Braves 6, Marlins 5 – MLB – Box Score – Marlins at Braves

I should be happy, but as happens way too often, I’m mostly just relieved. This was a game where the Braves never should have been in danger, but trailed in going to the eighth.

John Smoltz was dominant through five, but then couldn’t get through an inning unscathed. The Braves took a 2-0 lead in the second as Langerhans doubled home Francoeur and Smoltz squeezed LaRoche home (Ryan tried to steal a run by following Adam home but was thrown out). It was 3-0 when McCann homered in the fourth.

But John let that lead get away in about five minutes, allowing four hits in the sixth to tie it. (Other than a bunt, the outs he got were Cabrera and Commander Cody Ross, while people like Alfredo Amezega were killing him.) LaRoche had a big two-out single to retake the lead in the bottom of the sixth, but Smoltz popped up after Langerhans was intentionally walked. And Joe Borchard — who is a terrible player, and really doesn’t belong in the major leagues — hit a homer to tie it back up, and Dan Uggla hit a homer in the top of the eighth to take the lead. (Why was Smoltz still out there? Well, you know what our bullpen is like.)

Then Andruw (he and Chipper were both back in the lineup but neither had done much thus far) hit a leadoff homer to tie it. With two out, LaRoche, against a LOOGY, hit a homer to take the lead. Wickman gave up a one-out single (and a two-out stolen base) but nailed down a save. LaRoche was 3-3 with a walk, two runs scored, two RBI, and more than made up for some choppy defense at first.

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  1. Smitty, I mentioned it last thread, but it may have been lost in all the excitement: I don’t know if ESPN would be too thrilled with you posting an employment screening test on the internet. You may want to ask Mac to remove it.

    I’m just saying.

  2. I don’t know if anyone has mentioned it, but Chipper’s hitting streak was snapped, wasn’t it? It really stinks that he had to get hurt right in the middle of it. Here’s hoping he starts another one tomorrow that lasts for another 20 games…

  3. Good comeback win. I hope the Braves do not trade Wilson Betemit for Scott Proctor. This would really suck.

  4. Boomer,

    Unless you’re Reynolds’ neighbor or cousin or agent or wife or, apparently, an ESPN PA, there’s no way you can know the extent of someone’s “creep factor” around women.

    FWIW, I know guys in my industry who are terrific about everything—that is, until they get around women. You think you know someone, but when it comes to these things, oftentimes you really don’t.

  5. Just got back from the game in record time. LaRoche, Andruw, McCann, and Hans all went tuff, then Wickmania ensued. Good game.

  6. I mean I know I don’t know him, but it seems awfully spontaneous. It isn’t like a report about this harrasement got released or anything. One slip up for one of their best guys and he is gone? I dunno. It just doesn’t sit right with me.

  7. Boom,
    We don’t know what happened, we don’t know if this is one time, so it’s really impossible to speculate.

    My guess is that it had to be something egregious or else this wouldn’t have happened so swiftly.

  8. I suppose you are right. With Gammons and him out though, I have to say that the program isn’t going to go very far with Kruk and company.

  9. My understanding (which is like fifth-hand) is that Reynolds had been warned in the past, and that the reason he was dismissed was that the harassee actually filed a complaint this time. ESPN must be a nightmare place for a woman to work even if Joe Namath isn’t around.

  10. I get a laugh out of my sports friends every time I see Namath on TV. I can’t help but say “I wanna kiss you” every time. Suzy handled it beautifully though.

  11. Just think, the Namath thing is 230948 times funnier if you hate bama (and therefore, Namath)

  12. Watching the Yanks/Texas game:

    Scott Proctor Audition: After pitching 3 innings in the last 2 games, it was announced that he wouldn’t pitch tonight.

    However, the Yanks (leading 6-4) ran into trouble in the 8th with TJ Beam & Torre brought in Proctor with runners on 2nd & 3rd, no out.

