Early Game Thread: May 7, Braves at Mets

[Okay, if this doesn’t work I’m officially out of ideas.]

Well, let’s get this over with. We really have no chance in this game, or for the rest of the season.

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  1. Smoltz is on the mound. We always have a chance with him. It’ll be the start of something good.

  2. I think we can get this fixed.

    Hopefully today is the start.

    Ububba, don’t adopt the Devils. Go Canes!

  3. Ububba I hope that you are right. It is certainly too early to throw in the towel; we could easily have won at least one of the games at Shea. Besides, the Mets have yet to play badly and the day will almost certainly come when they will.

    That said, was anyone else as horrified as I to learn that HoRam is coming off the DL–even though he is not fully ready?

    It is hard to believe that there is no one (I am glad that they did not decide to rush to Startup to the majors–but the season is young)who could come up for a few games. I hate to admit it, but the wheels seem to have come off the wagon…

  4. Today I officially start the Wilson Betemit for first base campaign. He is too good to keep off the field.

  5. okay… yall be sure and cheer em on for me today… I’m heading up to Pearl in a few minutes to see them play today! The last two game I went to see up there …the big bravos won too so maybe that’ll happen again today!

  6. JB,

    I adopted the Devils about 15 years ago. There’s no stopping now.

    The Canes are a helluva team (I’ve always been a big Rod Brind’Amour fan), but I still think of them as the Hartford Whalers, playing in that goofy hockey mall.

    Short story: My Devil connection began 31 years ago. I had a friend in Columbus, Ga., who moved to Kansas City and one Xmas he sent me a hockey stick autographed by the brand new NHL franchise, the Kansas City Scouts. After a move to Denver, they became the NJ Devils in 1982.

    In 1990, I moved to Hoboken, NJ, saw a playoff game at the Meadowlands the next spring & became a Devil fan. Been one ever since, and yes I still have the stick.

    Heading out to Shea in a bit. It’s a beautiful day, a great day to see a Braves win.

  7. I crack up when I hear about the Betemit to 1b idea simply because I worte a specific column at this site over two years ago whose primary focus was proposing exactly that idea. I got laughed off as a general reaction and now almost feel vindicated because he would be a lot better than LaDouche over there.

  8. if we put betimit at first then who would we have on the bench? jordan? thats it. we need to get a bench if we are gonna do that…since we have such a good relationship with boston why cant we pick up keith foulke…we need a bullpen…right now i would rather have the spirit squad from wwe wrestling trying to save our games.

  9. Trade: Laroche and Pete Orr to Kansas City for A. Burgos and bring up Scott Thorman. Why not?

  10. Well, if we are going to mention Hockey, I will bring up that I am glad I have picture in picture to simultaneously watch my beloved Braves and Spurs at 1 pm on ABC and TBS.

    I have been a Spurs fan about the same amount of years as ububba has been with the Devils.

    By the way, I saw on the previous blog, I was “batting 8th”. I suppose that makes me Langerhans…hey, I would rather ben Langy then LaRoche. Sorry, Mac.

  11. Did everyone read that Victor Zambrano is out for the year? Torn flexor tendon.

  12. Kansas City wouldn’t trade Burgos for the equivalent of a wheelbarrow of turnips.

    Ambiorix is very good.

    Now if LaRoche were a free agent, they’d probably consider signing him so they could block better players, but…

  13. Hey Cary,

    This will not endear you to the crowd here in saying you love Lima Time as a Braves fan while we are in the midst of a losing streak. Just FYI.

  14. Apparently Zambrano knew he was hurt before the game yesterday. That’s pretty retarded to go out and pitch when your elbow is hurting.

  15. Nick,

    That’s the kind of class of guys the Mets have on their roster, guys like Zambrano who wouild rather hurt their team for their own egos.

  16. Hey, Smoltzie’s my favorite pitcher of all time, so that’s no contest. I’m glad he’s the one we ended up keeping even though we all love Glavine and Maddux as well.

    I’d like to see us knock Lima around, the Mets to drop him, then see him get picked up elsewhere (Nats?) and have a good run. Maybe alongside Pedro Astacio.

    Delgado is another one of my favorites, but I want him to lose today too. That goes way back to the Toronto days, so I’m not bailing on the guy because he’s a Met.

  17. Timely balk. Of course the stupid Mets announcers didn’t think it was, but his foot was still moving and McCann was pointing, so something happened.

