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Despite Bobby, bizarrely, going back to Reitsma in the ninth inning, the Braves held on for a win which is slightly cheapened by the lineup they faced and their inability to build on their lead.

Horacio was terrific.  He gave up a cheap run in the first — an infield single by Pierre, a stolen base (Brayan Pena got the start), a bunt, and a groundout.  This is how the Cubs score what runs they do.  After that, he shut them down.  He went seven, allowed seven hits, didn’t walk anyone, struck out two, and threw 87 pitches, 58 for strikes.  He got almost twice as many ground balls as fly balls and induced two double plays.  Again, it was the Cubs, but definitely an outing by the Good Horacio, who is eerily similar to the Good Hampton.

Horacio also scored the winning run.  With two out in the second, Pena coaxed a walk after falling behind 1-2.  Horacio singled, and then Marcus doubled, bringing him all the way from first base, hamstring injury and all.  The Braves had some other chances to score a run in the next two innings but blew them.  The Braves had seven hits by seven different players.  Pena and Andruw had doubles.

Ray pitched the eighth and after a leadoff single retired the next three (thanks in part to one of Baker’s mindless bunts), so of course Reitsma came out to start the ninth.  He got the first out (because the wind was blowing in so a hard hit ball died in the outfield) and then the second (because Ramirez swung at ball four on a 3-1 pitch and grounded to Chipper) before being nearly decapitated on a line drive single.  Bobby brought in Remlinger, who allowed another single then finally got the out to finish it.

Smoltz against somebody tomorrow afternoon as the Braves go for the sweep…  McCann went on the DL to make room for Horacio.  Pena played pretty well today, we’ll see if he gets more than a once-a-week stint.

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  1. Braves’ website says Jae Kyk Ryu will pitch for the Cubs tomorrow. He’s the pitcher that threw up at an osprey’s nest while playing for the Single-A Daytona Cubs, ultimately knocking it’s nest down and hitting and killing the osprey. If for no other reason, I hope we beat him around tomorrow because of that.

  2. Ryu:

    2005, AA: 169.2 IP, 7.06 k/9, 2.60 bb/9, 0.64 hr/9, 3.34 ERA
    2006, AAA: 51.1 IP, 7.36 k/9, 3.16 bb/9, 0.70 hr/9, 3.16 ERA
    2006, MLB: 1 IP, 2 K, 2 BB, 1 ER

    Watch out for his Hadouken.

  3. Clark,

    they said on the radio today that the Osprey was the other team’s mascot.

  4. I missed the game… but I’ll take this to mean that the Braves are going with a bullpen by committee – and that Reitsma remains in said committee. Whatever the case, if Reitsma got pulled after one hit, then my guess is he’s on such a short leash that Bobby won’t let him do (too) much damage in the near future.

  5. This is both funny and tragic: the Royals just offeredthe GM’s job to Dayton Moore. If he refuses (please, for goodness’ sake, let him refuse), they’re looking at giving the job to Ed Wade.

    Good thinking, guys. That way you’ll keep underachieving for another decade, at least.

  6. HR also made some nice defensive plays

    “they said on the radio today that the Osprey was the other team’s mascot.”

    Nope. He was in the FSL when he killed the thing. There are no osprey teams in the FSL.
    However there is a NWL team called the osprey he would have played against a few years before.

    Apparently the osprey incident was typical of him. Even before that, and especially after, he was known as beingreally immature

  7. The Royals are now Jim Romes favorite team too, since he roots for any team threatening to set a loss record in any sport

  8. I had never seen that blog. There’s a nice write up on Ken Ray. Just search the page for “Ken Ray,” and you’ll find it. It’s near the bottom of the page.

  9. I’m sort of watching the Yanks-Royals game right now. Bell left Affeldt out there for a Medievel beating. He went 5.1 IP, gave up 10 ER, 3 HR. Ugly. The Royals aren’t a train wreck, they’re an entire system shutdown.

    Somehow, they managed to win last night. I saw 2 Yankee fans at the restaurant/bar last night cussing up a storm when Farnsworth gave up a 3-run dinger. I mean, this ain’t the ’27 Yanks or anything (more like the ’97 Indians), but they really should never lose to this team. It’s true; they could be historically awful. (As I type, it’s 13-4 NYY…)

  10. Sorry, I was with Cary and Bob (Cary is an occasional poster on here) to see X-Men III, and I am not sure why the bad reviews…it was really good.

    Anyhoo, excited to come out of the movie (and shocked) that Horacio pitched well and got a big win. Admittedly, this was against the Cubs who are just putrid, but we will take it.

    As many wins as the Braves have managed to pile up lately, my concern is this…the wins have been against the no offense Padres and the horrible Cubs and Marlins. The one decent team we played, Arizona, drove in a ton of runs against us and won 2 of 3.