    Proctor’s first pitch to Young was a curve with no bite that was laced through his legs for a 2-run single. Next batter, Teixeira singled to right. Next batter, Blalock chops a single through the drawn-in infield. 7-6 Texas, still nobody out.

    Not sure why Torre didn’t bring in Farnsworth…

  13. Farnsworth has been pretty good for the last month. WIth the exception of a game against the White Sox right after the all-star break, the last bad outing he had was against Atlanta back in June.

    No need to speculate on why he wasn’t brought in—we have WFAN here; I’m sure I’ll find out more than I care to know.

  14. I gotta say, I don’t understand the trade from NYY’s perspective. They essentially deal Proctor for Linebrink, if the speculation is true. Looking at the stats, there’s not a ton of difference there, especially if you factor in park effect. Am I missing something here.

    By the way, I’m sorry Adam for disparaging your good name here at Braves Journal for the last year or so. I still don’t want your children, but I’m beginning to think that you may not be so terrible after all…

  15. kind of ironic that smoltz won a game he should have lost, guess sometimes it is better to be lucky than good. Wickman has to weigh 300 lbs – but he is getting the job done

  16. I wonder how many beers it takes Joe Willy to get drunk.

    I am a Tennessee fan, but my favorite Bama player ever was Steve Sloan, just because he is from my home town.

  17. My favorite Bama player was Woodrow Lowe, from Phenix City, just over the river from my hometown.

    Fact is, they’ve had so many cool players it’s hard to choose. My high-school football coach played there, was on the ’66 title team with Stabler.

  18. The thing with Namath was that it was really ESPN’s fault for putting him on the air. The guy was clearly plastered and had nothing of value to say, so he embarassed himself and the network. That was the day ESPN officially lost me.

  19. I don’t see how ESPN loses any sports fan. They kind of have a monopoly. What else are you going to watch? Fox Sports and The Best Darn Sports Show Period? That show has less quality sports content than the Discovery Channel.

  20. I’d probably have to go with the Snake, myself. Mostly because I’m a lefty, as well. Either him or Ozzie Newsome. Roll Tide. Go Dawgs. (I know, I know)

    Good win, let’s keep ’em coming.

  21. Don’t worry Rob.. I’m a ‘Canes fan but I’ve always kept an eye on the Gators aswell.. so we’ll both get pelted

  22. Trading Betemit for Proctor would be a terrible move. Torre has ridden that guy’s arm into the ground. Given the oft-injured status of Chipper and Marcus, I think we can ill-afford to lose Betemit.

  23. Also a big Cory Anderson. Rick Clausen, Kelley Washington, and Flying Leak Brothers fan. I try to keep it balanced.

  24. Well thast sure was a nice win last night. It feels good to see them team on the positive side of the ledger latley, but do we really have a chance?

    The more I think about it the more we do, the NL is weak this year, even the NY Mutts are looking old all of a sudden. I hate getting my hopes up, we are not even .500 yet, but we sure are in striking distance. The question is, do we dump Salty for pirching, if he still has adeqaute value?

  25. Is it just me or is LaRoche starting to bear a striking resemblance to the “Splendid Splinter”, and in more ways than just appearance and being left-handed?

  26. I’d rather trade Salty for pitching than Betemit. But unless it’s for somebody like Joe Borowski, I’d rather keep both.

  27. So, Bobby moved into 2nd place last night for manager ejections. He is only 7 behind the all time leader. Here’s hoping they stop play and have some sort of ceremony when he finally breaks the mark. Does anybody know where he stands on the ejections per game list?

  28. New York Times this morning says that Joe Torre says they’re keeping Proctor. They considered shopping him when they thought they were getting Dotel back, but he’s not coming back.

  29. I have been thinking about the braves too much lately. I actually had a dream last night where we traded Giles and Diaz. Don’t ask me how but we ended up with Proctor and N. Green from Ny and DeJesus and Gobble from KC. I was pretty happy about the trade in my dream although I’m not exactly sure how JS pulled it off.

