Missed a career-high 53 games last year with assorted ailments, most notably mysterious foot problems. When he was in the lineup, he was the same old Chipper, hitting .296/.412/.556 (career .303/.401/.538) to rebound from the worst season of his career. Walks more than he strikes out, no longer runs well (for the first time in his career hit no triples) but is a smart baserunner (5 of 6 in SB attempts last year). Defensively, was okay, nothing great, but not the disaster certain people who won’t accept that their defensive ratings system is flawed would have you think.

If he can even play 100 games, Chipper is going to move into first place on the Atlanta list in numerous categories this season. Dale Murphy is the Atlanta leader in most hitting categories (as opposed to the franchise leader, which is usually Hank Aaron, of course). Chipper is second to Dale in most things, and closing. To tie, he needs:

2 runs
90 hits
181 total bases
32 RBI
89 singles
1 extra-base hit
7 times on base

He also needs 40 homers, but that’s unlikely, since he’s only hit more than 40 once in his career. And since he’s just 30 ahead of Andruw, it’s not impossible that he’ll be passed on the way. Chipper’s already the Atlanta leader in doubles and walks.

Chipper Jones Statistics – Baseball-Reference.com