461 thoughts on “Game Thread Vice: Marlins at Braves, July 27”

  1. My friend Anne went to the Miami Vice premier and got her picture taken with Colin Farrell. She didn’t say how the movie was.

  2. We started losing, and trashing other teams when that’s the case seems kind of absurd. At least that’s what I’ve assumed.

  3. I know this has been requested before, and I should have saved the website or written it down somewhere, but could somebody provide the link to that free radio feed for the game? I think it’s out of Richmond or something. Thanks in advance.

  4. Didn’t realize it was a day game today. A 10:05 start time will pretty much torpedo my productivity this morning.

  5. Stu, it looks like my response to your previous comment has been moderated out, so do this: go to thegamelive (dot) com, and follow the signs to WRNL in Richmond.

  6. Why are you afraid it will be shut down? This isn’t the first time that site has been posted on here.

    Anyhow, thanks for the link.

  7. I love how Collin Cowherd was talking about something stupid and half way through his rant he got cut off and I hear Skip:
    “He hasn’t been that productive latley for the Marlins…Swung on and driven…now doubt about that one, Andruw ties the game!
    Adam swings and hits it deep right field…did he get enough of it? GONE! TIE GAME!”

    I love the radio!

  8. Oh, just because they technically aren’t supposed to be broadcasting games for free over the internet, and I’m worried that someone from MLB will find out and stop it.

    All the other feeds on that site don’t work any more, if you hadn’t noticed. This is kind of the last one I know of.

  9. 1914 Update:

    NY Giants 51-33 (–)
    Chicago Cubs 51-38 (2.5 GB)
    St. Louis Cardinals 50-42 (5)
    Boston Braves 41-45 (11)
    Cincinnati Reds 41-48 (12.5)
    Philadelphia Phillies 39-47 (13)
    Pittsburgh Pirates 38-47 (13.5)
    Brooklyn Robins 36-47 (14.5)

    Today’s Game:
    Cubbies 000 020 100 – 3 8 1 LP- Cheney
    Braves 200 010 02x – 5 9 3 WP- Rudolph

    Population of Miami in 1910: 11,933. Just thought you’d like to know.

  10. Hopefully this isn’t one of Betemit’s last games with the team. Otherwise, we’ll have to grow familiar with Martin Prado at third base, bah.

    As for the game, I have hopes, but not much. Shiell doesn’t really impress me.

  11. Jeff Passon of Yahoo doesn’t agree with this possible move…and I agree with him.

    “Atlanta Braves : Wilson Betemit to the San Diego Padres for Scott Linebrink – It’s a trade that, on its surface, would seem to benefit both teams. Betemit, a third baseman, would round out a young infield with Khalil Greene, Josh Barfield and Adrian Gonzalez. And Linebrink would be an ace setup man for Atlanta Braves closer Bob Wickman. Thing is, each player seems to be more valuable to his current team than his would-be one. The Braves need Betemit’s versatility, particularly with the injury-prone Marcus Giles and Chipper Jones in the lineup. And the Padres’ bullpen is the asset that separates them from the rest of the National League West.”

  12. I agree that I don’t really want to make the move…but I hardly think Linebrink is more valuable to the Pads than he would be to us.

  13. The Yankees seem to be stockpiling washed up catchers (see also: Sal Fasano) so let’s trade them Tank for Proctor instead of Betemit.

  14. False. But I mean why do we need him? Where would he play? He’s not really a utility guy like Betemit.

  15. Our pitching staff is too messed up to fix right now. Our only chance is to out score teams. So obviously the move here should be to see what it would take to get Cody Ross from Florida.

  16. This afternoon game today is so going to kill all my productivity at work…

    You’re not with me today javascript….

  17. My hopes are pretty good. Shiell is not really impressive, but the Braves have knocked Scott Olsen around a lot.

  18. Quote from Adam last night about his homerun off Tankersley..

    “I was definitely trying to hit a gap,” said LaRoche, who has 16 RBIs in 10 games since the All-Star break. “I’m not a lot of use on first base.”