  30. Joe Namath is actually a family member of mine. His nephew, Frank who was an offensive lineman for the University of Maryland, married my 1st cousin. I got to meet Joe at the wedding, and a few times since. Funny guy, a little annoying when he’s drunk, and he has got the ugliest knees I think I have ever seen……

  31. This from Jayson Stark’s lengthy trade rumor analysis:

    “For a guy who isn’t even averaging two at-bats a game, Betemit sure is a hot item on the shelves these days. The Braves and Padres continue to talk about a fascinating deal that would send the 24-year-old Betemit to San Diego for the best set-up arm out there, Scott Linebrink. And the Yankees and Dodgers have also had interest, although the Yankees think they can justify trading reliever Scott Proctor for Betemit now that Octavio Dotel’s journey back from Tommy John surgery has clanked into another pothole. But at the moment, it’s the Braves who are wondering if they can afford to trade their own player. It’s complicated enough that Betemit has ricocheted from Best Prospect in Baseball to What A Bust to Decent Utility Guy to Best Utility Whiz In The League. But now that the Braves are unsure of Chipper Jones’ health, Betemit looks more indispensable by the day — especially when you remember he has a higher slugging percentage (.503) than Jeff Francoeur (.453). So watch those box scores carefully to see if the Chipmeister returns. There’s more riding on his health than just who gets to hit in front of Andruw Jones.”

  32. “Is it just me or is LaRoche starting to bear a striking resemblance to the “Splendid Splinter”, and in more ways than just appearance and being left-handed?”

    I thought he had been looking LESS cryogenically frozen of late.

  33. I remember Freddy Kitchens! He was the QB when Tennessee finaaly beat Bama (41-14!)

    I have a favorite player for most SEC teams.
    UGA: Ely-Kelso- He was the punter for like 15 years
    Bama: Steve Sloan- Hometown guy
    Ole Miss- Manning
    LSU- Faulk
    Vandy- Cutler
    USC- Steve Tannyhill
    Kentucky- Couch
    Arkansas- That center they had that wore horn rim glasses, but was killed in a car wreck.
    Auburn- Williams
    Tennessee- ANDY KELLY
    Miss. St- ugh
    FLorida- No one! I root against them to fail, even in the NFL

  34. And this from Ken Rosenthal’s lengthy piece this morning:

    “The Yankees would raise a number of questions if they traded reliever Scott Proctor for Braves infielder Wilson Betemit, a possibility first reported by the New York Post and confirmed Wednesday by

    The trade of Proctor would make more sense if right-hander Octavio Dotel already had made his expected return from elbow surgery; if the Yankees moved Proctor now, they almost certainly would need to add another late-inning reliever in a separate deal.

    The addition of Betemit, whose best positions are third base and shortstop, also would be something of a head-scratcher.

    Betemit could fill in at second while Robinson Cano recovers from his hamstring injury, but probably isn’t a long-term solution at that position. His future playing time, then, likely would be minimal unless the Yankees traded Cano or — ahem — third baseman Alex Rodriguez.

    The return of third baseman Chipper Jones from an oblique strain Wednesday night could make the Braves more willing to trade Betemit, but even then they might be reluctant to part with their emerging talent.

    Betemit, 25, could develop into a 25-homer, 40-double man, and the Braves control him through 2010. Trading such a player for a reliever, even one as good as Proctor or the Padres’ Scott Linebrink, would be a decidedly risky move. The Braves might want another player added to such a deal.”

    Hope these quotes aren’t too long ….

  35. So now it’s unanimous. This from Jeff Passan:

    “4) Atlanta Braves’ Wilson Betemit to the San Diego Padres for Scott Linebrink – It’s a trade that, on its surface, would seem to benefit both teams. Betemit, a third baseman, would round out a young infield with Khalil Greene, Josh Barfield and Adrian Gonzalez. And Linebrink would be an ace setup man for Atlanta Braves closer Bob Wickman. Thing is, each player seems to be more valuable to his current team than his would-be one. The Braves need Betemit’s versatility, particularly with the injury-prone Marcus Giles and Chipper Jones in the lineup. And the Padres’ bullpen is the asset that separates them from the rest of the National League West.”

