Braves 5, Marlins 3 – MLB – Box Score – Braves at Marlins

You see, the nature of modern baseball is that you’re supposed to figure that if you can get a two-run lead to the back of your bullpen you can hold on. It was close there for a minute, but Wickman got it done and the Braves have won three in a row.

McCann was the star, as he so often is. In the first, he scored Chipper with a two-out single, then threw out Hanley Ramirez trying to steal second after a leadoff walk. In the third, he doubled Andruw home from first, again with two out. He couldn’t get Chipper home from third with one out in the fifth, but Francoeur picked him up, and then he singled home Renteria in the seventh. Renteria capped the scoring by singling home Marcus (who did not start but pinch-hit) in the eighth.

Chuck James went six, allowing two runs. He had some walk problems, allowing three in the early innings, but settled down, and equalled his hits allowed with his strikeouts at five. He did allow a homer, but this time shut down Commando Cody Ross.

Paronto pitched the seventh, allowing one run, and I was happy that was all. He got the first two men but walked Uggla, and once he went 3-2 on Cabrera I was just hoping he could hold it to a double. He did, making it 4-3 at the time, but Renteria got the run back after Paronto got out of it with no further damage.

Baez breezed through the eighth. Wickman got the first two in the ninth, but then a bloop single and an infield single got Cabrera to the plate. This time, he grounded out.

A walk!Francoeur drew a walk! What’s more, it was on a 3-2 count — I believe his first two-strike walk this year. I’m as shocked as anyone. The Braves could easily have scored a lot more runs and would have in a normal park — Chipper hit two more balls off that stupid wall (again, the point of the Green Monster is that left field in Fenway is very short; you don’t need a wall like that in a normal park) and had another one caught against it, while LaRoche had what was almost a three-run homer caught at the wall in center. I’d guess that in Turner Field the score would have been something like 10-3.

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  1. This was a good win…Chuckie looked good again, but this time the “bullpen” was able to hold it down.

    Wickman remains perfect as a Brave.

  2. Marlins should get their own park. That’s just not a baseball stadium.

    Besides, that inflied dirt is horrible for the Dolphins kicking game…

  3. By the way, I nominate Bob Wickman as the Morten Andersen of the new decade: not as flashy as Vanderjagt, not as consistent as Vinatieri, but somehow he gets the job done.

    Jenny, you with me?

  4. Anyone else think letting go of Girardi would be STUPID?

    The Marlins were serious WC contenders two weeks ago – Loria goes on an ego trip, and now they’re stinking it up. I feel sorry for the players and Girardi, I really do.. Heck, I *like* the Marlins.

  5. i double checked, mac; that was francoeur’s first 2 strike walk this year. unbelievable.

  6. Eventhough I live down here in Curacao..I have family in Florida..we have a house in Florida…and I get the Miami Herald everyday…so, the Marlins have grown on me during the years aswell..

    Eventhough they’re a divisional rival, I can’t hate them like I do the Mets or Phillies…so yeah, I think Loria is absolutely crazy if he would let Girardi go…

  7. I’m happy about the win tonight. And I’d love to be more optimistic right now, but staring down another start by Cormier just keeps me from any sort of optimism. Indeed, we are still two starters short (wish that JS had addressed this in addition to Baez and Wickman). So, I find myself still looking forward to the opening of football season, although I don’t share the love of college football that many on this board do.

  8. Thanks Davey,

    2005 Fun Stats:
    – Fourth quarter scoring: Virginia Tech 123 – Opponents 30
    – Rushing touchdowns: Virginia Tech 30 – Opponents 6
    – Time of possession: Virginia Tech 32:37 – Opponents 27:23

  9. The only way that the Braves have a chance to get back in the WC race is for 4 starting pitchers (Smoltz, Hudson, James, Villareal) to dominate for about 2 weeks and for Cormier and the bullpen to hold opponents to less than 7 runs per game. The way it looks right now, the latter task may be the most difficult to accomplish.

  10. Huge news!!!!

    Kyle Davies is expected to make 1 more start and the he will be activated from the DL.

    Rotation injury updates: Davies impressed by tossing seven solid innings for Double-A Mississippi on Wednesday night. But Cox said the right-hander, who had groin surgery in May, will make at least one more rehab start before being activated from the disabled list.