    Heh, atleast he’s honest. :D

  19. Heard on WFAN Radio today:

    Host: Alright, here we have Lenny calling from Massapequa…

    Caller: Chris, if the Mets go down to Atlanta this weekend and, God forbid, they get swept, what do you think it’ll do to their psyche?

    Last time I checked they had a double-digit lead. Somewhere, somehow, somebody must’ve kicked them around some.

  20. So my girl and her coworkers are at the game today dressed as McBride’s Brides (yeah I know.) Anyone who has the pleasure of actually watching this game let me know if you see a group of 6 ladies (and 2 unfortunate guys) dressed as brides.

  21. Nice Tom Petty reference there. I don’t expect a sweep, but the Mets do look kind vulnerable to me right now (not to lose the division, but to lose 2 out of 3 to the Braves).

  22. “when is Pena going to replace Pratt?”

    My guess is McCann and Pena will be the Braves’ two catchers in 2007.

  23. Does anyone else fear that, no matter how good Jason Shiell pitches, he’ll go down to Richmond instead of Jorge Sosa when John Thomson comes back?

  24. Wait…what? I don’t understand this strategery.

    She’s also so fat that when she hauls butt, she has to make two trips.

  25. Well, Bobby gave this inning away. Bunting with your number 3 hitter in the first inning and nobody out? I just don’t understand that move at all.

  26. If you feel compelled to bunt with your number three hitter, than you have the wrong guy hitting third. Stupid, stupid, stupid.

  27. I’m very, very disappointed by what just happened. But I still think we can score off Scott Olson. After all, this is a guy whose mother is so fat that when she puts on a red dress everybody thinks she’s the Kool-Aid Man.

  28. I don’t really blame Francoeur. Unless there was an error, he had to get a hit to score, whereas contact was all Andruw needed to do. He looked like he wasn’t trying, I think his back is still bothering him.

  29. ok, let’s see, what do we have from Shiell here…a high 80s fastball, a uninspiring curve and change…sounds like a poor version of Kyle Davies…

  30. Why do I have to be at work today?

    I have nowhere to go. I’m forced to sit here and listen to this.

  31. No offense to Mrs. Sheill, but I can’t believe we are trying to make a playoff push with a guy who can’t get out Matt Traenor.

    This game is over.

  32. Well, I think the offense can come back from a 3-run deficit…but the problem is Sheill will allow more runs in the coming innings…

  33. Unfortunately, the difference is that one of them’s on our Major League roster right now.

  34. OKay, I lied when I said no more game. But I still say the effect would be the same if it was 3-1 or 3-2 instead of 3-0.

  35. I disagree. If we’d showed in the first that we could score off of Olsen, I’d be feeling much differently.

  36. Unfortunately, the Braves had to choose one of Shiell and Cormier when Thomson got hurt…too bad Lerew is having such a terrible season.

  37. I hope the vulture is getting ready. We are going to need his magical win scavanging ability today.

  38. We expected Betemit to do some damage instead of giving the Marlins an out when Olsen was in trouble.

  39. Sam…what’s with the ridiculous level of negativity about everything? Sheesh, even kc and Alex R. aren’t that negative. :)

  40. Well, I have very low expectations of Jeff Francoeur in the first place right now. And recent performances have led me to believe that they will continue.

  41. Honestly Stu, I understand what Bobby was thinking, but the strategy was just too conservative for my taste, perhaps I am just not old enough.

  42. Admit it, if Jeff Francoeur comes up with runners on when we need a run, that just screams OUT to you.

  43. After seeing Francouer hit back-to-back 9th inning homers against Tom Gordon, I’m slightly less down on him. I still believe that we can put up way more runs than these guys.

  44. Olsen seems to have found his groove. It’s a good thing we didn’t jump on him early.

  45. Sam, check out Frenchy’s batting average when there are runners at scoring position with two outs. In fact, check out the whole team’s average for that situation. You would be surprised.