  36. I actually agree with a little of Ken R. is saying…gasp!!!
    The braves would definitely have to have more than just a reliever for Betemit. Earlier in the year I would have said that he has a future as our 3b and Chip would have to move to 1b to accomadate this. However, LaRoche is complicating this with how great he has been playing. I still hope we hang on to Betemit. Fact is I don’t know how much longer Giles will be with Atlanta, Chip is always an injury risk, he is just too valuable for one stinkin reliever.

  37. A couple of comments from things that have been posted since I last checked this place yesterday afternoon:

    (1) It’s absolutely ridiculous to hold that quote Dan posted against Farnsworth. Exactly what was it about it that was untrue or even disrespectful? I’d still take him back in a heartbeat.

    (2) Seeing all this LaLove is bringing tears of joy to my eyes. While I tend to dispute that a nickname of “Huckleberry” could ever be thought of as endearing, I’ll take it. Of course, my suspicion is that most of this will be forgotten or ignored the next time Adam goes a week or two without a homer, or hits into a rally-killing DP. I hope not, though, and at any rate, I’ll enjoy the absence of unprovoked attacks on a solid player while it lasts.

    (3) It’s good to see the Proctor idea (apparently) dying. And it was good to see him suck last night, because I’m sure JS saw that, too.

    (4) Picking a favorite Gator or Crimson Tide player is like picking a favorite STD.

  38. LaRoche not forgetting boos

    A Turner Field whipping boy two months ago, Adam LaRoche has turned boos to applause with steady defense and power-hitting production.

    The crowd response hasn’t gone unnoticed by the Braves first baseman, who has hit .366 with nine home runs and 21 RBIs in his past 24 games, including 3-for-3 with two walks and a game-winning home run Wednesday.

    “If you’re going to boo me when I’m struggling, then boo me now or don’t do anything,” the affable LaRoche said in a quiet monotone. “If you’re going to call in [to talk shows] and say you don’t want me here, that’s fine.

    “But I don’t want those same guys to be standing up for me when things are going well. That’s just the way I am. I’ve got no problem with you if you hate me. But stick to your guns; don’t go back and forth.”

  39. The Landis thing: didn’t everyone expect that?

    The LaRoche thing: sounds a bit too defensive to me. Especially since most of the boos were the result of the lack-of-hustle play.

  40. I would like to ditto much of what Stu said…
    I don’t think Farnsworth “disrespected” us…I’m not real sure if I would want him back though

  41. Also, from the previous thread, I’m with ububba: day games during the workweek are beautiful.

  42. Speaking of dreams, I had one last night that we battered Pedro & he called the Braves his daddy. Off camera, you could hear the entire Larry Wayne Jones, Jr., family in hysterics.

    FYI—In the new SI, there’s a shoutout to CJ’s It’s a front-of-the-book story about sports/economist blogs. Pg. 20.

    And, yes, even in Bravesworld, the SEC people are itching for the kickoff—myself included: Sept. 2, Sanford Stadium, Western Kentucky. Let’s get it on.

  43. Landis tested positive for male hormone? I guess that is suspect to the French none of their males have anything, heck they’d probably test positive for estrogen.

  44. Yeah, none of you pansies have the guts to open in Ann Arbor…

    And JC’s the one who does sabernomics, not CJ. Maybe just a typo.

  45. Well our new setup man maybe on the way:

    John Thomson began a rehab assignment Tuesday allowing three hits and two runs in 1 2/3 innings for Class A Rome. He’s set to pitch again Friday, a schedule that indicates he could be moved to the bullpen when activated.

  46. Yup, dyslexic moment. Mea culpa.

    And Stu,

    Why would we go to Ann Arbor when we can just wait to play Michigan in a bowl game?