  18. Yeah…I mean you have to wonder if it was torn already or if it was simply inflamed or something and he tore it by trying to pitch through it. He then blamed it on the media for the expectations that they placed on him of having to justify his being traded for Kazmir, by the way, which is even more ridiculous.

  19. Cary,

    Let’s not get back into it about Delgado because while he is a great player, I despise the guy.

    That’s said, let’s focus on love towards the Braves.

    Bad KARMA to keep throwing compliments at the Mets.

  20. Arthur Blank would have made Delgado a Brave instead of a Met–dammit!

    I strongly dislike AOL Time Warner or whatever they’re calling themselves now.

  21. I’m sorry, Jose Lima is far more entertaining when he’s getting his ass kicked.

  22. I am so glad Angel Hernandez is a shitty umpire…because this time the bad call worked in our favor!

  23. If the play is DEAD, I dont see how Smoltz gets the extra base.

    The question is whether the play was dead.

  24. The way Lo Duca was arguing I’d say he probably made the tag . . .

    I also think Bobby is right to argue and be really pissed off. Smoltz should get second.

  25. Cary,

    I 100% agree with your hatred of Time Warner. They have helped ruin the Braves.

  26. Why would the play be dead? Lo Duca just threw the ball on the ground. It’s just as if he dropped it.

  27. If Marcus doesn’t do something against Lima, then he really sucks right now.

  28. Cary,

    The love in here has definitely been directed at McCann. I am a “McCaniac” too :-)

  29. Can I be slightly annoyed with Smoltz for missing that sign? I get the creeps imagining him waving that bat around with Brian McCann running right into it.

  30. I’m forced to watch the local WB 11 version, and they’re showing this replay 8 times….

  31. I really think it’s time that Edgar Rentaria be moved into the #1 spot and real consideration be shown towards dropping Marcus way down in the order until he shows SOMETHING. He’s awful right now.

    And no excuse for making Lima look good.

    And there’s Edgar again!

  32. I’d say swap Marcus and Edgar in the lineup, but why move Edgar when he’s playing so well. Tough call.

  33. As inconsistent as Francouer is, and no matter how much I hate LaRoche, they are doing more then Marcus at this point. He’s that bad right now.

  34. Giles will come around. But, yeah, take him off leadoff for now. You don’t want him batting more times than anyone else on the team.

  35. If I were the Mets I too would pitch around Chipper to face LaRoche everytime.

  36. I’m on the west coast and just woke up; can someone tell me what happened on the play where Lo Duca was ejected?

  37. LaRoche, Giles, Langerhans, Francoeur, Jordan… this is one very mediocre lineup…

  38. Stu,

    it warms my heart to see your negativity aimed at Adam. This has been a change it seems. Not that you loved him, but you seemed to have become less tolerant which is good.

  39. Can’t believe the complainin’. You guys got two gift runs. That wasn’t a balk and McCann was out.

  40. Timo,

    You aer correct but Francouer and Jordan are at least doing some things right now. We will take whatever the hell we can get.

  41. Dan, Lo Duca thinks he tagged McCann, and when McCann was called safe, Lo Duca pouted like a little girl, threw the ball down on the ground, and started crying to his mommy…er… umpire. He was tossed.

  42. Yeah, I’m one of those people who holds out hope for players longer than most (examples include R**tsm* and the aforementioned LaRoche), but I’ve had it. As others have said, this is LaRoche’s third Major League season, so we see what he is, and it’s not getting better. And I’m sick of it. And while I love Reitsma the person, R**tsm* the closer must go. He can’t get it done.

    Mainly, I just hate losing. Especially all these close games. It’s killing me.

  43. Then again, I have no clue what I’m writing anyway. Never really understood the balk rule. Sorry, guys.

  44. Ohhh, boo hoo Mets fans…yeah, he REALLY wanted to put the leadoff guy on you morons at Shea.

  45. For the guy who asked what happened to Lo Duca, McCann thought there was a squeeze on (and there probably was) and broke for the plate and Smoltz actually swung but dribbled it right out in front of hte plate. Lo Duca grabbed it and probably tagged McCann but the ump didn’t see it and he scored. Lo Duca got mad and got thrown out. And then Bobby got thrown out for arguing that time hadn’t been called so Smoltz should have been on 2B. Langerhans got to 3B earlier when Lo Duca spiked the ball in anger.