  46. It really doesn’t, Sam.

    kc, I don’t get it. It’s your #3 hitter! Olsen’s putting men on base! Why give him an out with your best hitter?

    I will admit that I’m surprised Andruw didn’t get intentionally walked in that situation.

  47. I hate to be pessimistic, but the Marlins have frustrated the Braves on many occasions—we need some runs and sooner than later.

  48. I’m surprised that situation doesn’t scream “out” to others. Maybe the pessimist in me has taken over.

  49. I hate the Marlins, why can we beat up on division leaders with veterans and we can’t beat the AAA Marlins?

  50. Simple, because we’ve never seen them before. Remmeber last year when we were the AAA Braves?

  51. Oh Sam, you can find it with Yahoo Sports. It provides situation hitting stats for all players.

  52. I could see playing for an early run with Smoltz on the mound. But Jason f’ing Shiell? Get a clue, Bobby.

  53. Sosa is up in the bullpen. This is scary.

    He’d likely be an improvement on Shiell, which is eve scarier.

  54. I think I’m going to change strategy. You know, Jason Shiell has a really nice wife, and I was really impressed when she came on here. I wish him all the best, and hope they have a wonderful life together.

  55. What the heck, let Sosa pitches…Sheill has nothing…I have to say I do feel sorry for Shiell though because of the way he is coming back from injury…

  56. She came in at the very end of the thread…don’t know that she was actually here for the game.

  57. Yeah, I wish so too. This is why I still have confidence as long as the pitching can hold the Marlins to three runs for the rest of the game…

  58. KC–Shiell can still be a `feel good’ story, but it does not look like it today. At least he got thorough the 3rd. Two more innings would be great…

  59. Really? I think 3 runs wins this one. Olsen’s been great lately, and we blew a chance to jump on him early. And Todd Pratt is in the lineup.

  60. Sosa needs to get back in some games. Zambrano has taken over the pitcher home run lead.

  61. This is not the type of at-work game-following experience for which I was hoping. I’m tired of losing series to the Freaking Marlins.

  62. Yeah, Sam, those stats only look good when the Braves score more than 10 runs in a game…

  63. I could see another trade, but I think the Braves are fairly confident that they have enough talent to make a serious run at the Wild Card….

  64. Oh, I know they are confident in the group they have now but I really see JS getting a mid to low releif guy. I don’t know who but I don’t think he is quite done yet. BTW what a play by Jason…

  65. Alright, make this guy throw some pitches (he’s up to 65), chip away & get back in this thing. We can get 4+ in next 6 frames.

  66. Yeah, I think it will be another bullpen arm, but it will not be for a set-up guy. I just wish they had traded Jurries to an AL club as it could have been part of a transaction which could have helped. Instead, Jurries has lost value over the season. Matt Esquivel is another case of somebody I wish that we had unloaded a couple of months ago…

  67. Not looking good here. Going to have to try and keep close and jump on their bullpen.

  68. UPDATE: Another reader, with “contacts on the inside,” refutes the
    sexual harassment whispers: “Anyone who is saying sexual harassment
    either has been given bad third-hand info or is lying. Harold has had a
    couple of rather heated arguments with the producers at “Baseball
    Tonight,” and some of the suits at ESPN over the program’s coverage of
    Alex Rodriguez. At the last production meeting, when it was made clear
    they were going to really play up the A-Rod angle during coverage of the
    Yankees-Texas series, Harold had a colossal meltdown, which led to his
    dismissal. The sexual harassment allegations are even more laughable
    when you consider that he is being replaced by Steve Phillips — a man
    who has never met a skirt he wouldn’t chase and who was caught in one of
    the more embarrassing front office sexual harassment scandals in MLB

  69. The Braves really like Jones–comparisons to Garrett Anderson still seem a bit far fetched to me.

  70. With Pratt and the pitcher spot coming up, I am very confident about the next inning as well…

  71. Shiell seems a lot more comfortable pitching from behind. He would make a good Royal or Pirate.

  72. I don’t understand why Bobby still won’t let BMAC hit lefties. He can’t inprove on the bench. Let him go out there and play.