  47. John Thomson is now going to be a good set-up man. I guess it’s worth a try though.

  48. It would certainly be the biggest win in recent history. But, of course, it ain’t happening.

    Well, the point, ububba, is that the reason you make it to bowl games is because you play Western Kentucky during the regular season.

  49. That is an awful article. The author tries to make it sound as though the Yankees asked for Smoltz, and the Braves asked for Tabata in return, only to have the Yankees balk. It would take more than Hughes and Tabata put together to get Smoltz, if he were available, which he is not.

  50. It’s not really an “article”. It’s terribly written and has no credibility. I’m not even sure why you’re reading that crap, Smitty…

  51. That’s Yankees fans for you. They’re convinced that they can have any player they want and we’ll be happy with their overhyped prospects.

  52. Well Stu, Vandy is playing Kent State, at Duke, and Tennessee State.

    Vandy goes 3-9 at best, more like 2-10!

    I love Vandy, my stepmom went there.

  53. Remember all the Andruw-to-Boston and Andruw-to-NY rumors last year? It’s just so funny, this sense of entitlement they all have.

    I also must say that I’ve enjoyed the upsurge in Yankeefan- and Soxfan-bashing on this site in the last couple of days.

  54. Stu,

    I beg to differ, my man. The reason Georgia goes to bowl games is because, relatively often in recent years, it wins the SEC title. WKy isn’t an SEC member, but 2 schools in Tennessee are.

    Truthfully, I agree with you in the sense that the big out-of-conference games are great for the fans. Several years ago, we scheduled a home-and-home with Colorado (begins this year in Athens), so that’s a step in the right direction.

    But I miss the days when UCLA & Cal would come to Athens. I remember my sophomore year at UGA. We opened at home on a Monday night with Clemson & the very next Saturday we entertained BYU. Now, that’s great stuff.

    And, sincerely, good luck with Michigan. Few things warm my heart more than seeing an SEC school beat a Big 10 school. As I remind my OSU-grad co-worker, it happens quite often. Go ‘Dores.

  55. I just saw it on the net and had to post it. I knew you guys would love it!

    Stu, all we ask is Vandy hang tough against Michigan. If you can have a lead at any point in the game and stay with in 14 points, you will have done the conference pround!

  56. Clearly, any Vandy football trashtalking I do is meant in jest. We simply aren’t good. Ever. Our starters are usually relatively competitive, and we always have a couple of NFL-caliber players (usually on defense), but we have no depth. And our administration won’t allow the coaches to recruit sub-3.0 or sub-1000 guys, so that cuts a pretty large chunk out of the eligible football playing population.

    And Smitty…where’s the love?! I’m a Tennessee fan, too! I always support you on here! And I’m no threat to you (last season not withstanding)! You gotta back me up.

  57. I hope it will take less to make the conference proud because, barring some sort of Richard Kovalcheck system-learning-and-flawless-execution miracle, I’ll be surprised if we lose by less than 24.

  58. Pitchers:

    A.) 3.97 ERA..49G..45.1IP..45H..21R..20ER..3HR..21BB..48K’s
    B.) 3.30 ERA..47G..46.1IP..37H..17R..17ER..6HR..22BB..36K’s
    C.) 2.93 ERA..34G..30.2IP..27H..10R..10ER..2HR..12BB..28K’s

    Pitcher A.) Farnsworth
    Pitcher B.) Kenny Ray
    Pitcher C.) Chad Paronto

    So Stu, I guess we won’t agree on Farnsworthless, but you can take him, I’d rather have what we got now than him back ever.

  59. Let me amend something I said: *Relative to the SEC,* we simply aren’t good.

    If we were in Conference USA, we’d be making bowl games every year.

  60. Stu,

    Remember last year, or a couple years ago, when it was “Andruw Jones to NYY for Kevin Brown?”


  61. The opinion of anyone who would *honestly* rather have Ray and Paronto than Farnsworth (for pitching purposes, that is) will be ignored by me, anyway, so it’s cool.