  46. Alex, Not so sure about Jordan, but Francoeur looks like an RBI machine in this lineup, your’re right

  47. Thanks, Joey and Jenny. Wish Gameday stringers could write all of that up in real-time.

  48. Stu,

    It’s good that we Braves fans in here present a united front on the LaRoche/Reitsma issues (among other issues this team has). When we all agree mostly on these core team issues, it sends a strong message (maybe? who knows?) to the likes of Schuerholz and Cox and others that we are sick and tired of the current personnell and we want changes.

    We all groaned watching the lack of movement this offseason to improve the bullpen and now it’s come back to haunt us and we are 9 Games out.

    The Braves Management needs to gfet off their a—- already and fix these issues. There are solutions, they just need to do some homework already.

  49. Dan,

    There was a squeeze play with McCann on 3B and Smoltz batting. LoDuca picked up the bunt and went to tag McCann. The umpire called McCann safe, and LoDuca literally spiked the baseball in protest right in the middle of the play.

    I’m watching the Mets feed on MLB.tv and even the Mets announcers wouldn’t say that LoDuca tagged McCann after several viewings (eventually one said that he thinks he might have). The video was inconclusive. The jersey doesn’t move, but it was awfully close.

  50. When Andruw’s healthy–and I can’t believe I’m saying this–Brian Jordan needs to be our everyday first baseman.

  51. Okay, I’m finally going to come out and say it.

    Jordan is doing a great job. He is one of the few Braves hitters I feel comfortable with at the plate this year. So yea, I dont care what ya’ll critics say. Go BJ!

  52. As I have said in many previous posts, there are solutions out there. We don’t have to get a “name’ such as Todd Jones or Trevor Hoffman; there are dozens of studly young arms such as Justin Duscherer that we can pluck from deep bullpens and make them our closer…high K rates, low ERA’s, dominant heat.

    Well, Timo, maybe Brian Jordan is more reliable…for now. Hey, I don’t want to look at a gift horse in the mouth.

    We need all the offense we can get whether it’s the Jones boys or Jordan. I will take it.

  53. Stu,

    Just curious, Jordan or Wilson Betemit? Which would you prefer at 1B over LaRoche?

  54. Timo,

    I don’t wanna lie and say I am suddenly some great Jordan fdan…I was at the top of the mountain shouting for him to be off the roster so I don’t give myself any “false” credit.

    That said, for right now, he’s hitting so let’s keep using him until he stops hitting. Fair enough?

  55. Cary,

    I hate to say this but if Marcus keeps not hitting, we should consider Betemit at 2nd until Marcus gets his sh– together.

    And I agree…for now, Jordan at 1st. Stu is right.

    Right now, I just want as many guys who can hit consistently enough as possible.

  56. Cary, I’d probably go with Betemit. At least to see just how tough the defensive adjustment is. It’s worth a shot to try to provide a spark to this offense.

    We could move Renteria to leadoff, Betemit to second, Giles to 6th or something. Of course, Bobby would never do any of this, but a guy can dream.


  57. As far as trading for bullpen help, we’re going to have to trade talent to get talent.

    This just in, LaRoche ain’t talent. Neither are our other castoffs.

    If you want to talk trading a Macay McBride or Joey Devine, then we might be able to shake something loose for this year. Otherwise, we’re just going to have to wait for one of those guys–or someone else down on the farm– to step up.

  58. I don’t think you bench Giles, who has proven he can get it done over the years. Give him a few extra days off, maybe bump him down in the order. He will come around.

  59. Seeing how smoothly Kevin Youkilis made the transition to 1B for the Red Sox gives me hope that Betemit could as well. We need to get the guy in the regular lineup though.

  60. I know your asking him but I myself would prefer Betemit. But I’d take Jordan too. Anything to get Laroche out of there every day.

  61. Oh, Laroche. If Jose Lima ownz you, you might want to think about spending some time in Richmond.

  62. I hate Lima. And I hate LaRoche.

    And Lima should be soooo excited to stike out LaRoche, a lot of people can do that.

  63. Yea, you know your fans are clueless when you are losing and your pitcher struck out Laroche…C’monnn

  64. The thing about LaRoche is that he gives you a lot of nothing and then shows a flash here and there of usefulness, which extends his period of time to give you nothing again.

    And that’s infuriating!

    You know, he’ll hit a 3-run homer one game and help us win. Then he’ll do nothing for a bit–the untimely strikout being his specialty. And after a couple weeks of this, he’ll have a 2-homer game and help us win again.