  73. From that link:

    IF Wilson Betemit
    Contract status: Signed through 2006
    July 27: The possibility of the Yankees sending Scott Proctor to Atlanta for Wilson Betemit has cooled, according to the Star-Ledger, as the Yankees have fresh concerns for reliever Kyle Farnsworth’s back and Octavio Dotel’s return is far from imminent. There have also been rumors for a number of weeks linking Betemit to a deal which would send Scott Linebrink to Atlanta.

  74. I don’t see Betemit for Linebrink–no matter how many times I read about it….

  75. But still this was a very winnible game and we need every win we can get. So I see your point on keep BMAC fresh but if you remember he is only 22 he has alot of energy. I like Todd Pratt but I want to see BMAC.

  76. Jay, catching sucks! It is hard on the body if you are 22 or 32. With the massive temps today, I am fine with Todd Pratt loosing 10 pounds today

  77. God this sucks. The Braves can’t get anything going and when they do everyone strikes out.

  78. KC, we have moved from Singapore and will soon move to Sharjah (20 miles from Dubai) and so I am getting as much baseball as I can…

    I am glad that we can scare teams by brining Orr off the bench..

  79. I dunno why Orr is always the first PH bat used recently — he’s easily the worst hitting fielder the Braves have, and probably a worse hitter than Jorge Sosa, Smoltz, and Hudson too. *shrug*

  80. Todd was hitting well his last start. You have a young pitcher on the mound durring a day game after a night game and your regular catcher is a lefty and it is a left handed pitcher. YOu have your division rival comming to town tomorrow with their stud pitching. Two games this weekend are day games.

    Sounds like the perfect time to start a vetern right handed backup catcher.

  81. Stu, I can still feel the pain from that game. I can’t believe Chuckie lost by only allowing two solo shots…

  82. You don’t know how hard catching 120 games a year is, Jay. Or catching a day game after a night game in that kind of heat. I don’t like having Pratt’s bat in there, but the move is good for McCann.

  83. Well, Kyle…Bobby’s favorite line…[fill in a person’s name] needs some at-bat….

  84. I know it’s the perfect time to start Pratt today Smitty… I understand it very well…but that doesn’t mean I like it.

  85. Stu, when Bobby has Chipper and McCann on the bench, Thorman’s role is less important today…

  86. The Vulture will get Olsen out but will allow a two-out base clearing double to Ramirez.

  87. I know, I’m just playing devil’s advocate. I am never for a Pete Orr appearance at the plate.

  88. Oh snap, just read Huckleberrys comments about people not liking him and that they need to stick to their guns. He’s actually challenging me to keep hating him. I don’t know guys I don’t think I can ignore that.

  89. “Can’t anyobdy here play this game?” Every infielder has mishandledd one of the last two balls except LaRoche.

  90. This has shades off that memorial day game against the Dodgers that propelled the Braves to a 6-21 June.

  91. Its moments like this which make me not want to waste prospects on trades. This is truly pathetic baseball; the good news is that the way the Braves have hit this afternoon it probably didn’t matter as 3 runs was going to be a great task.

  92. As I said, we lost this game when Francoeur struck out in the first. Wasting that chance with stupid managing and terrible hitting showed what today was going to be like.

  93. LOL did you see that little kid throw a hissy fit because he didn’t get the foul ball.

  94. For those that missing it:

    LaRoche not forgetting boos

    A Turner Field whipping boy two months ago, Adam LaRoche has turned boos to applause with steady defense and power-hitting production.

    The crowd response hasn’t gone unnoticed by the Braves first baseman, who has hit .366 with nine home runs and 21 RBIs in his past 24 games, including 3-for-3 with two walks and a game-winning home run Wednesday.

