– MLB – Box Score – Diamondbacks at Braves

Horacio Ramirez was great. He pitched well enough, more than well enough, to win. He allowed two runs, both unearned. Yet, he lost, and it was pretty much entirely his own fault.

In the top of the eighth, he walked a pinch-hitter leading off. That wasn’t so much the problem. The problem was what happened next. The batter bunted, and as always it’s one of the times where Don Sutton and I are in complete agreement:


Horacio tried to do too much. He tried to pick up the ball barehanded and throw out the runner. He might have. But he didn’t get the ball cleanly and it fell. So he picked it up in a hurry, and threw just a horrible ball towards Marcus covering at second, or rather towards the tarp, because that’s where it landed. The runners wound up at second and third.

Horacio intentionally walked the next batter. Macay McBride came in to get the #3 hitter on a strikeout, and Paronto gave up a liner that Marcus caught. But after getting ahead of the batter, Remlinger allowed a blooper for two runs. Andruw hit a homer in the ninth but that was all and the Braves fell.

Juan Cruz shut the Braves out for seven innings. Gosh, it’s almost like he’s a good pitcher or something, I wonder why we couldn’t use him? Oh, well. The Braves actually outhit the DBacks, 6-5, but Andruw had three of the hits and nobody else did much of anything. Chipper had one of those, but also had a bad AB, grounding to shortstop with Renteria on second and nobody out in the fourth; Renteria broke and was thrown out, which is against the book but not a bad idea. There’s not that much difference between one out, runner on second, and one out, runner on first — especially with Andruw due up — and there’s a reasonable chance they’ll screw up the tag. Didn’t happen. The Braves loaded the bases in the sixth but Francoeur flew out to end that threat.

Oh, and the attendance was terrible, 23,376 announced but I’d bet it wasn’t more than 18,000 actual. Smoltz to pitch tomorrow. We’ll see how his leg is.