    That’s LaRoche.

  65. Angel Hernandez is the worst ump in the league. He’s ultra macho — always looking to fight. As a met fan, I have special reason to hate him because he’s screwed the Mets so many times over the years. Back when Richie Phillips led all those umpires in that mass resignation/suicide, and it became clear the league was going to can most of em, I got so excited because I was sure he would be one of the ones who would be fired. He so exemplified what was wrong with the umpires at the time — arrogant and domineering, always picking fights with the players. I was utterly deflated when I saw he was retained. He’s just awful.

  66. Cary,

    That’s the best description I have heard about LaRoche. And that’s Bobby.

    Plus, there clearly is some sort of Keith Lockhart hold LaRoche has on Bobby to keep being the team’s first Baseman, year after year.

  67. There should be a permanent special wing in hell I (since a place isn’t big enough for Eric) for Gregg.

  68. I have the utmost respect for how mature Brian McCann is. He plays like he’s a talented 33 year old, not a 21 year old kid.

  69. See, it pays off to be hitting all them baseballs overseas, Jeff. That little kid just got you a triple.

  70. Wow, I have to say, Brian Jordan is playing really solid Baseball right now. I am grateful for this.

  71. Maybe Raul just drug Jordan down last year

    Smoltz at the plate > Giles+LaRoche at the plate

  72. How bad Jose Lima is pitching just emphasizes how embarassing it is that he owns Laroche.

  73. So true, LaRoche sucks and this “Lima Time” Jose is waging against just Adam is embarrassing.

  74. When Jeff Francoeur’s approach at the plate is better than yours (I’m talking to you, Marcus and Adam), you should be ashamed of yourself.

  75. Can we please get a complete game from John today?

    Or else just make sure Rietsma has an 8 run lead?

  76. Figured it out…we don’t have to trade for a closer or any relievers if our top 4 starters can just pitch complete games the rest of the season.

    Sound good fellow Braves Bloggers?

    That’s do-able, right?

  77. On one hand, I don’t want the bullpen to touch this game. On the other, I know that Smoltz is on short rest and probably needs to be treated carefully.

  78. I know, and we don’t even have Cormier who had been our most consistent reliever.

    What’s John’s pitch count right now?

  79. As I said the other day…the Braves BEST available reliever: ROGER MCDOWELL.

  80. get him another two three runs… that should be enough for the last two innings of relief… I hope!

  81. I can’t be any worse than Adam at first base. And I won’t strike out 32 times in 31 games. Why won’t you give me a shot?

  82. McCann has looked outstanding. hitting .330, throwing out runners? i think it’s time to minimize using pratt.

  83. My son embarrasses me a lot and I apologize to Braves fans everywhere for his play.

    I am in a support group with Chris Reitsma’s mother.

  84. It’s true.

    I told Chris (growing in Canada) he should have stuck with Hockey.

  85. I dropped baby Marcus 22 times.

    Our pitcher is hitting better than him.

  86. Okay, Smoltie. You’re now going to start every five days and close games.

  87. I love McCann but could we not use up all our runs today and save some for the next several?The amazing part is we are doing this w/o Andruw.

  88. If only each of these runs counted as a game closer in the standings….

  89. Hopefully Macay McBride can come in and strike out the side. Build some confidence so he can start closing games.

  90. What would be cool Mike is if say winning by 10 runs gave yoiu 2 or 3 games in the standings rather then 1 game.

  91. Or if we could spread this margin of victory across some of our 1-run losses.

  92. Stu,

    Your plan works fine for me. My concern is going nuts now and then getting 1-2 runs the next 5 games.

  93. Hey,

    Seven of our next 10 games are vs. Florida.
    The other three against Washington.
    In the meantime, Mets are @ Philly, @ Milwaukee, @St. Louis and then host the Yankees.

    Definately can make up ALOT of ground in the next two weeks. I also think we’ll see how good this Mets team really is.

  94. Good point, Mike. If we don’t make up ground those next ten games, at least three games, we have an issue…

  95. guys, my girl-friend is bored and as it’s “already” 10 pm over here, I will have to wish you all a good night. Nice game for a change. Take care.

  96. We have more ammunition for the “McCann for 5th in the order” argument. Even with the other two losses, this is somewhat satisfying to beat these godless heathens like a drum.

    Not only am I a proud McCanniac, I’m even a Caniac (THE DEVILS SUCK!).

