– MLB – Box Score – Braves at Astros

I swear, I can actually smell the Braves from here. Or maybe that’s just an open sewer.

Francoeur hit a solo homer in the fourth to give the Braves a lead. But Berkman hit one to tie it in the bottom of the inning. The Braves got a run in the fifth when Chipper singled home Marcus.

Then, in the sixth, they had a chance to take the game over; they loaded the bases with nobody out and Pettitte was over 100 pitches. But Pratt struck out weakly, then Thomson hit a liner to Berkman in right. Francoeur at third ran home but looked like he was running in place for a couple of seconds; he was out by a mile despite complaints that Ausmus was juggling the ball.

After that, there was no chance Thomson wouldn’t give up the lead. Single, single, Berkman homer. Then Bobby decided that he didn’t want to risk the game going eighteen innings or something and brought in Reitsma. Inevitably, it was 6-2. Inevitably, Chipper hit a two-run homer in the next inning to make it 6-4. A Mike Lamb homer to make it 7-4 was just icing.

The only good thing is that maybe Chipper is coming out of his funk, but frankly there’s plenty of funk to go around. The Braves actually outhit the Astros but the homers are a bit of an equalizer. I don’t drink, but right now I wish I did.