  62. Johnny W

    What’s so “seductive” about Farnsworth is that 48 K/45 IP part.

    I see Farns pitch a lot up here and, believe me, I’m not in love with him either. But, y’know what? Overall, I still think he’s better than Ray & Paronto. May not be worth the money he’s getting, but he’s been pretty good lately.

  63. Seriously, Johnny, why don’t you look at their career numbers? Or at Farnsworth’s numbers with the Braves last year? I could pick out a statistic or a season that makes Jorge Sosa look like a superior pitcher to Mike Mussina.

    If you don’t want him back because he spurned the Braves, that’s one thing; but to think he wouldn’t be a drastic improvement over what we have out there now is crazy.

  64. Oh, I got your back Stu. If Vandy played in the Big Ten they would have gone to a few bowl games in the 90’s. Steve Martin is a good coach and makes for great half time entertainment. If the school’s administration would spend some money on football, Vandy might win more.

    Another thing that hurts Vandy is that instate talent hasn’t been very good in the last few years. IF you live in the greater Nashville area, have good test scores and can play some ball you might go to Vandy, but if the same thing applies and you live in, say, Durham, you aren’t comming to Vandy.

  65. “Yesterday, the Yankees were informed by the Braves that a deal for infielder Wilson Betemit wouldn’t get done unless the Yankees included Proctor. Unwilling to remove Proctor from their bullpen, the Yankees run the risk of watching the switch-hitting Betemit, a player many evaluators say has a bright future and one who could help bolster the Yankees’ lineup, land elsewhere.”

  66. It has very little to do with money spent, Smitty. Unless you’re talking about money spent directly on persuading players to come to one’s school. :)

    It’s the academic standards. You simply can’t compete in the SEC with the kind of handicap we self-impose. Like I said, depth is what kills us (it’s why we keep it close for 3 quarters before folding like a tent in the 4th). As an alum, I for one would not mind having the standards lowered, because the fact that some football player is a moron won’t tarnish my Vanderbilt degree in the least, and it would be awfully nice for them to give us a winner to cheer for.

    Though, about basketball (Ron Mercer not withstanding) and baseball I can’t really complain. Our baseball team will be the best in the country next year.

  67. I’ve read the same conflicting reports, ububba. Based on what I’ve read, I suspect it would take Linebrink+ to give up Betemit, though. And depending on what the “+” is, I might be ok with that.

  68. If Vandy can find a solid QB they will be really good next year. They have that great wide out. I get so pissed everytime I think about the Vandy Florida game last year and how the refs cost them the game

  69. They have several solid QBs. Kovalcheck (whom the Vols heavily recruited out of high school 3 years ago, by the way) transferred from Arizona and doesn’t have to sit; if he can get comfortable with the system quickly enough, he should be really good. The other candidate to start, Chris Nickson, is pretty raw, but he can really run, and he’s got a pretty strong arm. They’ve also got 2 relatively highly touted freshmen on the roster (one’s a redshirt), so the future in that department looks bright. We also had our best recruiting class, maybe ever, though we still finished 12th in the SEC in that department.

  70. And the Vandy-Florida call was bad, but who knows if we’d have made a 2-point conversion. Probably, but that’s not really what kept us out of a bowl game: freaking MTSU and Kentucky did that.

  71. You know, if the Yanks offered Hughes and Tabata for Smoltz, I’d be tempted to take them up on it. We probably wouldn’t be very good for the next couple of years, but it would give us two really good prospects for 2008 and beyond.

  72. More NYC Trade Talk:

    Zito to Shea for Heilman & Umber.

    Right now, it’s just talk batted around on the radio, but there are apparently discussions.

  73. Seriously Stu, why don’t you stop being an arrogant jerk about a silly comment I made? I was just trying to prove a point that “walk on water” Farnsworth isn’t all that great. Other pitchers, like on the Braves, are having fine years and we shouldn’t try to send WB for Farnsworth or Procter. That’s all I was trying to say with that.