    Oh good Lord Ryan. Though I’ve been there. I lost a softball in the lights at the last second a month ago and took it in the teeth. Wasn’t pretty

  97. Sorry, I meant to say, “Have you seen my son’s teeth?”

  98. Renteria McCann Chipper Andruw Francoeur Jordan Langerhans Giles Pitcher

  99. umm yeah? I think you were trying to be funny but because your a piece of shit it just didnt work out for you.And again you retard thanks for the mets support “mets2006worldserieschamps” what a loser


  100. OMG, I am so pumped. I’m going to a White Sox/Twins game next Saturday, and the pitching matchup is:

    *drum roll*

    Mark Buehrle vs. Johan Santana

    I bought these tickets a month ago. Talk about lucky!

  101. When do you get to come back to Maryland, Jenny?

    Since I haven’t talked to you in like 4 weeks. Haha.

  102. Hi, Chris Reitsma here, live-blogging with my blackberry.

    Dews and McDowell don’t think I could hold this lead, so they put in weenie McBride again for two straight innings. What’s with that?

    (This message sent via blackberry handheld at 4:07:02 P.M. EST)

  103. what is their to be confused about? someone keeps posting as me and even went to the trouble of writing their e-mail adress the same as mine “mets2006worldserieschamps” simple to understand really

  104. I’ll be back on June 7 or thereabouts, Mike, after I’ve flunked my history final by failing to go to class about half the time.

  105. so to the other clone dan, how happy are you that we are in first place? You must be extreamly happy how we have played so far. are you wearing the same david wright shirt I have on right now?

  106. Awesome, i heard you’re going to a Richmond game with me this summer.

  107. NY METS, did you pick that jersey up after spending last night with him? Is it game-worn?

  108. what do you think about delgado? what a good trade huh? Its strange to find another mets fan here. actualy its kinda cool. you even have my name!)

  109. I’m not a Mets’ fan. In fact, I can’t wait to see the Phillies sweep the Mets.

  110. DONT BE MAD PEOPLE. look at what you are turning this into. And no im not playing the victim card. But i will deffend myself if need be.


    Oh okay. No problem.

  112. dont think your all billy bad ass’s because you won one game agianst the mets. Last time i checked your team is what …8 games out of first so please.

  113. i would like to keep this chat light, why are you all so angry? go smoke some pot

  114. forgot to mention that the last time the mets won the division is… eerrr… well, forgett itt.

  115. lol, that was funny clone of me.But im sure a title will be coming this year

    Mets 2006 world series champs !

  116. Man, I have to stop with all this smokin… makes me all crazy in the head. but that way i like my breasts so much better.

  117. Mets dude, why do you keep talking about your breasts. What is the matter with you?

  118. banister will be back next week and then we can go make a trade or bring up our young stud in pelfrey

  119. Ain’t no fan like a Metropolitan fan.

    NYMET posts in April/May: 4,550,232
    NYMET posts in September/October: 0 [Projected]

  120. Dont ask me, Just another retarded braves fan playing with him self i guess. I dont ask, what ever floats his boat


  121. what makes you think I wont post after we win the world series and you dont even make it to the playoffs

  122. That’s alot of confidence coming from a person whose team hasn’t even won a division title in 14+ years. But, like i said, we’ll see in a few months.

  123. wow, i didnt realize how many gay braves fans were on this site. nOT A KNOCK ON you or anything but wow

  124. we will see and i will come here to an empty site because you will all know im coming. I will jsut have a few simple words to write

    : Mets 2006 world series champs as I had told you all along

    Thats all that will need to be said

  125. NYMET, dude, get a freaking life buddy. Nobody wants you on these boards polluting the forum with your retarded comments. Seriously.

  126. You sound like every other Phillies/Mets fan the past decade.

    Picture me laughing AT you.

    I’m laughing at you.

    Now go away or something.

  127. Alright braves fans im leaving due to the fact It’s A nice day and i want to go ride my new bike. (gsxr 750.) have fun gloating over your one win over the mets and a losing record to go along with it


  128. LOL, dude you are fucking retarded. Nobody here gives a shit about some stupid bicycle you are going to ride and nobody cares what you have to say.

    GO AWAY!

  129. Limugatu shall be the theme for the remainder of the Mets’ season. And what an ugly, coked-up mess it will be.

  130. Hope you have as much fun on that radical new bike as u do up on your high horse, Schwinn Armstrong.

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