    “If you’re going to boo me when I’m struggling, then boo me now or don’t do anything,” the affable LaRoche said in a quiet monotone. “If you’re going to call in [to talk shows] and say you don’t want me here, that’s fine.

    “But I don’t want those same guys to be standing up for me when things are going well. That’s just the way I am. I’ve got no problem with you if you hate me. But stick to your guns; don’t go back and forth.”


  95. Hmmmmm… I think he deserves boos. Just like Dan Kolb deserved boos. Just like Chris Reitsma deserved boos.

  96. We have looked flat and then bad all afternoon. Against the Marlins, pessimism is almost always warranted.

  97. I read that Dan, and he certainly couldn’t remember why he was booed…not that was a surprise.

  98. Huckleberry is calling me out. I might have to retract my statements from last night.

  99. LaRoche is standing up for himself, I like it. Was that his first intreview its not everyday you see quotes from Adam.

  100. You can blame the pitching and the defense, but remember we have all of two hits…

  101. We know we would drop this one today. We have our 3rd best AAA starting, it is ok. We can’t win every game. We jsut can’t let this thing snow ball into another loosing skid.

  102. Standing up for himself? Well if he expects people to cheer him when he is playing like a jackass then I would love to see how he handles playing somewhere like New York.

  103. You think we would have won this game, scoring 0 runs, if we’d had better pitching, Landogarner?

  104. Yep, can’t get any worse. Send Sosa out there, give him some confidence that he can lose later in a bad outing. :P

  105. Kc, this is true. I was responding to someones comment about this game being lost due to hitting and managerial mistakes.

  106. Actually, this game is a little bit of everything. Nothing is going right today, that’s for sure.

  107. I think we could still have a chance to win this game with good pitching, Stu. Doesn’t matter who is managing or how many runs we get, if we don’t have pitchers that keep us in the game.

  108. Lando, the pitching didnt cause 2 errors and 2 SO’s w/ runners in scoring position. Even though Shiell does belong in A ball

  109. Aside from the lollygag play, I can’t recall another time when LaRoche was booed. Maybe he reads this blog.

  110. …but Adam was mainly booed for that bone-head play. It’s really not about being fair-weather or not. That’s why I think Adam has missed the point, and the interview made him sounds like a jacka$$.

  111. Well I will never be a “fan” of Huck’s but I can learn to tolerate him if he continues to not suck.

  112. I can’t figure out why I’m still watching this game. I keep thinking the Braves will eventually load the bases.

  113. What is scarry, I would rather face the cards, mets and nl west in the play offs
    Than the marlins

  114. Villareal is like Winston Churchill’s description of democracy- the worst bullpen option except for all the others. You’d really rather see Sosa or Paronto or Yates out there?

  115. Well, at this point, we can’t climb out of the hole, so why not see if anyone can still pitch in a hopeless situation?

  116. If Churchill is apposite, then our bullpen reminds us of the sorts of things which Plato said about democracy…

  117. Brian, maybe everyone at the stadium read Huck’s comments about not cheering for him?

  118. At least we’re getting help from the other games- San Francisco and Arizona are both losing in the late innings.

  119. Chris Resop. That’s not really their pitcher’s name, but there was a typo on his birth certificate.

  120. Where did all that 2-out Frenchy clutchness go?

    David, sorry that hope didn’t work out for you. Let’s see if we can give fear a try.

  121. I’d have made that guy get 2 strikes on me before even thinking about swinging at anything. Just not our day. We need to sweep the Mets now, though. I’m not optimistic.

  122. I’ll tell you where it went. To the same place where all the pitching talent went today.

  123. Yes Brian, throughout life my one friend has been dissapointment…he’s always there, every day..

    but fear sounds good aswell though…

  124. Sam the pitching is not beating us. Yes Shiell sucks and should be in Rome, but we committed 2 errors (which gave them 3 runs) and we can only score by a solo HR.