    Also, the closer by committee thing is fine if your selection of pitchers is Mike Timlin, Jonathan Papelbon and Keith Foulke…not Kenny Ray, Mike Remlinger and especially Chris Reitsma. However, I really don’t understand what’s wrong with Bobby’s brain that he finally makes the move and gets Reitsma out of the closer’s role (much to everyone’s relief and especially the offense and the starting pitchers) and then he “tries him again”–hell, even the downtrodden, sad Cubs felt good in the 9th with this turn of events.

    Bobby, just stop it, already….please, God, make it stop. Stop using Reitsma, stop playing LaRoche and hitting him 5th (and even with McCann out, there are options like Betemit)—its making my head hurt seeing these continuous Cox stubborn mistakes.

    And if Cox keeps this crap up, at some point we won’t get to play the Marlins or the Cubs soon and we will have to put up with Bobby’s B.S. against the Cardinals.

  11. I’m not worried about the Cardinals. They’re obviously better than we are right now. We’ll cross that bridge when we get there (we play ’em exactly 6 times.) The only teams that are even on my radar are the Mets & Phils.

    We’ve won 14 of 19, and by any measure that’s good. In MLB, there’s never any reason to apologize for winning. Not that I believe we’re an upper-echelon team right now, but that’s what good teams do–stomp the bad ones, by any means necessary. I’d be a hellvua lot more worried if we couldn’t beat the Nats, Marlins or Cubs.

    The fact that we’re beating them isn’t indicative of the Braves being good. It just means that we’re not in their lowly class.

    For this team to get road wins…it’s big, because they’ve been a miserable road team this year. If Smoltz can beat the bird-killer tomorrow, it’s a 6-3 road trip. Damn good, I say, considering McCann’s injury & the bullpen hi-jinx.

  12. My belief — as I communicated to Alex yesterday — is that there are the Cardinals, then there are eleven teams all more or less equal, then there are the dreg teams (Cubs/Pirates/Natspos/Marlins). I like our chances, because I think that the Braves have the best manager. Not that I expect Alex to agree with that!

  13. Well, Bobby’s somewhat unconventional bullpen moves certainly worked yesterday and today. Whether it’s the result of a hunch or some wacky design, I’ll take it. I am, however, curious to know his thought process.

  14. My biggest question is this: Are there any potential fixes to the bullpen situation in the future?

    It was always the story that the Braves were going to do well all season and somewhere post-All-Star break they would spend and grab a dominating closer to get them through the playoffs. Well, Mark Wohlers isn’t exactly pitching anymore and I can tell we’re all tired of Reitsma, and Ray and Remlinger, no matter how well-intentioned. These aren’t guys with a Wagner reputation (we know that though– the Braves have never necessarily needed big names).

    But is there the chance we can get one?

    You seem to point out a lot of Cox’s stubbornness– do you think its a bad thing, or just aggravating to a fan?

  15. Putting Reitsma in was like a taunt to Dusty Baker is my guess. The old bait-and-switch.

  16. Well, the Cubs are playing worse than a triple-A team, that can explain HoRam’s performance.

    In respect of a reliever, I am sure KJ or Langy as well as the likes of Brayan and Tony Pena will be used as trade bait when June or July comes.

  17. I am also shocked that Dayton is considering the Royals GM position. On the other hand, if JS has decided to stick around for few more years, there is no reason why he should not be looking for other oppurtunities…

  18. Cox said that the reason he used Ray in a save situation was because he wanted to give Reitsma some extra rest. Apparently this experiment failed and hopefully Reitsma as closer will be a thing of the past soon (please!!)

    As for major bullpen help, I don’t see it happening until just before the trading deadline and more teams with some decent closers have given up and need cash flow. I’m not an expert on the minor leagues, but Tyler Yates looks to be the only guy on the farm that has the experience to make much of an impact. He’s only pitched 8 innings and is coming off a major injury, so his chances really aren’t that good.

    I still think today was part 2 of “Why it stinks to be a Cubs fan!” If the Cubs could win a/g anyone, it should have been today. I mean HoRam was the Braves worst starting pitcher last year and he got bombed in his final rehab start at Richmond. 1 run in 7 innings! – It is definitely tough to root for the Cubbies.

    I don’t care if we’re winning a/g subpar teams. We’re doing what we’re supposed to do and have gained a lot of ground on the Mets and have overtaken the Phillies. We’re in good shape if we play just over .600 ball from here on out. We’ve played a lot more road games than home games (31 Road, 18 home) and this will work to our advantage!

  19. If Moore is seriously considering the Royals GM position, he must be insane. I really hope he doesn’t take it.

    Totally unrelated, but I saw a triple play in person tonight. Mariners had the bases loaded and nobody out, then a ground ball at the second baseman (Twins), who tagged the runner going to second and threw to first. Then the first baseman picked the runner off 3B. It was amazing.

  20. glad we got us a win today!

    I went up to Pearl again tonight… the MS B’s won 8 to nothing… good good game… Salty didn’t play… I’m guessing because they were leaving tonight headed to Chatanooga so he needed some rest.

  21. Matt Wright..!!
    he might get bumped up to AAA soon, with Travis Smith leaving and Ricardo Rodriguez sucking

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