    If you like him, fine, that’s your right. I would prefer to not have him back due to his salary, the fact he dissed the Braves, and the good work we are getting out of our bullpen for half of what he costs. We both agree though that a good set-up guy is needed here, if not another “closer” and you gotta pay for them. I just wanted to state that I’d rather have someone else than Farnsworth in that role.

  74. Nobody said he walks on water, just that he’s better than what we have. And I must have been watching a different bullpen than the one that’s been giving us “good work”.

    I don’t see how expecting someone to rationally defend their position makes one an arrogant jerk. But I’ll drop the subject if your feelings are getting hurt.

  75. “Nobody said he walks on water, just that he’s better than what we have.”

    – I disagree, there are other options that are better than Farnsworth out there that will not cost us WB….now, if Farnsworth were free, then yes, I’d agree with you, but i’m not losing WB for this clown.

    “And I must have been watching a different bullpen than the one that’s been giving us “good work”.”

    – Granted, this isn’t the bullpen of 2002, or 03, whenever we had Hammonds, etc., but the bullpen has been better of late and has been producing better results than in the past this season. I know that the “better results” aren’t hard considering where we came from, but looking at their numbers it hasn’t been “horrible”, more likely just bad. Sorry if my wording of “good” offended you.

    “I don’t see how expecting someone to rationally defend their position makes one an arrogant jerk.”

    – There was nothing for you to defend. This was more a reflection of your arrogant first post where you stated.

    “The opinion of anyone who would *honestly* rather have Ray and Paronto than Farnsworth (for pitching purposes, that is) will be ignored by me, anyway, so it’s cool. ”

    And then you go on to bash it in your second post. “Seriously, Johnny, why don’t you look at their career numbers? Or at Farnsworth’s numbers with the Braves last year? I could pick out a statistic or a season that makes Jorge Sosa look like a superior pitcher to Mike Mussina.

    Yeah, look at career numbers where Farnsworth got shelled and had a 4.72 ERA in 2004. He has had two great years, 01′ and 05′, a decent year in 03′, and gotten his @ss kicked in 99′, 00′, 02′, and 04′. His strike out rate is great, but other pitchers have been better and more consistent.

    Sure, he’s a good pitcher, but I WAS JUST SAYING THERE ARE PITCHERS, UNDER THE RADAR, THAT DON’T COST AS MUCH AND DIDN’T SPURN THE BRAVES….THAT’S IT, that’s all i was trying to prove with my post.

    “But I’ll drop the subject if your feelings are getting hurt.”

    – Seriously Stu, I didn’t mean to offend you as I apparently did with my post about other pitchers and their stats against Farnsworth, and I’m sorry that my opinion conflicts yours. Just ignore me then if that’s how you feel…whatever…life is too short to blow up on people on a braves message board about a silly trade rumor.

  76. “There was nothing for you to defend.”

    No, Johnny, I asked you to defend your position.

    “The opinion of anyone who would *honestly* rather have Ray and Paronto than Farnsworth (for pitching purposes, that is) will be ignored by me, anyway, so it’s cool. ”

    You’re right…this was snarky, and for that I apologize.

    None of the rest of what I said was arrogant by any means, though. You misread it.

    “Sure, he’s a good pitcher, but I WAS JUST SAYING THERE ARE PITCHERS, UNDER THE RADAR, THAT DON’T COST AS MUCH AND DIDN’T SPURN THE BRAVES….THAT’S IT, that’s all i was trying to prove with my post.”

    But that’s not what you said in your post. Maybe that’s what you meant to imply, but you didn’t say it. You said Paronto and Ray were better options than Farnsworth; they aren’t. I would not have disputed the more general claim that there are cheaper pitchers who we should target instead of Farnsworth.

    “Seriously Stu, I didn’t mean to offend you as I apparently did with my post…”

    You didn’t.

    “life is too short to blow up on people on a braves message board about a silly trade rumor.”

    Completely agree.

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