    While throwing 79 pitches during Wednesday’s game, Davies limited Tennessee to two earned runs and four hits. The 22 year-old right-hander induced 13 groundouts, registered three strikeouts and issued just three walks. It clearly was the finest of the four rehab appearances he’s made since Aug. 1.

    “It was good that he got stretched out,” Cox said of Davies, whose earliest return likely would be Aug. 27.

  11. I hate to break it to ya Davey but Matt Leinart didn’t look horrible in his first game.

    4-11 45 yds, 2 rush, 29 yds

  12. Mac, Bryant-Denny’s upper deck looks nice.

    New ribbon board as well.

    Taken today.

    Reposting, said after I posted last, my future posts “pend moderation” – testing..

  13. Sorry I didn’t follow up with my comment from last week, but what is going on with the sale of the team? Seems like it was talked about a lot in June but absolutely nothing since.


  14. “(Smoltz, Hudson, James, Villareal)”

    Please tell me you’re kidding. Villarreal is not a starter.

    I can’t wait for Davies to come back and knock Cormier out and for somebody to take over Villarreal’s spot, maybe in September when rosters expand. Cormier and Villarreal suck.

  15. “Actually, Schuerholz’s book contains several quotes from here about the Millwood trade.”

    Really? Does he quote you calling him an “incredible idiot”?

  16. The following line is from AJC:

    “The surge began at about the same time that LaRoche began taking medication for adult attention deficit disorder.”

    Adam, you should have taken medication long ago. Glad to know you are dealing with your own problem.

  17. Yeah, he quoted “Incredible Idiot”. Also Craig Calcaterra:

    Unbelievably stupid. I don’t watch another Braves game until Schuerholz is fired or dead. I mean it. It’s over.

    And Troy:

    I’m going to throw up.

    On John Schuerholz’ suit.

    It’s on page 70-71. He says his ghostwriter co-author looked them up.

    Chipper, McCann, Chuck James, and McBride answered those questions last year, that’s it.

  18. Anyway, you were at the scrimmage? I wasn’t but watched the highlights and read the T-News wrapup. For FourSeam, I will report that Javier Arenas ran back a punt and looks to be the primary return man, that the wide receivers (except Prothro, who will certainly be redshirted now) are all healthy for once, and that Keith Brown appears to be Wilson’s favorite target, that they hooked up for two touchdowns.

  19. You guys are way too hard on Frenchy. The dude has good power, a cannon for and arm and plays hard. I know he strikes out too much but he is only like 22 or 23, give the guy a break. Imagine how good he could be? And lets face it, when the game is on the line, there is no one else I’d rather have at the plate.And say what you wil about the vulture, but that start he made the other day was huge and he looked fantastic,Cormier got beat but it wasnt because he was bad, more like bad luck

  20. Lee, I believe everyone just wanted to see him getting a rest. The kid has played every inning of baseball this season, and he looks tired to me.

  21. Francouer is the one you want when the game is on the line? Personally, I’d rather see Chipper, Andruw, McCann, LaRoche, Renteria, Giles, or Diaz. Oh, and Smoltz. He’d work too.

  22. “The kid has played every inning of baseball this season…”

    Jeff Francoeur missed those innings in that one game he was thrown out in, I think it was against the Padres.

    As for Glavine, I wish nothing bad on him, but I’d love if he was out for the season. And same for Pedro. The pure joy I’ll feel if the Mets lose in the first round would be almost tantamount to the Braves winning the 1995 world series. Mets’ fans think their favorite team is God’s gift to baseball and that they are all but assured the world series, couple that with listening to them in print and on the radio yaking about how the Braves are the “Buffalo Bills of baseball” due to all those early postseason exits, and I can’t tell you how much fun I’d have seeing them suffer. I want the Mets to lose so bad it makes little kids in New York cry.

  23. And Mac, I was not at the scrimmage, but had sources there. I have sources everywhere pretty much..

  24. I’m sorry about Glavine’s trouble. Anything suggesting a blood clot is very serious news.
    I spent this morning reading about David Cone’s trouble in the new book “Birth of a Dynasty” about the 1996 Mets. Terrific book with a horrible ending for Braves fans. I had to put it down twice to calm down.
    Books like this helps us keep clear who played on the Braves team that year. The author tries to pump up the notion that some considered the ’96 Braves “a team for the ages” after the two wins in New York. It reminded me that no matter who believes they had the best team, or the most talent, the only measure in sports is the scoreboard.

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