– MLB – Box Score – Blue Jays at Braves

Miserable Braves Loss Type 4.3(b): “Starting Pitcher Falls Behind, Team Rallies, Only For Starter To Let Air Out of Rally By Immediately Allowing More Runs.”

Hudson had five shutout innings, but in the third he allowed four runs after walking the bases loaded then three straight singles. The Braves finally got something going in the fifth, Marcus doubling home McCann (after McCann stole second!) and in the sixth, Francoeur (who is looking a little better) singling home Chipper, then McCann bringing home Andruw with a sac fly.

But in the bottom of the seventh, Hudson allowed a homer to Wells to let all the air out. McBride and Paronto upheld the finest traditions of the bullpen by allowing a run in the eighth. The Braves got two on with two out in the bottom of the inning but McCann struck out against the LOOGY, and Marcus hit a GIDP to end the ninth.

More group therapy tomorrow. Does it work? Kind of. It’s depressing still but kind of amusing.