an 850 OPS. Francoeur’s is 712. The problem is the 6th spot in the lineup, not the 5th.

  8. the problem is laroche batting anywhere. bobby’s had questionable lineup moves all year, like when he batted mccann 8th until may

  9. actually, LaRoche has quietly put together a great May at the plate. his walk to strikeout ratio is 13-15, which is remarkable considering his past two seasons, and h’s hitting 294/402/559.

  10. the problem i have with him batting 5th is it gives andruw less pitches to hit, b/c no one’s going to be afraid of laroche.

  11. i’d get someone warming up. can’t give up any more with the way we can’t hit penny.

  12. This game is karmic retribution for yesterday. Whenever you win a game because a pop fly lands on a thirdbaseman’s head, expect the worst soon after…

  13. It’s been 3 years and looking at Grady Little’s face still gives me indigestion.

    This is in addition to indigestion I already have from watching our defense. I think I’ll skip lunch.

  14. good call ububba. not to jinx things, but where’s jeff kent? this would be so much more fun with his 4-5, 2 HR game thrown in

  15. Can we forfeit? This is sickening. The Dodgers don’t deserve to win this atall, but they will. Go Diamondbacks.

  16. did anyone see ozzie guillen rip the sox the other day for how they were playing? and at the time I think they had the 2nd best record in baseball, and they haven’t lost since.
    and THAT is why they won the WS last year, and why a bobby cox team won’t again.

  17. Really? I thought it was the killer pitching staff and the power-hitting lineup. Ozzie Guillen, IMO, is a loudmouth clown whose act is going to wear very thin when they start losing. That kind of garbage only works with success. Otherwise you just come off as a jackass.

  18. langerhans in for andruw, bullpen the rest of the way. to the 40,000 fans who braved the heat today, you should get a refund for this.

  19. Maybe I’m just frustrated that a team like the white sox can pull it all together and win the WS and we can’t win a playoff series. And I think his mentality works with young, aggressive players–they WANT to win for him. Our guys know that cox will stick with them no matter what–so what’s the incentive to play hard? As long as we have the ‘don’t panic–we’re the braves–not too high or low’ mentality, we’ll never win another WS. we may not even make the playoffs this year. No, it’s not all cox, but he’s the face of it.

  20. And I’m not sure the sox are even going to ‘start losing’. they took a team that won the ws and added jim thome–THAT’S the mentality that wins multiple WS. we took a team that couldn’t get out of the first round and made it worse.

  21. Can we let LaRoche pitch? LaRoche said he wanted to during a blow-out game. He is supposedly good.

  22. All right, I can see that. I just really hate Ozzie Guillen. Any idiot could have managed that pitching staff last year, there was pretty much no wrong way to do it because everybody was lights-out. And some of his quotes are really appalling. It only works for some people, and it only works when you’re winning. Otherwise it’s just irritating. Everyone thinks he’s quirky now, watch what happens when they start losing.

  23. Yeah, and that’s the real issue. Not JS or Bobby’s fault, as much as I like to blame them. But still, even without a huge payroll, you can do better than they’ve done. It takes work, like not thinking reitsma is a closer, but it can be done.

  24. “the braves get one back…do that for 8 straight innings, you win the ballgame.’

    thanks, pete

  25. Gonna take a walk & hope I come back to find the lead cut into a little bit more. Maybe this can turn into a shootout like opening day (or yesterday)…

  26. White Sox were more than a little fortunate that their starters pitched like 145 of 150 possible innings in the playoffs. At least I thought that (made those numbers up, btw, but something like that).

  27. For example, in the ALCS, black sheep Jose Contreras only went 8 1/3 in one of his starts, while the other 4 starts were CG’s. Suck it up, wussy!

  28. Triple post – guess that was just the ALCS that was like that. Still, that was the one where the Angels had the big bullpen advantage, at least until Chicago’s wasn’t needed.

  29. I think I agree with both takes on Ozzie Guillen. He seems to be a player’s manager when they’re winning, but if and when they start to lose his act could grow really tired very fast. But then, Guillen has only won for them and it doesn’t look like the White Sox are going anywhere.

  30. Comparable to Tony Pena, Sr. One great (for the Royals) season, then run out on the rails a year or two after.

  31. I would just love to see a young, fired up manager come in and rock these guys’ world. No more tolerance of sucking.
    cox et al have built such a culture of accepting failure. I’m tired of it.

  32. Braves looking terrible…on the NCAAs, this could be Clemson’s year. We’ve got a solid squad.

  33. Where is Andruw? Did they just decide to pull him to give him a rest during a game that (at the time) was completely out of hand?

  34. yeah, cox threw in the towel in the 2nd inning. that’s why he left laroche in…totally gave up.

  35. laroche is the worst brave in history. worse than komminsk, treadway, andres thomas, terry foyster, kolb, reitsma, and, and EVERYONE! i hate hate hate hate him.

  36. he hit into a double play on the first pitch after a pitching change. man, what a killer.

  37. i’m skipping my classes today (in honor of memorial day, of course), and would love to thank adam for swinging at the first pitch against the kind of lefty he never sees. o, and thanks to bobby for not pinch-hitting.

    let’s get some of the luck only oscar can bring…

  38. Randy Johnson on a 1 hitter for the Yanks. Oh why oh why couldn’t John Thomson do that today

  39. i dont think chipper has made a play lunging to his left or right this year. MOVE TO FIRST CHIPPER! betemit for third!! all day every day.

  40. Don’t shoot me … but listen to Chip and Skip on the radio is a blessing after the tripe on WGN yesterday. And I NEVER EVER thought I would say that

  41. brad,
    quoting words from one of my favorite movies (o brother where art thou) to sum up what you just said: “that dont make no sense”.

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