  125. Jorge Sosa becomes the latest Brave to suffer from a pulled suck muscle. Let’s hope it’s not trivial.

  126. Maybe Sosa can stay on the mound and pitch the bottom of the 9th for Florida…we should be able to tie the game up with him pitching…

  127. That is load of BS. Sosa is hurt. It’s a fake, staged injury so he can go on the DL and have somebody, maybe Phil Stockman, replace him.

  128. I’m fine with whatever as long as he is not an option for us. Put him on the DL w/ Pratt and Hunter until Sept.

  129. yeah put him on the DL w/ Pratt, Hunter, and Lonnie Smith (sorry I’ll never get over falling for the fake throw from Knoblauch)

  130. Maybe Bobby will have a press confrence after the game like Dick Vermile had when Trent Green got hurt in St. Louis:

    “This team will rally around Phill Stockman.”

    and then he laughs!

  131. I was just thinking…the number of posts on here suggests that this must be a really slow day at the office

  132. One out, this makes it tougher. It is nice to have some drama, maybe if we start a rally the game will flip to TNT. But the way this one has gone down TBS is doing just fine.

  133. Josh…you’re dead on…

    The boss has been ragging on me all afternoon.
    “you’re not doing anything”
    “come on…do something”
    “im making money here..what are you doing?”
    “and you’re expecting a salary next week?”
    “do i have to do everything myself?”

  134. Smitty, the only reason this game belongs on TBS is the laughable performance of our offense and defense.

  135. Sorry Sam, it’s just a moment in time that sticks out. Of course it would have been nice to see Gant and/or Bream come thru right there. It’s just that of all things, someone falls for the fake cutoff play. Sort of like the fake to 3rd and pickoff to 1st play that pitchers try. Who falls for that?

  136. Smith claimed he didn’t fall for that. He jsut didnt’ know where the ball was. Playing devil’s advocate here.

  137. Does no one else care that LaRoche has lifeguards? That’s definitely a couple of points in his favor. Don’t know whether they beat Franks, but still, it’s something . . . (no, wait, I do know they beat franks, they beat the hell out of franks . . . and take that however you like it).

  138. Well if dumb ass had looked at Jimmy Williams jumping up and down at third base, like you are taught at at 4, he would have scored.

  139. Well, when your pitching, offense, and defense all stink, that’s the outcome you get. See you all tomorrow night, when things get better. (They can’t get worse, right? [remembers June] Don’t answer that.}

  140. what do you think of Diaz? why would anyone throw him a pitch that’s straight. Just throw nothing but curve balls and this guy wont have a job much longer, oh yeah and he is one of the worst defenseive outfielders in the league. His average is good, but he shouldn’t be in the majors either, I might be in the minority here though

  141. csg,

    May barber is a better outfielder than Diaz. That time he over ran the ball against the Red Sox and hit the wall…I laughed my ass off.

    I have never seen an MLB left fielder OVER run a ball like he does. I know he has done it at least twice, and come close several other times.

  142. LaRoche’s lifeguards
    Adam’s army
    Adam’s apples
    LaRoche’s ladies

    Adam LaRoche seems pretty popular.

  143. Smitty, how do you think Hudson feels. It seems like every time he pitches Pratt catches and Diaz plays in LF. Huddy pitched well w/ McCann until Pratt came in. Maybe there is something there who knows, but Diaz sucks and I’m tired of watching him

  144. oh yeah, the time he ran into the wall was the funniest thing I have seen in a ball game. Actually I’m laughing right now! I wonder if Langy and Andruw laughed when that happened. HUddy looked pissed!

  145. Sort of like the fake to 3rd and pickoff to 1st play that pitchers try. Who falls for that?

    I actually think it’s an ok play, when done right. Only most pitchers have the same attitude about they play as most fans and commentators — oh, this never works — and then don’t sell it well.

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