54 thoughts on “Game Thread: Braves at Cubs, May 27”

  1. Baker wil be fired before the Break. Today’s Lineup

    Giles Renteria Jones Jones Frenchy Diaz Jordan Pena Ramirez

    Maybe Ramirez should bat 7th? Just a thought

  2. i think the jordan train should be derailed now. now it is time to try betemit at 1st.

    csg, marcus is coming around and doesnt need to go anywhere. 1st base is the real issue. i would love a lineup of
    c. jones
    a. jones
    diaz/k. johnson

    how solid is that?

  3. Gotta give HoRam his due for pitching a good, efficient game — under 90 pitches through 7 innings, no runs after the first. Then again, it is the Cubs, featuring the amazing duo of Juan Pierre and Jerry Hairston Jr. setting the table. Still, it’s encouraging.

  4. Yeah, HR’s approach of just tossing the ball over the plate and hoping for the best (7 IP, 2 K) totally works against the Cubs.

    Might work for Reitsma, too.

  5. How can we have a hitter on the bench (in Betemit) who is better than half the line-up?

  6. Ramirez is the guy who scares me next inning. Can’t say I have ton of confidence. Surprise me, Reitsma!

  7. This could be our 22nd one run game this year … (that is over 50%). And (fingers crossed) if we win this one we are 9-13.

  8. Man, Chipper is such a defensive liability. Baseball Prospectus is totally right about that.

  9. Mac,

    What is with the picture type thing to the right of the username on all the posts ….


    Cox has so much confidence in Reitsma that he is warming up Remlinger !!??!

  10. Read a quote today where bobby said reitsma’s stuff ‘might be too good’ right now.

  11. I don’t see what Ray has done to show that he can’t close. Apparently he’s on bobby’s bad side along with Betemeat.

  12. I’m for this move. Remlinger’s been our best reliever this year, and bringing in a lefty keeps the runner at first.

    I know it didn’t work out against Jacque, but it makes sense.

  13. It’s an improvement, but it still doesn’t work.
    Embarrassing that a major-market team with 14 straight division titles has a GM that won’t get a closer.

  14. Apparently Bobby must have been sitting on the top step waiting for any little thing to happen before pulling Reitsma. Maybe that was just enough rope to finally hang himself with.

  15. There is nothing wrong with closer by committee … except when it signifies that you have no decent relievers. When Remlinger and Ray are your best two relievers you know there are problems

  16. LaRoche for closer. At least this would get him off of 1st and out of the lineup.

  17. Name a team that has advanced far in the playoffs in the last 10 years with random guys throwing in the bullpen and no closer.

  18. Thanks Mac.

    If we walk Cedeno at least we only have Womak up. The Cubs line-up is shocking without Lee

  19. Question: In Major League T-Ball, would the Cubs score more than two runs a game?

  20. Nice! Perhaps Cox knows something more than we do. He stuck with Jordan and Remlinger while we were calling for them to retire and both have been producing. Jordan is an adequate platoon member and bat of the bench while Remlinger has been servicable at the least. Despite a few blowups, his ERA is under 3.00 and he’s pitched a few real big innings.

  21. I have listened to both this and yesterday’s game on MLB.TV audio broadcast, specifically the Cubs audio feed. It is actually quite funny. The commentators get far too excited about the most menial happenings … they were so upset last night when the Braves won. Hilarious. A definite recommendation for tomorrow’s game, if you have MLB.TV that is.

  22. Okay, I’ll just do this one more time, and then I’ll leave it alone… but: I’m stuck in a part of the world that got Mets-Marlins on Fox (no good news here), so I’ve listened to the game on the radio. Chip: “Cubs this… Wrigley Field that… the Windy City the next thing.” When he came back from commercial, after the win, he said, “Cubs … I mean, Braves… win” and then, less than a minute later, did it again.

  23. Johnb, you just think that you were listening to the Cubs audio feed on WGN. Actually, that was Chip on WGST.

  24. Closers are slim pickings these days. Yes, I agree that Reitsma has outstayed his welcome as closer but you can’t fault the GM for not getting a closer when the selection is this crappy. Have you watched Lidge the past few games? He looks like a junior-varsity set-up man. I like the idea of recruiting Wood as closer, though it will probably never happen.

  25. Can I just say – even with how long they’ve had the baseball TV contract, Fox sucks. The announcers weaknesses are well documented and all, but what was annoying to me was they kept showing Reitsma as having received the save. How hard is it to get that right?

  26. Mraver

    The only reason why Jordan is an adequate platoon member is because the other half of the platoon isn’t good enough for the full time job. Altough Jordan is passable this season he isn’t much above replacement

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