26 thoughts on “Game Thread: Astros at Braves, Sept. 30”

  1. 1914 Update:

    Boston Braves 89-56 (Clinched)
    NY Giants 80-67 (10 GB)
    St. Louis Cardinals 78-69 (12)
    Chicago Cubs 75-73 (15.5)
    Brooklyn Robins 72-75 (18)
    Philadelphia Phillies 72-76 (18.5)
    Pittsburgh Pirates 64-83 (26)
    Cincinnati Reds 58-89 (32)

    Today’s Games:
    Boston 130 300 000 – 7 9 1 WP- Rudolph
    Giants 000 001 000 – 1 6 4 LP- Tesreau

    Boston 222 010 00 – 7 13 1 P- Strand, Crutcher
    Giants 000 034 00 – 7 11 2 P- Matthewson, O’Toole, Marquard

    What loomed as a huge series not long ago is now a victory lap.

    The first six games of the Series are scheduled now that the A’s have clinched. Connie Mack won the coin toss, so game one is on October 9 at Philadelphia and game 2 the following day. Games 3 and 4 are in Boston on the 12th and 13th. Game 5 in Philly on the 14th, game 6 in Boston on the 15th.

    The umpires are Klem and Byron from the NL and Dineen and Hildebrand from the AL. The top seats in both cities are $5 boxes. What do they have for $5 at this year’s Series? Utter contempt.

  2. Dodgers win, Padres win, Phillies are waiting till next year.


    Taveras CF
    Lamb 3B
    Berkman 1B
    Scott LF
    Huff RF
    Biggio 2B
    Everett SS
    Ausmus C
    Pettitte P

    Good Guys:
    Aybar 3B
    Giles 2B
    Renteria SS
    AJones CF
    Francoeur RF
    McCann C
    Diaz LF
    LaRoche 1B
    Cormier “P”

  3. Hey Mac, that was a good game. It was a pretty well played game, but just a few mistakes did Alabama in. Now to through the gauntlet: LSU, Auburn, then Georgia. Atleast we get a gimme in the week after Georgia with Vanderbilt, right Stu?

  4. Cormier was not bad even though he allowed 8 hits. I think he did his best. You know he is a groundballer and generally has allowed lots of single or whatever in every game. Most important thing is his position is a reliver in this organization.

  5. Draby is back, The game was stolen by the Refs, that KB out of bounds call was horrifically wrong. The Pass interference, was non-existant, but when the TE was mugged, nothing happened, I also liked the no call on the block in the back during the INT return.

    Another, how di ya’ll Gators get a 26-27 second play clock?

    Anyway, Bama Basketball LETS GO RONALD! I WANNA SEE A WINNER!

  6. I hope Wickman gets to pitch tomorrow, to end the season on a high note. It doesn’t look like it was his fault, but he was on the mound when it happened, and I would like that memory to be deleted. It looks like it will come down to Smoltz, after all. I’m looking forward to tomorrow…

  7. To come so close… that stinks.

    Let’s get ’em tomorrow! We’ve failed at the division title. We’ve failed at the Wild Card. We’ve failed at a .500 record. Let’s not fail at being spoilers too. This after 14 straight seasons of being on top…

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